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#ruby-offtopic - 25 October 2018

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[18:20:16] apeiros: so… iceland is a very interesting place to go. can recommend. would go again :)
[18:21:05] baweaver: Ended up writing an entire post on that outline I'd mentioned before: https://medium.com/@baweaver/lemurs-mean-hope-ae5d01f95700
[18:21:25] apeiros: ACTION reads
[18:22:03] apeiros: noooo medium, I will not make things official. I'll not sign up or anything. kthxbye 🙄
[18:22:46] phaul: hello apeiros
[18:23:13] phaul: I am trying to put something into ruboto, that can replace the eval in
[18:23:33] phaul: Do you want to keep eval in, and have a separate plugin?
[18:23:50] phaul: or now that that site is dead, we can replace eval.in
[18:24:06] apeiros: we've got git. if you have something better than eval.in, just tag it and replace
[18:24:49] phaul: ok, well, carc.in was suggested, seems to work. Only upto 2.4.1 tho
[18:25:38] apeiros: if somebody is up to it, around mid-february, I'd try to set up my own eval box using short-lived "throw-away" docker containers. assistance would be very welcome.
[18:26:09] apeiros: phaul: seems eval.in is <=2.4 too
[18:26:52] phaul: ok, I think I will just go with this now. It's fine if its throw away, just try to make it working ASAP.
[18:27:17] phaul: shouldnt be much work only inside /plugins/eval.in/
[18:27:20] apeiros: 👍🏻
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[18:48:21] apeiros: baweaver: interesting read. seems you met quite a few great people :)
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[22:06:58] phaul: seems to be working.. #rubydoc_test ( nothing to do with rubydoc, it's ruboto )
[22:10:29] phaul: the issue I have is that I had to do it on 2.3.8. I couldn't get the gemfile version build on my machine. So I can push this up to github, but I also added new dependency - replaced curb. So Gemfile.lock has 2.3.8 now. apeiros I don't want to break your deploy..
[22:15:00] phaul: Are you ok with me pushing this with Gemfile just having a new dependency, and you checkin the Gemfile.lock after the bundle on your side?
[22:33:27] phaul: apeiros,created a branch, you can pull it from there if you want to. I didn't want to break master
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