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#ruby-offtopic - 13 August 2018

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[00:26:08] baweaver: I may well use the lemurs as an excuse to explore different types of comic / art. Thinking of a few themes at the moment: Western, Noir, Cyberpunk, Western Comic, Middle Eastern.
[00:26:09] baweaver: Might have to start going on some trips with a sketchbook to get ideas.
[00:26:37] baweaver: havenwood: Noir style detective, debugging errors and forensics. Good or bad?
[00:29:37] havenwood: baweaver: Personally a fan of noir style... BladeRunner lemur? ;-)
[00:29:51] havenwood: baweaver: Hmmmm.
[00:30:08] baweaver: potentially. Wrap noir and cyberpunk
[00:30:56] havenwood: lots of Westerns are noir too
[00:32:10] havenwood: Chinatown meets Westworld meets Bladerunner meets Lemurs.
[00:32:25] Radar: Are you writing Ready Player Two?
[00:32:39] havenwood: Radar: But... with lemurs!
[00:32:48] baweaver: lemurs make everything better.
[00:32:55] Radar: Quite enjoying baweaver's lemurs btw
[00:33:01] havenwood: baweaver: Stylistically, it'd be awesome. But I'd have to think on it more. There're some interesting questions.
[00:33:12] baweaver: As is there are still a lot of skills I need to develop in art, so this forces me a bit
[00:33:22] baweaver: Like I can't draw perspective or backgrounds cleanly yet.
[00:34:45] baweaver: I may well end up writing several lemur books later, who knows.
[00:34:49] baweaver: But for now, food.
[01:12:53] Radar: s = "the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog"; ('a'..'z).all? { |c| s.include?(c) }
[01:13:30] Radar: oh its jumps, not jumped
[01:15:55] Radar: ACTION slaps this_dude around with a small house
[01:17:02] Radar: ACTION upgrades to entire apartment block
[01:19:08] Radar: ACTION turns down brightness of neon lights surrounding the answer
[01:24:45] mroutis: I don't play golf that much, but tried with the countHoles one, some feedback?
[01:24:49] mroutis: def countHoles(n);n.to_s.chars.map{|x|%w(1 2 3 5 7 0 4 6 9 8).zip([0,0,0,0,0,0,1,1,1,2]).to_h[x]}.sum;end
[01:38:51] Radar: >> string = "hello world"; ("a".."z").all? { |c| string.include?(c) }
[01:38:52] Radar: mroutis: ^
[01:39:05] ruby[bot]: Radar: # => false (https://eval.in/1046900)
[01:39:15] mroutis: know, but he was doing 'hello world'.include?('a'..'z')
[01:40:42] mroutis: actually something like iterating over the string, counting the unique characters, and if those characters weren't 32
[01:41:10] mroutis: he didn't need to know about the stdlib
[01:41:34] Radar: this_dude: I find your lack of Ruby knowledge... disturbing.
[01:41:59] mroutis: .all? is beautiful, tho, but if he would just concentrate on understanding the problem and try to solve it with what he knows, it would work
[01:42:26] Radar: It's bullshit that he's writing it like that.
[01:43:08] mroutis: yep, I mean, for me that would be a redflag
[01:43:37] mroutis: I wouldn't want to enter a bootcamp without solid understanding about the language they are teaching
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[02:03:36] baweaver: I've said the same more than once.
[02:03:57] Radar: this_dude.listens_to_reason? # => false
[02:04:06] Radar: bbl lunch
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[02:33:24] baweaver: Honestly a vast majority of their issue is that they're convinced that their life's ending if they don't get into this one startup school. Because of that they have absolutely no patience, and get really mad when they're testing.
[02:34:07] baweaver: You should have seen the first run when we refused to give them answers.
[02:38:12] baweaver: Anyways, other subjects. Surface Book 2 vs MBP 2018 - Anyone have opinions yet?
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[03:09:00] Radar: baweaver: you really hit the nail on the head
[03:09:23] Radar: baweaver: had a friend who tried the SB2 but then gave up as the tooling wasn't _quite_ there yet (he's a JS dev though)
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[07:09:52] baweaver: Radar / havenwood: https://twitter.com/keystonelemur/status/1028901018921185280
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[07:24:32] mroutis: baweaver, have you thought about printing lemur+ruby stickers?
[07:25:24] baweaver: https://twitter.com/keystonelemur/status/1022334470710427649
[07:25:33] baweaver: yep, though lemurs with hammers.
[07:26:26] baweaver: Even sent some to Australia for Radar and friends.
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