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#ruby-offtopic - 28 November 2018

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[18:31:19] phaul: it's over
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[19:07:58] phaul: world chess championship
[19:24:32] eam: oop, good morning
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[19:41:19] eam: doctor's orders to go sit in a jacuzzi, should I go with the cheap 24 hour fitness gym at $50/mo or the posh club sport at $150
[20:58:07] miah: i usually go to this place https://www.yelp.com/biz/piedmont-springs-oakland
[20:58:41] miah: $20/hr is better than $50/mo or $150
[21:05:31] eam: that kind of place would be ideal but I think I have few options out here
[21:05:46] eam: I'm supposed to go soak for a few hours 4-5 times/week
[21:09:22] miah: i hope you're able to find something suitable
[21:09:29] miah: and that it helps you feel better
[21:10:02] eam: gonna swing by both the cheap and expensive one and see what they're like, I'm guesing either will be ok
[21:10:37] eam: I'm way better than I was, this is like 6mo in (4mo since I've been mostly immobile)
[21:11:18] eam: I haven't stood/sat up for longer than about an hour and a half since august
[21:11:49] eam: turns out posture for computer work matters a lot
[21:12:06] eam: I might be back to normal in jan
[21:14:42] miah: oof. well good luck on that. i can empathize, after my surgery i have weird numbness in my leg and i couldnt sit in my desk chair for months. had to get good cushion for it.
[21:14:56] miah: posture is a big deal
[21:24:51] eam: urgh, I have a new understanding for nerve pain issues
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