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#ruby-offtopic - 17 August 2018

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[00:18:09] mroutis: Radar, what do you think about translating documentation/rails guides? (every fork I've opened is outdated)
[00:19:15] Radar: mroutis: It would take a large amount of effort.
[00:19:32] Radar: It doesn't help that the guides are periodically updated either. It would need to be a concerted effort from a team of people.
[00:20:20] mroutis: do you think it's valuable / worth it?
[00:20:45] Radar: It's worthwhile, sure. But do not think it is a one-time translation and then you're done.
[00:25:56] mroutis: what benefit do you perceive in maintaining a translated doc?
[00:33:40] Radar: Updating it for new features in Rails or removing mention of old things.
[00:33:55] Radar: The Guides are not static things that exist in a single point of time. They morph, change, evolve.
[00:37:09] mroutis: sorry, I meant benefit for the readers
[00:39:12] mroutis: it's always a controversial topic if the programming docs/guides should be translated, as programming is already "biased" in a certian way to english speakers
[00:40:52] mroutis: I guess is easier to teach english as a side track for a programming course (in a non-english-speaking country) than translating and maintaining different forks
[00:41:46] Radar: Maybe so. I don't have any experience myself in that regard. English is my first and only language and I only teach people who can read/speak it.
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[13:52:25] apeiros_: holy shit. I bought wh1000xm2 headphones. I haven't heard music before today.
[13:52:45] apeiros: it's all been just noise compared to this.
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[17:01:09] al2o3-cr: nah, you want bose.
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