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#ruby-offtopic - 20 November 2018

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[01:29:21] al2o3-cr: just had a lamb doner kebab on pita. very nice =)
[06:44:30] baweaver: https://twitter.com/keystonelemur/status/1064771129594839040
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[23:35:04] nchambers: not sure who to poke about this, but the nick "ruby" expired. someone might want to log into the account to reset the last-seen time
[23:35:46] baweaver: Just the username nchambers?
[23:36:03] nchambers: you'll need to /nick to it too
[23:36:03] baweaver: Channel is still under us and ruby/staff for group ownership
[23:36:22] nchambers: im on it right now but was just holding it
[23:36:25] nchambers: ill hop off
[23:36:49] baweaver: Eh, feel free to claim it
[23:36:50] baweaver: I don't see how it'd have any adverse effect.
[23:37:02] nchambers: thought i'd ask first and make sure
[23:37:17] lemur: I go by lemur on occasion
[23:37:26] nchambers: sometimes i go by uplime :)
[23:39:41] baweaver: Though I do tend to make the distinction that I'm merely a friend of the lemurs and not a lemur myself.
[23:40:49] baweaver: That said: https://www.amazon.com/Silver-Lilly-Unisex-Adult-Pajamas/dp/B075VC7439
[23:41:12] baweaver: I may make a bet with people that I'll wear that to present at a conference if they all donate a certain amount to charity.
[23:41:15] nchambers: im by no means a pickachu but i certainly have the means to look like one
[23:41:30] nchambers: that be great to watch
[23:42:09] baweaver: The RubyConf talk is already going to be fairly entertaining
[23:42:20] baweaver: Translated it into a series of blog posts for everyone else.
[23:42:49] baweaver: https://medium.com/@baweaver/reducing-enumerable-part-one-the-journey-begins-ddc1d4108490
[23:43:17] baweaver: Still waiting for the SE Ruby talk to come out :/
[23:43:23] baweaver: Ah well, updated quite a bit since then
[23:57:35] nchambers: nice. im hoping i can attend next year