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#ruby-offtopic - 17 May 2019

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[02:39:23] Caerus: anyone here went to railsconf 2019? do you know if there were plans on uploading the talks to youtube?
[02:41:38] Caerus: I saw the livestream on youtube but it seems they only showed the soft skills side of the conf and a bunch of talks are not there.
[02:43:57] havenwood: Caerus: Yes, they'll upload most of the talks.
[02:44:20] havenwood: Caerus: There were some talks that weren't listed as being recorded, but most were.
[02:46:53] havenwood: Caerus: You'll be able to find them here as they're uploaded: http://confreaks.tv/events/railsconf2019
[02:47:02] havenwood: This is suspiciously on topic!
[03:03:45] Caerus: thanks havenwood
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