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#ruby-offtopic - 31 December 2018

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[22:23:14] baweaver: https://twitter.com/keystonelemur/status/1079811981568167937
[22:23:16] baweaver: Oh here we go.
[22:23:43] baweaver: Take that idea along with this article I wrote a while back: https://medium.com/rubyinside/destructuring-in-ruby-9e9bd2be0360a
[22:24:12] baweaver: https://medium.com/rubyinside/destructuring-in-ruby-9e9bd2be0360
[22:24:44] baweaver: Ah, accidentally typed an a
[22:24:45] baweaver: havenwood ^
[22:24:46] baweaver: josh_cheek found a way to get default arguments
[22:24:55] baweaver: I've about cracked a way to translate that into a full destructuring system that nests.
[22:25:21] baweaver: Mostly just writing notes for it. This is going to be a fun article :D
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