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#ruby - 21 May 2015

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[00:00:53] havenwood: saadq: Glancing at it I don't see anything that would change your shell or prompt. Check your current shell?: echo $SHELL
[00:01:20] bootstrappm: that was a long link saadq. You're lucky I just ate a cookie or I'd insist you send me one via mail for scrolling that much
[00:01:38] saadq: sorry guys lol
[00:01:41] saadq: and it says /bin/zsh
[00:01:58] havenwood: saadq: You must have switch to zsh apart from the tutorial.
[00:01:59] bootstrappm: does it only happen when you're in a folder that has a rails app saadq?
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[00:02:10] bootstrappm: try exit and see if it jumps back to bash
[00:02:36] saadq: yeah bootstrappm ive tried that it always looks like that when i reopen
[00:03:01] bootstrappm: okay, check /etc/passwd and look for your username
[00:03:11] bootstrappm: `cat /etc/passwd | grep <your-username>`
[00:03:17] bootstrappm: whats the end of that line say
[00:03:20] mwlang: saadq: I???m betting somewhere you followed some guide on installing rvm and ruby that had instructions for installing the zsh shell
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[00:05:14] saadq: bootstrappm: when i type cat /etc/passwd | grep <your-username> i got "zsh: parse error near '\n'
[00:05:40] bootstrappm: did you replace <your-username> with your username?
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[00:06:21] saadq: i dont believe so but idk :/
[00:06:27] saadq: doesnt work with username either
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[00:06:55] bootstrappm: saadq I mean the username on your Mac OS X
[00:07:01] bootstrappm: whats the output of `whoami`
[00:07:10] saadq: oh its my name
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[00:07:19] saadq: oh lol was i supposed to use that
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[00:07:35] bootstrappm: then the line would be `cat /etc/passwd | grep saadq` or whatever hahah
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[00:07:56] bootstrappm: I've heard zsh is actually amazing but I don't know how to use it
[00:07:59] bootstrappm: gotta read up on it sometime
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[00:09:02] saadq: ok now when i type it in nothing happens ._.
[00:09:30] saadq: http://i.imgur.com/NiO2foU.png
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[00:11:48] bootstrappm: probably some Mac OS X specific thing: http://superuser.com/questions/191330/users-in-etc-passwd-on-mac-os-x
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[00:14:40] bootstrappm: sorry saadq. If you have a .bash_history, .zhistory or .zsh_history in your home folder put those in a gist and send them our way
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[00:15:00] Aeyrix: OS X user here
[00:15:02] Aeyrix: what's the problem?
[00:15:18] Aeyrix: bootstrappm saadq
[00:15:24] Aeyrix: shevy: WOW SHOTS FIRED
[00:15:30] shevy: havenwood it was too good to refuse!
[00:15:30] havenwood: saadq: What are you trying to do at this point?
[00:15:44] mwlang: uhhh??? saadq???s shell is .zsh???it???s in the title of the window of the screenshot he posted.
[00:15:47] Aeyrix: shevy: That was actually pretty good tbh.
[00:15:57] saadq: Aeyrix: I kind of messed up my terminal when I was trying to install Ruby/Rails not exactly sure what I did
[00:15:57] shevy: well I can't throw the first stone
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[00:16:15] Aeyrix: saadq: Can you relink that image?
[00:16:17] shevy: I just came back to IRC... while I am waiting to compile gtk2 ... on linux ... and then I will compile more ... :(
[00:16:18] Aeyrix: I come and go a lot so I miss things.
[00:16:19] havenwood: bootstrappm: if you opt for zsh i'd skip oh-my-zsh and choose the settings that suit you with the configuration utility: autoload -U zsh-newuser-install && zsh-newuser-install -f
[00:16:27] Aeyrix: shevy: Ah yes, compiling on Linux. ;)
[00:16:33] saadq: http://i.imgur.com/pV5f2rX.png
[00:16:44] saadq: basically it switched to zsh and it says the latest version of ruby instead of my name now
[00:16:45] shevy: Aeyrix yeah, right now I watch kde konsole tabs scroll by compile messages... that thing is damn boring to read
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[00:16:54] havenwood: saadq: Do you want to use bash or zsh?
[00:17:08] havenwood: saadq: Then switch it back.
[00:17:21] Aeyrix: saadq: `echo $PS1` | curl -F "sprunge=<-" http://sprunge.us/
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[00:17:36] Aeyrix: Paste that, give me URL.
[00:17:47] Aeyrix: inb4 zsh doesn't use PS1
[00:17:49] shevy: saadq I also use bash! \o/ zsh was good but too complex for my small brain
[00:17:52] Aeyrix: inb4 using zsh on OS X
[00:17:57] bootstrappm: hahah we we're trying to figure out how he got where he's at
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[00:18:06] bootstrappm: hence the bash / zsh history
[00:18:08] mwlang: saadq: run ???uninstall_oh_my_zsh"
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[00:18:18] Aeyrix: Ruby doesn't install oh_my_zsh on OS X.
[00:18:18] bootstrappm: because at some point something changed his shell to zsh and changed his prompt to be rails friendly
[00:18:31] havenwood: saadq: First check Terminal.app > Terminal > Preferences > General > Shells open with, is it "Default login shell" or custom?
[00:18:32] Aeyrix: ... Yeah bootstrappm's got it right with the bash history then.
[00:18:40] saadq: haha im trying to keep up with all of you
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[00:18:51] Aeyrix: saadq: Just do what I listed, then what havenwood listed.
[00:18:56] Aeyrix: In that order because mine's faster.
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[00:19:21] Aeyrix: And havenwood probably has the right answer anyway, I just go needlessly complex with my solutions to just about anything.
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[00:19:52] saadq: zsh: command not found: %{%F{166}%}[%~]
[00:19:52] saadq: http://sprunge.us/iVOf
[00:19:52] saadq: Aeyrix: it said
[00:19:53] Aeyrix: ... saadq, what happens if you press CTRL+D?
[00:20:08] shevy: now that is a funny command
[00:20:11] shevy: %{%F{166}%}[%~]
[00:20:12] Aeyrix: Does it say "process terminated"?
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[00:20:21] Aeyrix: If so, listen to havenwood. If not, lol welcome back to bash.
[00:20:31] zenspider: HTTP/1.1 405 Method Not Allowed
[00:20:35] zenspider: haven't seen one of those in a while...
[00:20:42] saadq: Aeyrix: ctrl+d just closes it lol
[00:20:43] Aeyrix: zenspider: On what?
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[00:21:11] Aeyrix: saadq: Okay, do what havenwood suggested. Go Terminal -> Preferences -> Profiles
[00:21:18] Aeyrix: Then the 'Shells' tag.
[00:21:19] Aeyrix: tab, even.
[00:21:30] demophoon: or run `chsh -s /bin/bash`
[00:21:41] Aeyrix: demophoon: I'm more interested in what's set as well.
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[00:21:52] demophoon: echo $SHELL
[00:21:55] Aeyrix: Because `brew install ruby` doesn't install zsh.
[00:21:58] Aeyrix: That was tried, wasn't it?
[00:22:06] havenwood: demophoon: /bin/zsh
[00:22:08] Aeyrix: I kind of assumed it was, given that we were offering GUI suggestions when I got here.
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[00:22:32] saadq: ok I'm in Terminal/Preferences/Profile
[00:22:34] Aeyrix: Why is FF using 1.3GB of memory for one tab
[00:22:45] shevy: Aeyrix are you watching something naughty
[00:22:46] havenwood: saadq: General tab
[00:22:51] mwlang: Aeyrix: because it can.
[00:22:54] havenwood: saadq: Shells open with:
[00:23:03] havenwood: saadq: Default or Custom?
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[00:23:16] mwlang: Aeyrix: probably some javascript that does the whole local store thingy
[00:23:22] Aeyrix: mwlang: Facebook.
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[00:23:45] mwlang: Aeyrix: there???s your answer right there. avoid like the plague. :-)
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[00:24:03] zenspider: jesus... what did I miss?
[00:24:03] Aeyrix: saadq: https://takethis.link/nfh76gmn391b
[00:24:05] Aeyrix: It should look like that.
[00:24:19] Aeyrix: mwlang: can you tell zenspider i apologise for making a joke
[00:24:30] Aeyrix: he ignored me yesterday after i called him rude
[00:24:46] havenwood: zenspider: What kind of verb, a PIZZA request?
[00:24:51] Aeyrix: I forget what it was pertaining to. Something useful he'd told me.
[00:25:01] saadq: havenwood: Aeyrix I don't see any "shells open with:" tab
[00:25:06] Aeyrix: saadq: https://takethis.link/nfh76gmn391b
[00:25:06] saadq: http://i.imgur.com/oTGzsKu.png
[00:25:09] Aeyrix: Do you see that on the general tab?
[00:25:30] shevy: that's actually quite funny how you guide him through the screenshots :)
[00:25:30] saadq: im sorry for flooding this channel btw guys lol
[00:26:05] Aeyrix: saadq: https://takethis.link/dv0yaole9g6t
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[00:26:39] demophoon: saadq: you are using iterm2 right?
[00:26:40] bmichelsen: has joined #ruby
[00:26:56] saadq: demophoon: Yeah, oops should I have mentioned that
[00:27:00] Aeyrix: shevy: Only because I don't really know how to explain where things are. :x
[00:27:03] demophoon: yeah, you are setup right
[00:27:09] demophoon: chsh -s /bin/bash
[00:27:17] demophoon: then close the terminal and open it again
[00:27:40] mwlang: Aeyrix: I???ve been telling zenspider to stop publishing his cheatsheets for years???he ignores me, too. ;-)
[00:27:45] saadq: that worked thanks!
[00:28:07] saadq: thanks all of you <3
[00:28:23] Aeyrix: saadq: lol sorry for taking you on a wild journey
[00:28:27] havenwood: mwlang: Why no cheatsheets?
[00:28:28] Aeyrix: i should've suggested chsh but I didn't htink.
[00:28:40] saadq: Aeyrix: np i appreciate all the effort though
[00:28:48] Aeyrix: saadq: btw you're using homebrew to install right?
[00:28:49] Ismael: has joined #ruby
[00:28:54] Aeyrix: Install Ruby.
[00:29:02] mwlang: havenwood: :-p joke! I writes some good ones
[00:29:19] havenwood: mwlang: aha!
[00:29:57] saadq: Aeyrix: yeah i did
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[00:30:25] saadq: one last issue guys I have this thing pop up now when I reopen my terminal
[00:30:27] saadq: http://imgur.com/hSGkg4L
[00:30:44] saadq: oops http://i.imgur.com/hSGkg4L.png
[00:32:24] bootstrappm: I know I already made this joke once today but ... just reformat the drive saadq, its a lost cause
[00:32:55] saadq: haha im actually considering that considering idk what else I may have screwed up
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[00:34:17] bootstrappm: I'm so hungry. I order a piece of bread w marinara and an egg on it like an hour ago from the place next door. This must be making this shit super gourmet -_-
[00:34:19] Aeyrix: saadq: Just use stock Terminal. :P
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[00:35:24] demophoon: stock terminal is terrible
[00:35:31] Aeyrix: Stock terminal is more than adequate.
[00:35:40] Aeyrix: What on earth are you doing that requires a custom terminal?
[00:35:40] bootstrappm: also saadq i still recommend gist'ing your bash and zsh history and sending it over. The commands you ran to get what you got will disappear after a while as you type more commands
[00:35:46] bootstrappm: iterm2 is magnificent
[00:35:52] bootstrappm: i would never use stock when i could use that thing
[00:36:12] Aeyrix: idk what you guys are doing but I've never ran into a situation where I've thought
[00:36:16] bootstrappm: i miss it, spilled a glass of water on my Air about a yr and a half ago
[00:36:20] Aeyrix: "knobgobbling fuckmints I hate this stock terminal"
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[00:37:19] zenspider: bootstrappm: they're growing the wheat as we speak.
[00:37:24] demophoon: I cannot remember why, but its something that if i started using stock terminal again it would jump out at me really quick.
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[00:37:59] bootstrappm: for me it was tabs i think
[00:38:07] bootstrappm: indeed zs, indeed
[00:38:14] Aeyrix: bootstrappm: Tabs work fine in stock terminal?
[00:38:24] Aeyrix: At least, I have no problem with using tabs...
[00:38:26] demophoon: yeah, i don't think it was tabs for me
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[00:38:30] bootstrappm: yeah? then idk
[00:38:36] Aeyrix: It might've been the tab shortcut, perhaps?
[00:38:39] demophoon: considering i just use tmux :P
[00:38:39] Aeyrix: It is a bit weird by default.
[00:39:13] bootstrappm: yeah maybe tab shortcut. default on iterm2 is cmd+tab right?
[00:39:20] Aeyrix: Default on stock is, say
[00:39:26] bootstrappm: to switch btwn
[00:39:26] Aeyrix: CMD+SHIFT+{ I think
[00:39:28] Aeyrix: to go left
[00:39:32] bootstrappm: yeah, thats odd
[00:39:34] Aeyrix: and CMD+SHIFT+} to go right.
[00:39:46] Aeyrix: I just changed it to the arrows. :v
[00:39:55] Aeyrix: Installing WinServer12, here we gooooooo
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[00:41:19] shevy: Aeyrix you can't be that inactive
[00:41:22] shevy: every time I look here
[00:41:26] shevy: it's like 50 lines of Aeyrix there
[00:41:49] Aeyrix: shevy: My screen real estate allow me to multitask heavily.
[00:41:56] Aeyrix: I just drop by in bursts.
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[00:45:30] bootstrappm: anybody tried generating ASCII art w/ ruboto?
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[00:49:40] shevy: the hangman game
[00:49:43] shevy: they do that
[00:49:46] shevy: I can't read a thing
[00:49:57] shevy: dunno how to start it
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[01:06:22] havenwood: DeBot: !hangman gems
[01:06:23] DeBot: ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? [] 0/12
[01:06:31] DeBot: ????????????_??????_????????????????????????????????? [-] 1/12
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[01:08:53] DeBot: ?????????s_???s_????????????????????????????????? [-] 1/12
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[01:11:29] DeBot: ?????????s_???s_??????????????????????????????e [-] 1/12
[01:11:44] DeBot: ?????????s_???s_n????????????????????????le [-r] 2/12
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[01:12:25] wallerdev: DeBot: Modu
[01:12:25] DeBot: ?????????s_???s_no?????????????????????le [-rmdu] 5/12
[01:13:01] DeBot: ?????????s_???s_no???i???i?????????le [-rmdu] 5/12
[01:13:04] DeBot: a??????s_as_no???i???i???a???le [-rmdu] 5/12
[01:13:33] DeBot: a??????s_as_no???i???i???able [-rmdu] 5/12
[01:13:40] DeBot: a???ts_as_notifi???able [-rmdu] 5/12
[01:13:44] DeBot: acts_as_notificable [-rmdu] 5/12 You won!
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[01:18:02] Aeyrix: Part of me can't believe that you have a hangman game based on Ruby gems.
[01:18:07] Aeyrix: The rest of me isn't really surprised.
[01:18:21] shevy: watch those who play
[01:18:30] sevenseacat: we're neeeeeeeeeeeerrrrds
[01:18:31] shevy: havenwood, wallerdev, sevenseacat
[01:18:41] sevenseacat: hey, I'm good at it.
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[01:23:29] bootstrappm: hahah that's great!
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[02:02:05] shevy: yo pontiki
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[02:28:48] ChiggerZ: what are problems with installing rails on windows?
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[02:35:12] Maletor: How do I refactor too many delegations? I'm trying to avoid law of demeter. https://gist.github.com/maletor/0ac796f9f4f0f8e55bcb
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[02:44:39] pontiki: ChiggerZ: i helped someone walk through a windows install a couple weeks ago. seems to work fine.
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[02:44:58] ChiggerZ: pontiki: just like on mac?
[02:45:07] pontiki: ChiggerZ: i'm sure there are gems and such that don't work exactly
[02:45:24] pontiki: no, it took about and hour and a half :( it was pretty slow
[02:45:24] ChiggerZ: so it's still better to use a mac right?
[02:45:38] pontiki: if you have a choice, i'd say yes, absolutely
[02:45:47] scuey: has joined #ruby
[02:46:01] pontiki: also, if you don't have much choice, i'd look stronly at using cloud9
[02:46:02] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[02:46:06] pontiki: strongly *
[02:46:23] pontiki: the downisde there being you need to be connected to use it
[02:46:26] ChiggerZ: cloud9 is incredibly buggy as it is incredibly cool
[02:46:36] pontiki: not that i've noticed
[02:46:42] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[02:46:55] ChiggerZ: is ubuntu just as easy to use for rails?
[02:47:07] ChiggerZ: i have a pc laptop and an imac
[02:47:24] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[02:47:43] sevenseacat: use whatever you're most familiar with developing on. ubuntu is great, but if you're familiar with osx, use that.
[02:48:08] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[02:48:08] Spami: has joined #ruby
[02:48:10] ChiggerZ: pontiki: is there a wine foreskin for ubuntu where you can run os x apps natively on ubuntu?
[02:48:13] mary5030: has joined #ruby
[02:48:37] pontiki: i have no idea what you're asking about
[02:48:51] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[02:48:58] ChiggerZ: there's wine foreskin for os x
[02:49:09] ChiggerZ: winery or something like that
[02:49:14] lemur: WINE is a compatibility layer
[02:49:19] ChiggerZ: it lets you run windows apps on mac
[02:49:29] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[02:49:29] lemur: You're thinking parallels
[02:49:44] lemur: WINE is Linux, Parallels is mac
[02:49:51] ChiggerZ: https://www.winehq.org/
[02:49:59] lemur: ah, cripes, need to get my nick back real quick
[02:50:11] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[02:50:16] baweaver: there we go
[02:50:20] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[02:50:31] baweaver: but yeah, the foreskin bit is going to throw non-ops people
[02:50:38] baweaver: no idea where you got that one honestly
[02:50:41] ChiggerZ: basically i want to run xcode 6.4 on ubuntu
[02:50:43] ChiggerZ: if possible
[02:50:59] pontiki: oh goodness, nooooooooo
[02:51:01] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[02:51:10] baweaver: If you want eternal nightmares, sure
[02:51:26] baweaver: but short of a Hackintosh and virtualization it won't fly very far.
[02:51:39] ChiggerZ: i'm having lag issues on my pc
[02:51:43] baweaver: ACTION isn't explaining what a hackintosh is, that's an exercise best left to the reader
[02:51:44] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[02:51:55] ChiggerZ: i got a pc laptop because it's better than the crap apple was offering
[02:52:05] ChiggerZ: nobody can beat an imac though
[02:52:09] swgillespie: has joined #ruby
[02:52:19] sevenseacat: i'm as anti-apple as anyone, but trollolol?
[02:52:24] ChiggerZ: for $1800 i got an msi laptop
[02:52:25] baweaver: Careful there, those be fighting words to some
[02:52:25] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[02:52:40] ChiggerZ: for $2000 i could have gotten an inferior macbook pro
[02:53:11] sevenseacat: ChiggerZ: let's leave the trolling at the door, k? this is a ruby channel.
[02:53:18] ChiggerZ: 4gb 870m 16gb ddr3 1tb 7200 rpm hdd and 128 gb ssd
[02:53:40] ChiggerZ: sevenseacat: how is saying that apple's laptops are inferior trolling?
[02:53:49] sevenseacat: you bought a pc, and now you cant run osx software. let's move on.
[02:54:05] ChiggerZ: i can run mavericks just fine but not yosemite :(
[02:54:07] sevenseacat: its completely irrelevant to this channel.
[02:55:52] SEVENSEAKUNT: has joined #ruby
[02:56:34] ChiggerZ: whoops i was talking in the wrong channel -_-
[02:57:47] SuperTaz_: has joined #ruby
[02:58:31] io_syl: has joined #ruby
[02:59:29] SuperTaz_: has joined #ruby
[03:01:44] ramfjord: has joined #ruby
[03:02:39] ChanServ: +o sevenseacat
[03:02:47] sevenseacat: +b *!~u291187@
[03:02:47] sevenseacat: sevenseacat kicked SEVENSEAKUNT: behavior is not conducive to the desired environment.
[03:03:06] axisys: has joined #ruby
[03:03:20] Radar: +b *!*@
[03:03:42] mozzarella: so mean (????;____;)
[03:04:19] ChiggerZ: what did they do?
[03:04:30] skmp: has joined #ruby
[03:04:48] Radar: ChiggerZ: Can't tell if serious.
[03:04:54] ChiggerZ: i'm serious
[03:05:00] Radar: Definitely trolling. Goodbye.
[03:05:05] ChiggerZ: user wasn't being disruptive or doing anything wrong...
[03:05:15] baweaver: Look at that name in all caps
[03:05:36] baweaver: and consider who just banned them
[03:05:44] ChiggerZ: baweaver: is having a name in all caps bad?
[03:05:53] Trynemjoel: has joined #ruby
[03:05:54] baweaver: read the name, the last 4 characters
[03:06:05] ChiggerZ: baweaver: KUNT?
[03:06:11] sent1nel: has joined #ruby
[03:06:31] baweaver: Yep. Now what's offensive about that word
[03:06:32] Radar: Perhaps that word spoken outloud sounds like an offensive name?
[03:06:39] Radar: s/name/word
[03:06:44] ChiggerZ: baweaver: that's an english word?
[03:06:45] pontiki: let us not belabour the point
[03:06:54] havenwood: Feed not the trolls.
[03:07:12] sevenseacat: I have a feeling that person will be back, so I'll keep my @.
[03:07:15] baweaver: ACTION wonders if that word gets thrown around a bit too often
[03:07:20] Radar: +q ChiggerZ!*@*
[03:07:22] eam: looking for input on making this idiomatic (or, faster) https://github.com/eam/ruby-mdbm
[03:07:25] pontiki: once is more than enough
[03:07:25] Radar: Time out for the troll.
[03:07:38] yaw: has joined #ruby
[03:07:38] havenwood: @sevenseacat: Wizard hats are the latest style!
[03:07:43] Radar: Claims to not understand english, but spoke clean english at first.
[03:07:47] Radar: obvious troll is obvious
[03:07:54] Rodya_: has joined #ruby
[03:08:15] RegulationD: has joined #ruby
[03:08:23] baweaver: eam: my C is rusty, but I'll give it a read.
[03:08:51] eam: I'm mostly interested in the interface
[03:08:55] icebourg: has joined #ruby
[03:09:16] baweaver: tests it is then
[03:09:44] icebourg: has joined #ruby
[03:10:07] Aeyrix: I just noticed the username.
[03:10:08] speakingcode: has joined #ruby
[03:11:17] eam: storing the db handle in an ivar is like 30% of the cost of fetch()
[03:11:58] Cuupa: has joined #ruby
[03:13:07] Cuupa: this channel for ruby programming?
[03:13:12] havenwood: Cuupa: sure is
[03:13:32] braincrash: has joined #ruby
[03:13:40] White_Master: has joined #ruby
[03:13:42] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[03:13:52] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[03:13:52] White_Master: has left #ruby: ("Leaving")
[03:14:26] cubesand_: has joined #ruby
[03:14:30] sevenseacat: tbh I'd love to be able to disable the webchat, I think it would solve a lot of problems
[03:14:32] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[03:14:43] Sawbones: has joined #ruby
[03:14:51] SuperTaz_: has joined #ruby
[03:14:51] Radar: apeiros won't let us
[03:15:13] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[03:15:14] Radar: I tried setting +q ~@a or whatever that mode is to stop unauthenticated users... but he didn't like it so he undid it.
[03:15:19] Radar: And then we got what just happened
[03:15:22] Radar: and apeiros doesn't give a shit
[03:15:31] Radar: #ircpolitics
[03:15:46] Aeyrix: /mode #ruby +b *!*@gateway/web/freenode/*
[03:15:47] havenwood: @Radar: trolls just register, easy enough
[03:15:56] cubesandcode: has joined #ruby
[03:15:57] shortdudey123: has joined #ruby
[03:16:01] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[03:16:26] cubesandcode: has left #ruby: ()
[03:16:26] wildroman2: has joined #ruby
[03:16:34] Radar: havenwood: It's a barrier to entry for trolls
[03:16:39] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[03:16:40] havenwood: they don't seem very effective, i wonder why they bother?
[03:16:55] havenwood: like two people who are just very persistent?
[03:17:01] Aeyrix: Just +b anyone who joins and immediately types in caps.
[03:17:08] Aeyrix: +b, not kickban.
[03:17:14] Aeyrix: idk if ircd-seven supports the quieting mode.
[03:17:19] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[03:17:31] Radar: -q ChiggerZ!*@*
[03:17:35] baweaver: Radar: did any of the bots have banhammer abilities?
[03:17:42] Radar: ChiggerZ: Going to be a productive member of this channel?
[03:17:46] Radar: !kick baweaver
[03:17:46] helpa: Radar: No.
[03:17:47] ruboto: ruboto kicked baweaver:
[03:17:47] ruboto: -o ruboto
[03:17:56] cubesandcode: has joined #ruby
[03:17:56] elfuego: has left #ruby: ()
[03:17:58] baweaver: has joined #ruby
[03:18:01] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[03:18:08] Radar: sevenseacat: ^
[03:18:11] Aeyrix: Does that respond to any general user commands?
[03:18:11] baweaver: Well that was a succinct way to put it
[03:18:20] havenwood: baweaver: hehe
[03:18:27] Radar: I *think* !ban works too but I don't want to try it
[03:18:29] baweaver: Walked into that one
[03:18:44] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[03:18:53] Radar: !quiet Radar
[03:19:05] havenwood: Radar: !mute
[03:19:09] Radar: !mute Radar
[03:19:09] ruboto: +q Radar!*@*
[03:19:10] ruboto: -o ruboto
[03:19:18] cubesandcode: question for iterm users: is there a way to make command + k just do a full screen on terminal, but not make it go into the presentation mode thing
[03:19:24] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[03:19:24] Radar: -q Radar!*@*
[03:19:29] Aeyrix: Someone may need to, you know, unmute him.
[03:19:35] Aeyrix: Or you could do that. :v
[03:19:43] baweaver: ACTION is withholding comments on that
[03:19:47] Radar: cubesandcode: Command+K clears the console?
[03:19:55] cubesandcode: Sorry, I meant Command+Enter
[03:20:02] baweaver: Ctrl+L does
[03:20:07] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[03:20:07] Radar: cubesandcode: Remap it in the Keys menu.
[03:20:41] SuperTaz_: has joined #ruby
[03:20:43] ChiggerZ: user Radar is doing illegal activities like doxing and making threats be careful everyone i am going to be reporting his username to the proper authorities
[03:20:44] ChiggerZ: http://pastebin.com/iJQ9HzLS
[03:20:44] ruboto: ChiggerZ, we in #ruby do not like pastebin.com, I reposted your paste to gist for you: https://gist.github.com/767d7d5ca3abb190fb4c
[03:20:45] ruboto: pastebin.com loads slowly for most, has ads which are distracting and has terrible formatting.
[03:20:50] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[03:21:00] Radar: +q ChiggerZ!*@*
[03:21:07] baweaver: Radar: test theban!
[03:21:11] Radar: !ban ChiggerZ
[03:21:11] helpa: Radar, you should ban the person highlighted, signed Radar.
[03:21:12] Aeyrix: >we do not like pastebin.com
[03:21:31] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[03:21:31] baweaver: Ah well, that's out of the way
[03:21:46] Aeyrix: Radar: I'm bored. Can I call?
[03:21:47] xxneolithicxx: has anyone seen this error before, im compiling ruby using rbenv: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/64d4433875953233c3b8
[03:21:50] Radar: Aeyrix: Yes please.
[03:21:51] Aeyrix: ... Not you, the college.
[03:22:12] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[03:22:38] firevolt: What are the "proper authorities"? That threat makes it sound like one might call the "improper authorities", but you've really rustled their jimmies, and this time, it's proper.
[03:22:51] Aeyrix: "911 what is your emergency?"
[03:22:52] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[03:23:03] pontiki: Please state the nature of the medical emergency
[03:23:06] firevolt: SEVERE RUSTLING OF MAH JIMMIES!!!
[03:23:10] havenwood: pontiki: :)
[03:23:14] Aeyrix: "Transferring you to the Internet Police right away."
[03:23:16] baweaver: 0118 999 881 999 119 7253
[03:23:19] pontiki: ACTION curtsies
[03:23:21] bruno-: has joined #ruby
[03:23:29] pontiki: well played, baweaver
[03:23:34] baweaver: ACTION bows
[03:23:35] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[03:23:43] Aeyrix: I think the problem is that Radar might be using a computer without his
[03:23:46] SuperTaz_: has joined #ruby
[03:23:48] Aeyrix: International Computer Driving Licence
[03:24:03] sevenseacat: is that like a pen license, but for computers?
[03:24:04] Aeyrix: http://icdlusa.org/
[03:24:08] havenwood: xxneolithicxx: That's a dreadfully old openssl it's rustled up.
[03:24:17] firevolt: I only have my National Computer Driving License... I try not to drive any computers overseas.
[03:24:17] mary5030: has joined #ruby
[03:24:19] Aeyrix: There's a European one too.
[03:24:25] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[03:24:26] baweaver: ACTION has that number memorized
[03:24:27] Aeyrix: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_Computer_Driving_Licence
[03:24:30] xxneolithicxx: i know, i get the same error with the default one in 12.04
[03:24:44] xxneolithicxx: i had installed that one because 1.8.7 wouldnt compile without it
[03:24:45] pontiki: baweaver: actually, that is quite impressive
[03:24:47] Radar: bbl, have to do some work :)
[03:24:58] baweaver: That and V's speech
[03:25:02] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[03:25:09] sevenseacat: ACTION is trying to do some work
[03:25:10] baweaver: No idea why, I just liked it
[03:25:14] SuperTaz_: has joined #ruby
[03:25:24] baweaver: sevenseacat is failing
[03:25:31] firevolt: "Additionally, there was an Advanced version that was divided into four modules. These are:
[03:25:32] firevolt: Advanced Word Processing" Hold up, they can certify you in WordART?
[03:25:42] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[03:25:43] laurentide_: has joined #ruby
[03:25:55] havenwood: xxneolithicxx: not sure why it's using it though, since ruby-build ships its own openssl alongside each Ruby instead of using the package managers.
[03:26:23] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[03:26:31] bluOxigen: has joined #ruby
[03:26:48] xxneolithicxx: havenwood: :-/ i dunno, the GH issues page for 1.8.7 outlined that as the solution because it didnt support the newer openssl on Ubuntu
[03:26:49] SuperTaz_: has joined #ruby
[03:26:54] jottr_: has joined #ruby
[03:26:56] havenwood: xxneolithicxx: One option is to just use ruby-install and put it where rbenv expects it: ruby-install --install-dir ~/.rbenv/versions/1.9.3 ruby 1.9.3
[03:27:04] havenwood: xxneolithicxx: Yeah, but 1.9.3 doesn't support the older.
[03:27:06] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[03:27:09] xxneolithicxx: havenwood: i didnt use that for the other installs, i was just trying it on this one to see if that was the problem
[03:27:35] commondream: has joined #ruby
[03:27:50] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[03:28:16] havenwood: xxneolithicxx: Consider using the Brightbox packages instead of compiling these yourself?
[03:28:28] havenwood: xxneolithicxx: https://www.brightbox.com/docs/ruby/ubuntu/
[03:28:32] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[03:29:11] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[03:29:46] cubesandcode: Radar: I'm trying to find the right command for maximizing a window, but I don't see it listed
[03:29:53] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[03:30:05] cubesandcode: I just see "Toggle Fullscreen" which does that presentation mode kind of thing which I'm trying to avoid
[03:30:06] Aeyrix: cubesandcode: ?
[03:30:09] Radar: cubesandcode: Or you could do what I do, and install Divvy which does this."
[03:30:13] Aeyrix: cubesandcode: On a Mac?
[03:30:16] Aeyrix: Hold alt, then press that one.
[03:30:31] Aeyrix: Holding alt will change the fullscreen icon to a plus icon, which will maximise the window.
[03:30:35] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[03:30:55] Radar: Aeyrix: I think they want a keyboard shortcut
[03:31:17] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[03:31:27] bronson: has joined #ruby
[03:31:54] cubesandcode: The only reason I'm asking this is because I just recently completely restored my laptop from factory settings
[03:32:07] cubesandcode: before my iTerm already did this with Command + K
[03:32:14] cubesandcode: idk why its doing the other mode now
[03:32:41] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[03:33:00] wildroman2: has joined #ruby
[03:33:23] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[03:33:46] havenwood: cubesandcode: I use spectacle for tiling windows but amethyst is another option I've seen.
[03:33:56] havenwood: https://github.com/eczarny/spectacle
[03:34:01] havenwood: https://github.com/ianyh/Amethyst
[03:34:07] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[03:34:20] cubesandcode: havenwood: Alright thanks, I guess I'll just use one of these window managing programs
[03:34:49] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[03:35:08] SuperTaz_: has joined #ruby
[03:35:24] xxneolithicxx: havenwood: hmm, so even when i tell it to use /usr/bin to get the system openssl it ignores it and goes straight for /usr/local/bin
[03:35:30] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[03:35:52] havenwood: xxneolithicxx: ruby-build does?
[03:35:56] xxneolithicxx: havenwood: ive install a couple other versions without extra flags and they worked fine with the system openssl does
[03:36:13] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[03:36:25] xxneolithicxx: havenwood: the make compile that ruby-build is triggering yea
[03:36:25] havenwood: xxneolithicxx: ruby-build generally doesn't use system openssl, like ruby-install would. They ship openssl on a per-ruby basis.
[03:36:40] havenwood: They don't use the package manager to install openssl.
[03:36:53] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[03:37:11] zzing: has joined #ruby
[03:37:12] SuperTaz_: has joined #ruby
[03:37:36] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[03:38:04] wallerdev: has joined #ruby
[03:38:15] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[03:38:33] commondream: has joined #ruby
[03:38:57] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[03:39:01] havenwood: xxneolithicxx: If you want to just install it for rbenv with ruby-install that should work fine, instead of using ruby-build. Ah, it appears ruby-build is only shipping their hard coded openssls with 2.0+.
[03:39:18] havenwood: xxneolithicxx: https://github.com/sstephenson/ruby-build/blob/master/share/ruby-build/2.0.0-p0#L2
[03:39:30] havenwood: xxneolithicxx: compared to: https://github.com/sstephenson/ruby-build/blob/master/share/ruby-build/1.9.3-p551
[03:39:39] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[03:40:14] Nilium: Could just build Ruby from source manually. It's really simple.
[03:40:23] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[03:41:10] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[03:41:47] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[03:42:00] pontiki: idunno, flipping all the bits can be pretty tedious
[03:42:29] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[03:43:11] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[03:43:24] Cuupa: has left #ruby: ()
[03:43:51] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[03:44:02] havenwood: Nilium: Sure, especially if you do it often and know your distro. Folk reasonably often don't know the deps for their distro and end up having to rebuild when they miss deps, when ruby-install will just install the proper dependencies and build with the same flexibility but more convenience.
[03:44:31] havenwood: Nilium: Or yeah, look up the deps then build. :)
[03:44:36] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[03:44:45] Nilium: That's true. I totally forgot that I perpetually have everything I need installed.
[03:44:59] Nilium: Which is sort of annoying to do.
[03:45:09] Nilium: Though ./configure will usually tell you what's missing.
[03:45:30] budak-baik: has joined #ruby
[03:45:59] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[03:46:26] shock_one: has joined #ruby
[03:46:40] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[03:48:15] Cache_Money: has joined #ruby
[03:51:53] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[03:52:32] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[03:53:12] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[03:53:16] einarj: has joined #ruby
[03:53:17] Aeyrix: >> p 'wat'
[03:53:18] ruboto: Aeyrix # => "wat" ...check link for more (https://eval.in/367917)
[03:53:56] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[03:54:36] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[03:55:20] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[03:56:01] xxneolithicxx: havenwood: what a waste of a few hrs. i figured out the problem
[03:56:01] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[03:56:16] havenwood: xxneolithicxx: what was it?
[03:56:23] that1guy: has joined #ruby
[03:56:41] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[03:57:01] xxneolithicxx: havenwood: so basically because i custom compiled 0.9.8 into /usr/local for installing 1.8.6 or 1.8.7 every version after that looked there to because of my PATH even though i specified /usr/bin in compile opts
[03:57:11] havenwood: xxneolithicxx: ah
[03:57:24] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[03:57:24] juanpaucar: has joined #ruby
[03:57:41] xxneolithicxx: havenwood: after uninstall the old one from /usr/local and retrying 2.x it installed fine, now im going to go back and do 1.9.3, so ill probably have to install 1.8.x last
[03:58:05] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[03:58:50] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[03:59:16] tubuliferous: has joined #ruby
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[03:59:54] gigetoo: has joined #ruby
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[04:02:17] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[04:02:28] Oog: has joined #ruby
[04:02:59] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[04:03:11] xxneolithicxx: ACTION havenwood is a good rubber ducky :-)
[04:03:42] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[04:04:04] blueOxigen: has joined #ruby
[04:04:25] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[04:05:05] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[04:05:57] charliesome: has joined #ruby
[04:07:13] ellisTAA: has joined #ruby
[04:08:31] havenwood: al2o3-cr: hallooo
[04:08:52] ellisTAA: i want to learn everything about ruby strings, arrays, nums etc. where can i learn more about those besides the docs??
[04:09:10] Radar: EllisTAA: Damn. Another question mark and for sure I would've answered your questrion
[04:09:37] baweaver: More pertinent question: Why no docs?
[04:09:54] s2013: has joined #ruby
[04:10:07] baweaver: There's the Ruby Way that covers a lot, but that still seems like an odd thing to say
[04:10:30] ellisTAA: i figure ruby docs has info but it would need to be processed and interpreted in order to gain insight so i wanted to jump to the insights
[04:10:49] ellisTAA: Ruby Way is that a book?
[04:10:55] al2o3-cr: damn whatsappnin with reinaldob
[04:11:21] bigmac: has joined #ruby
[04:11:33] baweaver: A very good one, though I still need to read the latest edition of it.
[04:12:04] Radar: +b reinaldob!*@*
[04:12:21] Radar: I PM'd him about it last night, and he still hasn't fixed it
[04:12:23] Radar: soooo, ban for him
[04:12:32] Radar: http://logs.ryanbigg.com/p/reinaldob
[04:12:34] ellisTAA: ok ill check itout thanks baweaver
[04:12:37] Radar: That is pretty intense (turn on joins)
[04:13:27] cstrahan: has joined #ruby
[04:13:31] baweaver: ACTION buys the kindle version for later
[04:13:44] sevenseacat: the kindle version is still more than i want to spend on a book
[04:13:45] Radar: EllisTAA: !twgr
[04:13:45] helpa: EllisTAA: Learn Ruby by reading this book - http://manning.com/black3 - The Well-Grounded Rubyist by David A. Black
[04:13:50] Radar: Argh, #ruby
[04:13:55] Radar: EllisTAA: Read the Well Grounded Rubyist
[04:14:01] ellisTAA: i have that book
[04:14:04] havenwood: Second Edition!
[04:14:05] lkba: has joined #ruby
[04:14:08] Radar: Great, go read it!
[04:14:11] Radar: Everything you need is in that book.
[04:14:15] Radar: next question please
[04:15:20] ellisTAA: what the hell is going on here? http://ruby-doc.org/core-2.1.0/String.html#method-i-25
[04:16:57] baweaver: EllisTAA: See printf
[04:17:06] mozzarella: sprintf-like behavior
[04:17:07] Maletor: has joined #ruby
[04:17:07] ellisTAA: that???s an alias for this method?
[04:17:08] xxneolithicxx: string formatting goodness
[04:17:22] havenwood: EllisTAA: http://ruby-doc.org/core/Kernel.html#method-i-sprintf
[04:17:23] ellisTAA: xxneolithicx: wtf is string formatting?
[04:17:55] baweaver: Read that above
[04:18:11] baweaver: Not often used, but still very handy for console outputs
[04:18:18] xxneolithicxx: its string interpolation with special formatting capabilities
[04:18:56] ellisTAA: but i will look like a boss if i use it right ^^
[04:19:24] xxneolithicxx: ermm if u say so
[04:19:46] baweaver: that's normally a pretty early CS make a fancy output table that's aligned typa thing
[04:20:21] baweaver: Live and breathe Enumerable, that's where you tend to get the most bang for your buck
[04:22:43] ellisTAA: wtf does sprint f mean, this explanation is wtf
[04:22:59] eam: EllisTAA: string print format
[04:23:10] ellisTAA: eam: ah thank you
[04:23:11] eam: EllisTAA: it's a name inherited from the C programming language
[04:23:24] eam: much of ruby borrows from existing standard function names
[04:23:32] ellisTAA: while the name clears some stuff up, what the hell is going on in the statement?
[04:23:55] ebonics: except the whole "block" thing
[04:24:04] bruno-: has joined #ruby
[04:24:17] Eiam_: has joined #ruby
[04:25:23] eam: EllisTAA: it's a mini-language for formatting strings, invented many decades ago
[04:25:45] bmurt: has joined #ruby
[04:25:51] eam: it exists for compatibility and familiarity
[04:25:59] eam: most beginners wouldn't use it
[04:26:38] al2o3-cr: EllisTAA: do you pry?
[04:27:17] ellisTAA: al2o3-cr: no
[04:27:18] ellisTAA: what???s that
[04:27:53] al2o3-cr: EllisTAA: a lovely repl :)
[04:28:17] ellisTAA: al2o3-cr: what are the benefits
[04:29:13] al2o3-cr: EllisTAA: to many to mention but http://pryrepl.org/
[04:29:31] ellisTAA: ah i think i???m starting to get it. cool i will definitely check it ou
[04:30:09] al2o3-cr: EllisTAA: :D
[04:31:43] al2o3-cr: big up to banister
[04:32:18] loadhigh1: has joined #ruby
[04:32:38] baroquebobcat: has joined #ruby
[04:34:44] jack_rabbit: has joined #ruby
[04:34:46] ellisTAA: i don???t understand the logic behind the string formatting
[04:34:50] Radar: nobody does
[04:34:51] ellisTAA: wtf is the logic of it
[04:34:59] mary5030: has joined #ruby
[04:35:29] al2o3-cr: EllisTAA: you been around a bit now return me [7,6] from this array [1,5,7,11,4,6]
[04:36:13] ellisTAA: return array[2] && array.pop
[04:37:11] Radar: EllisTAA: and then if the array was in any particular order?
[04:37:29] sevenseacat: >> array = [1,5,7,11,4,6]; array[2] && array.pop
[04:37:30] ruboto: sevenseacat # => 6 (https://eval.in/367937)
[04:37:56] al2o3-cr: ACTION shhh...
[04:38:00] codeFiend: has joined #ruby
[04:38:06] ChanServ: -o sevenseacat
[04:39:09] Radar: [1,5,7,11,4,6].permutation.each { |a| ??? }
[04:39:10] havenwood: sample(2) till success
[04:39:25] al2o3-cr: havenwood: lol
[04:39:42] Aeyrix: >> return [7,6]
[04:39:43] ruboto: Aeyrix # => unexpected return (LocalJumpError) ...check link for more (https://eval.in/367938)
[04:39:48] Aeyrix: not in a block but
[04:39:53] ruboto: Aeyrix # => [7, 6] (https://eval.in/367939)
[04:40:04] Radar: Aeyrix: troll!!
[04:40:28] wallerdev: has joined #ruby
[04:40:31] ellisTAA: so what is the logic of sprintf?
[04:41:12] MiracleBlue: has joined #ruby
[04:41:30] al2o3-cr: EllisTAA: string formatting simple as that
[04:42:34] al2o3-cr: >> sprintf "%x", 10
[04:42:35] ruboto: al2o3-cr # => "a" (https://eval.in/367940)
[04:42:45] al2o3-cr: >> sprintf "%o", 10
[04:42:46] ruboto: al2o3-cr # => "12" (https://eval.in/367941)
[04:42:58] Aeyrix: al2o3-cr: Why uh
[04:42:59] Aeyrix: would you awnt
[04:43:07] Aeyrix: to return those elements from that array?
[04:43:13] Aeyrix: Or was that just an arbitrary example?
[04:43:34] al2o3-cr: Aeyrix: arbitary
[04:43:41] P1RATEZ: has joined #ruby
[04:43:43] Darryl___: has joined #ruby
[04:44:12] ellisTAA: so those sprintf examples - what is the logic? why does %x turn 10 into an a?
[04:44:26] Rollabunna: has joined #ruby
[04:44:29] Aeyrix: %x turns an integer into its hexadecimal equivalent.
[04:44:41] al2o3-cr: EllisTAA: %x hexidecimal %o octal
[04:44:59] Aeyrix: >> sprintf('%x', 255)
[04:45:00] ruboto: Aeyrix # => "ff" (https://eval.in/367942)
[04:45:05] ellisTAA: aw see how do i find that for every sign? is there a source?
[04:45:13] Aeyrix: http://ruby-doc.org/core-2.2.2/Kernel.html
[04:45:16] al2o3-cr: EllisTAA: same as String#%
[04:45:34] aspiers: has joined #ruby
[04:45:34] Aeyrix: http://ruby-doc.org/core-2.2.2/Kernel.html#method-i-sprintf specifically.
[04:45:39] Aeyrix: They're called field type characters.
[04:45:39] al2o3-cr: >> "%x" % 10
[04:45:40] ruboto: al2o3-cr # => "a" (https://eval.in/367943)
[04:45:43] Aeyrix: %b is binary:
[04:45:51] ellisTAA: awesome i can???t wait to read the kernel doc!
[04:45:51] Aeyrix: >> sprintf('%b', 13)
[04:45:53] ruboto: Aeyrix # => "1101" (https://eval.in/367944)
[04:46:22] Aeyrix: Wait, the fuck
[04:46:31] Aeyrix: eval.in was done by an old friend of mine
[04:46:34] Aeyrix: i didn't even realise he still hosted that
[04:46:45] al2o3-cr: >> [13].pack('C').unpack('B*')
[04:46:46] ruboto: al2o3-cr # => ["00001101"] (https://eval.in/367945)
[04:46:48] diegoaguilar: has joined #ruby
[04:47:06] sevenseacat: i'm not sure you could charliesome old <_<
[04:47:17] Aeyrix: He's my age.
[04:47:23] Aeyrix: Well, a few months older.
[04:47:24] sevenseacat: you kids these days.
[04:47:41] eam: basically a senior citizen
[04:47:45] shock_one: has joined #ruby
[04:48:16] Aeyrix: I meant old friend as in
[04:48:19] Aeyrix: we've known each other for years
[04:48:47] Aeyrix: Although we stopped talking right around the time he went to work for Github. :v
[04:49:17] ellisTAA: what would be an example of a bignum?
[04:49:19] Cache_Money: has joined #ruby
[04:49:30] al2o3-cr: EllisTAA: you become a pro in no time :)
[04:49:33] baweaver: >> 999999999999999999.class
[04:49:34] ruboto: baweaver # => Bignum (https://eval.in/367946)
[04:49:38] Aeyrix: >> 15241578750190521.class
[04:49:39] ruboto: Aeyrix # => Bignum (https://eval.in/367947)
[04:49:45] ellisTAA: why are those bignums?
[04:49:50] Aeyrix: Because they're big numbers.
[04:49:57] sevenseacat: because theyre bigger than fixnums.
[04:50:04] sevenseacat: you're asking questions that are all answered in the docs.
[04:50:08] eam: EllisTAA: because they are larger than half the native integer size of the current computing platform
[04:50:10] baweaver: It was 4.some billion
[04:50:21] Aeyrix: yeah baweaver
[04:50:23] al2o3-cr: >> 1e100.to_i.class
[04:50:25] ruboto: al2o3-cr # => Bignum (https://eval.in/367948)
[04:50:35] Aeyrix: 2147483647.ckass
[04:50:38] Aeyrix: >> 2147483647.class
[04:50:39] ruboto: Aeyrix # => Bignum (https://eval.in/367949)
[04:50:41] ellisTAA: native integer size? that???s like 64 bit?
[04:50:45] Aeyrix: >> 2147483646.class
[04:50:46] ruboto: Aeyrix # => Bignum (https://eval.in/367950)
[04:51:02] eam: EllisTAA: usually 32 or 64
[04:51:06] Aeyrix: >> (2147483647 / 2).class
[04:51:07] ruboto: Aeyrix # => Fixnum (https://eval.in/367951)
[04:51:10] Aeyrix: There we go.
[04:51:11] al2o3-cr: >> 0.0 ** 0.0
[04:51:12] ruboto: al2o3-cr # => 1.0 (https://eval.in/367952)
[04:51:13] ruboto: baweaver # => 4611686018427387904 (https://eval.in/367953)
[04:51:15] eam: Aeyrix: signed
[04:51:23] eam: one bit for sign, one for tag
[04:51:30] Aeyrix: eam: Yeah gotcha
[04:51:41] baweaver: ACTION hasn't had to screw with types in a while
[04:51:45] Aeyrix: eam: Wait, what
[04:51:50] ruboto: al2o3-cr # => Infinity (https://eval.in/367954)
[04:51:53] Aeyrix: 2147483647 is the largest positive signed 32-bit
[04:51:57] Aeyrix: Why isn't that a Fixnum?
[04:52:02] baweaver: ACTION just remembers 2.14b being the limit for a lot of game currencies
[04:52:06] Aeyrix: Wait did I just go full retard?
[04:52:17] krz: has joined #ruby
[04:52:17] baweaver: Never go full retard
[04:52:21] Aeyrix: I think I might've.
[04:52:32] Aeyrix: A signed integer in C has a maximum positive value of 2147483647.
[04:52:38] Aeyrix: Or, 2147483646 technically IIRC.
[04:52:41] Aeyrix: -2147483647 to 2147483646.
[04:52:56] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[04:53:24] spicymagpie: has joined #ruby
[04:53:27] al2o3-cr: ruby is magic :)
[04:53:34] khebbie: has joined #ruby
[04:53:41] spicymagpie: the summer is magic
[04:53:43] Aeyrix: +1 on both of those values: -2147483648 to 2147483647. I knew I was close. <_<
[04:53:51] al2o3-cr: spicymagpie: :)
[04:53:52] baweaver: >> p2s=Enumerator.new{|y|a=2;loop{y(a);a<<1}}; p2s.first(5)
[04:53:53] ruboto: baweaver # => undefined method `y' for main:Object (NoMethodError) ...check link for more (https://eval.in/367955)
[04:54:06] baweaver: >> p2s=Enumerator.new{|y|a=2;loop{y<<a;a<<1}}; p2s.first(5)
[04:54:07] ruboto: baweaver # => [2, 2, 2, 2, 2] (https://eval.in/367956)
[04:54:17] baweaver: >> p2s=Enumerator.new{|y|a=2;loop{y<<a;a=a<<1}}; p2s.first(5)
[04:54:18] ruboto: baweaver # => [2, 4, 8, 16, 32] (https://eval.in/367957)
[04:54:23] al2o3-cr: baweaver: now with fibers :)
[04:54:36] baweaver: greenthreads
[04:54:39] baweaver: ACTION shudders
[04:55:03] al2o3-cr: baweaver: fibers are good to go :D
[04:56:11] baweaver: I tend to skip to Scala or Elixir when I need parallelization.
[04:56:48] baweaver: Something about Haskell incites feral rage in some people that makes me fear for my life in recommending it again
[04:57:01] Aeyrix: That's because it's gross.
[04:57:03] al2o3-cr: baweaver: hehe
[04:57:07] RegulationD: has joined #ruby
[04:57:10] baweaver: ACTION likes Haskell
[04:57:27] Aeyrix: You know how there was a period of time where only hipster designer fucks had macbooks?
[04:57:36] Aeyrix: Haskell is like that for the programming language world, but worse.
[04:57:39] reinaldob: has joined #ruby
[04:57:44] Aeyrix: Haskell programmers act like GPL proponents.
[04:57:47] al2o3-cr: you ever try to configure xmonad i'll come for advice
[04:58:16] Aeyrix: Okay that was low, they're not *quite* as bad as GPL proponents.
[04:58:18] baweaver: You do know Haskell is as old as Java right
[04:58:32] Aeyrix: ~~FUNCTIONAL PROGRAMMING~~
[04:58:41] baweaver: older by 5 years, huh
[04:58:49] tautvydas: has joined #ruby
[04:58:51] d3m0n: has joined #ruby
[04:59:18] baweaver: I work with Big Data enough that I natively think in functional paradigms
[04:59:21] al2o3-cr: why can't ruby be as fast as lua
[04:59:35] Aeyrix: >I work with Big Data
[04:59:40] Aeyrix: [ shuddering intensifies ]
[04:59:45] Aeyrix: [ buzzwords intensify ]
[04:59:51] spicymagpie: nobody can behave like GPL proponents. Arrogance is measured in nanostallmans.
[04:59:57] awwaiid: has joined #ruby
[05:00:40] baweaver: You do know when I say Big Data I do mean it.
[05:01:14] Aeyrix: Do you work for Amazon?
[05:01:33] Aeyrix: Facebook?
[05:01:40] baweaver: No, but getting warmer
[05:01:49] Aeyrix: Any search engine, including Shodan?
[05:01:57] Aeyrix: By search engine I mean the company behind it.
[05:02:02] baweaver: ACTION sighs
[05:02:12] al2o3-cr: Serious question. Who uses Ruby besides Rails?
[05:02:21] baweaver: I can play 20 questions, or just answer it
[05:02:30] baweaver: Sony, PS4 team.
[05:02:31] Aeyrix: baweaver: 20Q yo.
[05:02:34] Aeyrix: You fucking lamer.
[05:02:36] Aeyrix: Sony was my next guess.
[05:02:41] al2o3-cr: spicymagpie: what for?
[05:02:46] Aeyrix: >big data
[05:03:07] ebonics: were you on the ps3 team baweaver
[05:03:09] baweaver: al2o3-cr: Me
[05:03:20] havenwood: al2o3-cr: i dooo
[05:03:20] baweaver: Nope, later comer
[05:03:31] spicymagpie: al2o3-cr: many things, actually. It is as powerful as Perl without having to mess up with $ and all those things, so I have many scripts to parse information.
[05:03:34] baweaver: Joined this last year in August
[05:03:35] ebonics: was gonna say nice job getting hacked :D
[05:03:59] Aeyrix: baweaver: How does your position gel with the actual definition of 'big data'.
[05:04:00] baweaver: ACTION likes to pretend SPE doesn't exist
[05:04:05] Aeyrix: Given that it's as horribly buzzwordy as 'cloud'
[05:04:07] spicymagpie: use Capistrano and mina to help me publishing PHP sites, provision servers, etc.
[05:04:08] wallerdev: has joined #ruby
[05:04:14] baweaver: ACTION also uses cloud
[05:04:22] woodruffw: has joined #ruby
[05:04:24] Aeyrix: ACTION screams internally.
[05:04:36] xxneolithicxx: how would i configure a .gemrc to use only http for gems or explicitly set the source URL to http
[05:04:36] baweaver: To the magnitude of well over 5000 AWS servers
[05:04:39] spicymagpie: ACTION goes for the popcorn again.
[05:04:49] Aeyrix: not big data
[05:04:52] Aeyrix: well maybe to Sony lel
[05:05:08] ebonics: my dick is bigger than yours
[05:05:12] Aeyrix: I know. :(
[05:05:30] baweaver: ACTION wanders off
[05:05:31] ebonics: just so were on the same page
[05:05:36] Aeyrix: I always knew.
[05:05:47] Aeyrix: This just in: Buzzwords are lame.
[05:05:49] al2o3-cr: havenwood: baweaver what for?
[05:05:50] spicymagpie: xxneolithicxx: gem sources -l lists the source; gem sources -a adds an URL and gem sources -r removes it.
[05:05:53] chrisseaton: has joined #ruby
[05:05:56] ARYAN1488: has joined #ruby
[05:06:01] Aeyrix: "Big data", "digital", all that just make your company look stupid imo.
[05:06:01] ARYAN1488: 88 brothers!
[05:06:08] riotjones: has joined #ruby
[05:06:09] ebonics: i don't think so
[05:06:12] xxneolithicxx: is that going to explicitly go in .gemrc
[05:06:26] xxneolithicxx: i need it in .gemrc for an rbenv issue
[05:06:35] spicymagpie: those are commands.
[05:06:36] baweaver: al2o3-cr: Older job, automating a network of Wireless antennas and tooling around them
[05:06:36] ebonics: how else would you describe "cloud" or "big data" in 1 or 2 words that's more semantic than those words
[05:06:44] xxneolithicxx: spicymagpie: i grepped that ;-)
[05:07:02] al2o3-cr: baweaver: ah cool :)
[05:07:17] Aeyrix: ebonics: Cloud: Scalable (virtual, sometimes) server farm.
[05:07:28] Aeyrix: ebonics: Big Data: "millions of <x> per hour"
[05:07:30] ebonics: cloud means exactly that, no?
[05:07:34] Aeyrix: Cloud doesn't mean shit.
[05:07:35] spicymagpie: al2o3-cr: if you want to have an idea, there is a book called "Ruby for System Administration".
[05:07:44] ebonics: it does though
[05:07:47] al2o3-cr: thing with ruby with me, it just intrigues me
[05:07:50] ARYAN1488: anyone interested in doing a rails app for the aryan nation?
[05:07:53] havenwood: !mute ARYAN1488
[05:07:54] ruboto: +q ARYAN1488!*@*
[05:07:54] ruboto: -o ruboto
[05:08:10] Aeyrix: ebonics: Cloud is so arbitrary, it doesn't have a hard definition at all. I just kind of made that up and that's *my own* definition of it.
[05:08:19] Aeyrix: You'll never find "Cloud_(Computing)" on Wikipedia with a definition.
[05:08:29] Cache_Money: has joined #ruby
[05:08:34] Aeyrix: Just fluffy balderdash about what it 'kind of' means and what paradigms it pertains to.
[05:08:36] Aeyrix: Same with big data.
[05:08:37] al2o3-cr: really though blocks got me ;)
[05:08:43] Aeyrix: I just define it myself as meaning <x>.
[05:08:48] baweaver: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cloud_computing
[05:08:55] spicymagpie: clouds aren't arbitrary, actually. It will rain tomorrow, I see some clouds coming.
[05:08:56] ebonics: i'm just saying it's a succinct way to convey a meaning. everyone understands what you mean when you say cloud
[05:08:59] Aeyrix: baweaver: >with a definition
[05:09:06] psye: has joined #ruby
[05:09:07] Aeyrix: "Cloud computing allows application software to be operated using internet-enabled devices."
[05:09:16] Aeyrix: ... no, that's what remote procedure calls do.
[05:09:20] Aeyrix: That's not what cloud computing does.
[05:09:30] Aeyrix: ebonics: Do they, though?
[05:09:35] Aeyrix: Does my definition of cloud match up to yours?
[05:09:43] ebonics: pretty much yeah
[05:09:43] Aeyrix: My definition of big data clearly doesn't match up to baweaver's because they got offended.
[05:09:47] baweaver: ACTION feels this is getting ridiculously pedantic
[05:09:59] Aeyrix: baweaver: The terms don't have a hard definition. It's idiotic.
[05:10:07] ebonics: there's a line between being accurate and being pedantic
[05:10:20] baweaver: one that was crossed a while ago
[05:10:28] Aeyrix: And you can't be accurate with a term with as little boundary as 'cloud'.
[05:10:31] ebonics: i think this falls into the realm of pedantic but i'm not 100% sure why you have your view
[05:10:38] al2o3-cr: havenwood: what did/do use it for?
[05:10:40] sevenseacat: Aeyrix: you remind me of pipework.
[05:10:43] Aeyrix: Some people define cloud computing as two vps'
[05:10:44] Aeyrix: or something
[05:10:50] spicymagpie: I do cloud computing.
[05:10:51] djbkd: has joined #ruby
[05:10:53] Aeyrix: or even one digitalocean
[05:10:56] Aeyrix: because, hey, it scales
[05:11:04] Aeyrix: some people define it as an AWS farm spanning a couple hundred instances or above
[05:11:04] baweaver: well, honestly more of posturing at this point.
[05:11:20] Aeyrix: sevenseacat: ok
[05:11:21] ebonics: Aeyrix, just for argument's sake can you give me an example or two how the word cloud could be misconstrued
[05:11:24] ebonics: in a real world scenario
[05:11:45] Aeyrix: ebonics: I kind of
[05:11:47] Aeyrix: mentioned that above.
[05:11:51] spicymagpie: cloud computing means network computing. it's the term used by publicists to promote something old and making it new.
[05:11:55] ARYAN1488: has left #ruby: ()
[05:11:56] ebonics: i mean in actual language
[05:12:06] ebonics: not you saying that cloud means two vps' or something
[05:12:14] Aeyrix: That wasn't me.
[05:12:18] Ropeney: spicymagpie: do you think "Ruby for System Administration" is still relevant how long ago it was published?
[05:12:21] Aeyrix: That was someone else in the RamNode IRC channel.
[05:12:59] spicymagpie: Ropeney: I should've mentioned that it gives you an example of what you can do with Ruby besides Rails.
[05:13:09] ebonics: i think that it's hard to find a clear example of it being misconstrued to the point where it actually affects anything
[05:13:23] Ropeney: spicymagpie: Oh i ask because it came up on my list to buy but i didnt know if it was too dated
[05:13:24] ebonics: being hyper accurate has no benefit over calling it cloud
[05:13:37] Aeyrix: ebonics: I disagree.
[05:14:01] Aeyrix: Context: I work in security, as a consultant. Sometimes (pretty much daily), clients will call and ask us to conduct a penetration test.
[05:14:05] spicymagpie: Ropeney: it's still worth reading, it has interesting examples of real-life PITA's resolved with Ruby.
[05:14:07] ebonics: so do i actually
[05:14:11] ebonics: that's literally what i do
[05:14:22] Aeyrix: Now, if it's of something *in the cloud*, that means we generally have to get permission from the service provider.
[05:14:27] iliketurtles: has joined #ruby
[05:14:48] Aeyrix: ... for the penetration testing?
[05:14:59] Aeyrix: What you just randomly hit other people's boxes when someone who claims they own the content on it asks you to?
[05:15:11] ebonics: pretty much yeah
[05:15:31] ebonics: who would hire a sec agency to do that
[05:15:36] spicymagpie: what's the difference with what Kevin Mitnick does now? He asks for permission to the network administrators before performing security tests.
[05:15:36] ebonics: and "hit"?
[05:15:50] Aeyrix: ebonics: I've done stress testing for clients before.
[05:15:51] ebonics: it's not like i'm ddosing it
[05:15:58] Aeyrix: Ah, I have.
[05:16:00] jottr_: has joined #ruby
[05:16:15] al2o3-cr: spicymagpie: penetration tester (ethical) lol
[05:16:30] Aeyrix: Anyway, my work still mandates that permission is obtained by the client from the service provider for us to conduct an assessment on their infrastructure.
[05:16:57] Aeyrix: You can see where I'm going with this, surely.
[05:16:59] rippa: has joined #ruby
[05:17:04] Aeyrix: And it has happened.
[05:17:12] al2o3-cr: spicymagpie: people get there buzzez out of life
[05:17:30] Aeyrix: spicymagpie: More or less yeah.
[05:17:35] Aeyrix: That and he hosts a marketplace for exploits.
[05:17:45] al2o3-cr: it's an addiction
[05:18:00] Hanmac1: has joined #ruby
[05:18:44] al2o3-cr: like some people get there buzzes out of life gambling, drugs, drinking whatever it may be
[05:19:46] sandelius: has joined #ruby
[05:19:50] Aeyrix: ebonics: I've seen people get confused as to whether they need permission because they're not sure if their 'cloud' is on site or off site.
[05:19:58] al2o3-cr: he's got an understanding many people can't comprehend
[05:20:01] Aeyrix: I've seen people claim to be into big data when all they have is Hadoop on a laptop.
[05:20:07] Aeyrix: You can see why this irritates me, surely?
[05:20:14] al2o3-cr: ACTION stop babbling
[05:20:26] Aeyrix: al2o3-cr: You're right though.
[05:20:31] ebonics: Aeyrix, most sec that i do is all static analysis. the actual pentesting is just a few scans with tools to cover the bases
[05:20:47] Aeyrix: ebonics: Malware?
[05:20:57] Aeyrix: I ask out of curiosity.
[05:20:58] luckyme: has joined #ruby
[05:21:03] al2o3-cr: Aeyrix: knowledge is power
[05:21:04] Aeyrix: It's an area I don't do much in, and wish I could do more.
[05:21:15] cedge: has joined #ruby
[05:21:21] duncannz: has joined #ruby
[05:21:30] cedge: has left #ruby: ()
[05:21:42] ebonics: Aeyrix, yeah mostly finding/removing shells, fixing the common header attacks, sql injections, xss, xsrf etc.
[05:21:51] al2o3-cr: if you don't perseverse you go no where
[05:22:39] ebonics: Aeyrix, most exploits that ive removed would not be visible from a simple pentest
[05:23:14] ahmetkapikiran: has joined #ruby
[05:23:20] ebonics: Aeyrix, what tools do you use generally?
[05:23:23] spicymagpie: exploits and scans. what tools do you use? any open source suggestion to do it by myself on a few sites?
[05:23:30] al2o3-cr: if you can understand from a packet level your laughing
[05:23:52] ebonics: cxs is basically the best piece of software every for detecting shells and malware
[05:23:58] zenspider: their / nowhere / you're
[05:24:08] ebonics: also good for blocking malware from entering the network ie. email and uploads
[05:24:14] zenspider: grammar is power
[05:24:17] ebonics: it's non-free though
[05:24:25] iamjarvo: has joined #ruby
[05:24:44] al2o3-cr: zenspider: nevr waz mi strongg pont
[05:24:52] bruno-: has joined #ruby
[05:24:53] ebonics: for pentesting i use w3af a lot
[05:25:13] zenspider: anyone have a good understanding of bison vs byacc?
[05:25:24] spicymagpie: is there something free to test rails apps?
[05:25:30] spicymagpie: open source**
[05:25:32] ebonics: mostly anything you'd find on kali i have used before with varying success
[05:25:58] baweaver: spicymagpie: brake....
[05:26:09] cubesandcode: hey guys do you have any recommendations for learning vanilla Ruby? I don't want to start learning Rails until I get a good grasp of Ruby first
[05:26:11] Aeyrix: ebonics: I dont' do simple.
[05:26:20] Aeyrix: We do very in-depth stuff, specifically for that reason.
[05:26:31] zenspider: they're coming out with brakeman pro... I want a cut of every dime they haven't made yet
[05:26:33] ebonics: Aeyrix, but do you do blackbox testing only?
[05:26:47] diegoaguilar: has joined #ruby
[05:26:54] baweaver: zenspider: heavy contributor to the original?
[05:26:54] ebonics: ok so you do everything
[05:26:57] Aeyrix: We do black/white/"gray".
[05:27:21] zenspider: baweaver: based on my stuff, but I haven't written a lick of code directly for brakeman, no.
[05:27:22] ebonics: what tools do you use for pentesting
[05:27:25] ebonics: what's your like go-to tool?
[05:27:33] Aeyrix: I don't have one.
[05:27:34] baweaver: Principle of the matter
[05:27:38] Aeyrix: Right tool for the right job dawg.
[05:27:42] zenspider: baweaver: eeeexactly
[05:27:54] casadei: has joined #ruby
[05:27:56] al2o3-cr: shit i remember when metasploit was written in perl # zenspider please correct the spelling ;p
[05:28:03] ebonics: sure, i mean if there's dav then..
[05:28:10] ebonics: i mean in general
[05:28:24] cht: has joined #ruby
[05:28:28] Aeyrix: My favourite tool is probably some of the stuff I've developed internally for web app pentesting.
[05:28:33] sigurding: has joined #ruby
[05:28:36] baweaver: cubesandcode: Get friendly with the Enumerable docs
[05:28:38] al2o3-cr: maybe a comma ?
[05:28:39] Aeyrix: I really dislike Burp which is kind of everyone's go-to for reconnaisance.
[05:28:49] ebonics: why do you dislike it
[05:28:51] spicymagpie: I'm an idiot, was looking for "dangit".
[05:28:57] Aeyrix: Have you ever tried writing a plugin for Burp?
[05:29:01] Aeyrix: If you haven't: Don't.
[05:29:02] Aeyrix: Just don't.
[05:29:07] cubesandcode: baweaver: ill look into it thanks
[05:29:13] zenspider: cubesandcode: yup. Enumerable. Array, Hash, String... loooots of stuff in those 4
[05:29:46] baweaver: I'm almost tempted to start recommending sets
[05:30:08] Aeyrix: ebonics: What about you for analysis?
[05:30:24] baweaver: It's my new cheeky goto for get unique items in an array without uniq
[05:30:34] cubesandcode: I'm familiar with most of those from programming in other languages, do they differ in Ruby?
[05:30:49] HotCoder: has joined #ruby
[05:31:04] baweaver: cubesandcode: Enumerable is where a lot of the power is, the others explain how Ruby works with those classes
[05:31:19] ebonics: Aeyrix, i use w3af a lot, and some header fuzzing scripts i wrote myself. other than that it kinda depends as you said
[05:31:26] baweaver: The three big ones there are map, reduce, and select
[05:31:39] BlackGear: has joined #ruby
[05:31:42] baweaver: >> (1..5).map { |x| x * 2 }
[05:31:43] ruboto: baweaver # => [2, 4, 6, 8, 10] (https://eval.in/367970)
[05:31:57] baweaver: >> (1..5).reduce(0) { |acc, x| acc + x }
[05:31:58] ruboto: baweaver # => 15 (https://eval.in/367971)
[05:32:10] baweaver: >> (1..5).select { |x| x % 2 == 0 }
[05:32:11] ruboto: baweaver # => [2, 4] (https://eval.in/367972)
[05:32:16] Aeyrix: ebonics: If you use W3AF you might be interested in Arachni.
[05:32:18] baweaver: ACTION knows there's shorthand for them
[05:32:26] Aeyrix: ebonics: http://sectoolmarket.com/wivet-score-unified-list.html
[05:32:27] ebonics: Aeyrix, i have been interested in arachni
[05:32:30] ebonics: yeah i know
[05:32:35] Aeyrix: Thoughts on it?
[05:32:36] ebonics: but it's non-free
[05:32:43] Aeyrix: What? It's OSS.
[05:32:48] ebonics: for commercial use it's non-free
[05:32:57] ebonics: it's dual licensed
[05:33:01] Aeyrix: Not for use in a consulting capacity.
[05:33:05] Aeyrix: I read through it.
[05:33:22] Aeyrix: You can't:
[05:33:24] Aeyrix: Resell it
[05:33:26] ebonics: a lot of what i do with w3af is follow up scans on autopilot
[05:33:28] Aeyrix: Use it as a scanner-as-a-service.
[05:33:49] ebonics: but maybe for the initial pentest
[05:33:57] Aeyrix: ebonics: According to the license if you're the one pressing the 'go' button on Arachni, you can use it.
[05:33:58] al2o3-cr: sevenseacat: for you https://ptpb.pw/U7Fp :)
[05:34:01] ebonics: i didnt read the license very well, butats interesting though Aeyrix
[05:34:21] ebonics: i just saw commercial license and was like well shit
[05:34:33] User458764: has joined #ruby
[05:34:42] ebonics: i dont mind commercial if they tell you a price
[05:34:43] Aeyrix: Nah that's only for people who want to package it and sell it (and specifically it) as a service.
[05:34:57] ebonics: yeah i mean i actually do do that
[05:35:02] ebonics: but i can use w3af for that
[05:35:06] Aeyrix: You literally sell "Arachni as a service"?
[05:35:10] Aeyrix: Or, W3AF as a service.
[05:35:15] ebonics: i literally sell w3af as a service yeah
[05:35:19] Aeyrix: Do your clients press the 'go' button or do you?
[05:35:41] ebonics: it's autopilot
[05:36:10] Aeyrix: It's like one guy heading it so I can't imagine the price will be that high for a commercial license.
[05:36:38] ebonics: i did contact him about it
[05:36:45] ebonics: he basically just said whats the scope of your project
[05:36:53] ebonics: and i didnt respond cause it's like..
[05:36:56] ebonics: why do you ask m8
[05:37:01] Aeyrix: Technically, penetration testing.
[05:38:21] al2o3-cr: gem install rex
[05:38:38] Aeyrix: Wrong tab. ;)
[05:38:40] ARYAN1488: has joined #ruby
[05:38:48] al2o3-cr: Aeyrix: for you
[05:38:58] awwaiid: has joined #ruby
[05:40:04] tagrudev: has joined #ruby
[05:40:21] scuey: has joined #ruby
[05:40:23] io_syl: has joined #ruby
[05:41:04] hectortrope: has joined #ruby
[05:41:21] rotcetorptekcop: has joined #ruby
[05:41:34] al2o3-cr: HD Moore computer genius :)
[05:41:47] al2o3-cr: and I mean that
[05:42:06] jenrzzz: has joined #ruby
[05:42:39] hectortrope: Hi any one have idea about api's
[05:43:00] Aeyrix: hectortrope: ?
[05:43:05] Aeyrix: That's a very, very vague question.
[05:43:07] ruboto: Don't ask to ask. Just ask your question, and if anybody can help, they will likely try to do so.
[05:43:15] rotcetorptekcop: has joined #ruby
[05:43:34] Aeyrix: What're you after, specifically?
[05:43:50] al2o3-cr: Aeyrix: let ask then :)
[05:44:10] hectortrope: Aeyrix: but this is ruby chaneel so I wamt to confirm can I ask
[05:44:24] al2o3-cr: hectortrope: permission granted
[05:44:27] spicymagpie: we're not php. just ask. :)
[05:44:31] Aeyrix: hectortrope: If it's Rails APIs you're talking about then you may be better off in #RubyOnRails.
[05:46:07] zotherstupidguy: has joined #ruby
[05:46:11] hectortrope: I work on api management system caleed apigee ...to add backend service of yahoo weather api i use weather.yahooapis.com like thst if I want to add github stripe and any other apis what link should I provide
[05:46:23] juanpaucar: has joined #ruby
[05:46:31] chrissonar: has joined #ruby
[05:46:46] al2o3-cr: now i know what zenspider was on about
[05:47:03] hectortrope: this is very off topic question
[05:47:12] hectortrope: can someon ehelp as there is no api channel
[05:47:21] Aeyrix: hectortrope: I don't even know how to answer that.
[05:47:36] hectortrope: Aeyrix: plz i know it might be very noobish
[05:47:47] Aeyrix: hectortrope: I guess the issue is that the Yahoo weather API, you can use without authentication.
[05:47:52] Aeyrix: You don't have to log in to Yahoo weather.
[05:47:55] Aeyrix: You do to Github, and Stripe.
[05:48:04] Aeyrix: So the answer is "with difficulty, and probably not in a way you want to."
[05:48:06] tubuliferous: has joined #ruby
[05:48:09] hectortrope: ok but how can i use those api's
[05:48:22] hectortrope: like which link should I provide for backend
[05:48:27] hectortrope: I am practising
[05:48:30] ebonics: ACTION thinks its a troll
[05:48:38] Aeyrix: https://stripe.com/docs
[05:48:40] Aeyrix: https://developer.github.com/
[05:48:55] Aeyrix: ebonics: Benefit of doubt.
[05:49:00] Aeyrix: Until I see Radar +o.
[05:49:05] hectortrope: any api like yahoo weather
[05:49:24] spicymagpie: hectortrope: just read the documentation of the apis you want.
[05:49:28] Aeyrix: hectortrope: I don't see the purpose of what you're trying to do.
[05:49:34] Aeyrix: Are you trying to offer the API functionality yourself?
[05:49:50] Aeyrix: If so: Why would you do that? There's a reason APIs aren't bundled into one place.
[05:50:06] ebonics: i think he wants examples of apis similar to yahoo weather that he can use for practise
[05:50:08] hectortrope: Aeyrix: I am trying API Management
[05:50:20] hectortrope: not developing work
[05:50:51] hectortrope: I want to practise
[05:51:28] ebonics: hectortrope, you can try an email api with mandrill, a push queue with iron.io
[05:51:47] hectortrope: http://apigee.com/docs/api-services/tutorials/add-and-configure-your-first-api
[05:51:49] ebonics: amazon api, ebay api
[05:51:55] Aeyrix: ebonics: Thank.
[05:52:11] Aeyrix: hectortrope: Facebook Graph API :^)
[05:52:13] Aeyrix: 4chan API
[05:52:16] shaileshg: has joined #ruby
[05:52:19] Aeyrix: Mainly because they offer mixed content.
[05:52:20] hectortrope: herethey used backend url for yahoo weather now how can I know the backend url's for specific api's
[05:52:31] Aeyrix: You look them up.
[05:52:37] hectortrope: Aeyrix: yes but how can I provide backend url
[05:52:38] Aeyrix: Search "<website> API" on Google
[05:53:01] spicymagpie: write your own api with apiary.io
[05:53:14] Aeyrix: That's a clever name tbh
[05:53:24] ebonics: i cant pronounce it
[05:53:29] hectortrope: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/graph-api I got this
[05:53:30] bronson: has joined #ruby
[05:53:51] hectortrope: from there how can I know what is their backednd url like weather.yahooapis.com
[05:54:09] ebonics: dont you need to like pay for ads to use the graph api
[05:54:37] ebonics: hectortrope, https://developers.facebook.com/docs/graph-api/using-graph-api/v2.3
[05:54:39] spicymagpie: Facebook Graph is the whole API.
[05:55:02] chinmay_dd: has joined #ruby
[05:55:54] arup_r: has joined #ruby
[05:56:04] hectortrope: ebonics: Aeyrix spicymagpie
[05:57:10] wallerdev: has joined #ruby
[05:58:02] psye: has joined #ruby
[05:59:45] chinmay_dd: has joined #ruby
[06:00:37] RegulationD: has joined #ruby
[06:02:48] Oog: has joined #ruby
[06:03:12] codecop: has joined #ruby
[06:04:11] Aeyrix: ebonics: a p i ary i guess
[06:04:25] Aeyrix: or apeeary
[06:04:25] al2o3-cr: >> p(1) << 8
[06:04:26] ruboto: al2o3-cr # => 1 ...check link for more (https://eval.in/367976)
[06:04:32] Aeyrix: I can't do hard e on this keyboard ;-;
[06:04:36] Jays1: has joined #ruby
[06:05:07] al2o3-cr: Aeyrix: is a h4x0r
[06:05:11] Jays1: Hey guys when I "> gem list" it shows nokogiri in the list but when I try to run GRUNT premailer, the error says its not installed. Has anyone had this problem before on winodows 8?
[06:05:54] bronson: has joined #ruby
[06:06:34] Jays1: http://oligny.com/library/ruby-on-rails-problem-solved.htm
[06:06:41] Jays1: THis show the problem but the only one without a solution
[06:07:49] Aeyrix: >> gem list
[06:07:50] ruboto: Aeyrix # => undefined local variable or method `list' for main:Object (NameError) ...check link for more (https://eval.in/367977)
[06:07:53] Aeyrix: Why did I think that would work.
[06:08:04] Aeyrix: >> `gem list`
[06:08:05] ruboto: Aeyrix # => (https://eval.in/367978)
[06:08:25] al2o3-cr: Aeyrix: like thats gonna happen ;p
[06:10:11] SouL_|_: has joined #ruby
[06:10:46] bmurt: has joined #ruby
[06:13:07] pwnz0r: has joined #ruby
[06:13:34] krz: has joined #ruby
[06:14:36] al2o3-cr: Jays1: pass don't use windowz
[06:15:00] awwaiid: has joined #ruby
[06:15:17] Jays1: Tell that to my boss
[06:15:24] Jays1: And their enterprise windows license
[06:15:43] Jays1: Any other suggestions
[06:16:17] Jays1: It's gotta be something simple like adding a path or something
[06:16:19] al2o3-cr: Jays1: #rubyonrails # maybe
[06:16:43] Jays1: Alright Ill try
[06:17:40] GriffinHeart: has joined #ruby
[06:18:06] abuzze: has joined #ruby
[06:18:29] Aeyrix: Jays1: ok.
[06:18:32] Aeyrix: I'll write a letter to your boss
[06:18:40] Aeyrix: telling them that they absolutely did not do their research
[06:19:07] Aeyrix: I remember having issues with nokogiri as well.
[06:19:47] Aeyrix: Jays1: Load irb in a command prompt and run enter require 'nokogiri'
[06:22:28] laurentide__: has joined #ruby
[06:22:34] fedexo: has joined #ruby
[06:23:02] rdark: has joined #ruby
[06:23:26] ramfjord: has joined #ruby
[06:25:26] rickmasta: has joined #ruby
[06:25:30] tvw: has joined #ruby
[06:25:36] bruno-: has joined #ruby
[06:25:49] mengu: has joined #ruby
[06:26:04] al2o3-cr: ruby, ruby, rubyyyyy nanananaaaa
[06:26:11] michael_mbp: has joined #ruby
[06:26:39] Jays1: Aeyrix: Sorry, type what?
[06:29:06] abuzze: has joined #ruby
[06:29:09] Jays1: C:\Windows\system32>irb
[06:29:09] Jays1: irb(main):001:0> require 'nokogiri'
[06:29:09] Jays1: LoadError: cannot load such file -- nokogiri/nokogiri
[06:29:09] Jays1: from C:/Program Files (x86)/Ruby22-x64/lib/ruby/2.2.0/rubygems/core_ext/
[06:29:09] Jays1: kernel_require.rb:54:in `require'
[06:29:10] Jays1: from C:/Program Files (x86)/Ruby22-x64/lib/ruby/2.2.0/rubygems/core_ext/
[06:29:10] Jays1: kernel_require.rb:54:in `require'
[06:29:11] Jays1: from C:/Program Files (x86)/Ruby22-x64/lib/ruby/gems/2.2.0/gems/nokogiri
[06:29:11] Jays1: - `rescue in <top (required)>'
[06:29:12] Jays1: from C:/Program Files (x86)/Ruby22-x64/lib/ruby/gems/2.2.0/gems/nokogiri
[06:29:12] Jays1: - `<top (required)>'
[06:29:13] Jays1: from C:/Program Files (x86)/Ruby22-x64/lib/ruby/2.2.0/rubygems/core_ext/
[06:29:13] Jays1: kernel_require.rb:128:in `require'
[06:29:14] Jays1: from C:/Program Files (x86)/Ruby22-x64/lib/ruby/2.2.0/rubygems/core_ext/
[06:29:14] Jays1: kernel_require.rb:128:in `rescue in require'
[06:29:17] zenspider: al2o3-cr: damnit
[06:29:24] zenspider: sorry... not at al2o3-cr .
[06:29:33] zenspider: Jays1: don't do that. use a paste service.
[06:29:37] al2o3-cr: zenspider: ;p
[06:29:40] zenspider: esp w/ that linewrapped crap
[06:29:41] shock_one: has joined #ruby
[06:29:42] abuzze_: has joined #ruby
[06:29:45] Jays1: Read first
[06:29:57] havenwood: Jays1: https://gist.github.com/
[06:30:05] Jays1: <Jays1> Meant to paste: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/3b00ddca6a8b6b01f3cb
[06:30:07] zenspider: al2o3-cr: I was gonna ask, why are you installing rex?
[06:30:31] al2o3-cr: zenspider: was ment for Aeyrix :)
[06:30:37] zenspider: oh. n/m. not the ruby lexer generator. you're all still on your security wanking
[06:30:57] Aeyrix: >> p 'zenspider pls'
[06:30:58] ruboto: Aeyrix # => "zenspider pls" ...check link for more (https://eval.in/367979)
[06:31:04] Aeyrix: Thanks ruboto.
[06:31:13] zenspider: I don't think the original rex was ever released as a gem, which is part of why tenderlove did rexical
[06:31:34] al2o3-cr: zenspider: what the fuck you going on about?
[06:32:08] zenspider: I thought for a sec that you were installing a decrepit library and was going to warn you off... looks like it is now a security tool
[06:32:25] Aeyrix: Jays1: `gem list -d`
[06:32:28] Aeyrix: Paste to gist
[06:32:37] al2o3-cr: zenspider: you're decrepid
[06:33:21] al2o3-cr: don't take well to fucking idiots
[06:33:40] sevenseacat: al2o3-cr: watch it.
[06:33:42] Aeyrix: zenspider's not an idiot :x
[06:33:44] pabloh: has joined #ruby
[06:33:46] Aeyrix: And even if he were, calm it.
[06:33:52] al2o3-cr: sevenseacat: security wanking ?
[06:34:03] havenwood: al2o3-cr: Insults and ad hominem attacks aren't welcome in this channel.
[06:34:03] sevenseacat: al2o3-cr: no, you insulting people.
[06:34:19] zenspider: al2o3-cr: excuse me? I was trying to help.
[06:34:26] gagrio: has joined #ruby
[06:34:34] Aeyrix: Can we just stop
[06:34:54] zenspider: I've already explained. I don't need to comment further on it.
[06:35:03] al2o3-cr: zenspider: ok
[06:35:04] Aeyrix: al2o3-cr: zenspider doesn't like security folk
[06:35:08] sevenseacat: yes, please. next insult will get a kick.
[06:35:16] al2o3-cr: sevenseacat: my apologies
[06:36:01] Alina-malina: has joined #ruby
[06:36:23] pabloh: anyone here with some understanding of encodings?
[06:36:36] zenspider: pabloh: some. just ask.
[06:36:59] al2o3-cr: zenspider: sorry, my mad took it the wrong way
[06:37:37] Aeyrix: tfw i'm still on /ignore
[06:39:50] xxneolithicxx: man i missed all that confusing fun, i still dont understand what happened
[06:40:00] xxneolithicxx: pabloh: whats your question on encoding?
[06:40:44] pabloh: writing to an IO object with some encoding (like a file or IOString), will automaticaly convert your input strings to the right encoding if they are not the same?
[06:42:14] abuzze: has joined #ruby
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[06:43:10] lotherk: has joined #ruby
[06:43:19] parus: has joined #ruby
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[06:43:19] preller: has joined #ruby
[06:43:23] jblancett: has joined #ruby
[06:43:25] drizz: has joined #ruby
[06:43:25] zenspider: pabloh: no. if they're compatible (7 bit ascii writing to utf8) then it'll work, but it'll otherwise blow up on the first incompatible encoded char
[06:43:25] systemd0wn: has joined #ruby
[06:43:26] queequeg1: has joined #ruby
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[06:43:28] knikolov: has joined #ruby
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[06:45:33] inspiron: has joined #ruby
[06:45:45] tautvydas: has joined #ruby
[06:45:48] xxneolithicxx: 2.x has options for auto encode on out
[06:46:14] pabloh: xxneolithicxx, global or by IO steam?
[06:46:24] Soda: has joined #ruby
[06:46:35] pabloh: remember which option, method?
[06:46:37] xxneolithicxx: http://ruby-doc.org/core-2.2.2/IO.html#method-c-new
[06:46:47] aganov: has joined #ruby
[06:46:47] jottr_: has joined #ruby
[06:46:50] pabloh: xxneolithicxx, thanx I'll check
[06:46:58] zenspider: you can open up a stream and set it up to downgrade bad encoded chars to some blah value
[06:47:06] zenspider: you don't want that because it is lossy
[06:47:19] zenspider: it is a LOT easier to simply manage your encodings correctly
[06:47:27] zenspider: what do you have going on?
[06:47:40] zenspider: chances are, I've been bitten by it :)
[06:48:16] ponga: has joined #ruby
[06:48:50] clauswitt: has joined #ruby
[06:48:50] fabrice31: has joined #ruby
[06:50:05] TDJACR: has joined #ruby
[06:51:40] pabloh: basically I'm reading from an input that's Windows_1252 or UTF-8 encoded and I have to produce an output that's always Windows_1252 encoded
[06:52:12] pabloh: and a lot of transformation in beetween but that's encoding agnostic
[06:54:31] zenspider: do you know when the file is utf8 instead of 1252? or is it random?
[06:54:55] wildroman2: has joined #ruby
[06:55:09] haxrbyte: has joined #ruby
[06:55:31] Tamae: has joined #ruby
[06:56:20] pabloh: the input strings encoding is properly set, if that's what you asked
[06:57:05] al2o3-cr: has joined #ruby
[06:57:26] abuzze_: has joined #ruby
[06:57:43] pabloh: so yes, I know the encoding at runtime
[06:58:04] ta: has joined #ruby
[06:58:05] pabloh: don't have to detect it or anything
[06:58:39] duderonomy: has joined #ruby
[06:58:39] wildroman2: has joined #ruby
[07:00:19] zenspider: ok. then, if the encodings are compatible, you should be able to have it transliterate. you said you're doing munging in between... the source (internal) encoding ALSO needs to be compatible
[07:00:28] zenspider: for like, gsub regexps and the like
[07:00:28] neanderslob: has joined #ruby
[07:02:16] zenspider: this is still probably the best blog post on encodings: http://graysoftinc.com/character-encodings/ruby-19s-three-default-encodings
[07:03:29] shock_one: has joined #ruby
[07:03:59] konsolebox: has joined #ruby
[07:05:00] pabloh: ok, I didn't consider the regexps operations could be problematic
[07:05:24] kaspernj: has joined #ruby
[07:06:21] pabloh: maybe I should make sure is all utf-8 before doing everything else, and the convert to 1252
[07:06:33] pabloh: zenspider, thanks
[07:07:03] shock_one: has joined #ruby
[07:09:56] Jackneill: has joined #ruby
[07:10:14] arietis: has joined #ruby
[07:11:32] zenspider: pabloh: that's been my strategy
[07:11:41] haxrbyte_: has joined #ruby
[07:12:02] anisha: has joined #ruby
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[07:29:39] apeiros: moin rubycasts_io_
[07:30:12] Juanchito: has joined #ruby
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[07:48:54] flughafen: adaedra: ca va!
[07:48:54] Mon_Ouie: has joined #ruby
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[07:54:15] pabloh: is there a way to ask Ruby what's the system preferred newline?, for instance if you are at windows, it should be "\r\n" and "\n" at Unix
[07:54:37] adaedra: there's a global for that
[07:55:01] adaedra: (had to check)
[07:55:54] pabloh: adaedra, excellent, thanks a lot!
[07:56:03] ytti: puts does that automatically
[07:56:25] pabloh: ytti, I working on strings
[07:56:35] antgel: has joined #ruby
[07:56:51] ytti: is there $/ in more descriptive manner, without require 'english'
[07:56:58] ytti: i really really hate seeing $ at all
[07:57:06] ytti: and despise seeing $<magic_char> in core
[07:57:14] pabloh: I was actually looking for a constant instead of a global though, that's a bit surprising
[07:57:28] ytti: i'm sure you can do require 'english'
[07:57:32] ytti: and do $SOMETHING
[07:57:37] ytti: but yeah, i'd prefer const too
[07:58:55] pabloh: ytti, I've been using ruby for years and didn't know about 'english' :-0
[07:59:03] mikecmpbll: has joined #ruby
[07:59:36] ytti: pabloh, i don't really understand why something exist without require 'english' and some things dont
[08:00:10] Mon_Ouie: It's not require 'english' btw, it's require 'English'
[08:00:30] pabloh: Mon_Ouie, yup, I just saw
[08:00:37] pabloh: thanks, anyway
[08:00:55] ytti: like why is there $LOAD_PATH without english?
[08:01:14] Oog: has joined #ruby
[08:01:15] ytti: but seemingly no option for $/
[08:01:33] terlar: has joined #ruby
[08:01:37] lidenskap: has joined #ruby
[08:02:02] ddfreyne: Oh yikes. I thought we got rid of 'English' by now.
[08:02:19] codeFiend: has joined #ruby
[08:02:20] ddfreyne: I'd like that to be part of core.
[08:02:35] ytti: i'd like $<magic> to disappear
[08:02:40] tagrudev: certainty, ping
[08:02:42] ytti: the motivation is ridiculous
[08:03:08] ytti: 'oh it'll be so much faster to write $: than $LOAD_PATH, cost of developing this software will reduce dramatically!'
[08:03:36] ytti: my main productivity cuplrit is long descriptive variable and method names
[08:05:34] pabloh: ytti, yeap you have $RS and $INPUT_RECORD_SEPARATOR
[08:05:53] ytti: pabloh, but not without english?
[08:06:06] joonty: has joined #ruby
[08:06:11] ytti: pabloh, so maybe stuff like
[08:06:13] ytti: require 'English'
[08:06:22] pabloh: ah, yeea sry, u need English for that
[08:06:23] niko: has joined #ruby
[08:06:41] djellemah: has joined #ruby
[08:06:49] krz: has joined #ruby
[08:07:03] sevenseacat: has joined #ruby
[08:07:08] adaedra: $BORING = self
[08:07:30] haxrbyte_: has joined #ruby
[08:08:08] pabloh: adaedra, you can start porting English to core... ;)
[08:08:34] adaedra: I don't have problem with $/ to begin.
[08:08:42] michael_mbp: has joined #ruby
[08:08:48] Kharma: has joined #ruby
[08:09:43] pabloh: that's a shame...
[08:10:05] mrsolow: has joined #ruby
[08:10:09] apeiros: ACTION dislikes non-speaking variable names
[08:12:00] sepp2k: has joined #ruby
[08:12:15] abuzze: has joined #ruby
[08:13:00] mandarinkin: has joined #ruby
[08:14:52] gaboesquivel: has joined #ruby
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[08:16:56] Seich: has joined #ruby
[08:21:27] zotherstupidguy: has joined #ruby
[08:21:41] Schwarzbaer: has joined #ruby
[08:22:22] jhass: -b reinaldob!*@*
[08:22:23] mengu: has joined #ruby
[08:23:01] jhass: +b reinaldob!*@*$##ruby-fix-your-connection
[08:26:49] ddfreyne: ACTION has joins/leaves/quits turned off. Makes IRC such a nicer experience.
[08:27:04] sevenseacat: makes it an easier-to-read one, thats for sure.
[08:27:07] bruno-: has joined #ruby
[08:27:24] Darkwater: if only I could condense joins and parts in irssi
[08:27:52] livathinos: has joined #ruby
[08:28:18] sevenseacat: the only problem with hiding them is that I don't see kicks either, and sometimes when i press kick textual doesnt kick, so i need to go check the logs to make sure it worked
[08:28:24] ddfreyne: I switched from irssi to weechat around two weeks ago. I set it up to only show joins/leaves/parts for people that have chatted recently.
[08:28:41] sevenseacat: #firstopproblems
[08:30:10] cosmicexplorer: has joined #ruby
[08:31:00] Oog: has joined #ruby
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[08:54:06] guardianx: has joined #ruby
[08:54:37] badlands: has joined #ruby
[08:54:50] konsolebox: has joined #ruby
[08:55:52] badlands: Has anyone encountered strange erros such as these when running a ruby file https://gist.github.com/deadlysyntax/c4a5f589588a4490f246 ? Google is showing me nothing
[08:56:28] centrx: has joined #ruby
[08:56:52] Igorshp: has joined #ruby
[08:57:05] apeiros: badlands: probably should rebuild either the extension or ruby
[08:57:20] badlands: what the extension?
[08:58:40] apeiros: from your error: "gems/json-1.8.2"
[08:59:30] badlands: ah, so basically reinstall json? How do I rebuild that one specifically?
[09:00:12] apeiros: gem uninstall json; gem install json -v 1.8.2
[09:01:03] platzhirsch: has joined #ruby
[09:01:11] badlands: ok, tried and still receiving errors, should rebuild ruby?
[09:03:46] wildroman2: has joined #ruby
[09:03:47] yh__: has joined #ruby
[09:03:56] tubuliferous: has joined #ruby
[09:04:03] apeiros: badlands: that's the next step I'd take, yes
[09:04:11] badlands: great, thank you
[09:04:25] apeiros: and after rebuilding ruby, I'd rebuild the gem again, as gems are built against the current ruby.
[09:04:42] apeiros: make sure you're building the gem against/with the ruby you're using it with
[09:04:55] Stalkr^: has joined #ruby
[09:05:05] apeiros: rvm should actually ensure that. but maybe you borked your setup.
[09:05:23] badlands: roger that. Appreciate your help
[09:06:12] apeiros: yw. the error does look exotic to me though, and I'm not entirely sure about the solution.
[09:06:18] platzhirsch: has left #ruby: ()
[09:06:54] lkba: has joined #ruby
[09:07:16] badlands: yeah I've fluffed something along the way, I'm not sure when things went from working to not because I've been deploying straight to a staging server and it's environment seems fine
[09:07:34] Oog: has joined #ruby
[09:08:08] abuzze: has joined #ruby
[09:08:33] abuzze: has joined #ruby
[09:08:44] badlands: dang, still not working
[09:08:56] www-BUKOLAY-com: has joined #ruby
[09:09:30] apeiros: maybe that version of json gem does not work with that version of ruby
[09:09:38] apeiros: do you need 1.8.2? if not, try upgrading.
[09:09:50] badlands: hmm, 2.2.1 ruby and 1.8.7 json
[09:10:05] badlands: sorry 1.8.2
[09:10:35] apeiros: hm, though, I have ruby 2.2.2 and use json 1.8.2 too
[09:11:10] c0m0: has joined #ruby
[09:11:34] doerteDev: has joined #ruby
[09:11:38] MasterPiece: has joined #ruby
[09:12:19] quimrstorres: has joined #ruby
[09:13:46] dudedudeman: has joined #ruby
[09:14:34] panga: has joined #ruby
[09:14:47] jhass: funnily enough it should have been fixed with 1.8.2 https://github.com/flori/json/issues/229
[09:15:28] ponga: has joined #ruby
[09:18:29] timonv: has joined #ruby
[09:20:07] einarj: has joined #ruby
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[09:34:47] lkba: has joined #ruby
[09:35:20] zotherstupidbot: has joined #ruby
[09:36:17] jottr_: has joined #ruby
[09:37:26] shevy: ddfreyne I never understood why people wanna see join and quit messages
[09:37:44] grubernaut: has joined #ruby
[09:37:55] low-profile: has joined #ruby
[09:38:03] centrx: I like it because it shows time passing, without filling up every line with timestamps
[09:38:13] Darkwater: it makes old messages feel old
[09:38:46] Darkwater: it's a bad excuse but who cares
[09:39:27] einarj: has joined #ruby
[09:39:30] RegulationD: has joined #ruby
[09:39:42] vdamewood: has joined #ruby
[09:39:57] apeiros: shevy: on channels I'm op, for opper reasons. on channels I'm not op, I want to know whether somebody who asked a question left already.
[09:40:08] apeiros: but I still want smart join/part messages :-|
[09:41:11] bayed: has joined #ruby
[09:41:14] zotherstupidguy: shevy: its a cool event-driven api
[09:41:53] jhass: apeiros: switch to weechat already :P
[09:42:10] shevy: zotherstupidguy an API?
[09:42:36] shevy: your IRC nick is so long!
[09:42:50] zotherstupidguy: yup, like i wanna send shevy a welcome msg when he logs in
[09:43:00] zotherstupidguy: shevy you type slow?
[09:43:10] shevy: I type like a god
[09:43:19] shevy: but only short nicks
[09:43:27] adaedra: apeiros: I use tab-complete to be sure if someone is still in the chan.
[09:43:38] zotherstupidguy: why everybody say weechat better than irssi
[09:43:39] jimms: has joined #ruby
[09:43:46] centrx: Welcome jimeh
[09:43:48] shevy: it's just like vim versus emacs
[09:43:51] adaedra: because it is O:)
[09:44:02] apeiros: adaedra: I actually do too if there's been lots of join/parts in the meantime
[09:44:12] shevy: peechat versus snakety snake ssssi
[09:44:13] zotherstupidguy: weechat is a terminal or window app?
[09:44:19] dudedudeman: has joined #ruby
[09:44:27] shevy: they don't have enough power to become a GUI z-guy
[09:44:28] jimeh: centrx: you mean jimms didn't you? lol
[09:44:49] centrx: Welcome Everybody! Now the meeting can begin!
[09:45:00] adaedra: weechat is like irssi, but usable, zotherstupidguy :p
[09:45:12] zotherstupidguy: ok, will try it now
[09:45:33] jimeh: weechat is pretty nice, been using on headless boxes for a few years... on my laptop I use Textual though :P
[09:45:37] gluten_hell_: has joined #ruby
[09:45:40] shevy: centrx is like the ultimate channel cheerleader
[09:46:20] centrx: Hoorah! Hurray! Huzzah! Kazoo! Shevay!
[09:46:37] centrx: WHO LOVES RUBY!?
[09:47:13] shevy: ruby is about 85% perfect
[09:47:35] adaedra: centrx: you fell in a coma. Time is 2115, and we all code in JavaScript derivatives now.
[09:47:42] centrx: Bunch of lazy downers in here
[09:47:48] centrx: yeah yeah, JS is the new ASM BS
[09:47:49] shevy: I just woke up!
[09:48:49] einarj: has joined #ruby
[09:49:00] Fluent: has joined #ruby
[09:50:11] shuber_: has joined #ruby
[09:51:03] GriffinHeart: has joined #ruby
[09:53:02] ddfreyne: It???s all about Rust and Crystal and Nim now
[09:53:31] centrx: 80% of developers are still using Java and C++
[09:54:09] shevy: now you depressed me centrx
[09:54:17] adaedra: shevy: go in a coma.
[09:54:43] centrx: shevy, Would you be interested in helping me maintain a VAX system from about 1985?
[09:54:54] shevy: I'd rather rewrite this in PHP
[09:56:51] zotherstupidbot: has joined #ruby
[09:56:52] centrx: Check out this printer I might buy
[09:56:55] shevy: is there a simple way to find out whether ruby has openssl support or has not?
[09:56:55] centrx: Print Speed: Color
[09:56:55] centrx: Color: 20
[09:57:13] adaedra: shevy: require 'openssl' ?
[09:57:47] adaedra: centrx: how cool.
[09:58:31] jenrzzz: has joined #ruby
[09:59:06] zotherstupidbot: has joined #ruby
[09:59:25] lordkryss: has joined #ruby
[09:59:47] einarj: has joined #ruby
[10:01:15] zotherstupidguy: centrx have you watched print me if you dare? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njVv7J2azY8
[10:01:50] shevy: adaedra ah yes, I forgot that for some reason
[10:08:54] allenn: has joined #ruby
[10:11:18] RahulT: has joined #ruby
[10:11:26] alphaatom: has joined #ruby
[10:13:42] zotherstupidguy: has joined #ruby
[10:14:14] zotherstupidguy: and now i am a weechat guy,
[10:15:22] adaedra: Now customize it.
[10:15:52] zotherstupidguy: i see a right column of users but dont know wht to do it with it
[10:16:00] adaedra: /plugin to install plugins
[10:16:19] adaedra: the iset plugin is really good to change settings
[10:16:21] lidenskap: has joined #ruby
[10:16:26] ndrei: has joined #ruby
[10:16:42] Ankit: has joined #ruby
[10:19:34] Stalkr^: has joined #ruby
[10:19:41] Fluent: You should upgrade your weechat version
[10:19:54] Fluent: 0.4.2 has vulns
[10:20:15] adaedra: what are you using, debian?
[10:20:24] cubesandcode: has joined #ruby
[10:20:53] shevy: he is using weechat adaedra
[10:21:43] hectortrope: has joined #ruby
[10:22:36] zotherstupidguy: adaedra yeah, the guys on the weechat channel said the same exact thing, debian vulrs :)
[10:23:00] zotherstupidguy: i thought debian gets the stable nice boring version with no vulrs
[10:23:20] adaedra: We're at 1.0+ now iirc
[10:23:32] Fluent: 1.2 I think
[10:23:44] adaedra: pkg search weechat
[10:23:46] Fluent: Well 1.2 is the latest stable version
[10:23:48] adaedra: oops, wrong window.
[10:24:04] mduk: has anyone here successfully created multipart userdata for EC2 instances with ruby? I just don't seem to be getting anywhere using the `mime` gem. The multipart entity created *seems* fine, but it just doesn't *do* anything. No errors, no success, no nothing. :( Anyone have any pointers?
[10:24:58] mduk: (if i pass non-multipart userdata, that works just fine, so cloud-init is there and doing it's thing inside the instance)
[10:25:15] Fluent: I would recommend you post some kind of code and maybe run it through a debugger like pry
[10:25:53] Mezjin: has joined #ruby
[10:26:05] shevy: I don't know what the mime gem does
[10:27:02] mathie: has joined #ruby
[10:27:15] mduk: shevy: creates multipart mime entities :)
[10:27:33] lkba_: has joined #ruby
[10:27:46] mduk: Fluent: I have pry'd it left-right-and-centre, i can see nothing wrong. :(
[10:27:53] _blizzy_: has joined #ruby
[10:28:05] mduk: i was hoping to find a working example i could reference/mercilessly steal :P
[10:28:32] bruno-: has joined #ruby
[10:28:45] Ankit: has left #ruby: ()
[10:29:34] duderonomy: has joined #ruby
[10:29:52] mduk: Fluent: there's some code here: https://github.com/mduk/awsm/blob/userdata/lib/awsm/cli/spin.rb#L95
[10:30:35] mduk: if i Base64.encode64( yaml ) straight up, jq gets installed. if i wrap it in the MIME::Multipart::Mixed, then it doesn't :(
[10:31:48] fabrice31: has joined #ruby
[10:32:27] Synthead: has joined #ruby
[10:34:36] bruno-: has joined #ruby
[10:37:00] mengu: has joined #ruby
[10:37:24] iamninja: has joined #ruby
[10:37:50] meph: has joined #ruby
[10:38:34] shevy: a working example
[10:38:52] shevy: you may be the first dude here to have tried to use the above
[10:43:28] ringarin: has joined #ruby
[10:43:38] anekos: has joined #ruby
[10:44:31] TinkerTyper: has joined #ruby
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[10:48:55] einarj: has joined #ruby
[10:55:01] clauswitt: has joined #ruby
[10:55:29] shevy: weechat uses cmake to compile
[10:55:36] shevy: guess cmake is slowly winning
[10:56:56] adaedra: if it can guess us rid of configure.* thing, I'll let it win.
[10:57:01] adaedra: s/guess/get/
[10:59:00] einarj: has joined #ruby
[10:59:06] zotherstupidguy: has joined #ruby
[10:59:37] zotherstupidguy: shevy what you laugyin at?
[10:59:56] shevy: zotherstupidguy he lets it win - if we can do away with GNU autoconfigure
[11:00:19] shevy: only gripe I have is that "./configure --help" is easier for the user to use than the cmake-variants
[11:00:42] shevy: consider these two, in quotes:
[11:00:55] rodfersou: has joined #ruby
[11:00:56] shevy: "./configure --prefix=/usr"
[11:00:58] shevy: "cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr ."
[11:04:10] charliesome: has joined #ruby
[11:04:55] adaedra: I can allow it, if people write it correctly in their README/INSTALL
[11:06:20] Synthead: has joined #ruby
[11:06:27] shevy: it's a downgrade man!
[11:07:21] adaedra: and don't cmake in the sources folders directly, keep sources and build separate
[11:07:21] einarj: has joined #ruby
[11:08:25] shevy: k so another downgrade
[11:08:35] Stalkr_: has left #ruby: ("Linkinus - http://linkinus.com")
[11:08:53] bronson: has joined #ruby
[11:09:11] adaedra: you call that a downgrade? okay.
[11:12:55] juanpaucar: has joined #ruby
[11:14:29] tubuliferous_: has joined #ruby
[11:14:29] shevy: if only things could evolve towards simplicity
[11:14:36] dudedudeman: has joined #ruby
[11:16:22] einarj: has joined #ruby
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[12:03:53] maksportnyagin: has joined #ruby
[12:04:50] maksportnyagin: Hi all. Anyone speak Russian?
[12:05:54] banister: has joined #ruby
[12:05:58] ytti: mokba 4 lyfe
[12:07:01] Schwarzbaer: ytti, https://youtu.be/l62m2E6wCW8?t=10s
[12:07:03] doodlehaus: has joined #ruby
[12:07:30] apeiros: maksportnyagin: I think there's a russian ruby channel
[12:07:40] cubesandcode: has joined #ruby
[12:08:25] davedev24: has joined #ruby
[12:08:37] but3k4: has joined #ruby
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[12:16:31] joonty: has joined #ruby
[12:16:36] ytti: schwarzbaer, nice
[12:16:36] abuzze: has joined #ruby
[12:17:13] abuzze: has joined #ruby
[12:17:16] freerobby: has joined #ruby
[12:17:37] poikon: has joined #ruby
[12:17:54] maksportnyagin: apeiros: I can???t find russian channel
[12:19:27] apeiros: maksportnyagin: #ruby-ru
[12:19:40] abuzze: has joined #ruby
[12:19:44] apeiros: it's almost always either #ruby.TLD or #ruby-TLD
[12:19:56] Hobogrammer: has joined #ruby
[12:20:07] chinmay_dd: has joined #ruby
[12:20:22] maksportnyagin: apeiros: ruby-ru don???t have a members
[12:20:55] doodlehaus: has joined #ruby
[12:21:13] shevy: maksportnyagin use simplified english :)
[12:21:52] apeiros: maksportnyagin: ok, can't help with that
[12:22:07] shevy: apeiros make some members!!!
[12:22:12] shevy: learn russian!!!!!!
[12:22:23] flughafen: shevy: apeiros is so lazy!
[12:22:34] shevy: probably has a lot to do
[12:22:38] ponga: russian is 4th place of my 'language to learn' list
[12:22:41] apeiros: maksportnyagin: I suggest you ask russian speaking rubyists to join #ruby-ru then.
[12:22:49] shevy: 4th place? what are the other three?
[12:23:02] ponga: 1) french 2) spanish 3) mandarin 4)russian
[12:23:04] ponga: 5) esperanto
[12:23:14] exons: Le fran??ais c'est bien :)
[12:23:27] shevy: mandarin would be kinda cool right? you'd have like ... 1.3 billion extra people to talk to in their native tongue
[12:23:34] abuzze: has joined #ruby
[12:23:35] camonz: has joined #ruby
[12:23:41] ponga: shevy: that's why i learnt English sir
[12:23:48] mrchris: has joined #ruby
[12:24:12] ponga: see? im talking to german right now in ENG
[12:24:17] exons: Mandarin and Russian are on my list too, but I never took the time to even read the book I bought
[12:24:42] ponga: English serves a tool to learn other western language for me
[12:25:04] ponga: i'd learn euro languages thru english than my 1st language
[12:25:39] apeiros: my list is actually 1) spanish, 2) japanese, 3) mandarin, 4) thai
[12:25:41] abuzze_: has joined #ruby
[12:25:46] apeiros: maybe 3 <-> 4
[12:26:02] ponga: why japanese apeiros
[12:26:10] apeiros: seriously? :D
[12:26:17] apeiros: ruby. that's why.
[12:26:21] ponga: i just picked up japanese cos it was too easy anyway
[12:26:34] apeiros: japanese is easy? you're asian then I presume?
[12:26:40] ponga: apeiros: im korean
[12:26:49] apeiros: is korean related to japanese?
[12:26:59] ponga: for korean to learn japanese is like spanish guy learning portuguess
[12:27:03] abuzze: has joined #ruby
[12:27:20] ponga: apeiros: altho phonetics and alphabet are different, semantics and syntax are like 98% equal
[12:27:32] ponga: so its just looking at dictionary and apply
[12:27:37] fella5s: has joined #ruby
[12:27:43] alphaatom: has joined #ruby
[12:28:04] ponga: and the word usage is similar too
[12:28:05] apeiros: maybe 5) korean then for me :D
[12:28:17] pwattstbd: has joined #ruby
[12:28:20] ponga: for example you say "my face is broad" , implying that one has many friends
[12:28:27] ponga: in korean its "my foot is broad"
[12:28:35] ponga: even the semantics is very close
[12:28:59] einarj: has joined #ruby
[12:29:15] ponga: and no need to mention that almost any noun in japanese is same in korean, cos both come from chinese letters
[12:29:34] TinkerTyper: has joined #ruby
[12:30:20] shevy: spanish and portuguese are really quite similar; italian is also very close to the other two
[12:31:30] shevy: ponga well we can learn korean through "PSY - Gangnam style" :D
[12:31:34] ponga: welp i think i will learn just french then shift away from euro zone
[12:31:44] DEA7TH: has joined #ruby
[12:32:12] ponga: i still think it became viral just cos PSY looks like Kim Jong Il
[12:32:15] ponga: in the vid
[12:34:14] Rollabunna: has joined #ruby
[12:34:52] hectortrope: has joined #ruby
[12:35:20] codecop_: has joined #ruby
[12:36:49] alex88: has joined #ruby
[12:37:50] jottr_: has joined #ruby
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[12:38:19] einarj: has joined #ruby
[12:38:57] djellemah: has joined #ruby
[12:41:15] ismaelga: has joined #ruby
[12:42:04] shevy: nah, he looks chubby-happy
[12:42:14] shevy: like most koreans aren't chubby
[12:42:16] shevy: but he is!
[12:42:27] ponga: shevy: i actually thought of german in the first place
[12:42:51] shevy: I dunno... german is a weird language. Phonetically it is not as nice as e. g. english or italian
[12:42:55] ponga: but apparently french is easier for english speaker
[12:43:16] ponga: and germans speak splendid English anyway
[12:43:18] shevy: I always heard that japanese is a simple language (spoken language)
[12:43:31] ponga: phonetic-wise, yeah
[12:43:32] shevy: I just can't get myself to want to learn those symbols :(
[12:43:45] ponga: but the syntax will be very unusual to you europeans
[12:43:50] ponga: jap/kor syntax
[12:43:52] shevy: yeah, it seems much harder
[12:43:57] shevy: well korean was easier to understand
[12:44:04] ponga: shevy: its more explicit of tone
[12:44:10] ponga: syntax covers tone too
[12:44:19] Psi-Jack: has joined #ruby
[12:44:28] zly: has joined #ruby
[12:44:29] ponga: korean syntax is more fuckedup version of japanese shev
[12:44:30] shevy: yes that kicks me off too; i read one chinese character can have like 3 different meanings, depending on the intonation
[12:44:46] ponga: um no shevy that's not what im talking about
[12:44:46] shevy: isn't it an alphabet?
[12:44:54] ponga: no im not talking about that shevo
[12:45:15] shevy: hmm now I am confused
[12:45:23] Igorshp: has joined #ruby
[12:45:26] ponga: for example 'go' in japanese is 'iku' and if you add -yo at the end 'ikuyo' means same thing
[12:45:33] Psi-Jack: has left #ruby: ()
[12:45:44] ponga: but only tone is added
[12:45:55] shevy: Hangul :) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hangul#/media/File:Hangeul.svg
[12:46:11] ponga: shevy: ikuyo is declarative mood of iku(go)
[12:46:24] ponga: so if you want to say something like 'lets go' in japanese you have to use mood grammar
[12:46:36] ponga: actually you always have to use proper mood grammar all the time
[12:46:41] shevy: I remember that asking a question was, to add a -ka
[12:46:44] shevy: like tabemasu-ka
[12:46:45] ponga: 'ikuzo' is musculine declarative
[12:46:50] shevy: "wanna eat"? or something like that
[12:46:57] ponga: 'ikuno' is feminine declarative AND interrogative
[12:47:23] flughafen: oh, and interrogative. how interesting
[12:47:25] ponga: shevy: and 'ikuze' is juvenile decalarative
[12:47:41] shevy: flughafen yeah
[12:47:47] ndrei: has joined #ruby
[12:47:48] ponga: there TONS of these tone grammar and you have to use them properly ALL THE TIME
[12:47:52] ponga: it applies to japanese and korean
[12:47:55] shevy: flughafen that is the part where you think you are speaking the language, but with a wrong intonation the others think you insult them :)
[12:48:03] shevy: and draw their katana!
[12:48:13] sgambino: has joined #ruby
[12:48:15] ponga: well this is one reason why i hate euro-based linguists
[12:48:24] ponga: they have no idea outside their boundary
[12:48:36] shevy: it's confusing to know so much!
[12:48:39] shevy: and scary
[12:48:51] einarj: has joined #ruby
[12:48:52] ponga: shevy: in terms of natural language processing, this mood syntax actually helps it
[12:49:03] ponga: cos its more explicit to comprehend the context
[12:49:16] dorei: has joined #ruby
[12:49:37] dorei: is there a better way to write: ['1', '5'].map(&method(:Integer))
[12:49:41] gluten_hell_: has joined #ruby
[12:49:55] abuzze: has joined #ruby
[12:50:15] GaryOak_: has joined #ruby
[12:50:34] apeiros: yes. map { |i| Integer(i) }
[12:50:42] ponga: shevy: there are many forms of interrogative tone in japanese, 'ka' is general use , 'ne' is indicative but can be used as interrogative(question) of uncertainty
[12:50:44] apeiros: but: taste
[12:51:26] ponga: so if you say 'iku-yo-ne' go + declarative + interrogative + uncertainty. it means something like "you are going to go there right?"
[12:51:38] xxtjaxx: has joined #ruby
[12:51:40] ponga: i find this friendlier to machine than English
[12:51:44] ponga: in terms of NLP
[12:52:04] Zamyatin: has joined #ruby
[12:52:22] ponga: apeiros: i can dnftly help you learn Japanese ser!
[12:52:29] ponga: im very skilled
[12:53:00] dorei: ponga: shouldn't machine first deduct "you" ?
[12:53:01] apeiros: nice. will try to remember. I probably won't start the next ~18 months.
[12:53:03] flughafen: iiotenki desune
[12:53:10] flughafen: wakka wakka
[12:53:19] ponga: dorei: unlike English, japanese/korean do not require subject in sentence
[12:53:32] ponga: that's very English oriented way of thinking
[12:53:47] dorei: ponga: so, the machine doesnt require subject too?
[12:53:54] deuterium: has joined #ruby
[12:54:12] TheNet: has joined #ruby
[12:54:16] ponga: well that's why English language has dummy subject too
[12:54:18] charliesome: has joined #ruby
[12:54:23] ponga: i don't think machine would need something that humans don't
[12:54:47] ponga: i mean, "its raining" has nothing to do with 'it'
[12:54:50] dorei: ponga: i think humans always 'deduct' context
[12:54:52] ponga: its empty object
[12:54:56] goodcodeguy: has joined #ruby
[12:55:30] ponga: dorei: at the end of the day, deduction of context is very difficult not only subject
[12:55:54] mengu: has joined #ruby
[12:55:55] ponga: it applies to every component
[12:56:00] cajone: has left #ruby: ()
[12:57:33] ponga: dorei: and what i was suggesting is a mere opinion that japanese/korean mood grammar helps a lot in deduction of context
[12:57:34] bronson: has joined #ruby
[12:57:46] ponga: cos its explicit syntax role
[12:58:00] cardoni: has joined #ruby
[12:58:06] einarj: has joined #ruby
[12:58:07] Schwarzbaer: has left #ruby: ("Leaving")
[12:58:31] Rapier-: has joined #ruby
[12:59:09] jud: has joined #ruby
[12:59:14] RegulationD: has joined #ruby
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[13:01:50] juanpaucar: has joined #ruby
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[13:03:54] hololeap: has joined #ruby
[13:04:14] slawrence00: has joined #ruby
[13:04:48] segfalt: has joined #ruby
[13:04:50] hololeap: is there a "better" way to write this: hash.select {|k,v| array.include? k }
[13:04:52] fmcgeough: has joined #ruby
[13:05:31] shevy: seems pretty short as is
[13:05:35] JDiPierro: has joined #ruby
[13:05:40] adaedra: in active support there's slice
[13:05:45] adaedra: hash.slice(*array)
[13:05:54] ponga: seems pretty short
[13:06:28] hololeap: adaedra: thanks. that's what i was looking for
[13:06:30] apeiros: depending on the relative sizes, array.map { |k| [k, hash[k]] }.to_h may perform much better.
[13:06:33] apeiros: @ hololeap
[13:06:43] apeiros: hash.slice being the best option if available
[13:06:52] downwithbender: has joined #ruby
[13:07:15] commondream: has joined #ruby
[13:07:22] apeiros: (select + include is O(n*m), map+to_h is O(n), where n = array.size and m = hash.size)
[13:07:28] ndrei: has joined #ruby
[13:07:56] einarj: has joined #ruby
[13:08:06] griffindy: has joined #ruby
[13:08:31] banister: has joined #ruby
[13:08:37] hololeap: apeiros: thanks. i will keep that in mind
[13:08:46] jmignault: has joined #ruby
[13:08:53] bronson: has joined #ruby
[13:08:59] banister: has joined #ruby
[13:10:16] jhass: hololeap: if you don't need the keys: hash.values_at(*array)
[13:10:50] yh__: has joined #ruby
[13:11:10] hololeap: jhass: i need to keep the keys since i am passing it as an option hash
[13:11:24] jhass: was a 50/50 chance ;)
[13:11:49] lapinferoce: has joined #ruby
[13:12:20] adaedra: this is a nice channel.
[13:12:26] endash: has joined #ruby
[13:12:39] adaedra: where asking a question may rice 5 valid answers in less than 5 minutes.
[13:12:46] adaedra: "rice" >_>
[13:12:53] fabrice31: has joined #ruby
[13:12:53] shevy: we have a lot of rice here in the channel
[13:13:01] shevy: and baguette
[13:13:11] shevy: you make me hungry
[13:13:17] banister: has joined #ruby
[13:13:22] ta: has joined #ruby
[13:13:26] shevy: adaedra do you eat italian-made pizza as well?
[13:13:43] adaedra: It can happen, yes.
[13:13:56] shevy: we have a lot of turkish pizza... pizza slices. they are not bad but not nearly as good as those made in big stone-ovens
[13:13:59] fella5s: has joined #ruby
[13:14:27] banister: has joined #ruby
[13:14:35] adaedra: I don't know, I just remember chocolate from Austria.
[13:14:42] enebo: has joined #ruby
[13:14:45] dblessing: has joined #ruby
[13:15:14] dstarh: has joined #ruby
[13:15:19] firevolt: has joined #ruby
[13:15:45] shevy: we usually have the best chocolate imported from ... (a) switzerland and (b) belgium
[13:17:08] airdisa: has joined #ruby
[13:18:21] ericwood: hmmm I wonder if imagemagick can stack animated gifs
[13:18:57] shazaum: has joined #ruby
[13:19:29] hololeap: what is the best IDE for ruby/rails projects? i've been using eclipse with the aptana and dltk plugins, but they seem a bit out of date and don't recognize newer syntax
[13:19:54] ericwood: hololeap: people seem to like rubymine, but you'll find *most* rails people prefer using a text editor + terminal
[13:20:07] lapinferoce: has left #ruby: ("Leaving")
[13:20:27] hololeap: ericwood: sure. what text editor would you recommend in linux?
[13:20:41] atox: has joined #ruby
[13:20:44] doodlehaus: has joined #ruby
[13:20:52] ericwood: hololeap: that's a very personal question! I personally like Vim, but I have coworkers who enjoy sublime text
[13:20:57] shevy: I saw another editor based on sublime
[13:21:28] shevy: http://limetext.org/
[13:21:28] adaedra: hololeap: vim, emacs.
[13:21:29] ericwood: atom is becoming popular but I don't know if it has a linux build...gEdit or whatever is alright
[13:21:48] ericwood: Vim takes a while to master but it's fantastic and crazy powerful
[13:21:55] adaedra: atom is js-based, not having a Linux build would be surprising
[13:21:58] einarj: has joined #ruby
[13:22:06] abuzze_: has joined #ruby
[13:22:14] hololeap: i've been using vim for a while, but i was looking for something a little bit more GUI-fied. limetext looks pretty neat
[13:23:25] shevy: don't joke man
[13:23:26] Xiti: has joined #ruby
[13:23:34] ericwood: I use MacVim :D
[13:23:38] shevy: gvim is vim except for that it is slower!
[13:23:51] adaedra: shevy: but it has a toolbar D:
[13:23:57] fabrice31: has joined #ruby
[13:23:59] ericwood: overall I prefer the GUI versions of Vim
[13:24:02] urbanmonk: has joined #ruby
[13:24:03] ponga: wunderlisthelper is using all my pc resource,
[13:24:06] ponga: memory leak?
[13:24:07] ericwood: adaedra: you can configure that in your vimrc!
[13:24:13] ericwood: mine hides all the window chrome
[13:24:23] adaedra: ericwood: mine too.
[13:24:33] adaedra: but I switched back to console vim.
[13:24:42] jerius: has joined #ruby
[13:24:47] ericwood: adaedra: I wanted fancier colors :P
[13:24:52] abuzze_: has joined #ruby
[13:24:58] adaedra: And MacVim has some weird bugs with fullscreen and multi-screen
[13:25:02] ericwood: MacVim is fantastic because of how it integrates with the system clipboard, that was my main thing :)
[13:25:03] adaedra: ericwood: 256color mode
[13:25:17] ericwood: adaedra: there's a build I found that fixes all of those problems in yosemite fyi!
[13:25:21] ericwood: and the tab bugs
[13:25:30] adaedra: this one is on mavericks
[13:25:47] adaedra: but iTerm has none of these problems, so all is good.
[13:25:57] hololeap: i haven't used gui versions of vim. it seemed kinda anti-vim to have things like mouse support
[13:26:13] adaedra: being able to click to change position is nice, though.
[13:26:21] ericwood: I'll say this: I don't click but scrolling support is amazing
[13:26:22] adaedra: that's what I miss.
[13:26:25] abuzze: has joined #ruby
[13:26:38] ericwood: scrolling is the only reason I set up mouse support
[13:26:58] mengu: has joined #ruby
[13:26:58] mengu: has joined #ruby
[13:27:52] zotherstupidguy: >> p Resolv.getaddress "www.ruby-lang.org"
[13:27:53] ruboto: zotherstupidguy # => uninitialized constant Resolv (NameError) ...check link for more (https://eval.in/368164)
[13:28:11] zotherstupidguy: >> require 'resolv'; p Resolv.getaddress "www.ruby-lang.org"
[13:28:12] ruboto: zotherstupidguy # => (https://eval.in/368165)
[13:29:35] neektza: has joined #ruby
[13:30:35] abuzze_: has joined #ruby
[13:30:39] ericwood: figured out how to layer animated gifs but it won't quantize them (aka have one repeat until they all finish)
[13:30:55] ericwood: is there a channel for imagemagick stuff? :)
[13:31:52] fmcgeough_: has joined #ruby
[13:32:22] shevy: when you guys want to store configuration in a yaml file... should this be "config.yml" or "configuration.yml"? (nevermind the extension, it could be .yaml too)
[13:32:27] Vile`: has joined #ruby
[13:32:50] tesuji: has joined #ruby
[13:35:07] mengu__: has joined #ruby
[13:35:17] dopie: has joined #ruby
[13:35:21] malcolmva: has joined #ruby
[13:35:30] gaboesquivel: has joined #ruby
[13:35:34] belak: has joined #ruby
[13:37:07] sandelius: has joined #ruby
[13:37:22] kobain: has joined #ruby
[13:37:25] Igorshp: has joined #ruby
[13:37:25] thatslifeson: has joined #ruby
[13:37:26] livathinos: has joined #ruby
[13:38:14] thatslifeson: has left #ruby: ()
[13:38:16] kobain: has joined #ruby
[13:39:07] werelivinginthef: has joined #ruby
[13:39:44] zzak: has joined #ruby
[13:40:34] kobain: has joined #ruby
[13:41:12] Rapier-: has joined #ruby
[13:42:01] kq_away: I want to iterate over each consecutie pair of items in my array
[13:42:03] kq_away: how can I do that?
[13:42:24] kq_away: I want [1,2,3,4] -> [[1,2], [2,3], [3,4]]
[13:42:26] Agoldfish: has joined #ruby
[13:42:30] kq_away: so I don't think each_slice is my thing
[13:42:32] orionstein: has joined #ruby
[13:42:40] Hanmac1: kq_away: each_cons(2)
[13:43:07] JDiPierro: has joined #ruby
[13:44:30] mwlang: Isn???t there an apache module or at least some published regexps/rules out there somewhere that can be used to detect connections that are scanning (and webscraping) your website? (I might be thinking of IPTABLES rules, btw).
[13:44:35] Igorshp: has joined #ruby
[13:45:02] mary5030: has joined #ruby
[13:45:24] mwlang: basically, instead of maintaining a blocklist in Ruby, I want to move this out to the system-level firewall or http server and have it automatically kick-in based on a frequency threshold.
[13:45:31] jhass: mwlang: your term to google is IDS, intrusion detection system. Unrelated to Ruby btw
[13:45:49] sigurding: has joined #ruby
[13:45:59] paulcsmith: has joined #ruby
[13:46:03] kq_away: can I use it as map, hanmac1 ?
[13:46:11] kq_away: it doesn't seem to return anything
[13:46:13] mwlang: jhass: yeah, you???re right???I???m staring in amazement at the Ruby implementation of this in front of me??? :-p
[13:46:22] abuzze: has joined #ruby
[13:46:22] Hanmac1: kq_away: each_cons(2).to_a
[13:46:36] banister: has joined #ruby
[13:47:04] quimrstorres: has joined #ruby
[13:47:06] mwlang: not at all sure why ppl build this in Ruby at all other than its an ???easy way??? to provide a backend to the customer who can add ip addresses to block.
[13:47:09] mandarinkin: has joined #ruby
[13:47:18] kq_away: thanks again
[13:48:05] [k-: has joined #ruby
[13:48:07] antgel: has joined #ruby
[13:48:11] hoov: has joined #ruby
[13:48:30] jhass: mwlang: a remotely decent IDS let's you add triggers freely, reading some from a database your ruby app writes to shouldn't be hard then
[13:48:55] abuzze: has joined #ruby
[13:49:23] edwinvdg_: has joined #ruby
[13:49:23] mwlang: jhass: hmmm???I hadn???t thought about keeping the blocklist, but that???s actually a good idea how to integrate.
[13:49:43] mwlang: at least it gets the business of rejecting connections out of the ruby server.
[13:49:55] mwlang: (rails app in this case)
[13:50:02] abuzze: has joined #ruby
[13:50:17] einarj: has joined #ruby
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[13:51:51] abuzze: has joined #ruby
[13:51:53] umgrosscol: has joined #ruby
[13:53:01] abuzze: has joined #ruby
[13:53:09] ericwood: what's a good place to ask for help with imagemagick? preferrably on IRC
[13:53:32] abuzze: has joined #ruby
[13:53:51] rbennacer: has joined #ruby
[13:54:03] adaedra: have you looked if #imagemagick or #magick exists?
[13:54:29] ericwood: nah too much work
[13:54:30] mwlang: ericwood: ask your question???I might be able to answer since I use imagemagick a bit.
[13:54:36] jhass: ericwood: /msg alis help
[13:54:53] TheNet: has joined #ruby
[13:55:00] ericwood: mwlang: trying to layer animated gifs in a way where the shorter ones loop to match the duration of the longest one
[13:55:01] sankaber: has joined #ruby
[13:55:24] ericwood: trying to recreate a modern version of blingee :|
[13:55:35] TheNet: How can I run a single FileUtils command as root? I don't want to run the entire script as root, ideally I'd prompt the user for a password.
[13:55:54] io_syl: has joined #ruby
[13:55:54] ericwood: TheNet: sudo
[13:56:05] abuzze: has joined #ruby
[13:56:23] davedev24_: has joined #ruby
[13:56:26] vikaton: has joined #ruby
[13:56:31] TheNet: ericwood: and `` instead of FileUtils?
[13:56:38] ericwood: I suppose so
[13:57:05] abuzze: has joined #ruby
[13:57:13] mwlang: ericwood: I???d just google rmagick animated gifs for that one. There???s a few examples like https://gist.github.com/grough/1988486 for one.
[13:58:02] cyberarm: has joined #ruby
[13:58:07] ericwood: mwlang: yeah, combining animated gifs is easy enough, but the looping /quantizing of shorter ones is tricky
[13:58:10] sevenseacat: has joined #ruby
[13:58:24] abuzze_: has joined #ruby
[13:58:44] urbanmonk: has joined #ruby
[13:58:51] ericwood: I suppose I could split each gif into its frames then iterate over and combine each
[13:58:55] mwlang: ericwood: I was thinking you just needed a loop to find the longest one and then another loop to construct based on the difference.
[13:59:04] abuzze: has joined #ruby
[13:59:06] mwlang: ericwood: exactly
[13:59:12] Soda: has joined #ruby
[13:59:25] ericwood: break each into arrays, loop over longest, etc
[13:59:40] _blizzy_: has joined #ruby
[13:59:50] ericwood: that's not too awful I guess. more work than I was hoping for on such a stupid project :P
[14:00:22] mwlang: ericwood: heh???starting to be more work to avoid the stupid work. :-D
[14:00:23] abuzze: has joined #ruby
[14:01:00] podman: has joined #ruby
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[14:01:37] abuzze: has joined #ruby
[14:01:52] banister: has joined #ruby
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[14:03:33] abuzze: has joined #ruby
[14:03:44] rbennacer: has joined #ruby
[14:04:01] GriffinHeart: has joined #ruby
[14:04:19] hfp: Hi all, if I remember correctly, there is a way to write all your environment variables in a file and have a gem to configure them before launching your app, notifying you if some are missing etc. Then all you have to do to keep your secrets is to .gitignore the file. Anybody remembers the name for that gem?
[14:04:36] phutchins: has joined #ruby
[14:04:53] Stalkr_: has joined #ruby
[14:05:37] mwlang: hfp: https://github.com/laserlemon/figaro perhaps?
[14:05:58] Rollabunna: has joined #ruby
[14:06:08] Stalkr_: has joined #ruby
[14:06:34] hfp: mwlang: Yes, looks like it, thanks. Is it Rails only or does it work with anything Ruby?
[14:07:02] yalue: has joined #ruby
[14:07:14] mwlang: hfp: I think it was written for Rails???ther???s also a dotenv project that???s for any ruby app, but I have no experience with it.
[14:07:54] havenwood: hfp: It's Figarails so consider dotenv instead when you're off the rails.
[14:08:16] havenwood: mwlang: Beat me to the punch. ;)
[14:08:23] hfp: Yes this isn't for a Rails project so I'll use dotenv then
[14:08:32] jottr_: has joined #ruby
[14:08:56] aryaching: has joined #ruby
[14:09:08] mwlang: havenwood: that???s a *rare* occurance!
[14:09:22] Kricir: has joined #ruby
[14:09:46] bronson: has joined #ruby
[14:10:13] SouL_|_: has joined #ruby
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[14:42:30] Zamyatin: has joined #ruby
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[14:47:28] dseitz: has joined #ruby
[14:48:25] abuzze: has joined #ruby
[14:48:54] hololeap: i'm trying to implement something like Queue, where threads that try to access an empty data set are blocked until new data is added. any ideas how to accomplish this? i would rather not use sleep and wakeup since that might interfere with other sleep calls
[14:49:10] commondream: has joined #ruby
[14:50:27] jhass: hololeap: doesn't SizedQueue do that?
[14:50:44] jhass: oh, actually Queue does it
[14:50:48] jhass: why not use Queue?
[14:51:18] abuzze: has joined #ruby
[14:52:05] tubuliferous_: has joined #ruby
[14:52:26] abuzze: has joined #ruby
[14:53:11] turkey007: has joined #ruby
[14:53:14] jbomo: has joined #ruby
[14:53:47] turkey007: has left #ruby: ()
[14:54:02] hololeap: i'm trying to make queue persistant by adding db calls to push, pop, and shift. i thought about inheriting Queue and adding the extra functionality to those methods, but Queue's synchronizing only works while super() is called, not before or after
[14:54:39] hololeap: so i'm trying to implement the same functionality without actually using Queue
[14:55:21] lidenskap: has joined #ruby
[14:55:21] hololeap: it would be best if the threads were blocked until the DB call finishes
[14:56:08] paulcsmith: has joined #ruby
[14:56:15] commondream: has joined #ruby
[14:57:21] shevy: perl has 671 users, ruby has 955 users yet tiobe says perl is much more popular than ruby
[14:57:32] dudedudeman: don't forget #ruby-lang
[14:57:43] that1guy: has joined #ruby
[14:58:25] cirn0: has joined #ruby
[14:58:27] havenwood: shevy: tiobe is silly
[14:58:34] TheNet: has joined #ruby
[14:58:50] havenwood: shevy: or more haphazard and bizarre really
[14:59:10] jhass: hololeap: https://github.com/jhass/DeBot/blob/master/thread/src/thread/queue.cr should be easy to port to ruby
[14:59:19] Oog_: has joined #ruby
[14:59:34] hololeap: jhass: what language is that?
[14:59:48] commondream: has joined #ruby
[14:59:58] adaedra: is there a #crystal?
[15:00:04] jhass: #crystal-lang
[15:00:14] jhass: I should probably reg #crystal and forward it :D
[15:00:17] shevy: dudedudeman yeah but the #ruby-lang guys are our enemies; jhass suggested that #ruby-lang is eliminated, now jhass has become an enemy on #ruby-lang
[15:00:32] p8952: has joined #ruby
[15:00:32] shevy: pls pls pls no -lang suffixes
[15:00:36] adaedra: freenode politics.
[15:00:38] hectortrope: has joined #ruby
[15:00:40] dudedudeman: shevy: huh. the more you know.
[15:00:52] shevy: dudedudeman slightly exaggerated :D
[15:01:03] shevy: but it's true that he suggested a merger!
[15:01:04] dudedudeman: help is help, most of the time
[15:01:11] adaedra: jhass did not only suggest.
[15:01:21] dudedudeman: suggested a merger, and got banned?
[15:01:36] jhass: shevy: actually I didn't yet
[15:01:55] jhass: all I suggested so far is to make #ruby instead of #ruby-lang the official Ruby channel
[15:02:15] juanpaucar: has joined #ruby
[15:02:25] shevy: did we break 1000 here yet?
[15:02:28] adaedra: so currently, this place is a counterfait version of #ruby-lang?
[15:02:30] iamdevnul: has joined #ruby
[15:02:36] s2013: has joined #ruby
[15:02:40] gambl0re: has joined #ruby
[15:02:43] shevy: I mean I am aware that we can break it if all from #ruby-lang, who are not here, would join
[15:03:36] shevy: http://search.cpan.org/~djerius/App-Env-0.26/lib/App/Env.pm
[15:03:43] GaryOak_: has joined #ruby
[15:03:45] riotjones: has joined #ruby
[15:03:50] cryptarium: has joined #ruby
[15:03:53] shevy: # exec a command in that environment; just as a convenience
[15:03:53] shevy: $env->exec( $command );
[15:04:25] shevy: do we have something similar in ruby? something where we execute commands in environments... I assume this is similar to a chroot-jail?
[15:05:10] jhass: what is it doing?
[15:05:12] ponga: shevy: it does, but i can't remember
[15:05:17] jhass: how is environment defined there?
[15:05:25] hololeap: jhass: what are the ruby equivalents to "wait" and "signal" in that code?
[15:05:29] ponga: i found it when i was trying to send my ruby app to friend using windows
[15:05:54] handlebar: has joined #ruby
[15:06:09] jhass: hololeap: http://ruby-doc.org/stdlib-2.2.2/libdoc/monitor/rdoc/MonitorMixin.html
[15:06:20] havenwood: shevy: Where are you getting that line noise from?
[15:06:28] jhass: hololeap: but those just delegate to a ConditionVariable, essentially
[15:06:31] shevy: hmm... "App::Env is most useful in situations where a Perl program must invoke multiple applications each of which may require an environment different and possibly incompatible from the others"
[15:06:35] qurve: has joined #ruby
[15:06:37] xxneolithicxx: im reorganizing my code, need some advice
[15:06:38] shevy: havenwood I was on #perl for a moment
[15:06:42] havenwood: shevy: Aha!
[15:06:47] shevy: they have that bot that announces news
[15:06:54] ArchRogem: has joined #ruby
[15:06:55] shevy: though that is quite a spammy bot there
[15:06:58] dudedudeman: i should be a bot
[15:07:01] Cache_Money: has joined #ruby
[15:07:10] shevy: dudedudeman I'd believe you at once that you are one! an idling bot
[15:07:13] hololeap: jhass: ah, that mixin should be perfect. thanks :)
[15:07:15] havenwood: dudedudeman: oh, i can make you a bot...
[15:07:25] dudedudeman: bot me, baby!
[15:07:29] zotherstupidguy: has joined #ruby
[15:07:36] xxneolithicxx: I have class Product::API and module Product::Resource with a bunch of API resource classes that are instances of resources accessible through API
[15:07:46] qurve: Does stdlib contain anything for dealing with CIDR blocks? Specifically I need to expand a CIDR block into an array of all the IPs in that block.
[15:07:54] dudedudeman: ACTION is bot
[15:08:00] dudedudeman: ACTION does bot stuff
[15:08:08] xxneolithicxx: i dont like this organization though as a Resource doesnt exist outside the context of the API and I cant make API both a class and module
[15:08:55] hololeap: the standard library always seems to have something new
[15:09:40] rippa: has joined #ruby
[15:09:54] pokui: has joined #ruby
[15:10:12] jhass: qurve: ipaddr does it iirc
[15:10:13] pokui: hi all, for the purposes of #to_s can a class get the name of an instance?
[15:10:18] xxneolithicxx: the Product::API class is like a dynamic RESTFUL client instance that builds its methods from JSON data. I would have liked Product::API to be the class and Product::API::Resources::<Resource> but this isnt possible
[15:10:23] qurve: Thanks, I'll check it out jhass.
[15:10:31] xxneolithicxx: how would you reorganize something like that so it makes structure sense
[15:10:40] jhass: pokui: what do you mean? an instance doesn't have a name
[15:11:05] mcpierce: has joined #ruby
[15:11:44] pokui: jhass: sorry .. I'll try to be more clear. if I say a = "12234" is it possible for String to get the variable name 'a'? Not sure that's more clear.
[15:12:03] pokui: the program doesn't quite need it, just trying to debug a set of classes I've written.
[15:12:09] jhass: pokui: a = "1234"; b = a; what' would you get now?
[15:12:43] tcrypt: has joined #ruby
[15:12:46] jhass: {Object.new => Object.new} and here, what would you get for both objects as name?
[15:13:08] pokui: jhass: good points. hadn't thought that through.
[15:14:38] sent1nel: has joined #ruby
[15:17:04] pwattstbd: has joined #ruby
[15:17:07] Darkwater: throw error on initializer, catch it, get calling line from stacktrace, extract variable name
[15:17:17] mtakkman: has joined #ruby
[15:17:22] Darkwater: ..fuck, now I wonder if that's actually possible
[15:17:47] camilasan: has joined #ruby
[15:19:03] shevy: >> {Object.new => Object.new}
[15:19:04] ruboto: shevy # => {#<Object:0x41de024c>=>#<Object:0x41de0210>} (https://eval.in/368199)
[15:19:13] shevy: what a strange hash
[15:20:07] mcpierce: has joined #ruby
[15:20:43] adaedra: >> Hash[[Array.new(2, Object.new)]]
[15:20:44] ruboto: adaedra # => {#<Object:0x41ae4408>=>#<Object:0x41ae4408>} (https://eval.in/368202)
[15:20:54] shevy: adaedra what does the hash have?
[15:20:58] adaedra: what do you think of this one?
[15:21:09] shevy: anonymous objects?
[15:21:35] adaedra: what's strange about it for you? they are objects like anything else
[15:21:59] shevy: cat = Cat.new
[15:22:13] shevy: that's a cat
[15:22:21] Darkwater: no, that's an error
[15:22:30] TheNet: has joined #ruby
[15:22:49] slash_nick: i thought Cat.new was a cat
[15:22:53] shevy: on unix it's even a command!
[15:23:02] snapcase: does it have a 'meow' method?
[15:23:06] adaedra: cat is an object of type Cat
[15:23:11] slash_nick: snapcase: just #mew
[15:23:22] shevy: snapcase yeah, else nobody could believe it to be a cat
[15:23:25] adaedra: require 'French'
[15:23:28] Darkwater: $ echo 'Meow!' > meow
[15:23:29] adaedra: now it as #miaou
[15:23:34] decoponio: has joined #ruby
[15:23:41] shevy: adaedra funny... in german it would be #miau
[15:23:58] Darkwater: miauw in dutch
[15:23:59] adaedra: Katze#miau
[15:24:01] DerisiveLogic: has joined #ruby
[15:24:13] shevy: ponga what is the noise that cats make in korea when they meow?
[15:24:37] centrx: that's the noise noice
[15:24:53] DerisiveLogic: has joined #ruby
[15:25:31] Dopagod: has joined #ruby
[15:25:33] j0n3: has joined #ruby
[15:25:43] cassianoleal: has joined #ruby
[15:25:53] Darkwater: ?????????????????????
[15:26:09] haxrbyte: has joined #ruby
[15:26:22] izzol: Guten Tag.
[15:26:57] izzol: I'm writing a small tool which will be parsing e-mails in postfix. I'm going to use 'mail' gem for it.
[15:27:03] izzol: But not sure if this is the best way?
[15:27:14] babaganousha: has left #ruby: ()
[15:27:15] izzol: maybe there is a better gem just for mime/email ?
[15:27:18] ponga: shevy: ?????? ya-on
[15:27:27] antgel: has joined #ruby
[15:27:28] ponga: surprisingly no starting consonant
[15:27:35] izzol: that one 'mail' is working fine I guess, but not sure if it will be fast enough.
[15:27:37] speakingcode: has joined #ruby
[15:28:00] commondream: has joined #ruby
[15:28:28] io_syl: has joined #ruby
[15:28:38] shevy: ya-on??? hmmm
[15:29:07] baroquebobcat: has joined #ruby
[15:29:11] ponga: shevy: japanese noise is well adopted in korean now
[15:29:17] ponga: people here use nya too
[15:29:49] shevy: nya is as strange as ya-on
[15:29:56] ponga: i was seriously shocked at heartattack level when i found out that nyan cat was viral in west
[15:30:09] shevy: the craziest things become popular
[15:30:10] ponga: c'mon it was kinda OK in niconico(japanese youtube alternative)
[15:30:22] shevy: look at hanmac, he knows all those strange manga or anime things
[15:30:23] ponga: my impression was like "ok yet another japanese internet"
[15:30:43] ponga: does hanmac speak japanese?
[15:30:53] ponga: if so it will make it worse
[15:31:59] GaryOak_: I use the rspec Nyancat formatter
[15:32:15] GaryOak_: https://github.com/mattsears/nyan-cat-formatter
[15:32:22] Pupeno: has joined #ruby
[15:32:43] shevy: ponga not that I know of; I think there are only very few in Europe who can speak japanese
[15:32:50] ponga: lol what the heck is that
[15:32:50] shevy: other than japanese in europe that is :)
[15:33:02] freestyl3r: has joined #ruby
[15:33:03] shevy: I mean, people from japan who would now live in europe...
[15:33:21] adaedra: Japanese in Europe?
[15:33:30] ponga: not many westerner learns japanese, even fewer for those at superior fluency
[15:33:30] adaedra: Other than the ones taking pictures of everything?
[15:33:44] ascarter: has joined #ruby
[15:33:47] icebourg: has joined #ruby
[15:34:00] withnale_: has joined #ruby
[15:34:13] freerobby: has joined #ruby
[15:35:04] ascarter: has joined #ruby
[15:36:06] s2013: has joined #ruby
[15:36:23] freestyl3r: hello. let's say i have a class name as a string e.x.: var = "Animal". How can i call the class methods of Animal by using the "var" variable?
[15:37:03] sandelius: has joined #ruby
[15:37:37] haxrbyte: has joined #ruby
[15:37:52] adaedra: You have to get the class itself, first
[15:37:57] GaryOak_: freestyl3r: you can assign the class to the var like var = Animal, then you can call var.animal_class_method
[15:38:03] adaedra: >> const_get("String")
[15:38:05] ruboto: adaedra # => undefined method `const_get' for main:Object (NoMethodError) ...check link for more (https://eval.in/368209)
[15:38:12] adaedra: mmh, how was it now
[15:38:28] Maletor: has joined #ruby
[15:38:40] mary5030: has joined #ruby
[15:39:05] freestyl3r: GaryOak_: i only have access to the class as a string
[15:39:30] konsolebox: has joined #ruby
[15:40:11] adaedra: >> Object.const_get('String')
[15:40:12] ruboto: adaedra # => String (https://eval.in/368211)
[15:40:21] adaedra: freestyl3r: ^
[15:40:21] freestyl3r: Kernel.const_get("String") or Object.const_get("String") seems to work
[15:40:41] adaedra: then you can use GaryOak_ suggestion on the obtained class
[15:41:41] druuu: has joined #ruby
[15:42:00] haxrbyte_: has joined #ruby
[15:42:10] freestyl3r: actually the function accepts a symbol e.x. :string and then i call rails .classify on it which turns it into "String". so the final call is Kernel.const_get(:string.to_s.classify)
[15:42:15] freestyl3r: is there a cleaner way to do that?
[15:44:04] freestyl3r: i'm trying to mimic rails behavior: belongs_to :user
[15:44:11] freestyl3r: and from :user get the class. ok thanks
[15:44:24] skyjumper: has joined #ruby
[15:44:39] skyjumper: is pry-stack_explorer the only way to get a stack trace in pry-byebug?
[15:45:00] adaedra: I don't remember using that
[15:46:13] speaking1ode: has joined #ruby
[15:46:14] adaedra: ah, I didn't display the stack, that's why :x
[15:46:44] adaedra: Here you are: `wtf?`
[15:46:52] skyjumper: only works with exceptions
[15:48:12] Spami: has joined #ruby
[15:48:55] luckyme: has joined #ruby
[15:49:00] f3lp: has joined #ruby
[15:49:54] izzol: hmm, if I want to read a file it's better to use: File.foreach, File.open or File.read?
[15:50:07] commondream: has joined #ruby
[15:50:30] izzol: adaedra: I'm expecting lot of files with size 2-10M
[15:50:43] izzol: and I want to open one, then close it, another, close it and so on.
[15:50:53] adaedra: And do what, on these files?
[15:51:03] shevy: izzol File.foreach would be the most efficient
[15:51:06] shevy: you iterate line over line there
[15:51:17] izzol: adaedra: parse them, so I need to read the file, check if the files has some "string".
[15:51:39] izzol: shevy: ahh, ok.
[15:52:05] adaedra: yeah, as long as you read it forward.
[15:52:58] izzol: hmm, ok, I think I did not explain it well :P
[15:53:06] phutchins: has joined #ruby
[15:53:13] izzol: Now I have: file = File.open("test") and then I'm doing: mail = Mail.read(file) to read it.
[15:54:05] izzol: so I think File.foreach will not help too much.
[15:54:09] adaedra: so you will need all file in memory
[15:54:14] adaedra: yeah, IO.read()
[15:54:23] sandelius: Sometimes I stop and think how awesome ruby actually is. I'm still a happy Rubyist after all these years :)
[15:54:29] adaedra: mail = Mail.read(IO.read("test"))
[15:54:38] adaedra: ACTION high-fives sandelius 
[15:55:22] izzol: ok, I don't know how it works, so I'm going to read a ruby-doc ;P
[15:55:26] izzol: thanks adaedra :)
[15:55:34] sktkbk: has joined #ruby
[15:55:59] jespada: has joined #ruby
[15:56:01] sandelius: I mean self.included, self.inherited etc is freaking awesome!
[15:56:40] lkba: has joined #ruby
[15:56:50] urbanmonk: has joined #ruby
[15:56:51] sandelius: Crystal Lang is really something that is going to be interesting to follow
[15:58:09] shevy: sandelius how many years ruby?
[15:58:18] paulcsmith: has joined #ruby
[15:58:40] bronson: has joined #ruby
[15:58:41] sandelius: shevy I think it's about 8 now :) I'm old...
[15:58:45] paulcsmith: has joined #ruby
[15:59:09] shevy: damn yeah
[15:59:34] sandelius: I'm so old I can't keep track any longer :)
[15:59:49] jordanm: has joined #ruby
[16:00:32] p8952: has joined #ruby
[16:01:59] tuelz: has joined #ruby
[16:02:12] zotherstupidguy: how to do skip an exception in ruby and continue a loop...
[16:02:50] zotherstupidguy: shevy i got a song for you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqXW57WM9TA
[16:02:54] ytti: python spy spotted
[16:02:57] ytti: alerting the ops
[16:03:06] zotherstupidguy: adaedra catch??
[16:03:08] adaedra: *woop* *woop*
[16:03:09] sandelius: zotherstupidguy rescue
[16:03:12] swastika: has joined #ruby
[16:03:15] adaedra: this is ze polis
[16:03:20] swastika: die juden wir mussen ausrotten
[16:03:27] zotherstupidguy: yes i used begin, rescue still the loop ends
[16:03:34] adaedra: doesn't work anymore? D:
[16:03:38] ruboto: sepp2k, fflush, apeiros, banisterfiend, zzak, Mon_Ouie, seanstickle, Havenn, jhass, Radar, Karpah, miah, workmad3, Coraline
[16:03:44] jhass: !kick swastika
[16:03:44] helpa: jhass: No.
[16:03:44] ruboto: ruboto kicked swastika:
[16:03:44] ruboto: -o ruboto
[16:03:49] swastika: has joined #ruby
[16:03:52] swastika: what did i do?
[16:03:54] havenwood: adaedra: thanks
[16:03:59] zotherstupidguy: you spoke in swedish
[16:04:00] jhass: !ban swastika !P swastika
[16:04:00] helpa: Radar, you should ban the person highlighted, signed jhass.
[16:04:01] ChanServ: +b swastika!*@*
[16:04:01] ChanServ: ChanServ kicked swastika: swastika
[16:04:05] adaedra: zotherstupidguy: eh!
[16:04:28] zotherstupidguy: adeadra yes it stopped working on me :(
[16:04:45] adaedra: zotherstupidguy: is your begin/resuce inside the loop?
[16:04:46] zotherstupidguy: i tried to rescue it, but it said no
[16:04:55] zotherstupidguy: yeah, is that the mistake :)
[16:05:04] wjimenez5271: has joined #ruby
[16:05:05] sandelius: zotherstupidguy gist it
[16:05:24] zotherstupidguy: but its a network thing so a bit of trouble
[16:05:44] jottr_: has joined #ruby
[16:05:47] spyderman4g63: has joined #ruby
[16:06:18] ShellFu: has joined #ruby
[16:06:18] f3lp: has joined #ruby
[16:09:11] codeFiend: has joined #ruby
[16:12:04] zotherstupidguy: sandelius https://github.com/zotherstupidguy/zotherstupidbot/blob/master/bot.rb#L27-L48
[16:12:40] sandelius: zotherstupidguy either remove skip or change it to next
[16:15:01] Stalkr_: has joined #ruby
[16:17:16] rbennacer: has joined #ruby
[16:17:55] crack_user: has joined #ruby
[16:18:21] Fraeon: has joined #ruby
[16:19:43] lkba_: has joined #ruby
[16:20:44] michaeldeol: has joined #ruby
[16:20:50] ebonics: has joined #ruby
[16:21:35] rbennacer: has joined #ruby
[16:22:16] chinmay_dd: has joined #ruby
[16:24:18] speaking1ode: has joined #ruby
[16:24:52] abuzze: has joined #ruby
[16:25:10] sandelius: zotherstupidguy how did it go?
[16:26:09] spider-mario: has joined #ruby
[16:27:28] zotherstupidguy: sandelius still checkin
[16:27:40] soulcake: has joined #ruby
[16:27:54] shuber_: has joined #ruby
[16:27:54] aspiers: has joined #ruby
[16:28:10] zotherstupidguy: sandelius i think it works ;)
[16:28:21] zotherstupidguy: sandelius thanks
[16:28:21] sandelius: zotherstupidguy goodie
[16:28:39] kinduff: has joined #ruby
[16:29:08] Wobbley: has joined #ruby
[16:29:43] tubuliferous: has joined #ruby
[16:29:44] Hirzu: has joined #ruby
[16:32:01] cjim_: has joined #ruby
[16:32:24] P1RATEZ: has joined #ruby
[16:32:55] tubuliferous_: has joined #ruby
[16:33:38] spyderman4g63: has joined #ruby
[16:33:56] nfk: has joined #ruby
[16:34:33] jhass: this is too silent
[16:34:41] jhass: let's laugh at PHP again: https://github.com/search?l=php&q=eval%28%24_POST&ref=searchresults&type=Code&utf8=%E2%9C%93
[16:34:42] hololeap: here's my attempt at a redis-backed queue. i would love any comments/feedback: https://github.com/hololeap/queque/blob/master/lib/queque.rb
[16:35:12] adaedra: jhass: that's too easy :D
[16:35:36] paulcsmith: has joined #ruby
[16:36:16] jackjackdripper: has joined #ruby
[16:36:30] gluten_hell_: has joined #ruby
[16:36:32] ismaelga: has joined #ruby
[16:37:29] sandelius: jhass that's some scary shit
[16:37:48] jhass: sandelius: more fun with $_GET
[16:38:15] dudedudeman: oh, someone said php!
[16:38:16] sandelius: jhass that's just sad... :/
[16:38:20] kinduff: jhass: lmao
[16:38:22] dudedudeman: which is funny, because i'm reading this: https://philsturgeon.uk/career/2015/05/21/happily-stepping-into-the-shadows/
[16:39:43] phutchins: has joined #ruby
[16:40:36] ndrei: has joined #ruby
[16:40:40] A124: has joined #ruby
[16:41:07] jhass: hololeap: I'd raise ArgumentError instead of LocalJumpError
[16:41:40] tuelz: has joined #ruby
[16:41:47] yh__: has joined #ruby
[16:41:59] Eiam: has joined #ruby
[16:41:59] adaedra: jhass: actually, we should blame the devs, not the language. Doing "eval(params.require(:foo))" would be as easy and dangerous.
[16:42:41] jhass: yeah, but indirectly attacking people over the tool they use makes one self feel much better :(
[16:42:46] vin`: has joined #ruby
[16:43:03] hololeap: jhass: how come? i was just mirroring what happens when you call yield without a block
[16:43:12] kinduff: we love laughing at php
[16:43:20] adaedra: like https://github.com/sarhane/alaveteli-test/blob/8271b2c664f04d1b68a8b4d4fdb801f5c6b00b8c/vendor/plugins/interlock/test/integration/app/app/controllers/eval_controller.rb
[16:43:39] RegulationD: has joined #ruby
[16:44:21] adaedra: WHERE IS YOUR GOD NOW
[16:44:38] adaedra: See you all
[16:45:00] MatthewsFace: has joined #ruby
[16:45:01] jhass: hololeap: dunno, I see LocalJumpError as an internal Ruby thing, for argument validation I raise ArgumentError
[16:45:10] kinduff: im not sure if it's a sin if that's inside an integration test
[16:45:51] jhass: hololeap: it's opinion ;)
[16:45:51] ismaelga: has joined #ruby
[16:46:49] jhass: I'd also try to pick a more specific error class for the one in line 108
[16:47:43] aspiers: has joined #ruby
[16:47:49] bronson: has joined #ruby
[16:48:00] robertyaman: has joined #ruby
[16:48:10] jhass: hololeap: oh and I can't spot where you use activesupport?
[16:48:17] dudedudeman: robertyaman: holler
[16:48:18] jhass: robertyaman: hi
[16:49:19] hololeap: jhass: you're right :) i guess i removed it all
[16:49:55] jhass: hololeap: you might want to figure out whether Redis::List is thread safe, could save thhe synchronize calls on length and empty?
[16:50:33] MatthewsFace: has joined #ruby
[16:50:55] jhass: hololeap: I'd also include the monitor into your class, extend clears method caches and is thus not advisable during runtime
[16:52:30] baweaver_: has joined #ruby
[16:52:31] segfalt: has joined #ruby
[16:52:35] vickleton: has joined #ruby
[16:53:08] scuey: has joined #ruby
[16:53:36] robertyaman: has joined #ruby
[16:53:43] neanderslob: has joined #ruby
[16:53:44] baweaver_: has joined #ruby
[16:53:58] dudedudeman: hey folks. I'm trying to do some calls from my postgres database, and it's freaking out on my where query. I'm doing something x = class.all, and then doing y = x.where(:foo => 'true')
[16:54:20] tautvydas: has joined #ruby
[16:54:35] dudedudeman: that's what i was doing when using a sql database, but postgres doesn't like that apparently
[16:54:36] rbennacer: has joined #ruby
[16:54:40] s2013: has joined #ruby
[16:54:44] dudedudeman: says 'undefined column'
[16:55:19] kinduff: dudedudeman: you sure?
[16:55:43] kinduff: postgres acts in misterious ways
[16:56:18] GaryOak_: dudedudeman: you using Sequel, because class.all returns an array
[16:56:22] einarj: has joined #ruby
[16:57:06] that1guy: has joined #ruby
[16:57:20] iliketurtles: has joined #ruby
[16:57:51] dudedudeman: GaryOak_: well, maybe. it's more of an issue where i was calling the where statement on the wrong table...
[16:58:09] neohunter: has joined #ruby
[16:58:13] GaryOak_: ahh, that could give you a unknown column error
[16:58:23] dudedudeman: learn somethign new every day
[16:59:04] troulouliou_dev: has joined #ruby
[16:59:13] dudedudeman: I'm just trying to get that info in a 'metrics' view for my app
[16:59:24] Spami: has joined #ruby
[16:59:35] GaryOak_: like a dashboard?
[16:59:51] dudedudeman: sorry.. caps.
[17:00:14] dudedudeman: but yes, something where it tells me these were done today, these were done in the last week, these need to be done in the next 3 weeks, and so on
[17:00:27] dudedudeman: currently, my view is just returning a #
[17:00:29] GaryOak_: gotcha, I'm doing the exact same thing
[17:00:34] dudedudeman: GaryOak_: ooo! nice
[17:00:49] deric_skibotn: has joined #ruby
[17:00:56] abuzze: has joined #ruby
[17:01:26] fabrice31: has joined #ruby
[17:02:00] GaryOak_: I tried making a chainable Sequel wrapper, but Sequel is almost as good, but what I wrote is more domain specific
[17:03:04] wallerdev: has joined #ruby
[17:03:10] io_syl: has joined #ruby
[17:03:59] zotherstupidbot: has joined #ruby
[17:04:15] gustavn: has joined #ruby
[17:04:47] dudedudeman: ah, are you trying to set up something where it shows how often a site was accessed? that kind of stuff?
[17:04:58] Somnium: has joined #ruby
[17:05:59] gustavn: has joined #ruby
[17:06:11] benlieb: has joined #ruby
[17:06:29] arietis: has joined #ruby
[17:06:38] shuber_: has joined #ruby
[17:07:03] gustavn: has left #ruby: ()
[17:08:19] GaryOak_: dudedudeman: nah doing background job stats
[17:09:02] baroquebobcat: has joined #ruby
[17:10:41] haxrbyte: has joined #ruby
[17:10:47] cirn0: has joined #ruby
[17:11:09] ascarter: has joined #ruby
[17:11:14] djbkd: has joined #ruby
[17:11:29] pdoherty: has joined #ruby
[17:11:32] hololeap: jhass: i'm having a hard time just using "include MonitorMixin" in my class. it looks like @mon_mutex isn't getting set when the module is included. any ideas? i updated the code on github
[17:12:04] jhass: hololeap: it adds the methods to your class
[17:12:22] jhass: you just call synchronize, signal etc on self
[17:12:48] iamninja: has joined #ruby
[17:12:54] hololeap: jhass: that's what i'm doing
[17:13:16] jhass: oh, you also have to call super in your constructor then
[17:14:05] jottr_: has joined #ruby
[17:14:21] apeiros: ACTION doesn't like MonitorMixin
[17:14:33] apeiros: I always use Monitor
[17:14:47] apeiros: composition over inheritance
[17:16:11] paulcsmith: has joined #ruby
[17:16:13] apeiros: granted, "always" is an exaggeration. I usually use Mutex, and so far maybe twice replaced Mutex with Monitor when I needed it to be reentrant.
[17:16:34] codeFiend: has joined #ruby
[17:16:37] hololeap: jhass: oh, that makes sense. i forgot that super applied to modules and not just inherited classes
[17:16:46] paulcsmith: has joined #ruby
[17:17:35] hololeap: jhass: that fixed it :)
[17:17:49] Spami: has joined #ruby
[17:18:32] iamjarvo: has joined #ruby
[17:18:34] that1guy: has joined #ruby
[17:18:42] lidenskap: has joined #ruby
[17:19:58] iliketurtles: has joined #ruby
[17:20:39] affenhoden: has joined #ruby
[17:25:44] GriffinHeart: has joined #ruby
[17:25:54] arietis: has joined #ruby
[17:25:58] shock_one: has joined #ruby
[17:30:06] dopie: has joined #ruby
[17:30:07] mikecmpbll: has joined #ruby
[17:30:09] kinduff: has joined #ruby
[17:30:14] cosmicexplorer: has joined #ruby
[17:31:39] paulcsmith: has joined #ruby
[17:33:07] shock_one: has joined #ruby
[17:33:44] hardlin3r: has joined #ruby
[17:35:54] hololeap: anyone know what $` is?
[17:36:09] Freijo: has joined #ruby
[17:36:48] jhass: I can never remember (
[17:36:53] ruboto: jhass # => nil (https://eval.in/368274)
[17:37:15] jhass: The string to the left of the last successful match
[17:37:24] jhass: >> "foo bar".match(/bar); $`
[17:37:25] ruboto: jhass # => /tmp/execpad-9daa278b24de/source-9daa278b24de:2: unterminated regexp meets end of file ...check link for more (https://eval.in/368275)
[17:37:29] websoftwarez: has joined #ruby
[17:37:30] jhass: >> "foo bar".match(/bar/); $`
[17:37:31] ruboto: jhass # => "foo " (https://eval.in/368276)
[17:37:37] jhass: http://ruby-doc.org/core-2.2.2/doc/globals_rdoc.html
[17:38:05] websoftwarez: has joined #ruby
[17:38:09] nobitanobi: has joined #ruby
[17:38:14] hololeap: http://jimneath.org/2010/01/04/cryptic-ruby-global-variables-and-their-meanings.html#_dollar_backtick
[17:38:41] SouL_|_: has joined #ruby
[17:38:46] jhass: well, I did first ;P
[17:40:11] mtakkman: has joined #ruby
[17:40:13] wasamasa: this feature sounds like ruby's match object was outright stolen from emacs
[17:41:49] jhass: I hate people who use the char globals
[17:41:53] jhass: *single char
[17:42:21] codeFiend: has joined #ruby
[17:42:26] DynamicMetaFlow: has joined #ruby
[17:43:10] davispuh: has joined #ruby
[17:43:24] MasterPiece: has joined #ruby
[17:43:49] abuzze: has joined #ruby
[17:45:28] eam: jhass: hey they're two characters
[17:45:30] casadei: has joined #ruby
[17:45:53] jhass: I don't count $ into the significant (=carrying information) name
[17:46:21] eam: on a sort of related subject, guess what the largest $number capture variable is?
[17:46:32] mary5030: has joined #ruby
[17:47:07] apeiros: jhass: it's stored internally with that part too, though
[17:47:29] apeiros: there was a time where you could set instance variables without @. you couldn't access them through syntax.
[17:48:41] apeiros: >> as = Symbol.all_symbols; eval("$foobar = 1"); Symbol.all_symbols-as
[17:48:42] ruboto: apeiros # => [:$foobar] (https://eval.in/368278)
[17:48:47] eam: hey speaking of accessing ivars, is there a more efficient way to store a C structure on an instance than by rb_ivar_get(self, "@thing") ?
[17:48:59] eam: say I want to stash a pointer somewhere
[17:49:01] apeiros: eam: wrap_struct
[17:49:07] apeiros: is the most efficient I think
[17:49:10] eam: apeiros: I'm currently doing https://github.com/eam/ruby-mdbm/blob/master/ext/mdbm/mdbm.c#L67
[17:49:22] eam: and that line is something like 40% of the entire cost of the fetch call
[17:49:39] Ilyes512: has joined #ruby
[17:49:41] apeiros: ok. my knowledge about C interface performance is very very limited
[17:49:52] apeiros: #ruby-core and the ML might be more helpful there
[17:49:58] aswen: has joined #ruby
[17:50:01] that1guy: has joined #ruby
[17:50:14] segfalt: has joined #ruby
[17:50:18] soulcake: has joined #ruby
[17:50:52] neanderslob: has joined #ruby
[17:51:26] balazs: has joined #ruby
[17:52:02] apeiros: eam: it might well be that the rb_iv_get(self, "@db") is the actually expensive part
[17:52:06] spyderman4g63: has joined #ruby
[17:52:14] apeiros: iirc at least until 1.8 that was a hashtable lookup
[17:52:25] eam: I suspect it is
[17:52:50] eam: well, and I think it needs to parse "@db" right?
[17:53:23] eam: I'm wondering if I should maintain my own hashtable of all handles for all instances
[17:53:47] apeiros: I don't think it has to parse "@db"
[17:53:52] apeiros: that's the key in the hash table
[17:54:03] apeiros: it has to hash it
[17:54:37] eam: thought I saw it enter the parser in gdb, might be wrong though
[17:55:18] apeiros: well, I'm just guestimating from thinking about how I'd do it and the tiny parts I remember from 1.8 :)
[17:55:25] apeiros: so take it all with a huge grain of salt
[17:55:30] eam: ah yeah so, it needs to rb_intern() the string into an ID
[17:55:48] eam: I think that might be it
[17:55:50] balazs: Hi, where do people put executables with rubygems that are not ruby, like bash scripts ?
[17:56:22] GaryOak_: balazs: you can put them in a bin directory
[17:56:25] jhass: same as the ones that are ruby
[17:56:55] awer: has joined #ruby
[17:57:19] jottr_: has joined #ruby
[17:57:36] awer: hey all. NEw to Ruby and trying to understand how to put a progress bar onto to blocks of code. any help would be appreciated http://paste.ee/p/xeM1U
[17:57:59] quimrstorres: has joined #ruby
[17:59:05] apeiros: eam: ah yes. all identifiers are interned.
[17:59:35] eam: I think I might be wrong about intern parsing though
[17:59:38] IrishGringo: has joined #ruby
[18:00:53] eam: yeah I'm wrong, just hashes the string
[18:02:06] jhass: awer: https://github.com/jfelchner/ruby-progressbar/wiki/Basic-Usage
[18:02:34] awer: jhass: thanks, thats what ive been looking at
[18:03:06] awer: jhass: im just not sure where to add it...
[18:03:12] jhass: then you might want to try a more specific question
[18:03:24] jhass: whereever you determine how far you are
[18:04:00] Narzew: has joined #ruby
[18:04:28] apakatt: has joined #ruby
[18:04:54] GaryOak_: programming sure has a lot of stuff you have to learn to build a good package
[18:05:12] Beamed: has left #ruby: ()
[18:05:17] awer: jhass: ok, well i have a shell command that is called script1 and another called script2 . then i simply use 'puts' to display their output to the shell. I want the progress of script1 and script2 to be displayed by the mean of the progress bar
[18:05:39] jhass: awer: first question: how to determine their progress?
[18:05:56] jhass: how do you know when it'll finish/how much is done?
[18:05:58] awer: jhass: indeed im not sure of that
[18:06:12] michael_mbp: has joined #ruby
[18:06:14] awer: jhass: how would ruby know?
[18:06:15] jhass: that's what you need to figure out before you can display a progress bar
[18:06:25] jhass: there's no general way
[18:06:31] jhass: it depends on what you run
[18:06:41] awer: im running a nmap script
[18:06:51] awer: so that will always differ in time
[18:07:16] dudedudeman: awer: are you trying to write this outside the scope of a gem?
[18:07:40] Bira: has joined #ruby
[18:08:09] awer: dudedudeman: im trying to write it with the ruby-progressbar gem
[18:08:58] jhass: that gem makes it easy to print one
[18:09:00] jhass: that's all
[18:09:13] jhass: it doesn't magically guess the runtime of arbitrary stuff
[18:09:16] jhass: that's your job
[18:09:23] tjohnson: has joined #ruby
[18:09:27] freerobby: has joined #ruby
[18:10:46] awer: jhass: well maybe it would be better to some how grep out the verbose output of the nmap command. that way i get a time remaining
[18:11:02] jhass: you can do that, sure
[18:11:17] jhass: you might need streaming output for that though, check open3 stdlib
[18:11:59] shock_one: has joined #ruby
[18:12:30] moreno: has joined #ruby
[18:12:31] awer: hmm, it might be more hassle than its worth...
[18:13:04] jhass: you'd need to do some actual coding, yeah
[18:13:08] dudedudeman: the first time you write something is always more hassle than it's worth. :)
[18:13:15] GaryOak_: until you have to do it
[18:13:18] dudedudeman: but, when you do it again in the fture, boom, you'll be faster at it
[18:13:19] balazs: GaryOak: then by bash scripts get that weird wrapper when the project is installed
[18:17:01] baroquebobcat: has joined #ruby
[18:17:10] ascarter: has joined #ruby
[18:17:51] aspiers: has joined #ruby
[18:17:51] TheNet: has joined #ruby
[18:18:07] BTRE: has joined #ruby
[18:18:07] TheNet: is there a good gem to watch a directory for file changes?
[18:19:04] ytti: inotifyrb + 4 lines of code
[18:19:04] TheNet: something like WatchDir.watch('/path') { |path_to_changed_file| puts path_to_changed_file }
[18:19:05] jhass: guard? :P
[18:19:08] gizmore: has joined #ruby
[18:19:09] razrunelord: has joined #ruby
[18:19:50] shock_one: has joined #ruby
[18:19:58] ytti: TheNet, https://github.com/NLNOG/ring-sqa/blob/master/lib/ring/sqa/nodes.rb#L24
[18:20:57] spyderman4g63: has joined #ruby
[18:23:00] crack_user: has joined #ruby
[18:23:37] astrobun_: has joined #ruby
[18:24:51] enebo: has joined #ruby
[18:25:13] bronson: has joined #ruby
[18:25:36] kirun: has joined #ruby
[18:26:09] awer: thanks for your advice guys
[18:26:39] awer: can anyone point me to any good documenetation for learning the basics? i looked at lynda.com looks pretty good?
[18:26:47] ddfreyne: TheNet: guard. If you want to have a more low-level lib, try guard/listen.
[18:28:03] jhass: awer: Chris Pine's learn to program is generally recommended
[18:31:00] shevy: TheNet inotify
[18:31:08] TheNet: Thanks guys
[18:31:10] rbennacer: how can i turn "true" into the bool true
[18:31:13] shevy: https://rubygems.org/gems/rb-inotify/versions/0.9.5
[18:31:33] tuelz: has joined #ruby
[18:32:17] apeiros: rbennacer: "true" == "true"
[18:32:37] TheNet: rbennacer: this probably won't help you but "true" _is_ true already
[18:32:39] banister: has joined #ruby
[18:33:02] apeiros: if you want to allow precisely "true" and "false", I'd probably use case/when: case val; when "true" then true; when "false" then false; else raise; end
[18:33:16] rbennacer: this might work hehehe apeiros
[18:33:16] jenrzzz: has joined #ruby
[18:33:32] apeiros: if you only want "false" to be false and all other true: val != "false"
[18:33:36] jhass: apeiros: not enough true. {"true" => true}["true"]
[18:34:01] banister: has joined #ruby
[18:34:44] apeiros: the raise probably with ArgumentError, %{"true" or "false" expected, got #{val.inspect}:#{val.class}}
[18:35:45] unshadow: has joined #ruby
[18:36:07] tvw: has joined #ruby
[18:36:08] jhass: wait, I can do better; TRUE_LOOKUP = {"true": true}; def lookup_true(maybe_true); TRUE_LOOKUP.fetch(maybe_true) { raise %(expected "true") }; end; lookup_true("true")
[18:36:35] jhass: 10 true. beat it
[18:36:53] apeiros: that's not a competition I want to be in :-p
[18:37:11] commondream: has joined #ruby
[18:37:20] banister: has joined #ruby
[18:37:30] adaedra: What the hell
[18:37:32] jhass: you're not true enough?
[18:38:12] wookiehangover: has joined #ruby
[18:38:19] shevy: you guys are now false
[18:38:55] adaedra: def shevy; false; end
[18:41:18] apeiros: shevy missed the opportunity to say "this is so false"
[18:41:38] adaedra: this is so true
[18:43:56] ruboto: Fluent # => false (https://eval.in/368288)
[18:44:22] jhass: >> class TrueClass; def !; true; end; !!()
[18:44:23] ruboto: jhass # => /tmp/execpad-018a5843f164/source-018a5843f164:7: syntax error, unexpected end-of-input, expecting ke ...check link for more (https://eval.in/368289)
[18:44:32] jhass: >> class TrueClass; def !; true; end; end; !!()
[18:44:33] ruboto: jhass # => true (https://eval.in/368290)
[18:45:25] jhass: but good catch, !!"true" indeed turns "true" into true
[18:45:35] adaedra: >> def true.inspect; "false"; end; true
[18:45:36] ruboto: adaedra # => false (https://eval.in/368291)
[18:45:49] Fluent: teehee, ty
[18:46:27] apeiros: jhass: your first code ended badly???
[18:46:36] adaedra: I thought !! was considered by stype
[18:46:56] apeiros: there have been opponents of !!
[18:47:08] jhass: count me one of them
[18:47:14] doodlehaus: has joined #ruby
[18:47:15] apeiros: I was not one of them. but since ! has become a method, I switched to ternary if I don't want to leak internals.
[18:47:59] apeiros: jhass: what was/is your solution? most !! opponents were proponents of leaking internals if memory serves right
[18:48:18] jhass: yeah, I think I don't have much of an issue with that
[18:48:47] apeiros: I don't care much what way is used to convert to true/false. but I'm an opponent of leaking internals :)
[18:48:54] jhass: I find !! unclear, I don't mind the method call actually
[18:49:13] apeiros: a) because you might accidentally leak memory (large return value is stored somewhere as truthy value)
[18:49:39] apeiros: b) because (by observation) people don't read docs. they try methods. and they'll rely on your method returning those internals.
[18:50:06] apeiros: (though, I'm somewhat in the camp of "fuck them, if they don't read docs it's their own damn fault")
[18:50:11] postmodern: has joined #ruby
[18:50:15] apeiros: (for b) that is)
[18:50:18] tuelz: has joined #ruby
[18:50:21] fabrice31: has joined #ruby
[18:50:27] apeiros: i.e., a) is more of a concern to me :)
[18:50:45] jhass: also people relying on the return value of a predicate in another way than for truthiness deserve the issues
[18:50:58] aswen: has joined #ruby
[18:50:59] wpp: has joined #ruby
[18:51:05] jhass: memory leak might be valid, didn't think much about it
[18:51:06] StephenOTT: has joined #ruby
[18:51:11] speakingcode: has joined #ruby
[18:51:11] spyderman4g63: has joined #ruby
[18:51:42] Fluent: I sure know how to spark conversation
[18:51:47] shuber_: has joined #ruby
[18:52:00] spyderman4g63: has joined #ruby
[18:52:00] adaedra: Fluent: rather cat or dog?
[18:52:09] apeiros: Fluent: we're tinder
[18:52:16] wpp: has joined #ruby
[18:52:23] jhass: I think most of my predicates end up being something like @x == :foo or @x.nil? or @x with @x being true or false already
[18:52:38] Narzew: It is separate channel for RoR development ?
[18:52:49] jhass: Narzew: yes, #RubyOnRails
[18:52:52] apeiros: I really miss attr_query or whatever you want to name it
[18:52:58] shevy: jhass I just googled for "linux desktop environments"
[18:53:03] shevy: jhass and the first result is https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Desktop_environment
[18:53:06] apeiros: which would generate a ? method too
[18:53:28] shevy: perhaps there comes the day when I won't need to search for stuff and instead directly jump to the arch wiki
[18:53:38] jhass: apeiros: crystal has :P getter?
[18:54:00] jhass: shevy: valid mode of operation :P
[18:55:41] shevy: yeah apeiros
[18:55:44] shevy: you know what
[18:55:48] shevy: <jhass> apeiros: crystal has :P getter?
[18:55:54] shevy: I'm gonna file an issue request because of that now
[18:56:24] apeiros: shevy: ask for attr_* with :foo? to create foo and foo?
[18:57:07] dudedudeman: does anyone know if i can point puma to a specific IP address, and not just a port?
[18:57:08] mary5030: has joined #ruby
[18:57:09] apeiros: e.g. attr_reader :foo? -> foo? // attr_accessor :foo? -> foo= + foo? // all with @foo of course. and foo? returning true/false.
[18:57:24] shevy: apeiros I see, ok
[18:57:33] apeiros: dudedudeman: you mean bind it to one local address? I think so, yes
[18:57:47] that1guy: has joined #ruby
[18:57:55] apeiros: how to do it depends on how you start/use puma
[18:57:59] baroquebobcat: has joined #ruby
[18:58:05] d5sx43: has joined #ruby
[18:58:21] bluOxigen: has left #ruby: ()
[18:58:43] PaulCapestany: has joined #ruby
[18:59:06] jhass: doesn't -b take a socket tuple?
[19:00:00] adaedra: it takes a uri
[19:00:06] adaedra: like tcp://
[19:00:13] jhass: ah, right
[19:00:34] adaedra: mmh, does it means it can do HTTP over UDP
[19:00:48] dudedudeman: i understand osme of these words
[19:02:19] sandelius: has joined #ruby
[19:02:40] jhass: ERROR: Invalid URI: udp://localhost:3000
[19:02:50] Zai00: has joined #ruby
[19:03:06] dudedudeman: ..... it would help if i had my config/puma.rb setup to use the port i actually wanted it to use. .. >_>
[19:03:44] turtil: has joined #ruby
[19:03:45] beneggett: has joined #ruby
[19:03:48] jhass: production btw? consider a unix socket
[19:04:22] dudedudeman: oh, well, yes 'production' for all of 3 people to use
[19:04:27] Fluent: >> $><<$<.read
[19:04:28] ruboto: Fluent # => #<IO:<STDOUT>> (https://eval.in/368294)
[19:04:34] Fluent: Hmph, coo
[19:05:26] serivich: has joined #ruby
[19:05:58] kenneth: has joined #ruby
[19:06:41] brb3: has joined #ruby
[19:07:56] davispuh: has joined #ruby
[19:09:06] kenneth: has joined #ruby
[19:09:30] Mezjin: has joined #ruby
[19:10:26] shevy: dudedudeman you are working on something lazy in code?
[19:12:56] kenneth: has joined #ruby
[19:13:45] marr: has joined #ruby
[19:14:28] lictor36: has joined #ruby
[19:17:25] russt: has joined #ruby
[19:17:34] baweaver: has joined #ruby
[19:18:42] baweaver: has joined #ruby
[19:21:17] freestyl3r: has left #ruby: ("WeeChat 1.2")
[19:21:46] baweaver_: has joined #ruby
[19:22:50] gusrub: has joined #ruby
[19:23:21] JoshGlzBrk: has joined #ruby
[19:23:44] dudedudeman: lazy in code? shevy
[19:25:02] invinceable: has joined #ruby
[19:25:06] mengu: has joined #ruby
[19:25:06] mengu: has joined #ruby
[19:25:38] kenneth: has joined #ruby
[19:25:41] shevy: something lazy
[19:25:43] shevy: it fits the dude
[19:25:47] shevy: what are you coding?
[19:25:54] bmalum: has joined #ruby
[19:27:10] nobitanobi: has joined #ruby
[19:27:14] dudedudeman: oh oh, it's the same app i've been working on, but i'm currently working on getting it hosted at a server at work
[19:27:25] invinceable: has joined #ruby
[19:27:27] shevy: you are "working" on something ...
[19:27:34] shevy: this is so totally un-dude man
[19:27:35] jtdowney: has joined #ruby
[19:27:38] Nowaker: has joined #ruby
[19:27:43] dudedudeman: i'm lazying on something. how about that
[19:28:16] wpp: hello! Can someone help me debug a tcp related issue with rubygems?
[19:28:32] horsecowdog: has joined #ruby
[19:28:37] n008f4g_: has joined #ruby
[19:28:54] invinceable: has joined #ruby
[19:28:55] wpp: I even have wireshark traces and all...
[19:28:56] _5moufl: has joined #ruby
[19:29:07] baweaver: always busy, always building
[19:29:21] shevy: busy beaver
[19:29:37] wpp: (I know this is not strictly ruby related but #rubygems seems rather empty at this time)
[19:29:39] adaedra: jhass: yeah, doubted it too, and not really usable...
[19:29:43] gizmore: has joined #ruby
[19:29:47] shevy: wpp dunno if anyone can but you could try to make a pastie with all necessary info
[19:29:50] invinceable: has joined #ruby
[19:29:57] shevy: then perhaps someone from those who'll look at it, can figure out what is happening
[19:29:59] invinceable: has left #ruby: ()
[19:30:11] avelldiroll: has joined #ruby
[19:30:40] dudedudeman: make a gisty, not a pastie
[19:30:46] invinceable: has joined #ruby
[19:30:47] apeiros: has joined #ruby
[19:31:48] wpp: 5mins, thx
[19:32:27] shevy: well whatever he wants, as long as he conveys the info somehow!
[19:33:41] yaw: has joined #ruby
[19:34:32] shevy: https://www.kde.org/workspaces/plasmadesktop/
[19:34:40] shevy: "Widget layouts, desktop appearance, default settings and even branding can be set up with simple scripts written in Javascript."
[19:34:45] shevy: javascript everywhere...
[19:34:54] wpp: ok basically summarized what I've written in #rubygems https://gist.github.com/wpp/286607220876d553d365
[19:35:11] wpp: that way I don't spam here. thanks for taking a look!
[19:35:59] kadoppe: has joined #ruby
[19:36:19] replay: has joined #ruby
[19:36:38] tuelz: has joined #ruby
[19:37:07] mary5030: has joined #ruby
[19:37:20] dudedudeman: man, is #ruby-lang really that dead?
[19:37:49] psy: has joined #ruby
[19:37:53] weaksauce: wpp do you have a restrictive firewall at work?
[19:38:12] shevy: dudedudeman we took over the momentum here :>
[19:38:30] shevy: now that is one detailed gisty
[19:38:41] dudedudeman: yes, i am very impressed
[19:39:04] wpp: weaksauce no (and it worked the weeks before)
[19:39:18] mary5030: has joined #ruby
[19:39:19] wpp: weaksauce started noticing the issue on monday, tuesday...
[19:39:22] weaksauce: I just curled your link and it gave a 302 moved
[19:40:06] wpp: weaksauce yeah thats what I get with my "regular" network, aka LTE router at home
[19:40:22] wpp: weaksauce we also tried another LTE router @work and that worked fine also
[19:40:47] weaksauce: what kind of router do you have at work?
[19:40:58] bootstrappm: has joined #ruby
[19:42:13] mary5030_: has joined #ruby
[19:43:48] wpp: weaksauce sry, afk: dont know from the top of my head.
[19:43:49] lidenskap: has joined #ruby
[19:44:32] wpp: weaksauce think that might be the issue? that would be weird since it worked last week...
[19:44:49] weaksauce: things change on their side?
[19:45:28] weaksauce: perhaps it wasn't 302 redirecting before and the router doesn't handle it well but the issue didn't show up because it wasn't redirecting.
[19:45:30] dopie: has joined #ruby
[19:45:40] jhass: wpp: maybe just to rule out things, same behavior on port 80?
[19:45:50] ascarter: has joined #ruby
[19:46:18] weaksauce: wpp I just did 80 and it worked the same if you want to test that
[19:46:24] shock_one: has joined #ruby
[19:46:43] crdpink: has joined #ruby
[19:47:37] ascarter: has joined #ruby
[19:48:01] wpp: jhass weaksauce I'm currently @home so I can't test till tmrw. I've just loaded the dump from earlier today into wireshark.
[19:48:38] jhass: wpp: traceroute (also continous one via mtr) might be interesting too
[19:48:56] jhass: might very well be an issue with your ISP or one of the transit ISPs
[19:49:28] wpp: jhass mhm we previously had issues with route to aws. (but fixed that with the mentioned mtu setting)
[19:49:53] jhass: well, that sounds like a workaround and less like a solution tbh :)
[19:50:43] jhass: if some router in the path is so aggressive to reject pretty standard mtu's, who knows what else it's up to
[19:50:50] wpp: haha yes. but it helped narrow the problem down
[19:52:26] Juanchito: has joined #ruby
[19:52:26] shuber_: has joined #ruby
[19:52:41] DynamicMetaFlow: has joined #ruby
[19:53:13] DynamicMetaFlow: has joined #ruby
[19:54:07] ReinH: has joined #ruby
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[19:58:28] kenneth: has joined #ruby
[20:01:14] shuber_: has joined #ruby
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[20:01:51] Brozo: has joined #ruby
[20:02:16] ducklobster: has joined #ruby
[20:03:09] Morrolan: has joined #ruby
[20:04:02] wpp: anyways thanks jhass weaksauce As I'm currently not able to reproduce it I'll just hit the bed. have a great day!
[20:04:10] ducklobster: has joined #ruby
[20:04:54] eam: wpp: you should be able to replicate issues with PMTUD if you suspect it
[20:06:01] jhass: too slow ;)
[20:06:41] sanguisdex: has joined #ruby
[20:07:18] jespada: has joined #ruby
[20:07:25] jmignault: has joined #ruby
[20:08:13] kinduff: has joined #ruby
[20:08:42] baweaver: has joined #ruby
[20:10:38] freerobby: has joined #ruby
[20:10:54] sent1nel: has joined #ruby
[20:12:16] sts: has joined #ruby
[20:13:18] sts: hello! does anyone know where I can find documentation about the rake DSL? Currently interested in what 'task :foo do |f| f.prerequisites' does.
[20:13:25] enebo: has joined #ruby
[20:13:36] sanguisdex: has joined #ruby
[20:14:00] jhass: sts: http://www.rubydoc.info/gems/rake
[20:14:37] TheMoonMaster: has joined #ruby
[20:14:42] P1RATEZ: has joined #ruby
[20:15:02] Jarboe: has joined #ruby
[20:15:05] renanoronfle: has joined #ruby
[20:16:40] Narzew: has joined #ruby
[20:17:16] icebourg: has joined #ruby
[20:20:03] wallerdev: has joined #ruby
[20:20:32] spyderman4g63: has joined #ruby
[20:21:51] jgt: has joined #ruby
[20:21:55] jgt: hey folks
[20:22:29] jgt: is there a way to make a pass at a file, figure out all the constants, and see which need to be `require`d in order to not throw an Uninitialized Constant?
[20:23:17] Cust0sLim3n: has joined #ruby
[20:23:31] spyderma_: has joined #ruby
[20:24:12] apeiros: jgt: my smell-alarm clocks are ringing
[20:24:27] jgt: I know??? I know???
[20:24:31] apeiros: jgt: you can parse the file and find all literal constants. this won't cover dynamic contants.
[20:24:48] apeiros: parsers exist aplenty.
[20:24:59] apeiros: e.g. http://rubygems.org/gems/parser
[20:25:20] haxrbyte_: has joined #ruby
[20:25:24] apeiros: but seriously, reconsider what you're doing :-p
[20:25:43] Freijo: has joined #ruby
[20:25:44] jhass: ripper should suffice for that, no?
[20:26:08] jhass: http://ruby-doc.org/stdlib-2.2.2/libdoc/ripper/rdoc/Ripper.html
[20:26:09] mjuszczak: has joined #ruby
[20:26:10] apeiros: I hear ripper has troubles. but it might, yes.
[20:26:25] bootstrappm: that sounds like autoload behavior jgt
[20:26:27] shevy: ripper has troubles
[20:26:42] jhass: just make sure you assign the instance to a local named jack and all will be fine
[20:26:48] bootstrappm: http://www.rubyinside.com/ruby-techniques-revealed-autoload-1652.html
[20:27:10] bootstrappm: morning all btw
[20:27:14] centrx: has joined #ruby
[20:27:16] jmhmccr: has joined #ruby
[20:27:34] sts: hm. is there a way to trace why a task was called in rake?
[20:27:47] swgillespie: has joined #ruby
[20:27:49] sts: or in which context it was called?
[20:27:56] duderonomy: has joined #ruby
[20:28:17] pdoherty: has joined #ruby
[20:28:22] jhass: doubt it, why would you need that?
[20:29:09] jhass: or you mean just for debugging?
[20:29:20] jhass: if the later, just invoke rake with --trace
[20:30:06] nateberkopec: has joined #ruby
[20:30:29] mjuszczak: has joined #ruby
[20:30:48] longfeet: has joined #ruby
[20:30:51] sts: jhass: the thing is i defined a file task, which is beeing called twice and I have no idea why.
[20:31:11] jhass: then try --trace
[20:31:51] vivekananda: has joined #ruby
[20:32:56] iliketurtles: has joined #ruby
[20:33:01] sts: jhass: that doesn't show anything.. https://gist.github.com/sts/4d65cc39f17af0a4f665
[20:33:24] cubesandcode: has joined #ruby
[20:34:15] jhass: is your task maybe defined twice?
[20:34:42] jhass: note that task :foo do puts "a"; end; task :foo do; puts "b"; end; will print both, a and b
[20:34:59] sanguisdex: has left #ruby: ()
[20:36:02] bootstrappm: hey sts that doesn't look like Rake is invoking it twice
[20:36:12] bootstrappm: that looks like its invoking it once and your task does those operations twice
[20:36:18] bootstrappm: the ones tha produce the output
[20:36:32] replay: has joined #ruby
[20:36:36] shock_one: has joined #ruby
[20:36:49] kuroro2: has joined #ruby
[20:36:58] kuroro2: /mode $me +x
[20:37:22] mordocai: has joined #ruby
[20:37:44] sts: bootstrappm: I don't know how it could execute it twice ... https://gist.github.com/sts/921459a2790f78dcb3db
[20:38:18] Psy-Q: has joined #ruby
[20:38:33] jgt: ah, found a better approach for my autoloading thing :)
[20:38:47] jgt: what I really wanted was to load all files under some dir
[20:38:55] jgt: made it work with Dir[File.expand_path('../../import/*.rb', __FILE__)].each(&method(:require))
[20:39:12] fabrice31: has joined #ruby
[20:40:15] kenneth: has joined #ruby
[20:40:19] Hanmac: jgt but beware! Dir[] is not sorted so you cant trust the order of the files
[20:40:24] bootstrappm: sts I'd take a look at the output of that FileList dependency
[20:41:20] saintcajetan: has joined #ruby
[20:43:03] jonatin: has joined #ruby
[20:43:37] Igorshp: has joined #ruby
[20:43:57] bootstrappm: jgt did you take a look at the autoloading link? because loading all the files in a dir isn't really related to loading just the constants you're gonna use ...
[20:44:09] sts: bootstrappm: did a pp FIleList[... inside that file task. https://gist.github.com/sts/e4479f187918d634a585
[20:44:13] Brozo: has joined #ruby
[20:44:48] apakatt: has joined #ruby
[20:45:03] bootstrappm: odd indeed sts, I'm gonna take a look at how file tasks are defined and see whatsup
[20:45:18] Synthbread: has joined #ruby
[20:45:29] snockerton1: has joined #ruby
[20:45:33] ismaelga: has joined #ruby
[20:45:37] jhass: sts: are you sure that the file isn't loaded twice by rake for some strange reason?
[20:45:48] iasoon: has joined #ruby
[20:45:48] jhass: try a puts "hey" at the toplevel
[20:48:20] djbkd: has joined #ruby
[20:48:38] jgt: bootstrappm: In this case, I know the constants I wanted to load and the constants in the files under that dir match 1:1
[20:48:58] jgt: hanmac: Thanks, I didn???t know that. I think I???m safe in this case though :)
[20:49:24] sts: or crap. yes it is jhass
[20:49:39] ascarter: has joined #ruby
[20:50:03] vikaton: has joined #ruby
[20:50:43] orion: has joined #ruby
[20:50:47] sts: bootstrappm: thanks too :)
[20:51:06] orion: Hi. If I have a Ruby application sitting behind a load balancer, is it better to collect HTTP logs from the LB or directly from the application?
[20:51:09] tuelz: has joined #ruby
[20:51:19] orion: It *seems* inconsequential to me.
[20:51:26] ascarter: has joined #ruby
[20:52:26] Hanmac: jgt: i for my self does prefer to have require_relative between the files so each of them only does require what they need
[20:52:33] sts: orion: you will probably want to log at the webservers running on you application servers, if so.
[20:52:59] orion: sts: Why?
[20:53:05] sts: orion: if its a lb -> (nginx?) -> app stack
[20:53:20] baweaver: has joined #ruby
[20:53:24] d5sx43: has joined #ruby
[20:53:35] eam: orion: likely both, logging at every point is useful
[20:53:43] orion: But that'll double my storage costs.
[20:53:47] eam: orion: the importance of each depends on the type of load balancer
[20:53:56] sts: orion: you will want to know where each request landed, and it will probably be easier to debug. consider requests which accidently bypass the LB..
[20:54:07] baweaver: has joined #ruby
[20:54:14] waxjar: orion: keep in mind that if you're interested in IPs, they might very well all be your load balancer's IP if you log from your application
[20:55:23] eam: "double my storage costs" <-- your logfile size shouldn't be significant
[20:55:27] jhass: unless your app logs all the X-Forwarded-For variants
[20:56:05] sts: waxjar: depends on the webserver configuration (X-Forwarded-For, mod_rpaf, mod real ip)..
[20:56:09] orion: Well, let's assume the LB sets X-Forwarded-For and X-Real-IP.
[20:56:41] rbennacer: has joined #ruby
[20:56:51] sts: orion: then you are able to use Nginx mod RealIP..
[20:56:57] sts: orion: to log the correct ip
[20:56:58] waxjar: sts: sure, just a heads up :)
[20:57:06] sts: waxjar: ;
[20:57:23] multi_io: has joined #ruby
[20:58:23] balazs: has joined #ruby
[20:58:36] orion: sts: Sure, but we have centralized logging. Which logs should ultimately get sent to logstash? The Ruby application's HTTP logs or nginx's logs?
[20:58:43] orion: Is there a reason to prefer one over the other?
[20:59:17] eam: log any system which you consider critical and will want to fix when it inevitably fails
[20:59:22] bootstrappm: yeah centralized logging is definitely the way to go. Don't want to be logging into all those server just to see whats up
[20:59:23] sts: orion: i'd send the nginx logs + also log them locally
[20:59:51] bootstrappm: and if your app is setup smoothly orion the app's logs are more important
[21:00:03] bootstrappm: in my experience once you have your nginx / apache set there's no code you can push that can really mess it up too bad
[21:00:15] commondream: has joined #ruby
[21:00:29] bootstrappm: if you start fiddling w/ caching or headers or something you'll need to turn nginx / apache logging on and send it somewhere to have visibility into what you're doing
[21:00:51] bootstrappm: but if you just set it and forget it you shouldn't be looking into the webserver logs too much
[21:01:00] bootstrappm: all your 500s will show up in the ruby apps logs
[21:01:10] cirn0: has joined #ruby
[21:01:48] icebourg: has joined #ruby
[21:02:21] sts: orion: what does your stack look like?
[21:02:24] bootstrappm: but if you're looking to be safe I'd log them and send them somewhere anyway. Maybe not logstash where storage is expensive ... but local logging + a cron that sends the files to s3 would be being safe
[21:03:18] swgillespie: has joined #ruby
[21:03:24] orion: sts: nginx -> application -> ...
[21:04:15] duderonomy: has joined #ruby
[21:06:48] A205B064: has joined #ruby
[21:07:33] sanguisdex: has joined #ruby
[21:08:17] turtil: has joined #ruby
[21:08:57] awer_: has joined #ruby
[21:10:59] d5sx43: has joined #ruby
[21:12:00] kenneth: has joined #ruby
[21:12:34] TheNet: has joined #ruby
[21:13:21] spider-mario: has joined #ruby
[21:13:47] cubesandcode: Is this a good guide for installing ruby/rails, command line tools, and homebrew? http://www.moncefbelyamani.com/how-to-install-xcode-homebrew-git-rvm-ruby-on-mac/
[21:13:52] ascarter: has joined #ruby
[21:14:00] cubesandcode: I'm not good with command line suff so I'm afraid of messing something up
[21:14:17] duderonomy: has joined #ruby
[21:14:56] Scripore: has joined #ruby
[21:15:01] adaedra: install brew
[21:15:12] adaedra: brew install rbenv, brew install ruby-build
[21:15:27] konsolebox: has joined #ruby
[21:15:31] adaedra: eval "$(rbenv init -)"
[21:15:34] adaedra: gem install rails
[21:15:47] adaedra: ah, I forget rbenv install [version]
[21:16:13] jhass: adaedra: what do you like about rbenv over rvm/chruby?
[21:16:15] konsolebox: has joined #ruby
[21:16:17] cubesandcode: so do you not need command line tools for xcode to do that
[21:16:18] redlegion: has joined #ruby
[21:16:28] adaedra: cubesandcode: oh yes you do, for brew
[21:16:44] adaedra: jhass: it's a simple shell script that just works
[21:16:52] adaedra: I find rvm too much and too complicated
[21:16:52] edwinvdgraaf: has joined #ruby
[21:17:15] konsolebox: has joined #ruby
[21:17:32] jhass: dunno, rbenv is quite big
[21:17:47] adaedra: never tried chruby
[21:17:56] jhass: with that argument chruby would be better for you :P
[21:18:11] jhass: that really is a simple shell script
[21:18:11] adaedra: I didn't like rvm that much, changed to rbenv, liked it, never changed again
[21:18:17] GaryOak_: rvm gets bad when you are trying to understand what is happening
[21:18:19] jhass: about as long as rbenvs init command
[21:18:28] konsolebox: has joined #ruby
[21:18:38] shevy: jhass what webserver do you use locally?
[21:18:53] adaedra: rvm is like a squid putting its tentacles everywhere in my shell
[21:18:53] jhass: shevy: for dev?
[21:19:28] konsolebox: has joined #ruby
[21:19:32] shevy: jhass yeah. not sure if you also run local pages - I use lighttpd for my local knowledgebase for instance
[21:19:35] orion: has left #ruby: ()
[21:19:43] adaedra: cubesandcode: install xcode from app store, run it once, it should be ok
[21:19:54] shevy: huh ... never heard of that before
[21:20:05] jhass: I do things like ruby -run -e'httpd' . if I need to serve a bunch of files from a dir
[21:20:25] jhass: it's a simple reverse proxy
[21:20:45] adaedra: cubesandcode: but yeah, begin by learning how to act with brew
[21:20:45] jhass: I also have my recursor answer all queries for *.dev with
[21:21:00] nobitanobi: has joined #ruby
[21:21:10] jhass: so I say boxcars point foo.dev to port 3000 please
[21:21:14] jhass: and open foo.dev
[21:21:29] konsolebox: has joined #ruby
[21:21:54] jhass: allows different sessions to the same server in the same browser and things like that
[21:22:21] konsolebox: has joined #ruby
[21:22:24] P1RATEZ: has joined #ruby
[21:22:55] e1nh4nd3r: has joined #ruby
[21:22:55] cubesandcode: I just installed homebrew and when I ran 'brew doctor' I had some errors appear
[21:22:58] cubesandcode: http://i.imgur.com/861uVXu.png
[21:23:09] cubesandcode: Did I mess up in someway
[21:23:14] kenneth: has joined #ruby
[21:23:39] konsolebox: has joined #ruby
[21:23:47] jhass: did you read the initial note?
[21:24:17] bigkevmcd: has joined #ruby
[21:24:30] cubesandcode: yeah, I'm just not sure if these things are going to affect anything
[21:24:45] jhass: worry if something doesn't work
[21:24:58] konsolebox: has joined #ruby
[21:25:16] jhass: shevy: https://github.com/azer/boxcars if you didn't find it
[21:26:07] baweaver_: has joined #ruby
[21:26:15] konsolebox: has joined #ruby
[21:26:26] jaequery: has joined #ruby
[21:26:32] towski_: has joined #ruby
[21:28:36] einarj: has joined #ruby
[21:29:02] havenwood: has joined #ruby
[21:29:09] beneggett: has joined #ruby
[21:30:00] baweaver: has joined #ruby
[21:30:40] Scripore: has joined #ruby
[21:30:43] ta: has joined #ruby
[21:30:48] dopie: has joined #ruby
[21:33:46] baweaver: has joined #ruby
[21:34:23] zotherstupidbot: has joined #ruby
[21:35:04] horsecowdog: has joined #ruby
[21:36:01] arietis: has joined #ruby
[21:36:20] cubesandcode: adaedra: When I do eval "$(rbenv init -)" nothing happens
[21:37:41] kriskropd: has joined #ruby
[21:39:25] Igorshp: has joined #ruby
[21:40:53] rodferso1: has joined #ruby
[21:41:02] jhass: I doubt it's supposed to produce any output
[21:41:18] cubesandcode: oh okay thanks then
[21:44:11] wolflee: has joined #ruby
[21:45:07] mary5030: has joined #ruby
[21:48:38] duderonomy: has joined #ruby
[21:49:11] Scripore: has joined #ruby
[21:51:39] shevy: has joined #ruby
[21:52:50] kinduff: has joined #ruby
[21:54:26] apeiros: evening kinduff
[21:55:06] mrchris: has joined #ruby
[21:55:15] Xiti: has joined #ruby
[21:56:00] shevy: MORNING!!!
[21:56:15] yaw: has joined #ruby
[21:58:21] jhass: apeiros: we need a new channel rule
[21:58:33] jhass: "The timezone of this channel is UGT"
[21:58:44] apeiros: universally grue time?
[21:58:50] shuber_: has joined #ruby
[21:59:06] jhass: you don't know UGT? :o
[21:59:07] apeiros: it shall be law that the time in this channel is always noon.
[21:59:19] jhass: http://www.total-knowledge.com/~ilya/mips/ugt.html
[21:59:21] shevy: universal godzilla time
[21:59:32] apeiros: nope, I didn't know ugt
[21:59:49] Hijiri: has joined #ruby
[22:00:20] apeiros: hehehe, I love this: "Now, instead of spending time figuring out what time of day is it for every member of the channel, we spend time explaining newcomers benefits of UGT."
[22:00:27] codepete: has joined #ruby
[22:00:34] bootstrappm: jajaja that's great
[22:01:10] shevy: what is UGT
[22:01:25] apeiros: shevy: see link above
[22:01:27] shevy: ACTION is a newcomer.
[22:01:51] shevy: "UGT (abbr.): Universal Greeting Time."
[22:01:58] shevy: is this like Mr. Spock and the spock sign?
[22:02:30] bootstrappm: i didn't click the link at first and was about to go on believing Godzilla and noon :(
[22:02:53] shevy: the truth is often much more boring than fiction :(
[22:02:57] shevy: that's why we like movies
[22:03:04] bootstrappm: i think UGTs good though, I use it since somebody in #debian yelled at me once i think
[22:03:10] shevy: save for those with too much cgi effects
[22:03:23] shevy: damn #debian
[22:03:26] bootstrappm: i greeted y'all at like 1pm today but 'twas morning indeed
[22:03:26] shevy: our old nemesis
[22:03:32] shevy: dpkg is perl!!!
[22:03:40] bootstrappm: they're quite mean from my short time there
[22:03:41] iliketurtles: has joined #ruby
[22:03:48] bootstrappm: made me go for elementaryOS instead
[22:03:57] jhass: shevy: explains why it's so slow
[22:04:50] shevy: dpkg is semi-ok; what annoys me is, when I have more than one tab in a terminal, and in one terminal I do apt-get install something
[22:05:00] shevy: I have to wait in the other tabs until that one is finished, as the "resource is locked" :(
[22:05:28] shevy: so if I install something big like kde, it's thumb twiddling time until that one has finished...
[22:06:28] insidious: has joined #ruby
[22:06:49] jhass: mmh, is there any that allows concurrent installs?
[22:07:31] shevy: dunno... I googled, they say I could force-install stuff but it might break things
[22:07:38] shevy: then I just went to do something else and returned when it was finished...
[22:08:04] shevy: I should use arch, shouldn't I?
[22:08:44] shevy: I usually look for DVD downloads so I don't have to install much lateron
[22:08:59] pdoherty: has joined #ruby
[22:11:14] swgillespie: has joined #ruby
[22:11:57] ascarter: has joined #ruby
[22:12:03] nobitanobi: has joined #ruby
[22:12:23] FernandoBasso: has joined #ruby
[22:13:19] coolfool: has joined #ruby
[22:14:46] balazs: has joined #ruby
[22:14:48] edwinvdg_: has joined #ruby
[22:14:51] wildroman2: has joined #ruby
[22:14:56] blackmesa: has joined #ruby
[22:15:12] AntKnee: has joined #ruby
[22:15:30] kinduff: having a hard time move some records to the beginning of an active record relationship
[22:16:00] kinduff: records = Record.all
[22:16:00] kinduff: selected = [Record.find(1), Record.find(5), Record.find(10)].map{|record| records.index(record) }
[22:16:11] adaedra: cubesandcode: sorry, wasn't there
[22:16:13] kinduff: selected.reverse.each{|s| records.insert(1, records.delete_at(s)) }
[22:16:28] cubesandcode: adaedra: No worries, I think everything installed well
[22:16:31] kinduff: but there's not delete_at method for ar relationship
[22:16:37] adaedra: cubesandcode: cool!
[22:16:48] commondream: has joined #ruby
[22:16:54] adaedra: jhass: why your question, by the way? Is there a problem with rbenv?
[22:17:16] mfonda: has joined #ruby
[22:17:21] jhass: I don't like that it breaks the .ruby-version contract RVM and chruby provide
[22:18:14] jhass: yeah, doesn't allow non-specific versions
[22:18:19] mfonda: how to configure where gem fetches packages from? or more specificall, how to reset this to whatever the default is?
[22:18:23] jhass: like 2.2 to get the latest 2.2 available
[22:19:06] serivich: has joined #ruby
[22:19:16] jhass: mfonda: check gem env, if it's changed, that's most like in ~/.gemrc or /etc/gemrc
[22:19:30] adaedra: I'll look at chruby one day then
[22:21:06] lidenskap: has joined #ruby
[22:21:15] baweaver: has joined #ruby
[22:21:21] awer: has joined #ruby
[22:21:45] e1nh4nd3r: has joined #ruby
[22:21:47] mfonda: jhass: thanks. yeah looks like it's changed in ~/.gemrc. What's the standard source to use?
[22:22:34] jhass: https://rubygems.org (which it should use if you specify none there)
[22:22:55] mfonda: jhass: thanks!
[22:23:49] TateBubok: has joined #ruby
[22:23:50] Alina-malina: has joined #ruby
[22:24:05] crack_user: has joined #ruby
[22:27:35] A124: has joined #ruby
[22:27:52] fabrice31: has joined #ruby
[22:27:53] commondream: has joined #ruby
[22:27:57] mfonda: has left #ruby: ()
[22:29:51] C1V0: has joined #ruby
[22:30:04] Aeyrix: FB messenger broken for anyone else?
[22:30:42] Maletor: has joined #ruby
[22:31:13] wallerdev: works for me
[22:31:29] cubesandcode: prob a stupid question but i have both rvm and rbenv installed, that wont be an issue right
[22:31:55] Mia: has joined #ruby
[22:31:55] Mia: has joined #ruby
[22:32:00] Aeyrix: wallerdev where are you based!?
[22:32:06] Aeyrix: Wow no need for!
[22:32:06] baweaver: have you ever mixed water and sodium?
[22:32:10] Aeyrix: My phone is moronic
[22:32:24] cirn0: has joined #ruby
[22:32:25] wallerdev: using the iphone app
[22:32:27] baweaver: Oh hey, another bay area person
[22:32:38] Aeyrix: Australia here. Maybe the bit of the internet that flips the bits upside down is broken.
[22:32:46] wallerdev: makes sense
[22:32:47] _havenn: has joined #ruby
[22:32:56] wallerdev: can you not connect at all?
[22:32:58] Igorshp: has joined #ruby
[22:33:02] wallerdev: or just messages dont go through
[22:33:06] Aeyrix: It tells me it's waiting on my network.
[22:33:20] wallerdev: maybe they blocked facebook in australia
[22:33:21] baweaver: wallerdev: where at?
[22:33:31] Aeyrix: FB works. Messenger doesn't.
[22:33:33] wallerdev: what do you mean where at
[22:33:39] wallerdev: im at 6th and market right now haha
[22:33:40] baweaver: job wise over here
[22:33:45] edwinvdg_: has joined #ruby
[22:33:48] bkxd: has joined #ruby
[22:33:49] commondream: has joined #ruby
[22:33:51] baweaver: Normally around 2nd and Harrison
[22:33:51] eam: "how far along market are you"
[22:35:08] wallerdev: i actually just got a recruiter trying to hire me for a place over there, well south park area
[22:35:20] adaedra: cubesandcode: not a good idea imo.
[22:35:28] Aeyrix: I had the same reaction when I found I work like 5min from R@dar.
[22:35:33] cubesandcode: adaedra: should i uninstall one?
[22:35:33] adaedra: They both do the same thing, use either rvm on rbenv.
[22:35:50] nateberkopec: has joined #ruby
[22:35:52] baweaver: There are tons of companies right in this area
[22:36:09] adaedra: They will fight over dominance to manage your ruby version, cubesandcode
[22:36:30] baweaver: Highlander style
[22:36:34] baweaver: There can only be one
[22:36:41] wallerdev: theres like 500000 tech companies in soma
[22:37:00] wallerdev: anyway off to get team ice cream
[22:37:03] iasoon: has joined #ruby
[22:37:04] eam: and even then not nearly as many as in the south bay
[22:37:07] baweaver: and good food trucks
[22:37:28] GaryOak_: there's like 2 tech companies where I live
[22:37:31] wallerdev: yeahhh i love food trucks
[22:37:32] Aeyrix: Did someone say Highlander
[22:37:39] shock_one: has joined #ruby
[22:38:08] eam: GaryOak_: where's that?
[22:38:17] GaryOak_: Eastern Washington State
[22:38:22] shevy: GaryOak_ but you have 3 universities?
[22:38:22] wallerdev: sanguchon and curry up now <3
[22:38:24] eam: the land of microsoft
[22:38:33] shevy: I thought that was seattle
[22:39:09] baweaver: wallerdev: I tend to check into MoBowl a lot
[22:40:01] eam: shevy: seattle is in washington
[22:40:11] Aeyrix: Messenger is back.
[22:40:12] eam: not eastern though
[22:40:24] versahu: has joined #ruby
[22:41:00] crus: has joined #ruby
[22:42:50] GaryOak_: Eastern WA is a literal and figurative desert
[22:46:27] GaryOak_: shevy: everyone here moves to Seattle except dumb old me :(
[22:47:50] baweaver: Funny, Microsoft was trying to recruit me the other day too
[22:47:51] shevy: understandable
[22:47:57] shevy: it's literally Canada up there to the north!
[22:50:24] ShortyCode: has joined #ruby
[22:51:10] baweaver: has joined #ruby
[22:51:16] commondream: has joined #ruby
[22:51:52] dopie: has joined #ruby
[22:52:32] baweaver: has joined #ruby
[22:52:57] sgambino: has joined #ruby
[22:53:47] Scripore: has joined #ruby
[22:54:00] qwertme: has joined #ruby
[22:57:20] kenneth: has joined #ruby
[22:58:58] alphaatom: has joined #ruby
[22:59:24] kenneth__: has joined #ruby
[23:03:25] jenksy: has joined #ruby
[23:03:27] shevy: who of you uses lots of colours in a console program
[23:03:31] dru`: has joined #ruby
[23:03:38] jenksy: has joined #ruby
[23:04:39] eam: shevy: how many is lots
[23:05:34] shevy: well more than the ansicolours
[23:05:51] shevy: in particular, I am interested in people who use gnome-terminal or kde konsole and use colours
[23:06:10] shevy: because, I now have RGB colours in kde konsole - but it does not work in gnome-terminal
[23:06:37] bmalum: has joined #ruby
[23:07:12] segfalt: has joined #ruby
[23:07:48] eam: I'mt not even aware of how colors other than ansi would work
[23:09:06] shock_one: has joined #ruby
[23:09:54] baweaver_: has joined #ruby
[23:11:16] shevy: this should work if you have ruby + kde konsole:
[23:11:17] shevy: ruby -e 'puts "\e[38;2;#{222};#{131};#{141}m Hello world!"'
[23:11:26] shevy: the RGB values are in the #{}
[23:12:15] shevy: hmm is it dangerous to convert from #<Encoding:UTF-8> to #<Encoding:ISO-8859-1> ?
[23:12:31] thiagovsk: has joined #ruby
[23:13:05] eam: shevy: those are just regular ansi color sequences
[23:13:32] gizmore: has left #ruby: ()
[23:13:32] gizmore: has joined #ruby
[23:13:41] shevy: I can't get that to support in xterm
[23:13:55] eam: what's your $TERM
[23:14:23] eam: tryxterm-256color
[23:14:33] baweaver: has joined #ruby
[23:14:39] eam: http://shop.oreilly.com/product/9780937175224.do
[23:14:52] chinmay_dd: has joined #ruby
[23:15:04] eam: (don't buy the book, I'd probably rather eat poison than mess with terminfo)
[23:15:27] baweaver: has joined #ruby
[23:15:29] macmartine: has joined #ruby
[23:15:34] eam: that stuff is the blackest of magic
[23:16:27] shevy: <gizmore> aloha... i am muted on #ruby ... maybe you can help me settle this past incident?
[23:17:19] centrx: has joined #ruby
[23:17:39] baweaver: it'd be more of a question for Radar
[23:18:08] Radar: He's muted because of this: http://logs.ryanbigg.com/ruby?date=2015-05-14#3161762
[23:18:20] Radar: !unmute gizmore
[23:18:32] Sawbones: has joined #ruby
[23:18:38] ruboto: -q gizmore!*@*
[23:18:38] ruboto: -o ruboto
[23:18:52] Radar: -q gizmore!*@*
[23:19:00] Radar: gizmore: Please try to be a productive member of the channel.
[23:19:06] shevy: yeah you are right Radar
[23:19:08] shevy: <gizmore> i am registered... not sure how i am muted, but i was an asshole two weeks ago
[23:19:13] gizmore: sorry... i was being rude for no reason
[23:19:14] shevy: he admitted to it ;P
[23:19:32] Radar: oh the unmute did work from ruboto. I should really turn modes back on.
[23:19:50] gizmore: indeed... productivity is what i am missing here for myself
[23:20:18] gizmore: thank you Radar
[23:20:36] eam: so a few weeks or more ago I was asking about in-memory sql dbs - finally settled on a solution. Using sqlite, even though it's pretty slow, and replaced the key/val style lookups with mdbm
[23:20:46] eam: the result is about a 3 orders of magnitude speedup
[23:20:49] Radar: shevy: Don't you have bot access? For some reason I thought you did.
[23:20:56] shevy: hmm don't think so
[23:21:08] jenksy: ACTION is missing bot access also. ;)
[23:21:13] eam: sqlite was around a 4ms query time, mdbm is around 4us
[23:21:16] shevy: I know about 3 IRC commands... /j /quit ... and /nick
[23:21:30] Radar: baweaver: It won't work here because helpa is +q'd
[23:21:30] shevy: ah and /me
[23:21:32] baweaver: ACTION shrugs
[23:21:43] shevy: ACTION beavers
[23:21:45] eam: my problematic query that took ~120sec is now about 110ms
[23:21:52] Radar: eam: nice :)
[23:21:56] luckyme: has joined #ruby
[23:21:57] shevy: what did you do
[23:21:59] shevy: rewrite in C?
[23:22:11] Radar: eam: Do you have a link to that?
[23:22:23] eam: well, it was always C at runtime - but I do the sqlite/mdbm construction in ruby
[23:22:56] eam: Radar: will push the new code later today, but the old stuff was this (pure sqlite) https://github.com/square/libcrange/blob/master/source/functions/sqlite.c
[23:23:08] casadei: has joined #ruby
[23:23:11] Radar: shevy: apparently it was already in C!
[23:23:33] shevy: I envy eam ... he knows the secret of C
[23:23:35] eam: and I wrote https://github.com/eam/ruby-mdbm so I could build my mdbm alongside my sqlite db
[23:23:45] shevy: I still have to finish "The C Programming Language" :\
[23:23:46] eam: in a nicer language like ruby
[23:23:52] mjuszczak: has joined #ruby
[23:24:04] eam: the workload is "build a new db and swap it in every few minutes"
[23:24:21] wallerdev: has joined #ruby
[23:24:26] shevy: eam you have such a big moustache!
[23:25:00] eam: unfortunately it is a prosthesis, at the time I was clean shaven (follically disabled)
[23:25:01] deric_skibotn: has joined #ruby
[23:25:46] shevy: well this is Larry Wall style beard
[23:26:04] shevy: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/b3/Larry_Wall_YAPC_2007.jpg
[23:26:19] eam: I have a proper unix beard at the moment
[23:26:36] edwinvdgraaf: has joined #ruby
[23:26:53] shevy: so like RMS
[23:27:07] eam: startlingly similar
[23:27:11] bogdanteleaga: has joined #ruby
[23:27:12] shevy: I assume this makes programming easier
[23:28:27] CloCkWeRX: has joined #ruby
[23:28:41] dstarh: has joined #ruby
[23:28:48] iliketurtles: has joined #ruby
[23:29:00] eam: ruby makes programming easier, the beard just itches
[23:29:09] C1V0: has joined #ruby
[23:29:24] shevy: now that's a memorable quote
[23:29:30] Radar: I can confirm also that my Ruby ability increases with beard length and/or density.
[23:30:17] Ropeney: has joined #ruby
[23:31:16] jenksy: I thought that was true of all languages...
[23:32:36] jenksy: true story: http://www.wired.com/2012/06/beard-gallery/
[23:32:52] avahey: has joined #ruby
[23:33:12] Hijiri: has joined #ruby
[23:35:28] jimms: has joined #ruby
[23:35:52] eam: mine's somewhere between "grandpa" and "wizard", right about near "chronically homeless"
[23:35:57] icebourg: has joined #ruby
[23:36:14] eam: if I shave it I get asked for money on BART
[23:37:37] horsecowdog: has joined #ruby
[23:38:14] shevy: chronically homeless
[23:38:40] Rubie: has joined #ruby
[23:39:33] shevy: Grace Hopper
[23:39:35] shevy: did not have a beard
[23:40:15] shevy: matz must have been young here right? http://www.wired.com/wp-content/uploads/blogs/wiredenterprise/wp-content/uploads//2012/06/matz.png
[23:40:28] Rubie: nice find
[23:41:40] Igorshp: has joined #ruby
[23:43:22] DTSCode: has joined #ruby
[23:44:16] DTSCode: Do I remember correctly that you guys have a bot that turns pastebin links into links for another site?
[23:46:00] bootstrappm: if you paste a pastebin link it will do it automatically
[23:46:26] DTSCode: Do you happen to know if the source is available?
[23:47:05] kinduff: has joined #ruby
[23:48:00] shevy: I think jhass can answer that when he wakes up again
[23:48:07] shevy: and give you the code
[23:48:26] Scripore: has joined #ruby
[23:48:30] jhass: dtscode: it's just using the API
[23:48:53] DTSCode: I figured. I was just hoping to be lazy
[23:48:56] jhass: parse the pastebin.com id from the link, fetch the raw version, post to gist api
[23:49:17] cubesandcode: has joined #ruby
[23:49:42] jhass: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=%{key}
[23:49:43] ruboto: jhass, we in #ruby do not like pastebin.com, it loads slowly for most, has ads which are distracting and has terrible formatting. Please use https://gist.github.com
[23:50:25] jhass: you see, it's pretty dumb :P
[23:50:35] horsecowdog: has joined #ruby
[23:51:19] TigerWolf: has joined #ruby
[23:52:39] Sirecote: has joined #ruby
[23:57:42] cirn0: has joined #ruby
[23:58:23] sevenseacat: has joined #ruby