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#ruby-offtopic - 09 October 2018

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[19:52:28] ivanskie: so uhm my wife thinks she wants to learn coding. she's a total beginner. like no idea what terminal or console is, or any technical concept. other than how to login to OS, and open browser to go online. and maybe use notepad/textedit or word.
[19:52:51] ivanskie: question: Any recommendations, anybody know of anyone who started like that, or etc etc? thoughts?
[19:57:19] phaul: I would say a lot depends on what she wants to achieve. I doubt she wants to know computer science nitty gritty for a start. Creating a website might be something she would be interested in. Once you have something working you can go forward with programming bits.. JS or maybe first factor out stuff with css filters scss or whatever. etc.
[20:00:46] phaul: I guess Im trying to say that don't do it for just the sake of programming. Have some more concrete goals that you can achieve...
[20:03:58] baweaver: ivanskie: Gimme about 5-6 months
[20:04:07] baweaver: I have a book I'm writing targeting just that.
[20:04:18] baweaver: ~20% completion atm
[20:04:20] ivanskie: her motivation to start is "i love to solve puzzles"
[20:04:42] baweaver: The entire chapter on strings is a bit of a puzzle hunt
[20:04:53] baweaver: Sherlemur is hunting down Arsene Lemur
[20:04:58] ivanskie: also slight edge case scenario.. high functioning autism, and stay at home mom, three kids.
[20:05:04] baweaver: and Arsene keeps hiding in strings, so you need to find them
[20:05:06] ivanskie: wish me luck
[20:05:14] baweaver: ACTION is an aspie
[20:06:04] ivanskie: i was just looking around, there's codingautism, but im a bit skeptical.
[20:06:04] baweaver: I'm teaching Ruby with lemur cartoons
[20:06:22] baweaver: https://medium.com/@baweaver/creating-reducing-enumerable-an-illustrated-adventure-c6adfcc30d5b
[20:06:29] baweaver: This detailed one of my conference talks and how it was made
[20:06:38] baweaver: A lot of the same level of art and style is going into the book
[20:06:47] baweaver: and that same talk will be at RubyConf this year
[20:07:03] ivanskie: this is super awesome
[20:07:08] baweaver: Because I am...
[20:07:13] lemur: The lemur
[20:07:32] baweaver: Original alias. baweaver is my more "professional" one
[20:07:52] baweaver: baweaver -> BA Weaver -> Brandon A Weaver. Gotta get those initials going
[20:08:54] baweaver: Hrm, I should redraw some of those slides
[20:10:07] ivanskie: i shall follow/cyber stalk you online
[20:10:39] ivanskie: it'd be awesome if wifey learns to code. i'm just concerned about motivation and discipline in the long term.
[20:11:02] ivanskie: cuz of so much daily Doh and failures in this world
[20:11:04] baweaver: I intend to keep releasing short stories and booklets with the lemurs
[20:11:33] baweaver: The next one is "Scaling Christmas" which covers how major companies scale for holidays using lemurs, santa, and magic.
[20:16:21] phaul: while I love the cartoon aspect, please don't start learning coding with "creating reducing enumerable". I don't know if baweaver you have anything that goes basic enough
[20:16:26] ivanskie: just showed links to my wife.. "Uhm where did you find that book and how much does it cost and can you download it to my iPad" lol
[20:16:47] ivanskie: thats somewhat obvious.
[20:17:01] baweaver: That talk and content is marketed towards someone who has a base grasp already.
[20:17:09] baweaver: I intend to go much much easier in the book.
[20:17:31] baweaver: I'm aiming to go alpha release at RubyConf this year
[20:17:55] baweaver: Already got a major publisher to agree to the book, now I just have to write it
[20:18:54] ivanskie: awesome. well i'd be first to buy that
[20:20:08] ivanskie: you have instagram?
[20:20:10] ivanskie: or just twitter?
[20:25:54] baweaver: Twitter is keystonelemur
[20:25:55] baweaver: If you're at RubyConf later shoot me a message
[20:27:49] ivanskie: i'll be watching the youtubes reruns
[20:30:28] ivanskie: alright now i need to figure out how to introduce basics to her. (what console is, how to get there.. editors.. etc etc).
[20:30:45] ivanskie: too bad codeschool is now within pluralsight
[20:41:54] baweaver: ivanskie: avoid them, there's a good cheat
[20:43:10] baweaver: https://repl.it/
[20:43:19] baweaver: I use that and likely will mention it in the book.
[20:43:29] ivanskie: what bout tryruby ?
[20:43:32] ivanskie: too limited?
[20:43:44] ivanskie: i can setup a c9 for her later on as well.
[20:43:55] baweaver: Covers basics well
[20:44:29] ivanskie: oh right its a guided repl. forgot
[20:45:30] baweaver: repl.it allows you to create your own classrooms
[20:45:54] baweaver: assuming you take a role as a teacher it's free.
[20:45:55] baweaver: I'm using it for the book to minimize needed overhead
[20:47:43] ivanskie: I 'worked' with Radar and the team when he was about to publish Rails 4 in Action. kind of a feedback from a n00b point of view haha.
[20:47:56] Radar: true facts
[20:48:33] ivanskie: oh hey Radar. by the way im now a devops at a ruby place :P *success kid meme here* finally haha
[20:49:34] ivanskie: anyway.. bwaveaver im thinking.. if you want someone to help in similar extent with your book. maybe i could get you in touch with my wife?
[20:49:54] ivanskie: Doing that with Radar really helped me learn rails, and stay motivated at the time.
[20:52:49] ivanskie: shameless self invitation haha
[21:04:42] baweaver: Yeah, looking for beta readers, especially newer ones.
[21:04:52] baweaver: We'll see when that comes up though, still laying foundation
[21:05:15] baweaver: Also need to get tech editors nailed down with publishers. They haven't said much back on that one yet.
[21:06:19] baweaver: Radar and havenwood are already helping with it a bit
[21:07:52] baweaver: The first few chapters are slow writing as it's hard for me to step all the way back to numbers, strings, booleans, and nil
[21:08:15] baweaver: The second I hit arrays and hashes though, those will be the fun chapters.
[21:08:19] baweaver: also the long ones
[21:08:53] baweaver: Somewhere north of 65 pages with illustrations so far
[21:09:31] baweaver: The chapter on truth will be trying to find out who stole the cookies based on logic
[21:09:50] baweaver: nil will be a bit esoteric and go heavy into debugging skills
[21:10:21] baweaver: strings have a lot of shakespeare quotes and sherlock and arsene lupin running around
[21:10:52] baweaver: Enumerable will be a cooking show probably
[21:11:46] baweaver: lettuce_heads.map { |h| h.chop }.select { |h| h.size == :burger }
[21:11:52] baweaver: ish, working on that one
[21:12:18] baweaver: Hash will be a library and have a ton of literary references
[21:12:29] ivanskie: oh you know what.. i might want to read that book myself haha
[21:13:10] baweaver: Here's the original base: https://baweaver.gitbooks.io/an-illustrated-guide-to-ruby/content/
[21:13:22] ivanskie: yep saw that. sent that to wifey
[21:14:40] ivanskie: i think i'll see how far into the first week of CS50 lectures I can get with her to start. just for the CS basics. then jump into ruby ^
[21:16:08] ivanskie: so Brandon, are you writing that book just because, or were you trying to teach your significant other?
[21:16:26] baweaver: That's a bit of a story
[21:16:42] baweaver: I have a little brother. He's 11, I'm 28.
[21:16:53] ivanskie: reason im asking, is im wondering if there's blog post about that. aah.
[21:16:57] baweaver: I've been trying to teach him programming but it never sticks and he's never interested
[21:17:12] baweaver: So I was sitting around sketching lemurs for jollies
[21:17:26] baweaver: then he wants to draw too, so I start teaching him, but have to cartoon it down so he can do it
[21:17:39] baweaver: then he starts asking me to make the lemurs do stuff, so I do and eventually I have a dark idea
[21:17:51] baweaver: the lemurs start to learn to program, and guess who starts to tune in?
[21:18:01] ivanskie: like there's a blog post of a blacksmith switching careers and learning ruby/rails from scratch.
[21:18:40] ivanskie: haha thats sweet.
[21:19:10] baweaver: If there's one going the other way I'd listen to it
[21:19:39] baweaver: ACTION watches way too many blacksmithing videos on youtube
[21:19:53] baweaver: I like making things
[21:19:58] baweaver: Name sounds familiar.
[21:20:04] baweaver: Mostly Man at Arms for now.
[21:20:21] ivanskie: they leave out a lot of details tho
[21:20:56] ivanskie: watched any forged in fire episodes?
[21:38:50] baweaver: I'll add it to my list
[21:39:55] baweaver: Anyone a mech keyboard lover around these parts?
[21:40:08] baweaver: I did bad things to my wallet and it's mad at me now
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