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#ruby - 24 July 2015

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[00:00:34] shevy: oh from dblack ... http://blade.nagaokaut.ac.jp/cgi-bin/scat.rb/ruby/ruby-talk/216685
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[00:01:32] Ox0dea: It seems String#startwith? existed from the start.
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[00:02:23] shevy: sorta easier to notice #start_with? and #end_with? than #startwith? and #endwithsomethingsomething?
[00:04:41] Aeyrix: Definitely prefer underscores.
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[00:14:52] Ox0dea: shevy: #startwith? was added in 1.8.1, Christmas Eve 2003.
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[00:24:48] shevy: what was I doing 10 years!
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[00:25:19] zenspider: s[/^blah/], duh
[00:25:19] lannonbr: 12 years you mean?
[00:26:14] shevy: hmm 10... in fairness I was not using ruby in 2003
[00:26:46] shevy: I would have liked to use ruby 1.6.x or 1.4.x or something like that though
[00:27:20] zenspider: I used ruby 1.6 very very briefly
[00:27:42] lannonbr: I've dabbled with Ruby a few years ago, but I've started to fully learn Ruby very recently
[00:27:43] zenspider: wait. not briefly. that's when we had the 1.8 shims. it was a great way to test what was changing
[00:28:00] Ox0dea: shevy: You should try 0.4.9. :)
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[00:28:26] Ox0dea: https://github.com/charliesome/historical-rubies/blob/master/ruby-0.49.patch
[00:29:26] Ox0dea: The :: "operator" pretty much behaved like PHP's . operator back then.
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[00:29:34] Ox0dea: Concatenate all the things, irrespective of "type".
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[00:30:49] zenspider: the thing that killed me about ruby 1.6, and this was also true for earlier 1.8s... is that they could be untarred and built in 30 seconds flat (on much older hardware, obvs)
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[00:33:36] bricker: What's the most efficient way to filter a list of object based on an array of values? For example: ids = [1,3,5]; s=[OpenStruct.new(id: 1), OpenStruct.new(id: 2), OpenStruct.new(id: 3), OpenStruct.new(id: 4), OpenStruct.new(id: 5)]
[00:34:01] bricker: I could iterate the s array for each element in the "ids" array but that's not very efficient
[00:34:49] bricker: I could iterate s and check `ids.include?()` every time, could be OK I guess
[00:35:10] zenspider: s.find_all { |o| ids.include? o.id }
[00:35:26] shevy: zenspider whoa... I think installing the rdoc stuff of ruby 2.2.2 alone takes me about a full minute at least
[00:35:35] zenspider: or you could map them to a hash and use values_at I suppose
[00:36:27] zenspider: >> ids = [1,3,5]; s=[OpenStruct.new(id: 1), OpenStruct.new(id: 2), OpenStruct.new(id: 3), OpenStruct.new(id: 4), OpenStruct.new(id: 5)]Hash[s.map { |o| [o.id, o] }].values_at ids
[00:36:28] ruboto: zenspider # => /tmp/execpad-431a2ff0b990/source-431a2ff0b990:2: syntax error, unexpected tCONSTANT, expecting keywo ...check link for more (https://eval.in/404508)
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[00:36:41] bricker: zenspider: making a new hash every time would be less efficient I think
[00:36:58] bricker: select() is the best option I can think of so far
[00:37:08] zenspider: >> require "ostruct"; ids = [1,3,5]; s=[OpenStruct.new(id: 1), OpenStruct.new(id: 2), OpenStruct.new(id: 3), OpenStruct.new(id: 4), OpenStruct.new(id: 5)]; Hash[s.map { |o| [o.id, o] }].values_at(*ids)
[00:37:09] ruboto: zenspider # => [#<OpenStruct id=1>, #<OpenStruct id=3>, #<OpenStruct id=5>] (https://eval.in/404510)
[00:37:30] zenspider: bricker: until you're actually writing and running benchmarks, you don't have performance issues.
[00:37:50] zenspider: and speculating on performance (esp in ruby) is an absolute waste of time
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[00:42:47] bricker: zenspider: there you have it, cut and dry https://gist.github.com/bricker/6d97e1e591bbcbf07092
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[00:43:19] bricker: oh you know what
[00:43:22] bricker: I forgot one important thing
[00:43:45] bricker: that the order of the IDs has to remain
[00:44:15] zenspider: if you're only creating the array of ostructs once, why are you creating the hash N times?
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[00:45:30] bricker: zenspider: yes I should put the arrays inside the benchmark too
[00:46:14] Ox0dea: You should also use a more informative benchmark mechanism.
[00:47:43] zenspider: personally I like benchmark/ips... but even without that, you should at least be using benchmark fully
[00:48:10] bricker: Ox0dea: have a suggestion?
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[00:57:12] bricker: Ox0dea: great suggestions, thanks!
[00:57:16] bricker: see you guys
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[01:24:52] mdavid613: hey all, I'm using basic Test::Unit and Mocha for unit testing. I have a module utility method that both classes in the module use and I'm trying to stub it for testing purposes and not having any luck. Does anyone have any experience with this?
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[01:30:26] zenspider: mdavid613: have you written the rest of your test and gotten it to fail (and possibly then to pass) already?
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[01:33:12] mdavid613: zenspider: sorry for the lag here???this is as a result of refactoring. There was essentially a duplicative function in the previous two classes that was pulled out into the module
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[01:34:20] zenspider: does the test work without mocks?
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[01:35:09] mdavid613: no, because the refactored method is an http request handler so it goes out into httpclient and bombs
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[01:35:31] mdavid613: I could put in valid auth data and uris and start up a local server and it would work
[01:35:38] zenspider: because it is using BS requests? or.. ah
[01:35:41] mdavid613: but I would rather be able to mock the function return
[01:36:08] mdavid613: the function itself is testable like the previous duplicated versions were
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[01:36:34] zenspider: you're better off using something like vcr, doing real requests, and then having vcr record the responses
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[01:37:04] mdavid613: got it, but then it's not unit testing???then it's integration testing at that point
[01:37:32] mdavid613: I would think you should be able to mock anything in a dynamic language like Ruby???.also, I've been using ruby for maybe a month so I'm not sure
[01:37:48] mdavid613: but I've been doing dev for a while
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[01:40:01] zenspider: doesn't really matter what you call it. if you're mocking heavily you wind up having problems because 1) refactorings break for no good reason and 2) you sometimes mock yourself into a corner that can't fail even if you remove the impl.
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[01:40:39] zenspider: doing something like vcr means that 1) you're able to later verify that you're still doing the right thing by toggling it off and 2) you're mocking less directly so refactorings don't break
[01:40:49] zenspider: it's just a nice middleground.
[01:41:02] zenspider: but yes, in ruby you can mock just about anything. there's nothing stopping you
[01:41:24] zenspider: mock or stub... really.
[01:41:44] zenspider: "not having any luck" isn't informative. gist us something concrete
[01:41:47] mdavid613: the question is how? I'm only mocking this one thing
[01:42:06] mdavid613: I guess I need to find a good concrete example of stubbing
[01:42:23] mdavid613: I was doing the .any_instance.expects(:symbol).with().returns()
[01:42:29] mdavid613: and that doesn't work on a module method
[01:42:53] hololeap: mdavid613: i know it isn't free, but codeschool has a very good course on rails testing that includes mocking and stubbing
[01:42:56] mdavid613: the only thing I see is Module.mocha.expects(:symbol).with().returns(), but that doesn't seem to work
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[01:43:13] mdavid613: nice, I may check that out a little later tonight :)
[01:43:22] zenspider: are you calling the module method directly? or is it via include?
[01:44:20] mdavid613: in the class call? the module method is defined with self.<method> so I can call directly
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[01:44:42] mdavid613: without having to include the module itself
[01:44:52] zenspider: then you should be mocking it directly
[01:45:07] zenspider: MyModule.expects(:symbol).with().returns()
[01:45:48] mdavid613: that's the only thing I didn't try
[01:45:56] mdavid613: and I should've tried it first
[01:45:59] zenspider: there's an infinite number of thigs you didn't try
[01:46:08] zenspider: things. damnit.
[01:46:26] mdavid613: I also didn't try thigs, so you're correct :)
[01:47:01] zenspider: just make sure your test can fail
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[01:47:44] mdavid613: definitely, this is my first foray into Ruby as I'm writing an API client to send to people in Ruby
[01:48:00] mdavid613: just finished the Go client earlier today???loads of fun as well
[01:49:25] mdavid613: thanks very much sir! :-D
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[02:00:48] dudedudeman1: Good evening everyone
[02:01:16] dudedudeman1: I'm wanting to use Dir.mkdir to make two folders, but not recursively. how might i go about doing that?
[02:02:12] dudedudeman1: Dir.mkdir(directory_name) unless File.exists?(directory_name), where directory name is specified by a string
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[02:07:51] Ox0dea: dudedudeman: Call Dir.mkdir twice...?
[02:08:53] zenspider: mkdir_p doesn't need an existance check
[02:09:12] zenspider: that's in fileutils
[02:10:06] dudedudeman1: Ox0dea: i'll be honest, that's the first thing i thought of
[02:10:10] dudedudeman1: but... is that the best way?
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[02:11:16] dudedudeman1: interesting. i'll do that.
[02:11:21] Ox0dea: Array#each would be overkill for just the two.
[02:11:53] dudedudeman1: i was just sitting here thinking of array#each lol..
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[02:12:22] dudedudeman1: the program should make two folders when it runs. i'm just trying to find the best way to do that. which, sounds like just called mkdir twice is best
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[02:13:08] Ox0dea: You could use #each if you felt so inclined, and it'd be a good opportunity to learn about Method#to_proc. :)
[02:13:17] Ox0dea: %w[foo bar baz].each(&Dir.method(:mkdir))
[02:14:11] dudedudeman1: i would love ot learn about Method#to_proc
[02:15:31] Ox0dea: `each(&Dir.method(:mkdir))` is a slightly more succinct (and, admittedly, cryptic) way to say `each { |foo| Dir.mkdir foo }`.
[02:15:44] Ox0dea: Bonus points for not having to name something, though.
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[02:16:13] dudedudeman1: you have lots of bonus points me thinks
[02:17:05] Ox0dea: I've spent an arguably unhealthy amount of time with Ruby. :P
[02:17:27] Ox0dea: I'll take that as a compliment. ;)
[02:18:01] dudedudeman1: It's definitely a compliment. so, the method#to_proc here. that is what i'm looking at when i look at each(&Dir.method(:mkdir))?
[02:18:13] Ox0dea: Aye, &foo tries to convert foo to a Proc.
[02:18:37] zenspider: dudedudeman_: "is that the best way" ? what is best?
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[02:19:09] dudedudeman1: zenspider: that's true.
[02:19:16] Ox0dea: dudedudeman_: Symbol#to_proc is what allows you to say `map(&:to_i)`.
[02:19:36] zenspider: require "fileutils"; Fileutils.mkdir_p "dir1"; Fileutils.mkdir_p "dir2"
[02:19:41] alexclark: If i want to reopen a subclass(i.e. a rails model) do I need to mention the inheritance as well
[02:19:45] dudedudeman1: there are certainly about 3 million different ways to skin a cat here. i just know that some ways of skinning the cat are neater than others i guess?
[02:19:45] zenspider: seems simple enough
[02:19:54] alexclark: this is kinda what im seeing, but id like to confirm
[02:20:05] zenspider: what's "neater" ? how do you measure that?
[02:20:21] zenspider: alexclark: no, you don't
[02:20:37] dudedudeman1: well, i would wager that neater translates to code that easier read by the person behind me, and also less bloated. all in an effort to remain DRY?
[02:20:45] zenspider: >> class X; end; class Y < X; end; class Y; end
[02:20:46] ruboto: zenspider # => nil (https://eval.in/404565)
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[02:21:44] zenspider: DRY just means that there is one place to look for a concept.
[02:21:48] alexclark: zenspider: ok thanks, maybe im seeing a uniquely rails problem then and im in the wrong channel
[02:22:00] hololeap: i like to keep my code FLY
[02:22:07] zenspider: alexclark: it was a ruby question. you're cool
[02:22:11] zenspider: <<The DRY principle is stated as ???Every piece of knowledge must have a single, unambiguous, authoritative representation within a system.???>>
[02:22:22] zenspider: FLY is a whole other issue. :P
[02:22:25] zenspider: and much harder to measure
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[02:24:05] alexclark: zenspider: does the double inheritance definition have any risks?
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[02:25:07] Ox0dea: alexclark: Yes, you'll get a superclass mismatch if you change the parent.
[02:25:31] alexclark: Ox0dea: ok thank you!
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[02:26:35] dudedudeman1: Ox0dea: zenspider, thank you for the insights. as always
[02:26:38] dudedudeman1: lots to learn
[02:26:53] dudedudeman1: now that that is working, now I have to figure out how to write 20 files a folder
[02:27:42] Ox0dea: Perhaps. What's the naming scheme?
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[02:28:25] dudedudeman1: umm, let's go with something not a number?
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[02:28:54] Ox0dea: But they can be any twenty names?
[02:29:28] Ox0dea: You just... need a directory to contain twenty files of no particular significance?
[02:29:30] dudedudeman1: any names. even random names
[02:29:45] Ox0dea: Might I inquire as to why? :P
[02:29:46] Coraline: 20.times do |i| ... "file_#{i}" ... end
[02:29:51] dudedudeman1: the contents of the files is what matters, and i have that sussed out
[02:30:23] dudedudeman1: (i'm writing random json data to each file_
[02:30:49] Ox0dea: >> require 'securerandom'; SecureRandom.uuid
[02:30:50] ruboto: Ox0dea # => "9b744b35-2d74-4f16-bd4f-70c1bb33070e" (https://eval.in/404570)
[02:31:45] Ox0dea: Universally unique identifiers are a pretty good idea, but you'll probably just want to name them sequentially.
[02:31:52] dudedudeman1: zenspider: to learn how to actually do it
[02:32:10] dudedudeman1: is there a difference between a UUID and A GUID?
[02:32:15] Ox0dea: Not really.
[02:32:22] eam: you should use mkstmp
[02:32:48] eam: in ruby that's probably in Tempfile or something
[02:33:13] eam: it'll guarantee you never collide (instead of just, probably not)
[02:33:56] Ox0dea: ACTION checks whether SecureRandom does collision resistance.
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[02:34:23] Ox0dea: dudedudeman_: The trouble with randomness is just that.
[02:34:27] eam: dudedudeman_: it just creates a temporary file
[02:34:51] Coraline: Just make them sequential and you won't have a problem.
[02:34:53] dudedudeman1: i guess i could put like, 20 names in an array and pass that to the file name
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[02:37:07] Ox0dea: `open('foo', ?w).close` will create file "foo" if it doesn't exist and blow away its contents if it does.
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[02:38:01] dudedudeman1: unless, there's an unless statement?
[02:38:04] miah: i usualy just use Tempfile; http://docs.ruby-lang.org/en/2.2.0/Tempfile.html
[02:38:11] Ox0dea: Nah, that's just the nature of the 'w' access mode.
[02:40:03] Ox0dea: dudedudeman_: Oh, I see how you meant; yes, the `unless` statement modifier prevents execution at all if its condition is met.
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[02:41:05] Ox0dea: Alas, there's an edge case to do with variable initialization:
[02:41:07] Ox0dea: >> a = 1 unless true; [a, (b rescue $!)]
[02:41:08] ruboto: Ox0dea # => [nil, #<NameError: undefined local variable or method `b' for main:Object>] (https://eval.in/404571)
[02:41:28] Ox0dea: The a variable sprang into existence despite the statement modifier's condition not holding.
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[02:41:46] Ox0dea: Well, holding, as the case may be here.
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[02:47:49] dudedudeman1: hmm. i'm tracking with that
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[02:48:04] dudedudeman1: sort of. but i'll be honest, i don't know much about rescue
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[02:50:44] Ox0dea: dudedudeman_: Well, do you know about exceptions yet?
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[02:51:45] dudedudeman1: on the 10,000 foot levet, it's an object that freaks out at you when something has gone wrong
[02:52:58] hololeap: it freaks out so hard
[02:53:03] Ox0dea: dudedudeman_: Yes, that's the essence of it.
[02:53:27] Ox0dea: `rescue` lets us say to Ruby, "I saw that coming! And here's what I'd like you to do instead of dying."
[02:53:29] dudedudeman1: hololeap: lol, indeed
[02:53:43] dudedudeman1: but Ox0dea, beyond that, i've never implemented them before
[02:53:49] hololeap: dudedudeman_: sorry, i couldn't help it :)
[02:53:51] dudedudeman1: and i think it might be good to do so for this little project that i' mworking on
[02:53:59] dudedudeman1: amongst a million other things that would probablh be good for it lol
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[03:10:20] tmtwd: has joined #ruby
[03:11:53] nofxx: Got some specs that are green locally and travis fails, all of then like Model.count eq 1 , fixnum, and I receive 1.0 float. Model is not Mongoid. float for db count is new heh
[03:12:06] nofxx: Model is Mongoid*
[03:12:47] MyMind: has joined #ruby
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[03:53:51] bronson: has joined #ruby
[03:54:41] dudedudeman1: what direction should i be looking if i want to take a json file, and then copy it to a new directory, while renaming it and chaging part of it's contents
[03:55:11] MyMind: has joined #ruby
[03:55:37] finisherr: has joined #ruby
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[03:56:16] mistermocha: has joined #ruby
[03:57:02] dudedudeman1: ah. i see it now.
[03:59:01] linuxboytoo: has joined #ruby
[03:59:16] Pisuke: has joined #ruby
[04:01:05] jenrzzz: has joined #ruby
[04:02:41] dudedudeman1: i guess to update a json value, it would take converting to a hash, updating, and then converting back to json?
[04:04:01] Pisuke: has joined #ruby
[04:05:11] ascarter: has joined #ruby
[04:05:27] whilhelm: has joined #ruby
[04:05:36] whilhelm: why is python so much better then ruby
[04:05:45] pipework: whilhelm: Drugs, probably.
[04:05:57] whilhelm: also why is rails so good
[04:06:03] pipework: whilhelm: Drugs, probably.
[04:06:16] whilhelm: im looking for a real answer
[04:06:19] theery: has joined #ruby
[04:06:29] pipework: whilhelm: Look to drugs, probably
[04:06:38] whilhelm: why is ruby shit
[04:06:48] prefixed: has joined #ruby
[04:06:58] whilhelm: prefixed: why is rails good
[04:07:10] whilhelm: *whilhelm keks*
[04:07:18] freerobby: has joined #ruby
[04:07:22] lannonbr: explain why you think ruby is bad?
[04:07:32] Sembei: has joined #ruby
[04:07:49] whilhelm: i think ruby is fine... i was trying to start a storm
[04:07:51] whilhelm: BUT IT FAILED
[04:08:39] whilhelm: few months ago a guy went on #python and asked why ruby is better, everyone went ape shit
[04:08:49] rejd_: has joined #ruby
[04:09:09] pipework: I don't get the joke.
[04:09:34] whilhelm: pipework: what? >joke
[04:10:20] whilhelm: i was expecting to get everyone triggered like on #python but nooooooooooooooo
[04:10:23] whilhelm: has left #ruby: ()
[04:11:37] s2013: has joined #ruby
[04:11:49] Ox0dea: dudedudeman_: If you didn't want to account for the fragility of modifying a string of JSON with regular expressions, then yes.
[04:12:21] Sembei: has joined #ruby
[04:12:32] dudedudeman1: whilhelm: many of us are alseep
[04:12:34] latemus: has joined #ruby
[04:12:41] latemus: Hey everyone
[04:12:45] Ox0dea: latemus: Hello.
[04:12:54] latemus: been a while!
[04:12:55] dudedudeman1: wanna parse my json for me?
[04:13:20] Ox0dea: dudedudeman_: There's a method for that.
[04:13:22] alfajor: has joined #ruby
[04:13:50] dudedudeman1: Ox0dea: when i attempt to turn my json in to a hash, so i can change it's value, i get this: JSON::ParserError: 757: unexpected token at
[04:14:20] Ox0dea: Then you've got yourself some invalid JSON, my friend.
[04:14:44] dudedudeman1: what have i dont :(
[04:14:54] Ox0dea: dudedudeman_: Are you using JSON.parse?
[04:15:00] latemus: ACTION afk bbl
[04:15:00] finisherr: has joined #ruby
[04:15:10] Feyn: has joined #ruby
[04:15:48] Sembei: has joined #ruby
[04:15:51] Oog: has joined #ruby
[04:15:57] dudedudeman1: this is what's leading me to that error Ox0dea https://gist.github.com/anonymous/bb43f57c6e1ec8716c98
[04:16:25] arooni-mobile: has joined #ruby
[04:16:32] Ox0dea: dudedudeman_: File.read('*.json') is not doing what you think it's doing.
[04:16:55] dudedudeman1: ok. i could see how that would be causing me issues
[04:17:03] dseitz: has joined #ruby
[04:17:03] dudedudeman1: do i need to glob there, as well?
[04:17:33] Ox0dea: No, File.read expects a single filename.
[04:17:46] arup_r: has joined #ruby
[04:18:39] dudedudeman1: so if i want to modify all of the json files in my folder..
[04:18:49] Ox0dea: dudedudeman_: Do you know what `item` is in your code there?
[04:19:11] dudedudeman1: actually, i don't
[04:19:25] dudedudeman1: actually... i don't. now that i go back and look at it
[04:19:36] Ox0dea: Well, but you know what globbing is?
[04:19:57] MyMind: has joined #ruby
[04:20:05] Ox0dea: So, have a go at a hypothesis as pertains the contents of `item`. :)
[04:20:12] Respek: has joined #ruby
[04:20:29] dudedudeman1: "do something with all files that match this pattern"
[04:20:52] dudedudeman1: i'm doing this wrong aren't i
[04:21:16] Mekkis: has joined #ruby
[04:21:18] Ox0dea: You're not, but you'll want to fully grok the "why" of your solution's correctness.
[04:21:23] dudedudeman1: because glob is already opening up the files
[04:21:37] Ox0dea: Ah, that's the core of your misunderstanding.
[04:21:49] Ox0dea: Dir.glob only returns the names of the files that matched.
[04:21:49] dudedudeman1: yes. i would like to do that. though, it's not working at the moment
[04:22:02] hahuang65: has joined #ruby
[04:22:08] mike___1234: has joined #ruby
[04:22:11] Ox0dea: It doesn't open or read them.
[04:22:24] dudedudeman1: mmm. ok. that's good to know
[04:23:11] dudedudeman1: would Dir.foreach be better than glob here?
[04:23:42] Ox0dea: `Dir.foreach(foo)` is just another way to say `Dir.glob(foo).each`.
[04:24:06] Pisuke: has joined #ruby
[04:24:46] dudedudeman1: i'm looking at thte methods available to me here for Dir
[04:24:50] Ox0dea: Erm, no, not quite, sorry.
[04:24:50] dudedudeman1: and am a bit lost
[04:25:26] Ox0dea: Dir.foreach doesn't let you specify an expression; it just iterates over every file in a given directory.
[04:25:32] philn_: hey i am a bit lost
[04:25:38] philn_: if i have a route like this
[04:25:45] dudedudeman1: well, i guess tat is the goal
[04:25:46] philn_: 2 get '/campaigns/:campaign_id', to: 'pages#campaigns', as: 'campaign_id'
[04:25:55] dudedudeman1: maybe it would help if i fully stated exactly what i am trying to do
[04:26:05] Ox0dea: dudedudeman_: Sure, but foreach will also give you '.' and '..', which you'd have to explicitly ignore.
[04:26:06] philn_: how can i access campaign_id in view
[04:26:29] Ox0dea: dudedudeman_: So, glob is just fine, and it's doing exactly what you want it to; it's just waiting for you to utilize the fruits of its labor. :)
[04:27:16] dudedudeman1: i have files in a folder. each of them have the same keys, but different values. i want to update incrementally one of the key values in my json hash in each file
[04:27:21] philn_: nm i figured it out
[04:27:36] dudedudeman1: philn_: i'm jealous :P
[04:27:36] michael_mbp: has joined #ruby
[04:28:21] Sembei: has joined #ruby
[04:28:21] Ivision: has joined #ruby
[04:28:57] Ox0dea: dudedudeman_: Print the value of `item` in your #each loop.
[04:28:59] philn_: dudedueman_: done be jealous, you'll figure it out
[04:29:42] crusty_the_fig: has joined #ruby
[04:31:05] crusty_the_fig: I need *the* best book for learning Ruby. I'm a beginner.
[04:31:22] texasmade: https://www.railstutorial.org/book
[04:31:26] ChasedSpade: has joined #ruby
[04:31:26] texasmade: you could start there
[04:31:39] Ox0dea: crusty_the_fig: Are you a cookie?
[04:31:47] dudedudeman1: well, depends on whether or not crusty_the_fig wants to learn rails or ruby
[04:31:57] iateadonut: has joined #ruby
[04:32:05] Ox0dea: crusty_the_fig: You want the cookie-cutter answer to a question which doesn't have one.
[04:32:10] texasmade: Or jump ahead a few courses in the odin project
[04:32:21] MyMind: has joined #ruby
[04:32:22] texasmade: the internet is your best resource
[04:32:28] crusty_the_fig: I just want to learn Ruby, dude.
[04:32:33] crusty_the_fig: I need the best book for doing so.
[04:32:39] alfajor: has joined #ruby
[04:32:40] Ox0dea: crusty_the_fig: Then you're a cookie.
[04:32:40] crusty_the_fig: I'm a beginner who's interested in programming.
[04:32:53] Ox0dea: crusty_the_fig: What is a subject you know a lot about?
[04:32:59] crusty_the_fig: I guess I am. Can you recommend any books?
[04:33:05] dudedudeman1: crusty_the_fig: so far, what resources have you used?
[04:33:15] crusty_the_fig: I know the basics of C.
[04:33:16] tjbiddle: has joined #ruby
[04:33:24] Ox0dea: crusty_the_fig: Eloquent Ruby, The Well-Grounded Rubyist, and Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby are all very good.
[04:33:40] Ox0dea: crusty_the_fig: But again, what is *the* best book on some subject of your choosing?
[04:34:04] crusty_the_fig: I'll look up the highest ranked books on Amazon in regards to Ruby!
[04:34:21] Ox0dea: /ignore add crusty_the_fig
[04:34:39] pipework: Metaprogramming ruby is a great book to learn a lot about ruby from.
[04:34:47] nofxx: Is there a beautiful way for: str && !str.empty? in other words, make "" == nil
[04:35:15] Ox0dea: nofxx: Rails has #blank? for that.
[04:35:37] fullofcaffeine: has joined #ruby
[04:35:56] pipework: nofxx: something if string.present?
[04:36:04] Jaood: has joined #ruby
[04:36:39] hahuang65: has joined #ruby
[04:37:09] Pisuke: has joined #ruby
[04:37:32] nofxx: Ox0dea, jez, how naiverr dumb I. #blank? is defined in nil. That is nice.
[04:37:42] nofxx: pipework, what's the diff? present x blank?
[04:37:43] crusty_the_fig: Fuck you fags. I'll just learn C.
[04:37:51] crusty_the_fig: C is for real men anyway. ;)
[04:37:53] tubulife-: has joined #ruby
[04:37:56] pipework: nofxx: professional level documentation
[04:40:26] Mekkis: has joined #ruby
[04:40:33] crusty_the_fig: has left #ruby: ()
[04:40:40] Pisuke: has joined #ruby
[04:41:20] theery: has joined #ruby
[04:41:27] nofxx: pipework, ahh.. as in the antonym. sorry and thanks
[04:41:30] dudedudeman1: Ox0dea: honest question, how close am i to getting this? i fear that i'm fading mentally for desire of sleep, but i want to make sure i latch on to this
[04:41:36] pipework: nofxx: No worries, bruv. :D
[04:41:50] pipework: Very often the source is the best place to look. Professional level documentation, that.
[04:41:52] Trynemjoel: has joined #ruby
[04:42:33] nofxx: pipework, hehe, a good explanation would be: present? == !blank?
[04:43:29] Ox0dea: dudedudeman_: You want `File.read(item)`, but please take some time to understand why.
[04:43:57] crdpink: has joined #ruby
[04:44:29] Ox0dea: nofxx: That is, in fact, exactly how #present? is defined. :)
[04:44:52] Pisuke: has joined #ruby
[04:45:39] pipework: nofxx: I'd just say to look at the source.
[04:45:57] dudedudeman1: wow. it's because yo uwant each 'item' in the list that i defined
[04:46:02] dudedudeman1: i'm using list here loosely
[04:46:10] Ox0dea: dudedudeman_: `item` is an arbitrary name.
[04:46:31] Ox0dea: Enumerable#each just yields each element in the collection to the provided block.
[04:47:05] Ox0dea: >> doubles = []; [1, 2, 3].each { |number| doubles.push(number * 2) }; doubles
[04:47:06] ruboto: Ox0dea # => [2, 4, 6] (https://eval.in/404584)
[04:47:22] Oog: has joined #ruby
[04:47:46] Ox0dea: It's one of Ruby's bread-and-butter methods, to be sure.
[04:48:02] dudedudeman1: i need more bread and butter
[04:48:13] dudedudeman1: now that you kind of slap me in the face with it, it clicks a little more
[04:48:20] dudedudeman1: and i mean that not in a bad way
[04:48:21] Ox0dea: Constructive violence.
[04:48:31] dudedudeman1: but alas, it still does not produce the desired outcome
[04:48:41] dudedudeman1: it throws no errors, but it doesn't increment up the number
[04:48:51] dudedudeman1: ha, constructive violence. i like it
[04:48:59] Sembei: has joined #ruby
[04:49:28] Ox0dea: You're only updating the Hash you've created; you're not writing it back out as updated JSON.
[04:50:21] sp1rs: has joined #ruby
[04:51:49] jbw_: has joined #ruby
[04:52:25] Ox0dea: Also, you probably don't want that initial slash before "Original".
[04:52:26] theery: has joined #ruby
[04:52:36] devbug: has joined #ruby
[04:52:39] Ox0dea: That'll cause the search to start at the root of your filesystem rather than the current directory.
[04:52:55] darkf: has joined #ruby
[04:52:56] alfajor: hi, i just installed ruby using rbenv, i am getting this message at the terminal when i try to do ruby commands
[04:53:20] alfajor: rbenv: version `system' is not installed (set by RBENV_VERSION environment variable)
[04:53:29] alfajor: any ideas?
[04:53:45] Sembei: has joined #ruby
[04:54:08] dudedudeman1: Ox0dea: here's where i'm at: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/b26a7451cdc6cc6b20bf (i changed the name of originals)
[04:54:34] michaeldeol: has joined #ruby
[04:54:40] coderkevin: has joined #ruby
[04:54:43] sharpmachine: has joined #ruby
[04:54:56] Ox0dea: dudedudeman_: Isn't that the directory to which you want to write the modified JSON?
[04:55:16] Ox0dea: That is, it'll be empty, and so Dir.glob won't give you any results to iterate over, no?
[04:55:25] dudedudeman1: well, yes? i don't really care if it's been modified before after it reaches it's location
[04:55:49] dudedudeman1: so in the scripts current state, the files have already been renamed and moved to that folder
[04:55:57] Ox0dea: Ah, gotcha.
[04:56:36] freeUmo: has joined #ruby
[04:56:46] dudedudeman1: (if that makes sense, or even is a good idea. i know i can at least get hte files there renamed, which was a big step for me)
[04:56:54] Ox0dea: Sure, it'll do.
[04:56:55] average: has joined #ruby
[04:56:57] average: "I like to play against men" -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBpp4GBE9dI#t=2m53s
[04:57:21] MyMind: has joined #ruby
[04:57:30] dudedudeman1: so in that last gist, i guess i'm not returning the hash back to a json bit, like you mentioned/
[04:57:34] workmad3: has joined #ruby
[04:57:43] Ox0dea: alfajor: Try an `rbenv rehash`, and if that doesn't fix it, use `rbenv global foo` to set the default Ruby, where `foo` is a version you have installed.
[04:58:03] Ox0dea: dudedudeman_: Right, modifying the Hash doesn't (and, of course, shouldn't) change anything on your filesystem.
[04:58:44] dumdedum: has joined #ruby
[04:59:06] Jaood: has left #ruby: ("ERC (IRC client for Emacs 24.5.1)")
[04:59:07] mistermocha: has joined #ruby
[04:59:10] dudedudeman1: i mean, are we looking at something as simple as hash.to_json here????
[04:59:26] alfajor: worked perfectly with 'rbenv global foo', thanks again Ox0dea
[04:59:30] Ox0dea: alfajor: Sure thing.
[04:59:33] alfajor: you are true hero <3
[04:59:50] Ox0dea: dudedudeman_: Still, that'll only give you a String, you'll still need to put it somewhere more permanent than RAM.
[04:59:59] dudedudeman1: ah, sweet! Except, when i do that, i get my lovely json error :(
[05:01:02] dudedudeman1: would i do a file.open and then put that new hash in there?
[05:01:23] Ox0dea: File.write is a thing.
[05:01:31] benlovell: has joined #ruby
[05:01:36] Pisuke: has joined #ruby
[05:01:37] hahuang65: has joined #ruby
[05:02:28] dudedudeman1: has joined #ruby
[05:02:33] ReK2: has joined #ruby
[05:02:37] dudedudeman1: mm. i got disconnected there for a second
[05:03:09] dudedudeman1: did i get kicked??
[05:03:35] dudedudeman1: so if you said anything awesome, i might have missed it :(
[05:03:57] Ox0dea: I told you about File.write.
[05:04:02] Ox0dea: It's pretty awesome?
[05:04:35] dudedudeman1: ha, i think so!
[05:04:36] dudedudeman1: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/c078cd208d8aa9603a26
[05:04:38] rbowlby: has joined #ruby
[05:04:52] dudedudeman1: wait! capitol F
[05:05:23] dudedudeman1: sad. still didn't do it
[05:05:33] bluOxigen: has joined #ruby
[05:05:34] Pisuke: has joined #ruby
[05:07:08] rbowlby_: has joined #ruby
[05:08:10] dudedudeman1: i'm so freaking determined at this poitn. if i can see how to make this work, i'll have every step of my goals complete. and then i can start regactoring
[05:08:13] chinmay_dd: has joined #ruby
[05:08:33] dudedudeman1: ACTION bangs head on wall, slams a redbull, and flys up in the clouds of code glory
[05:09:45] Pisuke: has joined #ruby
[05:09:53] pepperbreath: has left #ruby: ()
[05:10:24] Trynemjoel: has joined #ruby
[05:10:26] tkuchiki: has joined #ruby
[05:10:38] fullofcaffeine: has joined #ruby
[05:10:41] pepperbreath: has joined #ruby
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[05:11:51] tkuchiki: has joined #ruby
[05:14:30] Sembei: has joined #ruby
[05:15:19] eggoez: has joined #ruby
[05:16:04] rbowlby: has joined #ruby
[05:16:15] hahuang65: has joined #ruby
[05:17:04] dudedudeman1: i guess the json hash would need to be an ingeger before add 1 to it..
[05:17:12] christiandsg: has joined #ruby
[05:18:04] RobertBirnie: has joined #ruby
[05:18:08] dhjondoh: has joined #ruby
[05:18:10] prefixed: has joined #ruby
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[05:26:53] MyMind: has joined #ruby
[05:29:51] aganov: has joined #ruby
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[05:32:44] senayar: has joined #ruby
[05:32:53] GriffinHeart: has joined #ruby
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[05:35:04] usershell: has joined #ruby
[05:35:53] Lord-Kamina: has left #ruby: ("Leaving")
[05:36:56] RegulationD: has joined #ruby
[05:37:03] Asher: has joined #ruby
[05:38:32] zenspider: dudedudeman: this is wrong: hash.to_json; file.write("Modified/*.json")
[05:38:39] MyMind: has joined #ruby
[05:38:50] zenspider: hash.to_json returns a new object. objects don't/can't magically morph into other objects
[05:39:23] zenspider: you also don't have a local var called file
[05:40:02] user1138: has joined #ruby
[05:41:02] jonee: has joined #ruby
[05:42:17] agent_white: has joined #ruby
[05:43:30] MyMind: has joined #ruby
[05:43:55] iamdevnul: has joined #ruby
[05:44:39] lala: has joined #ruby
[05:44:51] JaTochNietDan: has joined #ruby
[05:44:51] peter_paule: has joined #ruby
[05:44:55] Ox0dea: agent_white: It's morning.
[05:45:26] agent_white: Ox0dea: It always is!
[05:45:41] Ox0dea: Nope, only when you enter the channel: http://www.total-knowledge.com/~ilya/mips/ugt.html
[05:46:04] agent_white: Yeah yeah I know.
[05:46:36] agent_white: baweaver: Universal greeting time or whatever. Basically, you always say "morning" when you hop on IRC.
[05:46:46] latemus: batton the hatch!
[05:46:50] allomov: has joined #ruby
[05:46:58] Pisuke: has joined #ruby
[05:47:36] agent_white: If I had a dollar for every time someone tried to correct me and posted that link... I'd have a nice pair of shoes.
[05:47:52] tagrudev: has joined #ruby
[05:47:58] baweaver: too late, they DC'd
[05:48:07] Ox0dea: It was for everybody.
[05:48:10] pipework: agent_white: I'd have a sack of quarters and your shoes. :D
[05:48:56] agent_white: pipework: Hahah. We can split the lease on the car!
[05:49:17] agent_white: ACTION kicks UGT into the mud
[05:49:26] safeforge: has joined #ruby
[05:49:31] pipework: agent_white: We're not sleeping together, agent_white. That's a bit too much commitment for me.
[05:49:46] agent_white: pipework: Just call me in the morning!
[05:49:58] pipework: agent_white: Alright, "in the morning", I'm dad.
[05:50:18] agent_white: And I'm last night's regret!
[05:50:19] pipework: But you can call me "Dad".
[05:50:46] Ox0dea: agent_white: Please defend the superiority of your time zone.
[05:51:15] Sembei: has joined #ruby
[05:51:31] pipework: Ox0dea: Oregon is a fucking great state. The defense rests.
[05:51:53] baweaver: I'm flying over it tomorrow
[05:52:10] baweaver: ACTION thinks that'll be the longest he's spent around Oregon
[05:52:36] astrobun_: has joined #ruby
[05:53:43] agent_white: pipework: Took me a few to actually realize what you said... I probably need sleep. I did chuckle though :)
[05:55:04] krz: has joined #ruby
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[06:09:57] Trynemjoel: has joined #ruby
[06:10:13] latemus: So, the irb, you guys. I have seen programs that seem to use it interactively in a controlled way; perhaps with a DSL? I'm thinking of msfconsole. Am I wrong?
[06:11:55] Sembei: has joined #ruby
[06:12:41] GriffinHeart: has joined #ruby
[06:12:50] latemus: Maybe they just used puts statements and decided to emulate the aesthetics of the irb? I asking if there is a way to, i guess embed the irb into a program
[06:13:35] latemus: and limit it to a set of commands, isn't that a DSL
[06:13:53] andikr: has joined #ruby
[06:14:37] Antiarc: You can invoke irb from a console but it's hard to limit it to just a subset of commands
[06:14:40] Antiarc: err, from ap rogram
[06:15:14] jenrzzz: has joined #ruby
[06:15:33] Antiarc: https://gist.github.com/cheald/01820ce19baf867c9107
[06:15:40] Antiarc: I use something like that in my stuff
[06:15:51] slash_nick: Antiarc: how would you limit it... undef_method?
[06:15:53] Antiarc: Notably it binds to `binding` which will be the current execution scope
[06:16:00] latemus: Antiarc: i see what you mean there. HAve you seen how msf console behaves?
[06:16:06] Antiarc: latemus: I haven't
[06:16:09] Ox0dea: latemus: msfconsole isn't an irb wrapper.
[06:16:18] Antiarc: slash_nick: Well, you can't, because you can get to Kernel or Module and from there everything
[06:16:38] MyMind: has joined #ruby
[06:16:45] Antiarc: You could write an irb-alike which only accepts commands that are present on a given module or something
[06:16:47] latemus: 0xdea: okok. bet you can see why i wondered?
[06:17:07] Ox0dea: latemus: Sure, but it's just, well, a console.
[06:17:08] latemus: Antiarc: Thanks for answering :)
[06:17:47] zenspider: you can't undef_method your way to safety because you're undeffing the methods that irb and your program are using
[06:17:51] hahuang65: has joined #ruby
[06:17:59] xkickflip_: has joined #ruby
[06:18:10] latemus: Ox0dea: ha. Yeah, i geos it's a lot like any other. cisco ios also comes to mind, how it's like staged or contextual
[06:18:11] Antiarc: I wonder how hard it'd be to embed lua in ruby
[06:18:18] latemus: in it's navigation
[06:18:37] setzke: has joined #ruby
[06:18:52] eGGsha: has joined #ruby
[06:19:27] zenspider: sounds like you want your own parser and interpreter for a very limited language, if that.
[06:20:10] Pisuke: has joined #ruby
[06:20:20] latemus: Antiarc: funny you montion lua. I'm tring to replace lua with mruby as an embedded scripting language
[06:20:22] Ox0dea: latemus: Sure, something like that. irb is a REPL, whereas things like msfconsole are more appropriately referred to as CLIs, or even just shells.
[06:21:21] Antiarc: latemus: I don't know about mruby specifically, but one of the really nice things about lua is that you can create completely isolated execution contexts *and* within a given context you can setfenv to create an isolated sub-env
[06:21:28] Trynemjoel: has joined #ruby
[06:21:35] Antiarc: You can't do quite that in ruby
[06:21:38] latemus: Ox0dea: I see. Okay, REPL huh
[06:21:40] codeitagile: has joined #ruby
[06:21:55] Antiarc: https://github.com/tario/shikashi - maybe check that out
[06:21:56] Antiarc: I haven't used it
[06:21:59] Antiarc: But worth trying at least
[06:22:03] agent_white: This is why Ruby needs a defacto sandbox.
[06:22:05] latemus: Antiarc: Wow. OKay fine, I guess Fyodor had good ceason :)
[06:22:18] Antiarc: Lua is awesome, it's best-in-class for embedded scripting IMO
[06:22:39] sinkensabe: has joined #ruby
[06:23:24] latemus: s/ceason/reason
[06:24:03] jenrzzz: has joined #ruby
[06:24:17] Sembei: has joined #ruby
[06:25:02] hahuang65: has joined #ruby
[06:25:13] latemus: I'm just getting tired of learning more and more and more languages for specific applications... and being enamored of ruby has motivated my to write tools to ruplace the ones usng diverse languages
[06:25:23] rodfersou: has joined #ruby
[06:25:36] latemus: before my head explodes and everything turns into.. perl
[06:25:40] agent_white: Antiarc: Your link, with a combo of using jruby is best bet for a sandbox. It's been awhile since I poked at it, but _why's Freaky Freaky Sandbox was interesting. Also, good idea to checkout this post about the sandbox for Anarchy Code Golf http://shinhoge.blogspot.jp/2014/10/sandbox-of-my-golf-server.html
[06:25:41] Antiarc: (Disclaimer: I am a huge Lua fanboy - for what it does, I think it's just about unbeatable)
[06:25:48] GriffinHeart: has joined #ruby
[06:26:25] schaerli: has joined #ruby
[06:26:35] tubulife-: has joined #ruby
[06:26:35] Antiarc: The only really hard concepts in Lua are metatables and the dual nature of tables as lists/dicts but once you know those you know the whole language :)
[06:26:46] leat2: has joined #ruby
[06:27:28] riffraff: has joined #ruby
[06:28:03] latemus: Antiarc: that is interesting, guess it'll have to stay on the list
[06:28:11] rodfersou: has joined #ruby
[06:28:29] MyMind: has joined #ruby
[06:29:23] latemus: lists/dicts are analogous to arrays/hashes in ruby, yeah?
[06:29:23] Antiarc: I was huge into scripting WoW with Lua back in the day. It gave me a lot of appreciation for the language
[06:29:41] Antiarc: A table in Lua has two "sides" which are separate but can coexist in the same table - a list and a dict
[06:30:01] dhjondoh: has joined #ruby
[06:30:12] latemus: Cool. Yeah, seems like everybody embeds lua, and with good reason it seems.
[06:30:14] Antiarc: a list has a length and can be iterated numerically, while a dict is just key/value pairs and has to be iterated with ipairs
[06:30:37] latemus: Antiarc: o_0
[06:30:40] Antiarc: http://www.lua.org/pil/contents.html if you want to read up on it
[06:30:46] latemus: that is really cool
[06:30:50] Antiarc: It's kind of bizarre but it makes sense once you get your head around it
[06:30:57] Antiarc: It's kind of like PHP's "array" type except sane
[06:31:09] latemus: Antiarc: thats exactly what i was about to ask!
[06:31:25] ruboto: this seems to be off-topic. Please move your discussion to #ruby-offtopic, to keep this channel free for Ruby related problems. Thanks!
[06:31:34] hoey_: has joined #ruby
[06:31:41] latemus: sorry ljarvis
[06:31:58] latemus: ljarvis: you're not wrong
[06:32:08] ljarvis: happy to talk lua in there, I love lua
[06:32:36] jhk: has joined #ruby
[06:32:38] Pisuke: has joined #ruby
[06:32:54] tkuchiki: has joined #ruby
[06:33:43] latemus: Do you all use rbenv? Or is that mostly put to use in the rails side of things
[06:33:56] ljarvis: chruby > *
[06:34:05] Antiarc: I use rvm because I'm a filthy heretic
[06:34:13] Antiarc: and because it's what I've used since forever
[06:34:40] latemus: ACTION just learned of the existance ar chruby from ljarvis 
[06:34:43] Antiarc: gemsets are actually frequently useful for me
[06:34:53] Antiarc: so it's as good a reason as any for me to stay on rvm
[06:35:07] latemus: LMAO Antiarc heretic
[06:35:26] Ox0dea: What is the rate of conversion between mickeys and shakes of a lamb's tail?
[06:36:24] latemus: ACTION scans the channel for someone who can answer Ox0dea
[06:36:28] ljarvis: Ox0dea: they measure different things so that seems unplausible
[06:36:43] Sembei: has joined #ruby
[06:37:00] leat2: has joined #ruby
[06:37:07] zenspider: Antiarc: export GEM_HOME=some/path
[06:37:12] zenspider: that's all you need for "gemsets"
[06:37:29] zenspider: rvm isn't worth the pain
[06:37:31] jhk: has joined #ruby
[06:37:46] Stan: has joined #ruby
[06:38:08] zenspider: look at my gem ohmygems. all it does is set GEM_HOME/GEM_PATH
[06:38:09] Antiarc: Heh, I just haven't had any pain with rvm, I guess
[06:38:25] zenspider: then you aren't using it or you aren't paying attention
[06:38:29] latemus: i forsook rvm for rbenv cause i hadnt used rvm in ages whent i fell away from ruby inte darkness for a few years
[06:38:36] Ox0dea: ljarvis: There are apparently 1.7e53 teaspoons in a cubic light year, so I refute the implausibility of my conversion.
[06:38:41] Antiarc: I'm definitely using it, but perhaps I'm not paying attention. What kinds of pain does it cause?
[06:38:45] T3: has joined #ruby
[06:38:53] latemus: so i had to re-learn it or learn rbenv, and the rails site commanded me te use rbenv
[06:39:24] ljarvis: the mere fact that latemus says "re-learn" is a good enough reason to avoid rvm
[06:39:54] ljarvis: I remember having a lot of trouble with it, but it's been a couple of years now since I last used it
[06:40:03] ljarvis: the original rvm was great
[06:40:12] sharpmachine: has joined #ruby
[06:40:15] jhk: has left #ruby: ()
[06:41:07] MyMind: has joined #ruby
[06:41:39] latemus: everyone at a former place of employment avoided ruby so hard, solely because ef the complexities of rvm. i was the only weirdo who stuck up for ruby and refused to embrace perl and python
[06:42:01] latemus: funny thing is, it was a japanese company, lol
[06:42:21] latemus: ACTION curses their ignorant feam
[06:42:36] latemus: ACTION (s/feam/fear beams/)
[06:43:38] duoi: has joined #ruby
[06:44:20] latemus: but te be fair, i was like a decade younger than the next older guy. can't really blame someone for loving their tools
[06:45:01] Pisuke: has joined #ruby
[06:45:35] ruboto: this seems to be off-topic. Please move your discussion to #ruby-offtopic, to keep this channel free for Ruby related problems. Thanks!
[06:45:48] rht: has joined #ruby
[06:46:07] latemus: just regulating myself.
[06:46:16] workmad3: has joined #ruby
[06:46:44] zenspider: I should point out that shikashi uses ruby_parser + sexp_processor + ruby2ruby ... so my point about wanting to write a limited interpreter stands
[06:47:02] zenspider: it'd be interesting to see what you can get away with
[06:47:15] leat2: has joined #ruby
[06:47:30] Trynemjoel: has joined #ruby
[06:49:09] Sembei: has joined #ruby
[06:49:20] latemus: zenspider: I'ma take a look into that.
[06:49:54] joaomdmoura: has joined #ruby
[06:50:03] robbyoconnor: has joined #ruby
[06:50:08] SuMo_D: has joined #ruby
[06:51:11] awk: Hi, please can someone take a look at https://gist.github.com/anonymous/7ab55a033c659586641d ... I have been able to return the output of the databases on my system, I now need to try find a way to loop through (I can write the query) just not sure how I can take the output displayed and run the query against that, excluding 2 databases.
[06:51:19] c0def00d: has joined #ruby
[06:54:37] ljarvis: awk: what have you tried?
[06:55:50] Oog: has joined #ruby
[06:56:01] Trynemjoel: has joined #ruby
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[07:04:08] doctorly: has left #ruby: ()
[07:06:11] awk: ljarvis: sorry i'm a ruby noob, so i'm struggling to workout the best method.. in bash I would define the connection "connect" and include mysql -u user -p password 'show databases' for example, then, for db in $connect do ... if [ $db != information_schema ] && .... then mysql query (DISTINCT 'table_.....
[07:06:27] christiandsg: has joined #ruby
[07:08:41] tagrudev: certainty, ping
[07:08:51] ljarvis: awk: ok, so in ruby you're looping through the database names. Do you now how to skip a loop?
[07:10:02] GriffinHeart: has joined #ruby
[07:10:58] vondruch: has joined #ruby
[07:11:24] tno: has joined #ruby
[07:11:28] awk: ljarvis: I know things like 3.times in a while loop.. just not sure how to skip a return from an array
[07:11:29] Mendenhall: has joined #ruby
[07:12:44] allomov: has joined #ruby
[07:12:48] ljarvis: awk: right, what I think you should do first is write the query to run for all databases
[07:13:11] ljarvis: you should know how to do that because you're looping through the databases, and you've already written the query, yeah?
[07:13:26] zenspider: Hi! I'm DB Bob! Sounds like you want to make a database dump!
[07:13:48] agent_white: Bob, what happened to paperclip? :(
[07:14:09] awk: ljarvis: correct
[07:14:32] Trynemjoel: has joined #ruby
[07:16:07] awk: k, let me try a bit harder
[07:16:58] eGGsha: has joined #ruby
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[07:45:29] niik00: Hi guys, got a little question. I'm writing a little gem. The Gemfile is just needed if the dependencies gems have not already been installed ?
[07:45:32] dubkoidragon: has joined #ruby
[07:45:51] anisha: has joined #ruby
[07:46:23] Ox0dea: niik00: Do you intend to publish your gem?
[07:46:32] sevenseacat: has joined #ruby
[07:46:50] agent_white: I never include Gemfiles in my gems... we all know ladies love a man of mystery.
[07:47:23] niik00: Ox0dea: maybe later yeah. If I well understood, the Gemfile is just needed in case another dev need to work on the gem so that he can easily grab the dependencies with the right versions ?
[07:48:35] agent_white: Not just another dev. Anyone. It makes sure they have what is needed to run it. Period.
[07:49:07] senayar: has joined #ruby
[07:49:14] adaedra: in a gem, dependencies are set by the .gemspec
[07:49:38] niik00: If I just create the gemspec and add dependencies into it, when someone type gem install ..., the dependencies will be downloaded too ?
[07:50:36] senayar: has joined #ruby
[07:50:37] senayar: has joined #ruby
[07:50:43] adaedra: I think you keep the Gemfile and Gemfile.lock in your repository, but don't add it in the files array of the gemspec, so it's not bundled with the gem, as it will use metadata
[07:51:56] bruno-: has joined #ruby
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[07:54:14] ljarvis: niik00: no, not "anyone" is it as you said just the devs
[07:54:21] ljarvis: gemfiles are for developers not consumers
[07:54:35] ljarvis: as adaedra mentioned, dependencies should be set in your gemspec
[07:54:47] ljarvis: and you should commit the Gemfile, but not the lockfile
[07:55:03] agent_white: woops mah bad. I take back what I said.
[07:55:04] adaedra: funny, I've been told otherwise here.
[07:55:24] ljarvis: adaedra: which part?
[07:55:32] adaedra: not commiting the lockfile
[07:55:55] ljarvis: eh, it's a mixed opinion
[07:56:22] ljarvis: but for a rubygem it shouldn't be there, otherwise it should (i.e for rails apps)
[07:56:41] ljarvis: info: http://yehudakatz.com/2010/12/16/clarifying-the-roles-of-the-gemspec-and-gemfile/
[07:58:57] joonty: has joined #ruby
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[08:06:23] niik00: ok thanks guys
[08:06:37] davidjd: has joined #ruby
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[08:08:31] awk: If someone could please look at https://gist.github.com/anonymous/fb6dbc30662008a4525d ... When I run the command from the mysql client it returns the values correctly, when I run that same query and use puts it changes the output. Please could somebody tell me what silly mistake i'm making to return that result?
[08:09:29] benlovell: has joined #ruby
[08:10:12] Mendenhall: has joined #ruby
[08:10:47] ljarvis: awk: convert it to a float
[08:10:56] ljarvis: awk: row3['Size (MB)'].to_f
[08:11:02] ljarvis: >> "0.878906E-2".to_f
[08:11:03] ruboto: ljarvis # => 0.00878906 (https://eval.in/404614)
[08:11:35] polyrob: has joined #ruby
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[08:12:35] snophey: has joined #ruby
[08:14:01] awk: ljarvis: ahh, thanks, I tried that but I put it on the outside of of the " hence ended up with 0.0 .... many, thanks!
[08:14:27] tvvocold: has joined #ruby
[08:15:08] tubulife-: has joined #ruby
[08:16:30] xkickflip: has joined #ruby
[08:16:39] tvvocold: hi there, could anybody help me with this ThinkingSphinx error?: https://gist.github.com/tvvocold/7a0d0e2293107cc30c04
[08:16:48] white_bear: has joined #ruby
[08:17:33] ljarvis: tvvocold: what is this ts:config task?
[08:18:26] tvvocold: ThinkingSphinx, i am trying to enable the seach feature
[08:18:37] ljarvis: is this inside a rails app or something?
[08:18:43] djbkd: has joined #ruby
[08:19:02] tvvocold: yup, it's https://github.com/jcs/lobsters
[08:19:27] ljarvis: ok, you'll probably find more help in #ror or #sphinxsearch
[08:20:07] tvw: has joined #ruby
[08:20:44] tvvocold: has left #ruby: ("undefined")
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[08:23:03] yorickpeterse: morning fleshlings
[08:23:18] axl_: has joined #ruby
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[08:35:39] adaedra: hi yorickpeterse
[08:39:17] Rubie: has joined #ruby
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[09:12:40] mlangenberg: What is an idomatic way to track which classes have included a certain module? I would like to list the classes that include a feature.
[09:12:56] mlangenberg: I???ve written an example gist with a fruit theme: https://gist.github.com/mlangenberg/067389c265857c59cc2c
[09:13:39] mlangenberg: Goal: list the colors of the classes that include the Fruit module. :)
[09:13:59] apeiros: mlangenberg: module Fruit; @included_by = []; def self.included(by); @included_by << by; end
[09:14:18] ljarvis: did you read the code?
[09:15:20] yorickpeterse: or just use ObjectSpace!
[09:15:37] mlangenberg: apeiros: Would creating this @included_by create any issues in a multi threaded env?
[09:15:43] mlangenberg: yorickpeterse: would like to avoid that :P
[09:15:49] apeiros: ljarvis: does it change the answer?
[09:15:54] hahuang65: has joined #ruby
[09:16:00] bascht: has joined #ruby
[09:16:00] schaerli: has joined #ruby
[09:16:01] apeiros: mlangenberg: *ALL* shared state does
[09:16:09] apeiros: use a mutex
[09:16:33] ljarvis: apeiros: the answer is obviously right, but their example uses included already so i would have probably suggested something more tailored
[09:16:34] apeiros: (and * + caps because if you ask this, then this point needs serious hammering)
[09:17:18] apeiros: well, mlangenberg can use register_class, since that's already present
[09:17:36] apeiros: but I think it's not too much asked that people still use their brain after getting an answer.
[09:17:38] mlangenberg: apeiros: Am I right that this only causes threading issues when different threads define new classes simultaneously? As normally classes are loaded and registred once?
[09:18:09] apeiros: mlangenberg: shared state is an issue when multiple threads write to it
[09:19:30] Oog: has joined #ruby
[09:19:45] mlangenberg: apeiros: In that case, would it be recomended to put a Mutex around writes to @included_by ?
[09:20:14] apeiros: or @fruits in your case
[09:20:33] apeiros: also drop that silly ||= there. initialize it in your module body.
[09:21:01] cajone: has joined #ruby
[09:21:15] apeiros: and given that you have *zero* instance methods, don't use include.
[09:21:34] apeiros: then you can also drop that stupidly magical self.included/extend trickery.
[09:21:53] ljarvis: ^ so much that
[09:22:02] ljarvis: srsly, extend is good
[09:22:32] cajone: has left #ruby: ()
[09:22:40] Kilo`byte: has joined #ruby
[09:22:48] dented42: has joined #ruby
[09:23:04] eGGsha: has joined #ruby
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[09:24:08] fella6s: has joined #ruby
[09:24:39] xkickflip: has joined #ruby
[09:25:08] apeiros: mlangenberg: https://gist.github.com/apeiros/03e4717c25f65e2d00e5 there, sanitized that for you
[09:25:29] Pupp3tm4st3r: has joined #ruby
[09:25:55] mlangenberg: Thx, was just playing around with the mutex
[09:26:21] OrbitalKitten: has joined #ruby
[09:27:11] Trynemjoel: has joined #ruby
[09:27:59] SebastianThorn: will and append to a file take longer time to execute if the file is bigger?
[09:28:18] ljarvis: Fruit.fruit_color
[09:28:25] apeiros: SebastianThorn: should not
[09:28:42] SebastianThorn: need to more tests
[09:28:43] apeiros: but depends on how you do it
[09:28:46] xkickflip_: has joined #ruby
[09:28:57] apeiros: if you read through the whole file in order to set the cursor, then well, yes, it will take longer.
[09:30:59] bodgix: has joined #ruby
[09:31:03] SebastianThorn: apeiros: no, i just append a sting + "\n"
[09:31:21] apeiros: SebastianThorn: that's not saying *how* you append
[09:31:46] SebastianThorn: https://gist.github.com/SebastianThorn/a22400d2b43ce56cb1a4
[09:31:53] DEA7TH: has joined #ruby
[09:32:16] apeiros: ok, with "a" mode. yes, that'll use seek, which should be immediate.
[09:32:34] ljarvis: also, require 'csv'
[09:33:13] apeiros: and ^, yes. don't generate csv yourself. you *will* do it wrong.
[09:33:20] apeiros: as simple as the format seems to be.
[09:33:27] ljarvis: ACTION has done it wrong
[09:33:35] apeiros: ACTION claims he hasn't
[09:33:47] apeiros: but then again, I'm the kind of guy who goes and reads rfc's :D
[09:34:10] apeiros: (which of course doesn't mean I understood & implemented what I read correctly, hence "claim")
[09:34:42] Trynemjoel: has joined #ruby
[09:34:52] SebastianThorn: i know i should use csv, i use it for reading the in-data, gonna look into writing with it
[09:36:00] bnizzle: has joined #ruby
[09:36:02] ixti: has joined #ruby
[09:38:09] RegulationD: has joined #ruby
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[09:44:09] yorickpeterse: yay I get to write an API migration guide
[09:44:17] yorickpeterse: which means finding out what exactly we all changed in the past 2-3 months
[09:44:27] yorickpeterse: and writing down what customers need to do to migrate
[09:45:45] timonv: has joined #ruby
[09:46:03] platzhirsch: has joined #ruby
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[10:02:05] shevy: sounds exciting
[10:03:17] tubulife-: has joined #ruby
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[10:05:29] ndrei: has joined #ruby
[10:07:17] darix: yorickpeterse: i am sure your coworker properly documented everything and it will be only aggregating the documentation and maybe fixing a typo or 2
[10:07:48] sivoais: has joined #ruby
[10:08:44] yorickpeterse: darix: I wrote like 80% of all changes
[10:09:15] yorickpeterse: and actually documented the shit out of everything, just didn't keep a changelog over time
[10:11:36] jpinnix______: has joined #ruby
[10:11:45] Trynemjoel: has joined #ruby
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[10:28:20] sdothum: has joined #ruby
[10:28:51] platzhirsch: How can I check if a string contains unicode symbols with three or more bytes?
[10:30:43] nikhgupt`: has joined #ruby
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[10:36:37] darix: platzhirsch: "somestring".each_codepoint
[10:39:15] ndrei: has joined #ruby
[10:39:31] dhjondoh: has joined #ruby
[10:39:58] lkba: has joined #ruby
[10:40:20] platzhirsch: darix: yeah :) I'll have a look
[10:40:41] apeiros: .chars.any? { |c| c.bytesize >= 3 }
[10:40:45] apeiros: probably slow
[10:41:05] apeiros: you could do it with a regex. I don't know how that one had to look, though :)
[10:41:52] arturmartins: has joined #ruby
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[10:44:52] Sirupsen: has joined #ruby
[10:44:57] darix: platzhirsch: keep this in mind https://unspecified.wordpress.com/2012/04/19/the-importance-of-language-level-abstract-unicode-strings/
[10:45:05] Sirupsen: does anyone else find this behaviour strange or am I loosing my mind in the early morning? https://eval.in/404729
[10:45:14] shevy: could be both Sirupsen :)
[10:45:31] platzhirsch: darix: thanks yeah.. a world of pain
[10:45:36] arup_r1: has joined #ruby
[10:45:39] Sirupsen: shevy: it was pretty rough to track down at 6am I'll tell you that
[10:45:59] eGGsha: has joined #ruby
[10:46:24] apeiros: Sirupsen: that's expected
[10:46:31] Sirupsen: apeiros: explain
[10:46:35] omegamike: has joined #ruby
[10:46:36] apeiros: bar = bar.class # bar is a local variable which is set to nil
[10:47:03] apeiros: you want bar = bar().class. and you want to ask yourself why you shadow a method name with a local variable.
[10:47:24] Sirupsen: yeah, that's how I'm assuming it works too. parser looks at the method, instantiates the variables to nil, then starts the method
[10:47:44] j4cknewt: has joined #ruby
[10:47:51] davedev24: has joined #ruby
[10:48:28] shevy: who would have known that bar.class equals nil!
[10:48:38] arturmartins: has joined #ruby
[10:48:44] apeiros: NilClass, not nil ;-)
[10:49:14] apeiros: that was @ shevy
[10:49:33] shevy: who would have known that bar.class equals NilClass!
[10:49:42] Sirupsen: cheers for confirming my suspecion apeiros
[10:49:45] shevy: well that is more annoying to type than nil ...
[10:50:13] Sirupsen: suspicion even
[10:50:16] xkickflip_: has joined #ruby
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[11:18:29] GarethAdams: Can anyone with FFI experience tell me why > FFI::Buffer.new(1,4,true).read_array_of_char(4) #=> [8, 0, 0, 0]
[11:18:52] GarethAdams: The buffer should be created empty, so I'd expect [0, 0, 0, 0]
[11:19:26] jonee: has joined #ruby
[11:19:42] GarethAdams: (OS X 10.9.5, Ruby 2.1.5, FFI 0.9.10)
[11:19:59] GarethAdams: sorry, FFI 1.9.10
[11:21:06] c0def00d: has joined #ruby
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[11:29:26] bnagy: it looks like a documentation bug
[11:30:02] bnagy: the source has a check against some BUFFER_EMBED_MAXLEN const, which is why it's not memsetting
[11:30:11] bnagy: try with > 16 for size
[11:31:03] bnagy: >8 even #define BUFFER_EMBED_MAXLEN (8)
[11:31:35] bnagy: fwiw I usually just use "\x00" * length for buffers
[11:32:16] christiandsg: has joined #ruby
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[11:49:25] GarethAdams: bnagy: thanks, that's really useful
[11:49:46] busterarm: has joined #ruby
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[11:52:05] [k-: I'm here! I'm here!
[11:52:29] busterarm: you're there, you're everywhere
[11:52:43] Timba-as: has joined #ruby
[11:53:03] [k-: what would be the possible implications of being everywhere?
[11:53:03] ndrei: has joined #ruby
[11:53:48] shevy: the universe
[11:53:53] shevy: that, or you got a fat ass
[11:54:20] ruboto: this seems to be off-topic. Please move your discussion to #ruby-offtopic, to keep this channel free for Ruby related problems. Thanks!
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[12:01:37] [k-: https://www.reddit.com/r/ruby/comments/3ecms2/critique_my_code/
[12:01:38] jevs: has joined #ruby
[12:01:51] awk: When sending a html e-mail, I am getting _everything_ sent on 1 line.. I want each element to print on a new line ?
[12:01:56] c355E3B: has joined #ruby
[12:02:13] mjc_: has joined #ruby
[12:02:29] apeiros: awk: don't send everything on 1 line then
[12:02:56] Marsupermammal: has joined #ruby
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[12:04:07] ljarvis: problem solving 101
[12:04:15] ljarvis: it's broken; don't do it
[12:04:36] bruno-: has joined #ruby
[12:04:37] apeiros: naaa, it's broken? just fix it.
[12:05:12] shlomo: has joined #ruby
[12:05:33] apeiros: awk: in case you didn't get the hint: your question is *waaaaaaaaaaaay* too vague. impossible to tell what you do, what you get and what you expect.
[12:05:52] safeforge: has joined #ruby
[12:05:53] ljarvis: right yes my solution wasn't very agile
[12:09:18] holsee_: has joined #ruby
[12:09:28] awk: apeiros: sorry, https://gist.github.com/anonymous/b2ce214444b05b235545 ... line 30 (outputs) all databases and sizes.. line 31 I setup a variable to mail out and send it out on line 34.. in my mail i'm getting it like this Database name: accounting - Size in (MB): 3.66 [33mDatabase name: batching - Size in (MB): 3.38 [33mDatabase n ... all on one line, trying to find a way to output each result on a new line
[12:09:41] bruno-: has joined #ruby
[12:10:08] apeiros: you probably shouldn't build the message by hand
[12:10:13] apeiros: use something like the mail gem
[12:10:13] senayar: has joined #ruby
[12:10:29] apeiros: ACTION wouldn't be surprised if header separator was \r\n
[12:10:33] apeiros: just f.ex.
[12:10:36] dudoom: has joined #ruby
[12:11:06] jonee: has joined #ruby
[12:11:20] awk: apeiros: let me check that out, thanks
[12:11:22] apeiros: and $results? you do know that $vars are globals?
[12:11:50] awk: apeiros: yup I wanted to maybe call it further down
[12:11:53] cheeti: has joined #ruby
[12:11:54] Trynemjoel: has joined #ruby
[12:12:00] apeiros: and I don't see where you have <table> and/or <tr>???
[12:12:05] cheeti: #join html
[12:12:12] cheeti: #/join html
[12:12:24] apeiros: ah, tr I see, single cell table???
[12:12:59] awk: I must be doing something silly, let me play a little more
[12:13:03] apeiros: awk: anyway, relevant for your question is the output you generate. and I don't see that anywhere there.
[12:13:11] apeiros: show a finished mail source
[12:13:30] emilkarl: has joined #ruby
[12:15:03] Rubie: has joined #ruby
[12:15:05] awk: apeiros: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/7b645d2909b5ad3f8443
[12:15:05] rideh: has joined #ruby
[12:15:42] apeiros: awk: that's not a mail source
[12:16:32] apeiros: the mail source is the stuff you assign to `message` on line 4
[12:18:23] soc42: has joined #ruby
[12:18:39] Timba-as: has joined #ruby
[12:18:54] awk: apeiros: I set structure on line 2 def send_mail ... and on line 34 I call it and pass the output
[12:18:57] thesheff17: has joined #ruby
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[12:41:20] Aswebb_: has joined #ruby
[12:42:03] hj2007: I've tried several solutions on different forums but couldn't get rid of "Your Ruby version is 2.0.0, but your Gemfile specified 2.1.2". Any help please?
[12:42:13] hj2007: I'm using rbenv
[12:42:20] Papierkorb: has joined #ruby
[12:42:41] hj2007: rebenv version returns 2.1.2
[12:42:45] g0rx_: has joined #ruby
[12:42:53] busterarm: local version?
[12:42:55] arup_r: has joined #ruby
[12:43:23] mary5030: has joined #ruby
[12:43:54] busterarm: rather, what's the output of `rbenv local`
[12:43:57] jmcc: has joined #ruby
[12:44:19] hj2007: busterarm, rbenv local returns 2.1.2 as well
[12:45:08] sharpmachine: has joined #ruby
[12:45:46] busterarm: that's wild
[12:46:10] bweston92: has joined #ruby
[12:46:16] ddv: hj2007: rbenv install 2.1.2
[12:46:16] sevenseacat: has joined #ruby
[12:46:30] daxroc: has joined #ruby
[12:46:45] hj2007: ddv: already done that, also did rbenv rehash after that.
[12:46:56] TinkerTyper: has joined #ruby
[12:46:57] ddv: that should work
[12:47:25] busterarm: if you could pastebin the output of rbenv doctor I'd take a look
[12:47:35] hj2007: ddv, busterarm: I think the issue is this "which bundle" returns "/usr/bin/bundle"
[12:47:45] busterarm: curl -s https://gist.githubusercontent.com/mislav/4728286/raw/rbenv-doctor.sh | bash -x 2>&1
[12:47:57] Trynemjoel: has joined #ruby
[12:48:36] busterarm: gem install bundle?
[12:50:29] usershell: has joined #ruby
[12:51:00] jbw_: has joined #ruby
[12:52:21] jpfuentes2: has joined #ruby
[12:52:50] alexclark: has joined #ruby
[12:52:59] hj2007: busterarm: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/a66a34e9f3d29d8458d5
[12:53:22] wprice: has joined #ruby
[12:53:28] Trynemjoel: has joined #ruby
[12:53:45] JoshL: has joined #ruby
[12:54:09] hj2007: busterarm: I've tried gem install bundle before, but it doesn't help, I get a wanring as well: You don't have /Users/<user>/.gem/ruby/2.1.0/bin in your PATH, gem executables will not run.
[12:54:25] benlovell: has joined #ruby
[12:54:27] TinkerTyper: has joined #ruby
[12:54:31] busterarm: what's your $PATH?
[12:55:00] hj2007: busterarm: /Users/<user>/.rbenv/shims:/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin
[12:55:34] busterarm: okay so you have shims
[12:55:48] busterarm: but you also need /Users/<user>/.rbenv/bin
[12:55:56] busterarm: i think. I have it, anyway
[12:56:12] pingpong: has joined #ruby
[12:56:23] pingpong: 'lo guys, i'm having problems getting ruby, rails and vagrant to play nice with each other
[12:56:29] busterarm: .../Users/busterarm/.rbenv/shims:/Users/busterarm/.rbenv/bin:/...
[12:56:30] pingpong: afte rlots of search i've found railsbox.io
[12:56:49] yorickpeterse: >> require 'date'; (Date.today - Date.new(2014, 1, 13)).to_i
[12:56:50] ruboto: yorickpeterse # => 557 (https://eval.in/404784)
[12:56:54] pingpong: but i keep getting issues, i'm on windows 7
[12:56:58] yorickpeterse: >> require 'date'; Date.new(2014, 1, 31).upto(Date.today).count
[12:56:59] ruboto: yorickpeterse # => 540 (https://eval.in/404785)
[12:57:17] stantonnet: has joined #ruby
[12:57:35] allcentury: has joined #ruby
[12:57:37] hj2007: busterarm: changing PATH and including bin didn;t work
[12:57:43] ndrei: has joined #ruby
[12:58:04] pingpong: I basically want it to run on a vagrant box from /var/www so i can access the site in my browser from mysite.dev for instance
[12:58:07] busterarm: uhhh...January 13th is 17 days away from January 31st...
[12:58:13] havenwood: has joined #ruby
[12:58:47] d10n-work: has joined #ruby
[12:59:32] sgambino: has joined #ruby
[12:59:44] busterarm: hj2007: I'm gonna go back to my expression of "that's wild"
[13:00:15] busterarm: i mean, if you don't absolutely require 2.1.2, you could just remove that line from the Gemfile, but that doesn't really solve your problem
[13:00:15] schaerli: has joined #ruby
[13:00:39] sandelius: has joined #ruby
[13:00:55] dtcristo: has joined #ruby
[13:00:57] bmurt: has joined #ruby
[13:01:13] hj2007: busterarm, right, that would just be a ad hoc way, but thanks for the help
[13:01:27] mary5030: has joined #ruby
[13:02:17] maryb: has joined #ruby
[13:03:11] a346: has joined #ruby
[13:03:51] sankaber: has joined #ruby
[13:04:11] bayed: has joined #ruby
[13:04:28] Trynemjoel: has joined #ruby
[13:05:15] busterarm: i'm still thinking about it, but something sounds wrong with rbenv there
[13:05:20] banister: has joined #ruby
[13:05:33] pingpong: anyone here got vagrant and rails working together on windows 7?
[13:05:33] banister: yorickpeterse have you heard of the 30% rule
[13:05:48] banister: yorickpeterse (dutch tax thing)
[13:06:00] banister: or any other dutchies here that've heard of it?
[13:06:19] pingpong11: you got vagrant working with ruby banister ?
[13:06:30] banister: pingpong11 wtf r u asking me
[13:07:18] bubbys: has joined #ruby
[13:07:25] pingpong11: sorry i thought this room was for help with ruby
[13:07:35] [k-: banister: please do not be rude
[13:07:50] jwinder: has joined #ruby
[13:07:52] [k-: pingpong11: please do not directly ping someone.
[13:08:05] banister: [k- i'm not being rude, i just don't like being pinged out of the blue about a topic i haven't indicated i have any knowledge or interest in
[13:08:07] [k-: They will help you automatically if they can
[13:08:12] yorickpeterse: banister: Yes, what about it?
[13:08:29] [k-: (I think wtf is rude, sorry)
[13:08:35] banister: [k- well you're wrong, it's not.
[13:08:44] alexclark: has joined #ruby
[13:08:49] hj2007: busterarm: Should I try reinstalling it?
[13:09:06] vondruch: has joined #ruby
[13:09:07] [k-: do you want to argue? if so, head over to #ruby-offtopic
[13:09:47] MaryBoom: has joined #ruby
[13:10:12] banister: yorickpeterse: do you know what it means exaclty? I read about it and keep reading, but i can't make head of tail of what it implies: "From a tax perspective, the salary agreed upon between the employee and employer may be reduced by 30%. In return, the employee should receive a 30% reduction as reimbursement for expenses."
[13:10:33] yorickpeterse: banister: certain foreign employees can get 30% of their salary without taxes applied
[13:10:37] banister: [k- Christ you sound like a bore, anything, i'm not interested in talking to you anymore
[13:10:47] yorickpeterse: So IIRC taxes are calculated against 70% of your income, not the full 100%
[13:10:53] banister: yorickpeterse ah, cool
[13:10:54] Kully3xf: has joined #ruby
[13:11:05] banister: yorickpeterse i've just applied for it
[13:11:07] yorickpeterse: banister: http://www.belastingdienst.nl/wps/wcm/connect/bldcontenten/belastingdienst/individuals/living_and_working/working_in_another_country_temporarily/you_are_coming_to_work_in_the_netherlands/30_facility_for_incoming_employees/
[13:11:12] banister: took me 2 years to get around to it..
[13:11:45] [k-: I am also not interested in talking to you.
[13:11:48] banister: yorickpeterse cool, thanks
[13:11:56] [k-: I already apologised
[13:12:01] [k-: what more do you want
[13:12:08] pingpong11: it is rude [k-
[13:12:13] pingpong11: i dont know in what world it isnt
[13:12:15] [k-: I have walked 4 km today
[13:12:24] [k-: I'm tired. I want to sleep.
[13:12:33] [k-: I have gone out of my way to apologise
[13:12:37] bhegel: has joined #ruby
[13:12:39] [k-: yet you still chide me
[13:12:46] [k-: I don't know what the hell you want
[13:12:51] pingpong11: either way, anyone successfully got a working vagrant box with ruby on rails
[13:13:31] havenwood: pingpong11: Sure, plenty of folk have Rails running in Vagrant.
[13:13:40] havenwood: pingpong11: What trouble are you having?
[13:13:48] sevenseacat: vagrant just uses a virtualbox vm doesnt it?
[13:13:53] davexunit: has joined #ruby
[13:14:16] havenwood: sevenseacat: aye, virtualbox or vmware
[13:14:26] davexunit: hey rubyists. is it common practice to include the full test suite in the gem archives uploaded to rubygems.org?
[13:14:29] busterarm: hj2007: the sysadmin in me doesn't usually like nuke and pave options like that. Often the problem lies somewhere else.
[13:14:34] shevy: davexunit yeah
[13:14:51] busterarm: hj2007: but I've never had a problem with rbenv like that I could fix easily also.
[13:15:00] davexunit: shevy: okay, I've encountered some gems that don't include their tests and/or Rakefile and I was concerned it might be a trend.
[13:15:01] pingpong11: i've tried multiple ways, i want to be able to access the box via my browser as if it was running on a server
[13:15:03] shevy: the test/ or spec/ dir is usually part of the gem, even though it will be useless to most people
[13:15:14] davexunit: shevy: are Rakefiles commonplace, too?
[13:15:16] havenwood: busterarm: What problem are you running into with rbenv (I missed the earlier part of the convo). So no luck with a?: rbenv rehash
[13:15:17] pingpong11: the latest thing i've trailed is using railsbox.io
[13:15:20] davexunit: in the gem releases, that is.
[13:15:21] hj2007: busterarm: any pointers i can look at?
[13:15:26] pingpong11: but that was the latest issue ==> myapp: Could not locate Gemfile or .bundle/ directory
[13:15:34] shevy: davexunit dunno, I don't use them but other people do. I think it is semi common, like 50% of the gems or so
[13:15:34] kobain: has joined #ruby
[13:15:46] havenwood: pingpong11: A Rails app should have a Gemfile in its root directory.
[13:15:47] busterarm: havenwood: I'm not, hj2007 is
[13:15:54] rippa: has joined #ruby
[13:15:56] havenwood: busterarm: Ah, oops! Sorry bout that. :)
[13:16:03] davexunit: shevy: for some context, I'd like to use the gem archives on rubygems.org as the source tarballs to base package recipes on for the GNU Guix package manager.
[13:16:04] shevy: havenwood lacks coffee again
[13:16:06] pingpong11: i'm not sure how to change it i think
[13:16:08] havenwood: shevy: It's so true!
[13:16:13] pingpong11: i just used the config from railsbox.io
[13:16:15] umgrosscol: has joined #ruby
[13:16:22] havenwood: shevy: Where am I? Who are you? What's happening!?
[13:16:25] Rubie: has joined #ruby
[13:16:28] busterarm: havenwood: it's cool. basically hj2007's rbenv is saying it's 2.1.2 but every indication is that it's 2.0.0
[13:16:29] shevy: davexunit I have no idea what is Guix
[13:16:33] davexunit: shevy: so far I've been using release tarballs typically from github, in which I build the gem via the gemspec and rakefile.
[13:16:35] havenwood: busterarm: eek
[13:16:36] davexunit: shevy: you don't have to. :)
[13:16:39] pingpong11: has anyone got a tutorial that will get me up and running?
[13:16:45] pingpong11: that they know will work if i follow it properlY/
[13:17:03] havenwood: pingpong11: #RubyOnRails is the very best place for Rails questions.
[13:17:05] shevy: well you can build the gem once you have the .gemspec, not sure which gems require a Rakefile in addition to that
[13:17:08] havenwood: ?rails pingpong11
[13:17:09] ruboto: pingpong11, Please join #RubyOnRails for Rails questions. You need to be identified with NickServ, see /msg NickServ HELP
[13:17:14] busterarm: are there brew recipes for chruby and ruby-install yet? I really want to switch to that "new hotness" but 4 months ago that still wasn't an option
[13:17:25] davexunit: shevy: the rakefile is needed to run the test suite.
[13:17:26] havenwood: busterarm: yup!: brew install ruby-install chruby
[13:17:30] hj2007: havenwood: so the issue starts with: Your Ruby version is 2.0.0, but your Gemfile specified 2.1.2, while bundle install. Reason might be coz `which bundle` returns /usr/bin/bundle
[13:17:33] dorei: >> def xxx ; :a ; end ; Object.method(:xxx)
[13:17:34] dudedudeman: It's too early...
[13:17:34] ruboto: dorei # => #<Method: Class(Object)#xxx> (https://eval.in/404803)
[13:17:41] davexunit: shevy: usually there's a 'rake spec' or 'rake test' task that DTRT
[13:17:42] shevy: there are some "meta" gems such as rubygnome2, it has the individual subdirectory for the bindings to glib2 gio etc... each one which then has a Rakefile inside that directory
[13:17:48] pengin: has joined #ruby
[13:17:51] havenwood: hj2007: gem install bundler
[13:17:54] troulouliou_div2: has joined #ruby
[13:17:59] Trynemjoel: has joined #ruby
[13:18:03] dopie: has joined #ruby
[13:18:05] dorei: so, when i define a method on top level this method is added on Object ?
[13:18:06] havenwood: hj2007: then: rbenv rehash && gem which bundler
[13:18:08] busterarm: havenwood: neat.
[13:18:10] Scripore: has joined #ruby
[13:18:29] exile-bot-2: has joined #ruby
[13:18:39] hj2007: havenwood: already did gem install bundler, I get You don't have /Users/<user>/.gem/ruby/2.1.0/bin in your PATH, gem executables will not run. as warning
[13:18:39] ruboto: dorei # => main (https://eval.in/404804)
[13:18:46] davexunit: shevy: so if test suites + Rakefiles are commonly included such that anyone can extract the gem and successfully run the test suite, I am satisfied.
[13:19:02] davexunit: but I'm still not sure if anyone besides me actually does this.
[13:19:04] havenwood: hj2007: How'd you install 2.1.2?
[13:19:14] davexunit: and I want to ensure that my packages have as much test coverage as possible
[13:19:18] hj2007: havenwood: I did as you said, I got /usr/bin/bundler for `which bundler`
[13:19:26] busterarm: oh...it was pkgsrc that I wanted to use chruby with. nvm
[13:19:30] davexunit: (I've uncovered a *lot* of circular dependencies this way, btw)
[13:19:33] busterarm: then I gave up and switched to brew
[13:19:34] hj2007: havenwood rbenv install 2.1.2
[13:19:35] davexunit: rspec in particular.
[13:19:40] Pupp3tm4st3r: has joined #ruby
[13:19:41] davexunit: and cucumber.
[13:19:51] havenwood: busterarm: Ahhh, yeah a pkgsrc port would be nice. Maybe I'll look into that.
[13:20:04] busterarm: havenwood: I'm religiously opposed to shims
[13:20:05] agent_white: Cucumbers make pickles. Pickles are good on hamburgers. Hamburgers are good. So yes, Cucumber is good.
[13:20:13] msgodf: has joined #ruby
[13:20:17] havenwood: busterarm: Down with shims! Down with shims!
[13:20:29] busterarm: lol, well, i am using brew. necessary evil
[13:20:45] ruurd: yay shims yay shims
[13:20:48] umgrosscol: busterarm: What's the opposition to shims?
[13:20:52] lannonbr: has joined #ruby
[13:20:55] havenwood: shevy: Thanks for the coffee reminder... making a cup before blunder about further. :)
[13:21:01] umgrosscol: busterarm: You'd rather maintain a system of symlinks?
[13:21:11] ruurd: I'm using rvm and if you need to maintain more than one project it's a life saver
[13:21:30] shevy: does anyone else here happen to use ruby gtk3? I just started looking through the samples
[13:21:42] umgrosscol: ruurd: Same for rbenv if you're maintaining dev servers for dozens of developers.
[13:22:08] ruurd: I don't think they are that much different.
[13:22:21] mistermocha: has joined #ruby
[13:22:23] davexunit: GNU Guix does a good job of filling the role of rvm/rbenv, which the additional benefit that you can use different versions of *any* package.
[13:22:25] lavros: has joined #ruby
[13:22:42] davexunit: that's currently what I'm using it for as I beef up the support for ruby packages
[13:22:54] ruurd: And I also see a trend to just pull in everything including the kitchen sink into a project.
[13:22:54] umgrosscol: ruurd: I've used both. They're both much better than maintaining the installs manually from my point of view.
[13:22:59] busterarm: symlinks get a bad rep
[13:23:00] freerobby: has joined #ruby
[13:23:27] ruurd: Especially because they don't work on what's that idiot os called again?
[13:23:34] shevy: davexunit sounds like gobolinux :D
[13:23:36] umgrosscol: busterarm: Symlinks are very useful. I just don't like to have to maintain them myself.
[13:23:38] doerteDev: has joined #ruby
[13:23:39] Xeago: has joined #ruby
[13:23:41] jhack: has joined #ruby
[13:23:48] mister_solo: has joined #ruby
[13:23:55] ruurd: Let capistrano do that for you :-)
[13:24:17] umgrosscol: ruurd: I've never heard of someone using cap to deploy ruby installations.
[13:24:20] jerius: has joined #ruby
[13:24:21] davexunit: shevy: similar, but guix is more advanced. perhaps you've heard of nix, our project implements the same fundamental ideas and uses some of the same underlying software.
[13:24:38] malconis: has joined #ruby
[13:24:48] busterarm: oooh, I used to maintain packages for GoboLinux
[13:24:53] shevy: busterarm \o/
[13:25:09] busterarm: haven't heard mention of it in nearly 10 years
[13:25:15] phoo1234567: has joined #ruby
[13:25:29] exile-bot-2: has joined #ruby
[13:25:31] davexunit: I'm working on a rubygems.org package importer for guix, as well as improving our automated ruby gem build system.
[13:25:42] davexunit: which is why I'm here asking about test suites in gem archives ;)
[13:25:43] shevy: well I approve that you use ruby!
[13:25:45] ruurd: umgrosscol true used it for rails projects.
[13:25:58] ruurd: but methinks you could do ruby stuff with it too
[13:26:18] davexunit: guix is implemented in Scheme, which ruby shares some concepts with.
[13:26:40] umgrosscol: ruurd: Probably, but that might be like hammering in screws
[13:26:46] exile-bot-2: has joined #ruby
[13:26:56] serivich: has joined #ruby
[13:27:23] jbwiv: has joined #ruby
[13:27:26] Kharma: has joined #ruby
[13:27:28] ruby-lang030: has joined #ruby
[13:27:34] exile-bot-2: has joined #ruby
[13:27:46] alexclark: has joined #ruby
[13:28:11] havenwood: Ooh, neat - Matz backed Crystal! https://www.bountysource.com/teams/crystal-lang/fundraiser
[13:28:34] exile-bot-2: has joined #ruby
[13:28:47] havenwood: And got a shirt. ;)
[13:28:49] busterarm: wasn't there an HN post about guix in the last couple of months?
[13:28:49] blackmesa: has joined #ruby
[13:29:41] davexunit: busterarm: yeah. I post release announcements to HN
[13:29:50] davexunit: we just released 0.8.3 on wednesday
[13:29:55] Pupp3tm4st3r: has joined #ruby
[13:30:16] busterarm: sadly I'm no longer on Linux these days
[13:30:44] Fubister: has joined #ruby
[13:30:46] mistermocha: has joined #ruby
[13:31:00] schaerli: has joined #ruby
[13:31:35] duggiefresh: has joined #ruby
[13:32:13] phoo1234567: has joined #ruby
[13:32:16] shevy: havenwood lol matz is supporting competition!
[13:32:36] ljarvis: matz has always supported competition
[13:33:10] exile-bot-2: has joined #ruby
[13:33:14] Fubister: Hi there, i used to do some scripting for mirc, now I'm trying to create a very basic irc gather script in ruby. http://pastebin.com/bsmuWmSe can you please tell me, what should I use to replace the mirc "set %number x" in order for it to work with ruby?
[13:33:15] ruboto: Fubister, we in #ruby do not like pastebin.com, I reposted your paste to gist for you: https://gist.github.com/d92aebccde3a5dd6b8c9
[13:33:15] ruboto: pastebin.com loads slowly for most, has ads which are distracting and has terrible formatting.
[13:33:17] ljarvis: what better compliment than to have a language based on the one you created
[13:33:50] exile-bot-2: has joined #ruby
[13:34:48] failshell: has joined #ruby
[13:35:01] CustosLimen: has joined #ruby
[13:35:56] banister: has joined #ruby
[13:36:38] ruurd: umgrosscol just use a big enough hammer...
[13:36:52] exile-bot-2: has joined #ruby
[13:37:09] umgrosscol: ruurd: I agree you could make it work. The results... not as nice looking.
[13:37:22] exile-bot-2: has joined #ruby
[13:37:34] umgrosscol: ruurd: And big hammers don't usually involve an "undo" pathway.
[13:37:47] exile-bot-2: has joined #ruby
[13:38:20] ruurd: umgrosscol yes that is why screwdrivers can be unscrewdrivers if you screwed up...
[13:38:42] weemsledeux: has joined #ruby
[13:39:22] paulcsmith: has joined #ruby
[13:39:34] RegulationD: has joined #ruby
[13:39:36] tubulife-: has joined #ruby
[13:40:16] busterarm: has joined #ruby
[13:40:17] umgrosscol: ruurd: And why I'd probably not try to get capistrano to do deployments of ruby versions.
[13:40:29] DEA7TH: has joined #ruby
[13:40:42] Aswebb_: has joined #ruby
[13:41:22] hashrocket: has joined #ruby
[13:41:31] prefixed: has joined #ruby
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[13:43:29] j4cknewt: has joined #ruby
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[13:43:53] senayar: has joined #ruby
[13:44:15] rideh: has joined #ruby
[13:44:16] banister: has joined #ruby
[13:44:28] davexunit: additionally, pastebin blocks tor users.
[13:44:46] exile-bot-2: has joined #ruby
[13:45:55] sharpmachine: has joined #ruby
[13:48:02] Trynemjoel: has joined #ruby
[13:48:45] livathinos: has joined #ruby
[13:49:52] Scriptonaut: has joined #ruby
[13:50:12] Igorshp: has joined #ruby
[13:50:52] schaerli: has joined #ruby
[13:51:03] Scriptonaut: Hey guys, I am working on a rubyapp, and I'd like to use active record just like I use it in rails, along with migrations using rake, and all the other stuff (schemas, all the other rake tasks like db:create, db:drop, db:schema:load, etc). How do I do this?
[13:51:26] Scriptonaut: so far I have the activerecord gem, but I'm trying to figure out the rake and schema parts
[13:51:41] zipkid: has joined #ruby
[13:52:03] Scriptonaut: I'm looking at these articles so far: http://dfriedm.github.io/blog/2013/08/03/connecting-a-ruby-app-to-active-record-without-rails/ and http://exposinggotchas.blogspot.com/2011/02/activerecord-migrations-without-rails.html
[13:52:16] Pupp3tm4st3r: has joined #ruby
[13:53:37] yorickpeterse: Some of the Rake tasks you'll have to write your own IIRC
[13:53:48] yorickpeterse: and some of the AR internals expect Rails to be present
[13:54:02] yorickpeterse: You might want to look into http://sequel.jeremyevans.net/, it's not tied into Rails in any way
[13:54:06] Scriptonaut: AR should work on it's own though right?
[13:54:11] ljarvis: yeah it does
[13:54:23] Scriptonaut: alright I'll take a look at that link, thanks
[13:55:05] havenwood: +1 sequel gem
[13:55:16] ljarvis: yeah sequel is very good
[13:56:35] Pupp3tm4st3r: has joined #ruby
[13:57:03] Trynemjoel: has joined #ruby
[13:57:04] busterarm: is it weird that ActiveSupport is my favorite part of Rails?
[13:57:24] usershell: has joined #ruby
[13:59:00] banister: has joined #ruby
[13:59:02] bourbon: hi - having fun with trying to turn strings into Date
[13:59:12] bourbon: I have date strings w/o the leading 0's
[13:59:18] bourbon: is there anything built into ruby to deal with this?
[13:59:58] bohallor: has joined #ruby
[14:00:10] bigbadbear: has joined #ruby
[14:00:45] bourbon: or does it just deal with the lack of leading 0's just fine?
[14:01:01] bourbon: I feel a bit silly
[14:01:13] busterarm: I pretty much default to Date.strptime whenever I'm working with Dates, tbh
[14:01:14] bourbon: had assumed that the lack of flag support meant that it required leading 0's for the date and month fields
[14:01:15] yorickpeterse: >> Date.strptime('2015-lol-07-lol-24', '%Y-lol-%m-lol-%d')
[14:01:16] ruboto: yorickpeterse # => uninitialized constant Date (NameError) ...check link for more (https://eval.in/404824)
[14:01:20] CloCkWeRX: has joined #ruby
[14:01:22] yorickpeterse: >> require 'date'; Date.strptime('2015-lol-07-lol-24', '%Y-lol-%m-lol-%d')
[14:01:23] ruboto: yorickpeterse # => #<Date: 2015-07-24 ((2457228j,0s,0n),+0s,2299161j)> (https://eval.in/404825)
[14:01:40] quimrstorres: has joined #ruby
[14:01:47] bourbon: was being tripped up on this in the dox: "strptime does not support specification of flags and width unlike strftime."
[14:02:26] dgutierrez1287: has joined #ruby
[14:02:31] c0m0: has joined #ruby
[14:02:39] bourbon: so I was doing a whole lot of `Date.strptime '6/9/1969', '%-d/%-m/%Y
[14:02:49] iamninja: has joined #ruby
[14:02:51] bourbon: I should have tried before asking
[14:03:16] RegulationD: has joined #ruby
[14:04:23] gambl0re: has joined #ruby
[14:04:27] Scriptonaut: I'm a rake noob, so in rails, all the files ending in .rake are a special kind of rake file included by the main Rakefile in root?
[14:04:30] werelivinginthef: has joined #ruby
[14:04:35] juanpablo_: has joined #ruby
[14:04:46] Scriptonaut: it seems like everyone not using rails puts all their rake tasks in the main Rakefile
[14:04:57] bourbon: ACTION points to #RubyOnRails
[14:05:03] c0def00d: has joined #ruby
[14:05:11] podman: has joined #ruby
[14:05:12] Scriptonaut: I'm in there, but I'm trying to use this in a non rails environment
[14:05:15] apeiros: Scriptonaut: rails just loads a couple of files
[14:05:16] yorickpeterse: Scriptonaut: some put them in Rakefile, some in ./task, other in lib/tasks
[14:05:18] yorickpeterse: There's no real standard
[14:05:25] apeiros: you can put them anywhere, as long as you load the files
[14:05:27] sinkensabe: has joined #ruby
[14:05:45] Scriptonaut: ah, ok so if I put rake files in lib/tasks, then whre do I load them, from the Rakefile in root?
[14:05:46] centrx: has joined #ruby
[14:06:17] codecop: has joined #ruby
[14:06:25] yorickpeterse: Scriptonaut: https://github.com/YorickPeterse/oga/blob/master/Rakefile#L50-L52 this is what I usually do
[14:06:27] apeiros: I never have my rake tasks in the Rakefile. I have a /rake/tasks dir which I glob in my Rakefile
[14:06:40] Scriptonaut: ah, thanks apeiros
[14:06:46] Scriptonaut: also thansk yorickpeterse I'll read that
[14:07:30] apeiros: my rakefile does 2 things: a) set up $LOAD_PATH, b) load task files by globbing specific directories
[14:08:06] tkuchiki: has joined #ruby
[14:08:14] ljarvis: + sets default task for me
[14:09:35] adaedra: My rakefile removes itself
[14:10:04] Trynemjoel: has joined #ruby
[14:10:59] krz: has joined #ruby
[14:11:31] j4cknewt: has joined #ruby
[14:11:33] nettoweb: has joined #ruby
[14:11:49] Scriptonaut: apeiros: what is $LOAD_PATH used for
[14:11:57] yorickpeterse: Scriptonaut: for require() calls
[14:12:12] senayar: has joined #ruby
[14:12:13] senayar: has joined #ruby
[14:12:28] Scriptonaut: ah, I assume the rakefile adds to $LOAD_PATH rather than entirely replacing it right?
[14:12:31] Scriptonaut: otherwise gems wouldn't load
[14:13:00] ArchRogem: has joined #ruby
[14:13:35] victortyau: has joined #ruby
[14:13:38] ljarvis: Scriptonaut: yes, also you can't re-assign $LOAD_PATH because it's read-only
[14:13:51] ljarvis: although read-only in ruby world doesn't actually mean read-only
[14:13:53] Scriptonaut: but you can append to it?
[14:13:57] ljarvis: so you can still clear it
[14:14:07] Scriptonaut: ah, ok thanks
[14:14:10] dimasg: has joined #ruby
[14:14:13] ndrei: has joined #ruby
[14:14:16] ljarvis: it means the variable can't be re-assigned, basically
[14:14:24] ljarvis: not that the object the variable points at cannot be mutated
[14:14:30] ljarvis: >> $LOAD_PATH = 1
[14:14:31] ruboto: ljarvis # => $LOAD_PATH is a read-only variable (NameError) ...check link for more (https://eval.in/404849)
[14:14:38] ljarvis: >> $LOAD_PATH.clear
[14:14:39] ruboto: ljarvis # => [] (https://eval.in/404850)
[14:15:11] schaerli: has joined #ruby
[14:15:34] ljarvis: immutability in ruby isn't worth thinking about
[14:16:36] tkuchiki: has joined #ruby
[14:17:00] Rubie: has joined #ruby
[14:17:36] mlangenberg: has joined #ruby
[14:17:49] bestie: has joined #ruby
[14:18:00] ruurd: has joined #ruby
[14:18:18] christiandsg: has joined #ruby
[14:19:09] adaedra: ahah, immutability.
[14:19:11] adaedra: great joke!
[14:19:13] juanca_: has joined #ruby
[14:19:22] Scriptonaut: I like immutability :D
[14:19:27] coderkevin: has joined #ruby
[14:19:30] Scriptonaut: having spent a good deal of time messing with Haskell
[14:19:53] adaedra: I do to, but here it is #ruby
[14:20:03] agent_white: :( I like pokemon
[14:20:11] Luun: has joined #ruby
[14:20:13] benjwadams: Speaking of that, what are Ruby's killer features in people's opinions?
[14:20:15] adaedra: (like immutability, not work with haskell)
[14:20:22] ljarvis: benjwadams: mutability
[14:20:22] adaedra: ACTION throws a pok??ball at agent_white
[14:20:38] Scriptonaut: benjwadams: by killer do you mean good?
[14:20:39] agent_white: ACTION deflects and throws back masterball
[14:20:42] adaedra: benjwadams: it has a red logo
[14:20:55] benjwadams: non-cosmetic reasons
[14:20:57] Scriptonaut: One of my favorite aspects of ruby is how convenient everything is
[14:21:05] Scriptonaut: oh, well nvm then
[14:21:12] Scriptonaut: I was gonna say how everythign reads like English
[14:21:16] Scriptonaut: and how there's a method for everything
[14:21:18] jschoolcraft: has joined #ruby
[14:21:21] adaedra: agent_white: you would really waste a master-ball for that? shame.
[14:21:43] agent_white: adaedra: Well... 50/50 chance it works. Unless
[14:21:47] Scriptonaut: it's nice not having to implement everything yourself and just get some work done
[14:22:04] benjwadams: It seems to have pretty poor support in terms of libraries for numeric code, data manipulation, and geospatial support
[14:22:16] DaniG2k: has joined #ruby
[14:22:27] juanca99: has joined #ruby
[14:22:39] benjwadams: I can't make the argument that having something more DSL like is enough to make me want to use it in a project vs support for the aforementioned features
[14:23:07] agent_white: adaedra: I'm a high-roller. Master balls are just pennies in mah pawkets.
[14:23:26] ixti: has joined #ruby
[14:24:10] yb_drowe: has joined #ruby
[14:24:12] sanguisdex: has joined #ruby
[14:24:40] benjwadams: I have yet to see something really blow my mind with Ruby. Some of it is english-like, but it's not enough of argument to make me use it. Perl/shell is great for one off scripting and Python for numerics/data manipulation and ruby seems to fall somewhere in between those two nebulously imho
[14:24:49] serivichi: has joined #ruby
[14:24:57] benjwadams: this is not an attempt to start a flamewar, but i'm curious to hear what lang proponents have to say
[14:25:33] centrx: Ruby reduces cognitive overhead and improves development time
[14:25:41] jschoolcraft: is there a guard equivalent where I can specify the watch and triggered command on the command line? something like guard lib/tasks rake foo:bar ?
[14:25:49] casadei_: has joined #ruby
[14:25:53] benjwadams: centrx: do you have data to back that claim?
[14:26:27] centrx: benjwadams, In contrast, Perl has a lot of complexities and epicycles to keep track of. Python is less functional (FP) than Ruby
[14:26:42] Scriptonaut: I would agree, that anecdotally, ruby projects are more fun because I spend more time getting work done than configuring stuff and reading documentation
[14:26:57] centrx: benjwadams, It's my experience. When you learn Ruby, the programming model is much simpler and more powerful and more expressive than other languages
[14:27:03] Scriptonaut: also ya centrx, the FP features of ruby are a real win for me
[14:27:14] benjwadams: Python is less functional, but yet there's more mutable state in ruby according to a number of people here
[14:27:15] Scriptonaut: also don't forget the metaprogramming
[14:27:20] centrx: benjwadams, http://www.artima.com/intv/ruby.html
[14:27:25] benjwadams: i agree that python has a more imperative flavor
[14:27:55] centrx: benjwadams, You can program Ruby in such a way that you do everything immutably
[14:27:59] Scriptonaut: I wish ruby had good pattern matching and a simpler way to curry
[14:28:00] wmoxam: benjwadams: Ruby is the scripting version of Smalltalk (IMO)
[14:28:07] michael_mbp: has joined #ruby
[14:28:18] msnyon: has joined #ruby
[14:28:41] arup_r: has joined #ruby
[14:28:43] centrx: benjwadams, Blocks are very powerful, as an example of functional programming. In order to do the same thing in Python, it requires this backwards way of defining a function into a variable, then passing the fn variable to a map() function for example
[14:28:48] davexunit: I sorely pattern miss pattern matching
[14:28:48] chills42: has joined #ruby
[14:28:54] davexunit: and proper first class functions
[14:28:57] centrx: Scriptonaut, What do you mean by pattern matching?
[14:29:14] davexunit: basically I want Ruby to be Scheme.
[14:29:39] Scriptonaut: an example of it would be like: def my_func ( x, y = param.split )
[14:29:47] Scriptonaut: then inside the function you'd have access to x and y
[14:29:51] davexunit: centrx: match and destructure a data structure based on it's "shape".
[14:29:52] Scriptonaut: I think that's an example of it
[14:30:05] Trynemjoel: has joined #ruby
[14:30:23] benjwadams: tbqh i still haven't fully grasped the whole blocks/procs thing
[14:30:26] davexunit: [x, y, z] could be a pattern that matches an array of 3 elements and binds each element to a variable
[14:30:28] theery: has joined #ruby
[14:30:32] dgutierrez1287: has joined #ruby
[14:30:41] davexunit: benjwadams: it's over-complicated
[14:31:02] centrx: Blocks and Procs are like first-class functions
[14:31:09] davexunit: not really, though.
[14:31:13] centrx: That's why I said like
[14:31:17] davexunit: in practice they don't work out the same way
[14:31:17] centrx: but it's a good way of thinking about them
[14:31:38] davexunit: I can do basic functional things in Ruby, but more advanced things are painful.
[14:32:11] centrx: davexunit, Have you tried Elixir?
[14:32:12] davexunit: ruby methods may accept just 1 block
[14:32:16] agent_white: has joined #ruby
[14:32:30] dorei: is there a way to edit a gem's required libs after installing it? maybe by editing it's .gemspec...
[14:32:32] Scriptonaut: I forget, can blocks accept blocks
[14:32:34] davexunit: centrx: no, I'm not very interested after looking at some code and stuff on their website.
[14:33:02] davexunit: Scheme is my language of choice. Clojure is more what I'm after than Elixir
[14:33:07] centrx: I heard it was like Ruby + Erlang with some magic sauce (elixir)
[14:33:41] ljarvis: Elixir is awesome
[14:34:09] benjwadams: I'll get around to lisping someday. I learned some basic Haskell about two years back and it was pretty mind blowing
[14:34:12] kies^: has joined #ruby
[14:34:24] benjwadams: don't write a lot of it, but definitely changes your thinking
[14:34:28] Scriptonaut: I prefer Haskell over lisps
[14:34:41] Scriptonaut: or, ML family langs in general
[14:34:43] davexunit: haskell is cool, too.
[14:34:53] benjwadams: if i lisped, I'd have to use Emacs :(
[14:35:03] chills42: has joined #ruby
[14:35:03] davexunit: ACTION is talking to you in IRC via emacs right now
[14:35:10] bronson: has joined #ruby
[14:35:11] benjwadams: though I'm tempted to try the dark side with Evil mode
[14:35:11] davexunit: emacs is fantastic.
[14:35:15] Scriptonaut: emacs has a built in irc client? lol
[14:35:17] mistermocha: has joined #ruby
[14:35:24] Scriptonaut: vim all the way here
[14:35:34] davexunit: you should learn emacs just for magit
[14:35:37] davexunit: best git interface ever
[14:35:51] Scriptonaut: I still learn new vim things after using it a couple years
[14:36:00] Scriptonaut: super steep learning curve
[14:36:06] Rubie: has joined #ruby
[14:36:08] tennis: has joined #ruby
[14:36:20] benjwadams: I guess in the end whether programming langs or tools it boils down to the task at hand and the sensibilities of the user *shrug*
[14:36:24] davexunit: I've never had a happier hack then when I use emacs to connect to a Scheme REPL and live code things.
[14:36:40] benjwadams: or if you're unlucky, whatever management is foisting upon you :P
[14:36:43] davexunit: benjwadams: of course. :)
[14:36:46] Scriptonaut: benjwadams: true that
[14:37:09] davexunit: I just want to put my +1 in for emacs, even for ruby stuff it's great.
[14:37:15] davexunit: ruby-test-mode and other nice things
[14:37:16] Cache_Money: has joined #ruby
[14:37:30] adaedra: are we doing editor wars again?
[14:37:31] davexunit: so don't be afraid to try it sometime :)
[14:37:35] davexunit: adaedra: I hope not.
[14:37:45] Jarboe: has joined #ruby
[14:37:50] ljarvis: yeah, since vim will win
[14:38:00] davexunit: thems fightin' words!
[14:38:03] benjwadams: look what i started :z
[14:38:16] charliesome: has joined #ruby
[14:39:04] _lexjm: has joined #ruby
[14:39:47] baroquebobcat: has joined #ruby
[14:40:21] The_Phoenix: has joined #ruby
[14:41:19] The_Phoenix: has joined #ruby
[14:41:27] jonee: has joined #ruby
[14:42:46] busterarm: Elixir is pretty nice, but I'm mainly interested in seeing where Elm goes
[14:42:48] fumihiro: has joined #ruby
[14:44:57] jxf: has joined #ruby
[14:45:08] davexunit: busterarm: Elm is very interesting indeed.
[14:45:24] davexunit: I'm not interested in a new language, but I am interested in functional reactive programming
[14:45:24] RobertBirnie: has joined #ruby
[14:45:35] davexunit: which I've implemented in Scheme for use with a game engine
[14:45:46] davexunit: and the results are very cool
[14:46:10] Scriptonaut: davexunit: kinda reminds me of this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Game_Oriented_Assembly_Lisp
[14:46:24] davexunit: good ol' GOAL
[14:46:42] sharpmachine: has joined #ruby
[14:47:04] busterarm: the "time traveling debugger" video is the only talk I've seen in a year where I thought "i can't live without this for another second"
[14:47:13] last_staff: has joined #ruby
[14:47:15] deepu: has joined #ruby
[14:47:30] davexunit: this is a rather old blog post at this point, but it shows my proof of concept FRP Scheme module: http://dthompson.us/functional-reactive-programming-in-scheme-with-guile-2d.html
[14:47:50] davexunit: busterarm: yeah that thing is just awesome
[14:47:51] DEA7TH: has joined #ruby
[14:47:53] alekst_: has joined #ruby
[14:48:20] davexunit: it really shows why modelling programs with persistent data structures and pure functions really pays off
[14:48:33] davexunit: I like implementing state as a fold
[14:49:20] tkuchiki: has joined #ruby
[14:49:48] theery: has joined #ruby
[14:51:37] Trynemjoel: has joined #ruby
[14:51:52] snockerton: has joined #ruby
[14:54:55] aryaching: has joined #ruby
[14:55:36] knrz: has joined #ruby
[14:56:09] jottr: has joined #ruby
[14:57:39] safeforge: has joined #ruby
[14:57:49] ktchup: has joined #ruby
[14:58:00] ktchup: hey guys, what's the rails channel?
[14:58:09] ljarvis: #rubyonrails
[14:58:09] busterarm: #RobyOnRails
[14:58:18] busterarm: err #RubyOnRails, even
[14:59:00] Xoro: has joined #ruby
[14:59:02] mdavid613: has joined #ruby
[14:59:07] Trynemjoel: has joined #ruby
[14:59:23] mago0: has joined #ruby
[15:00:04] mago0: has joined #ruby
[15:02:13] Channel6: has joined #ruby
[15:03:06] dudedudeman: so i'm fighting more json this morning. i'm getting the error initialize': A JSON text must at least contain two octets! (JSON::ParserError). This is the code that is leading me to this error: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/0a2b8c540e528b3dc69e
[15:03:26] adaedra: it means your input is invalid, dudedudeman
[15:03:33] adaedra: surely empty
[15:04:02] knrz: dudedudeman puts the item in the loop; the last one puts'd will be the one giving you errors
[15:04:19] prestorium: has joined #ruby
[15:04:21] ljarvis: there's only one place this error can occur..
[15:04:22] knrz: then upload the contents of the last file to gist and link us here
[15:04:30] dudedudeman: that's on the File.open
[15:04:35] ljarvis: which as, as adaedra says, probably because there's no json
[15:04:40] ljarvis: dudedudeman: no, the JSON.parse
[15:04:51] ljarvis: JSON::ParserError is a big of a giveaway
[15:05:03] ljarvis: are your files empty?
[15:05:07] dudedudeman: well that makes sense
[15:05:09] adaedra: a bit of a big giveaway
[15:05:15] icebourg: has joined #ruby
[15:05:19] dudedudeman: ljarvis: no they are not
[15:05:26] ljarvis: what's in 'em?
[15:05:34] _blizzy_: has joined #ruby
[15:05:45] dudedudeman: a json object
[15:05:48] dudedudeman: {"version":10,"build":"build","tested":"tested","notes":"nzimjwmqzcz"}
[15:05:50] mlangenberg: has joined #ruby
[15:06:39] adaedra: I see some wrong things with this code
[15:07:03] ljarvis: I think you want r+
[15:07:07] tkuchiki: has joined #ruby
[15:07:31] ljarvis: they're both read-write, but r+ doesn't truncate
[15:07:39] dudedudeman: ok, learned something there
[15:07:55] dudedudeman: that did it! at least, didn't raise any error
[15:07:56] ljarvis: so yeah your json is empty with w+
[15:08:07] adaedra: And I think you'll want to rewind, you want to overwrite the json, not append to the existing one?
[15:08:32] dudedudeman: yes, i'm not sure how to do that... i'm seeing now how it's appending and not overwriting
[15:08:50] adaedra: &ri File#seek
[15:08:50] `derpy: https://devdocs.io/ruby/io#method-i-seek
[15:09:04] ljarvis: &ri IO#rewine
[15:09:04] `derpy: I'm sorry, I found no instance method named rewine in IO
[15:09:09] ljarvis: &ri IO#rewind
[15:09:09] `derpy: https://devdocs.io/ruby/io#method-i-rewind
[15:09:22] adaedra: there's even a rewind
[15:09:32] adaedra: I just hope you have no negative numbers
[15:09:39] dudedudeman: no, no negative numbers
[15:09:44] adaedra: so it's ok
[15:10:07] Muhannad: has joined #ruby
[15:11:20] dudedudeman: i'm trying to figure out where to place the rewind here
[15:11:24] dudedudeman: i'm assuming before the .write
[15:11:27] adaedra: except if you can have sources with spaces though
[15:11:37] adaedra: well, .read will put your file cursor at the end of the file
[15:11:52] adaedra: .write will write at the position of this cursor
[15:12:41] dfockler: has joined #ruby
[15:12:45] dudedudeman: so the rewind would be placed right after I make the change to my hash key value
[15:12:50] tkuchiki: has joined #ruby
[15:13:04] adaedra: try and see
[15:13:31] _blizzy_: has joined #ruby
[15:13:33] Muhannad: has joined #ruby
[15:13:43] blue_deref: has joined #ruby
[15:13:48] Oog: has joined #ruby
[15:13:58] bhegel: has joined #ruby
[15:15:16] Yiota: has joined #ruby
[15:15:44] dudedudeman: putting file.rewind there gives me a JSON::ParserError
[15:15:59] theery: has joined #ruby
[15:17:26] adaedra: did you fix your file after previous tries?
[15:17:35] adaedra: the input json, I mean
[15:17:50] adaedra: also, you may have issue if your JSON file is at any moment written with spaces in it
[15:17:55] dudedudeman: no. i actually just put file.rewind above where i'm modifying the hash itself, and that did it!
[15:18:11] Siyfion: has joined #ruby
[15:18:12] j4cknewt: has joined #ruby
[15:18:31] dudedudeman: i see exactly what that's doing now, after you said that about where the cursor lands when you .read
[15:18:31] adaedra: yes, but is your json input still valid json, as previous tries may have altered it?
[15:18:37] mary5030: has joined #ruby
[15:18:45] dudedudeman: i've been deleting the files each tiem i run the script
[15:18:51] riotjones: has joined #ruby
[15:19:01] hobodave: has joined #ruby
[15:19:04] dudedudeman: though, if i do try to run it twice, it errors on me, as those files exist
[15:19:10] dudedudeman: so that's one thing to try to suss out
[15:19:19] adaedra: can you paste full code, input and errors as of now? (edit your previous gist if possible)
[15:19:25] mary5030: has joined #ruby
[15:19:38] Trynemjoel: has joined #ruby
[15:20:11] dudedudeman: actually, can i edit a gist if i created it anonymously?
[15:20:40] adaedra: I think you can, under some conditions
[15:20:46] senayar: has joined #ruby
[15:20:59] werelivi_: has joined #ruby
[15:22:25] dudedudeman: i'm lost at how to do that lol
[15:22:26] DaniG2k: has joined #ruby
[15:22:34] dudedudeman: it's the simplest things sometimes. lol
[15:22:49] adaedra: open the gist again, look if there's an edit button. If not, create a new one, and don't close it.
[15:23:31] gambl0re: has joined #ruby
[15:25:00] exadeci: has joined #ruby
[15:25:15] zeeraw: has joined #ruby
[15:25:35] CorySimmons: has joined #ruby
[15:26:14] sinkensabe: has joined #ruby
[15:26:35] dudedudeman: there's a leave a comment button
[15:26:54] adaedra: >> "Edit" == "Leave a comment"
[15:26:56] ruboto: adaedra # => false (https://eval.in/404990)
[15:27:00] adaedra: guess it's not that
[15:27:22] fullofcaffeine: has joined #ruby
[15:27:45] dudedudeman: ACTION facepalms at his own stupidity
[15:27:48] tubulife-: has joined #ruby
[15:28:30] dudedudeman: actually, it's not erroring at all now when i run it multiple times
[15:29:00] dudedudeman: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/5a75172626e2f7d3f2e5
[15:29:02] ljarvis: why would it?
[15:29:21] dudedudeman: it did the first time i ran it twice?
[15:29:41] shock_one: has joined #ruby
[15:30:03] adaedra: File.open do |file| end > file = File.open ... file.close
[15:30:09] christiandsg: has joined #ruby
[15:30:12] adaedra: should have quoted, oh well.
[15:30:55] ljarvis: adaedra is saying using the block form of File.open means you don't have to explicitly close it and it's generally better
[15:31:30] ljarvis: to which I concur
[15:32:16] dudedudeman: so, file = File.open(item, "r+") becomes, File.open(item, "r+_") do |file| ?
[15:32:24] drewo: has joined #ruby
[15:32:52] ljarvis: without the weird underscore, of course
[15:33:17] dudedudeman: sorry, i have big fingers lol
[15:33:25] adaedra: you put all code needing the file to be open inside the block, and remove the close
[15:33:34] adaedra: as it is done at the end of the block
[15:34:04] ArchRogem: has joined #ruby
[15:34:11] prefixed: wtf why can't you overload methods in ruby
[15:34:20] prefixed: adaedra you only yoyo once
[15:34:27] ljarvis: because you can't
[15:34:41] prefixed: why was ruby designed that wayu
[15:34:54] dudedudeman: i swear i'm not seeing a edit button on the gist page
[15:35:02] adaedra: then create a new
[15:35:06] adaedra: maybe the session expired
[15:35:17] prefixed: seems like a mistake
[15:35:22] rcvalle: has joined #ruby
[15:35:29] dudedudeman: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/c9105f3a5d452d0275b8
[15:35:30] shevy: prefixed matz spoke about the history in a video talk. want to watch it?
[15:35:36] ljarvis: really? of all things, method overloading is the mistake?
[15:35:41] prefixed: no time. perhaps later
[15:35:44] adaedra: I smell a troll
[15:36:04] shevy: he is just lazy
[15:36:06] adaedra: dudedudeman: looks neater, no?
[15:36:07] prefixed: ljarvis one of them. adaedra no. I just wanted to build an overloaded method and found i couldn't
[15:36:22] dudedudeman: it looks amazing, adaedra
[15:36:23] prefixed: ACTION is annoyed
[15:36:24] ljarvis: prefixed: meh, it's not *that* popular of a feature
[15:36:40] Trynemjoel: has joined #ruby
[15:36:42] adaedra: well, given arguments have no types, and that you can have optionnal arguments, I don't see what you're missing
[15:36:42] ljarvis: prefixed: anyway, you can use kwargs to get around it
[15:36:59] prefixed: ljarvis yes, i am now aware of this
[15:37:23] blackmesa: has joined #ruby
[15:38:37] dangerousdave: has joined #ruby
[15:38:41] lkba: has joined #ruby
[15:38:57] prefixed: i wonder if ruby is faster than python. let's find out
[15:39:10] adaedra: attention, irrelevent results incoming.
[15:39:31] dudedudeman: ACTION stands up really straight
[15:39:56] adaedra: dudedudeman: your code works now?
[15:40:12] dudedudeman: i need to figuure out where to put break points so it can't be executed more than once
[15:40:26] decoponio: has joined #ruby
[15:40:42] dudedudeman: like, if it sees a certain folder that it's trying to create already there, then just stop
[15:41:09] ljarvis: your code doesn't create folders
[15:42:15] dudedudeman: that was just one bit of the code i'm working with. i have a line that creates a new folder, unless it's already there
[15:42:27] towski_: has joined #ruby
[15:43:02] shevy: dudedudeman you are duding your code up \o/
[15:43:15] dudedudeman: shevy: i'm trying!
[15:43:16] shock_one: has joined #ruby
[15:43:39] rehat: has joined #ruby
[15:44:10] Trynemjoel: has joined #ruby
[15:44:39] Asix3: has joined #ruby
[15:44:53] jbw: has joined #ruby
[15:45:03] prefixed: ruby does not appear to be slower than python
[15:45:10] Asix3: hello, I'm trying to install sass, but I keep getting an error: ARNING: You don't have /root/.gem/ruby/2.2.0/bin in your PATH
[15:45:20] Asix3: the command i'm using is: sudo gem install sass
[15:46:03] ljarvis: Asix3: don't use root
[15:46:07] shevy: prefixed \o/
[15:46:08] ruboto: general advice in system administration: do not and that means never use sudo or root to "fix" things. Only use it if you exactly know why it would work and why it wouldn't work under any circumstances as normal user. Or if you're told to do it.
[15:46:39] theery: has joined #ruby
[15:46:39] shevy: if you are the superuser, why would you use sudo?
[15:46:55] Asix3: well, if I don't sudo, then I get the same error
[15:46:56] adaedra: sudo -u shevy command
[15:47:15] busterarm: ewwww single user mode?
[15:47:22] prefixed: that's pretty good. i like to use python and ruby
[15:47:22] shevy: well that is weird, it should install into /usr/lib/ruby/* or whatever the --prefix your ruby has then
[15:47:26] sharpmachine: has joined #ruby
[15:47:28] prefixed: i also like javascript
[15:47:38] ljarvis: prefixed: this is #ruby, we talk about ruby
[15:47:46] Asix3: WARNING: You don't have /home/[USER]/.gem/ruby/2.2.0/bin in your PATH
[15:47:46] adaedra: looks like --user-install, it's not weird, shevy
[15:48:00] adaedra: Asix3: add this folder to your $PATH variable
[15:48:00] shevy: adaedra how do you know that?
[15:48:01] prefixed: i love u ljarvis
[15:48:17] adaedra: shevy: I happen to use ruby sometimes
[15:48:28] bttf: has joined #ruby
[15:48:43] shevy: that is no explanation
[15:48:56] busterarm: i must be one of the only Mac users who doesn't work out of an admin account...
[15:48:56] bishop: has joined #ruby
[15:49:05] gambl0re: has joined #ruby
[15:49:13] Antiarc: an admin account just has sudoers, right?
[15:49:22] shevy: busterarm I estimate around 25% of the people here are mac users
[15:49:36] busterarm: shevy: interesting stats, that
[15:49:41] ljarvis: pointless*
[15:49:41] adaedra: Antiarc: more or less
[15:49:49] adaedra: shevy: stop making numbers up
[15:49:58] shevy: adaedra you have no numbers to show?
[15:50:12] adaedra: shevy: on the right side of my keyboard.
[15:50:16] Antiarc: I'd expect it's quite a lot higher, tbh :)
[15:50:20] shevy: so no numbers
[15:50:37] EminenceHC: has joined #ruby
[15:50:42] slawrence00: has joined #ruby
[15:50:46] busterarm: Antiarc: in the US. I'm constantly surprised by the number of Ruby devs I meet from the EU who use Windows
[15:50:52] shevy: Antiarc dunno, some linux users only ... jhass... me ... hmm
[15:51:12] Antiarc: I use a Windows desktop and do my development on a headless Linux server, so I'm not sure which camp I fall into :P
[15:51:22] shevy: the weird camp
[15:51:23] adaedra: the bad one.
[15:51:25] ljarvis: well linux, obviously
[15:51:39] Guest41195: I'm running windows ME
[15:51:40] busterarm: i'd say windows, only because most of the ruby devs I know are using vagrant anyway
[15:51:45] railswebdev: has joined #ruby
[15:51:47] busterarm: on mac I mean
[15:51:47] adaedra: You should be using plan9, of course.
[15:52:14] adaedra: Guest41195: press Ctrl-Alt-Del twice.
[15:52:18] sharpmachine: has joined #ruby
[15:52:27] davexunit: has left #ruby: ("ERC (IRC client for Emacs 24.5.1)")
[15:52:34] zuQe8: has joined #ruby
[15:52:57] Guest41195: I think that you have already lost if you start segmenting yourself on OSs
[15:53:09] busterarm: everyone should use BeOS, let's be real here
[15:53:24] Guest41195: I doubt if any of you can't work around the technical differences
[15:53:29] shevy: I settled for ruby. as long as ruby works I am happy
[15:53:29] Guest41195: specially with ruby
[15:54:37] Guest41195: except old macs
[15:54:54] Guest41195: \r nonsense can go die in a hole
[15:55:08] fractalis: has joined #ruby
[15:56:03] NeverDie: has joined #ruby
[15:56:13] michaeldeol: has joined #ruby
[15:58:11] mdavid613: has joined #ruby
[15:58:11] Ilyas: has joined #ruby
[15:58:12] busterarm: is there a fire in that hole?
[15:58:50] amclain: has joined #ruby
[15:59:15] dfockler: messing with Ruby's IO.pipe and listening to Adele, makes me want to cry
[15:59:32] c355E3B: has joined #ruby
[16:00:21] ljarvis: that's.. weird
[16:00:35] shevy: dfockler but which part is stranger
[16:00:42] dudedudeman: can i turn an array in to regexp?
[16:00:42] shevy: what are you doing with IO.pipe
[16:00:52] dfockler: just figuring out how it works
[16:01:18] yb_drowe: has joined #ruby
[16:01:23] shevy: dudedudeman you could turn it into an array of regexes? array.map {|e| Regexp.new(e) }
[16:01:25] mleung: has joined #ruby
[16:01:29] shock_one: has joined #ruby
[16:01:40] dudedudeman: i'll gist what i have
[16:01:45] ljarvis: dudedudeman: Regexp.union
[16:01:59] ljarvis: >> Regexp.union(["foo", "bar"])
[16:02:00] ruboto: ljarvis # => /foo|bar/ (https://eval.in/405000)
[16:02:04] dudedudeman: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/87d6d7fa88e73f792c61
[16:02:17] dudedudeman: ljarvis: oh! that's a neat trick
[16:02:35] shevy: I don't like the new gist, I can no longer paste on middle mouse button click :(
[16:02:57] rob_: has joined #ruby
[16:03:00] ljarvis: dudedudeman: you dont need regexp for that code, though
[16:03:09] polpak: has joined #ruby
[16:03:15] ljarvis: in fact your code makes quite little sense
[16:03:26] adaedra: you always need more regex.
[16:03:33] adaedra: you need to be surrounded by it.
[16:03:37] adaedra: drown in it.
[16:03:41] rob_: hi, im trying to use Dir.glob to recursively list files in a directory, including following symlinks, the problem is that i get duplicate files: https://gist.github.com/roobert/ade8265447c010bb1e13
[16:04:06] ljarvis: rob_: .uniq
[16:04:08] dudedudeman: ljarvis: for sure, i had one thing that would make the folders, and then skip it if they existed. but i want the entire script i'm running to shut down if it sees the folders already exist
[16:04:22] rob_: ljarvis: yeah, isnt there a better way? :)
[16:04:40] ljarvis: dudedudeman: if Dir.exists?(dir)
[16:05:06] dudedudeman: undefined method exists
[16:05:07] autrilla: has joined #ruby
[16:05:09] ljarvis: rob_: that's better than using .uniq if you want unique values?
[16:05:14] ljarvis: dudedudeman: lies and slander
[16:05:26] ljarvis: dudedudeman: "exists?"
[16:05:29] ljarvis: with the ?
[16:05:38] rob_: ljarvis: a glob pattern that only matches files recursively including symlinked ones would be preferable..
[16:05:48] dudedudeman: yes. it's freaking out on the line above though, where it says directory_name.each do |dir|
[16:05:55] ljarvis: dudedudeman: why?
[16:06:03] yqt: has joined #ruby
[16:06:10] dudedudeman: wait, nvm. i can't read
[16:06:20] phutchins: has joined #ruby
[16:06:30] ljarvis: rob_: glob is great but it's quite limited
[16:06:54] jpfuentes2: has joined #ruby
[16:07:33] dudedudeman: it's that line with the .exists?
[16:08:12] erichf: has joined #ruby
[16:08:17] erichf: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/31615123/erb-template-system-command-outputting-true
[16:08:39] RegulationD: has joined #ruby
[16:08:59] cbednarski: has joined #ruby
[16:09:45] ljarvis: erichf: use `lsb_release -sc`
[16:09:52] erichf: ljarvis, ok
[16:10:09] ljarvis: system doesn't return anything except true/false/nil
[16:10:17] rob_: ljarvis: ok, thanks for the advice
[16:10:22] erichf: found this answer
[16:10:22] dudedudeman: meh https://gist.github.com/anonymous/fa9cb9e53a8130d325b6
[16:10:22] erichf: Getting output of system() calls in Ruby
[16:10:32] erichf: cleared it up for me
[16:10:47] adaedra: dudedudeman: FileUtils.mkdir_p
[16:11:01] ljarvis: rob_: Find.find or Dir.entries might help, you'll probably have to stat the file though, or File.symlink?
[16:11:16] chouhoulis: has joined #ruby
[16:11:24] rob_: ljarvis: ok, thanks!
[16:11:51] shock_one: has joined #ruby
[16:11:59] ljarvis: dudedudeman: I said Dir.exists?(...) not dir.exists?; dir is a string
[16:12:10] zeeraw: has joined #ruby
[16:12:28] erichf: ljarvis, any idea why deb http://repo.mongodb.org/apt/ubuntu <%= `lsb_release -sc` %>/mongodb-org/3.0 multiverse would have a newling after the embedded ruby?
[16:12:39] ljarvis: then delete the lines in the else branch
[16:12:46] ljarvis: because they're silly
[16:12:52] ljarvis: (we'll get to that)
[16:12:53] zendrix: has joined #ruby
[16:13:15] dudedudeman: ok, there's the no implicit conversion of array to string now
[16:13:17] ljarvis: erichf: yeah because the output of that command includes a newline (to be shell friendly). Just chomp it `.chomp
[16:13:34] ljarvis: dudedudeman: well directory_name is an array
[16:13:37] erichf: `command`.chomp ?
[16:13:37] ljarvis: you surely want dir
[16:13:39] dudedudeman: which, is fixed by .to_s
[16:13:41] ljarvis: erichf: you got it
[16:13:45] ljarvis: dudedudeman: no dont do that
[16:14:09] ljarvis: dudedudeman: think about what you're doing, you need to traverse your array and check each directory
[16:14:19] ljarvis: dont do anything with the array as a whole except loop through it
[16:14:20] topdownjimmy: has joined #ruby
[16:14:26] dudedudeman: at this point, the directories don't even exist yet
[16:14:36] topdownjimmy: I'm having trouble with getting the scss-lint gem to work on a directory of files rather than a single file
[16:14:38] ljarvis: rename your array too
[16:15:10] ljarvis: directory_name does not lend itself well to an array type
[16:15:22] ljarvis: topdownjimmy: what's the problem/error/code/etc?
[16:15:40] chouhoul_: has joined #ruby
[16:15:48] ljarvis: that would be better yes
[16:15:52] zeeraw: has joined #ruby
[16:16:19] c0def00d: has joined #ruby
[16:17:01] ljarvis: ok what's next?
[16:17:21] dudedudeman: well, my if statement is asking if Dir.exists?. however, nothing exists at this point
[16:17:36] ljarvis: but you still need that check for when it does, right?
[16:17:43] Casty: has joined #ruby
[16:17:50] ljarvis: ok so lets focus on the else branch, makes sense?
[16:18:04] shock_one: has joined #ruby
[16:18:14] dudedudeman: (even though i'm getting the array to string conversion error?)
[16:18:52] ljarvis: well, you need to make sure Dir.exists? checks the dir and not the list of dirs
[16:20:06] codenihal: has joined #ruby
[16:20:07] Igorshp: has joined #ruby
[16:20:55] Muhannad: has joined #ruby
[16:20:57] dudedudeman: i didn't know if i needed to index the array
[16:21:33] ljarvis: you're already looping through it
[16:22:47] dudedudeman: i guess i'm unsure of which array method to use here
[16:22:58] eam: dudedudeman: you don't need one, you're using #each
[16:23:19] eam: each walks your array taking each element and putting it into the variable |dir|, right?
[16:23:21] dudedudeman: i don't need one on the if statement?
[16:23:30] eam: you're just using the wrong variable
[16:23:42] eam: .exists?(dir)
[16:24:11] dudedudeman: well, shoot. i had tried that. lol
[16:24:20] theery: has joined #ruby
[16:24:26] dudedudeman: obviously i did it wrong
[16:24:52] dudedudeman: so, ok. it moves to the else block now.
[16:25:18] eam: dudedudeman: don't worry about making dumb errors when learning a new language, I'm doing the same in a different context as we speak
[16:25:33] dudedudeman: thanks for the encouragement, eam
[16:25:56] eam: it's like in the movie gremlins 2, "it's always after 12 midnight somewhere ..."
[16:26:01] eam: man what a great movie that was
[16:26:17] eam: full of enriching life lessons *sips coffee*
[16:26:23] zeeraw: has joined #ruby
[16:26:26] dudedudeman: i need coffee. i was up too late workign on this
[16:28:05] adaedra: ACTION gives dudedudeman tea
[16:28:16] umgrosscol: dudedudeman: Dir.exists?(dir). Looks like directory_name is an array of path strings. Within the each block, dir is a path string. So the class method Dir.exist? should operate on that.
[16:28:20] dudedudeman: i don't drink it nearly enough. aside from unsweet iced tea
[16:28:49] Oog: has joined #ruby
[16:29:24] eam: I like how you're far enough south that you feel the need to specify unsweet
[16:29:56] umgrosscol: eam: You pretty much have to specify "without lots of sugar" for a lot of things in a most places nowdays.
[16:30:00] eam: sweet tea is such an odd regional phenomena
[16:30:05] pauly_oc: has joined #ruby
[16:30:25] adaedra: that's sweet
[16:30:28] dudedudeman: yep. ha! i grew up in the 'south', but even yet here in texas, i still have to specify
[16:30:31] umgrosscol: eam: Sugar gets added to most food these days. It's how you get "fat free".
[16:30:40] eam: umgrosscol: yeah, but anywhere outside the south tea is presumed to be unsweet
[16:30:45] dudedudeman: i stopped drinking sugary drinks a while ago. give me gallons of unsweet tea with lemon, and you'll rock my world
[16:30:49] umgrosscol: eam: Not so much anymore.
[16:30:50] symm-: has joined #ruby
[16:31:06] eam: umgrosscol: well, out where I am, admittedly at the edge just before the ocean
[16:31:14] craysiii: fat free: making you fatter since '72
[16:31:30] umgrosscol: craysiii: Yeah. I just read "fat free" as "double sugar"
[16:31:49] eam: fat free chocolate milk, for your health
[16:32:09] banister: has joined #ruby
[16:32:36] pengin: has joined #ruby
[16:33:12] Oog: has joined #ruby
[16:33:24] rideh: has joined #ruby
[16:33:48] dudedudeman: i guess i'm not sure if i should be using exit or abort here
[16:34:04] tjohnson: has joined #ruby
[16:34:35] dudedudeman: my little bite of code i'm working on. let me dig up the gist
[16:34:44] dudedudeman: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/fa9cb9e53a8130d325b6
[16:35:00] eam: dudedudeman: personally I'd raise() and then go back when I'm done developing and catch with a nice message for users
[16:35:25] dudedudeman: well, i guess i also want hte code to stop
[16:35:30] dudedudeman: if those folders exist
[16:35:37] eam: an unhandled exception will do that
[16:35:37] dudedudeman: otherwise it'll just make more new files in the folders
[16:36:07] dudedudeman: so make it a method, start the method, and then rescue?
[16:36:16] eam: the difference is when you're done, you can wrap your whole program in a: begin your_code; rescue handle_any_exceptions_with_nice_message; end
[16:36:25] eam: don't rescue
[16:36:39] eam: just let it rise and stop the program
[16:36:52] alienaut: how can i get random char from a string :)
[16:37:20] dudedudeman: oh! I know that one!
[16:37:21] eam: >> "abc".split("").sample
[16:37:23] ruboto: eam # => "a" (https://eval.in/405023)
[16:37:37] dudedudeman: (5+rand(8)).times.map{ NUMBERS.sample }.join... where NUMBERS is an array of numbers
[16:38:12] Rubie: has joined #ruby
[16:38:13] eam: String really oughta have #sample
[16:38:43] Xeago: has joined #ruby
[16:38:48] alienaut: earn, thaks and yep! you are right
[16:38:50] shock_one: has joined #ruby
[16:39:00] leat2: has joined #ruby
[16:39:20] mistermocha: has joined #ruby
[16:39:25] eam: alienaut: if speed is an issue, this is the fastest:
[16:39:27] eam: >> s = "abcde"; s[rand s.length]
[16:39:28] ruboto: eam # => "e" (https://eval.in/405024)
[16:39:41] iamninja: has joined #ruby
[16:39:51] eam: avoids the costly split
[16:39:56] umgrosscol: dudedudeman: commented on your gist
[16:40:01] umgrosscol: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/fa9cb9e53a8130d325b6
[16:40:08] alienaut: thanks again :)
[16:40:26] umgrosscol: dudedudeman: Is that more like what you wanted?
[16:40:26] bricker: has joined #ruby
[16:41:02] shevy: has joined #ruby
[16:41:58] christiandsg: has joined #ruby
[16:42:21] dudedudeman: i think so? it makes these folders named 0, M, r
[16:43:00] Igorshp: has joined #ruby
[16:43:18] umgrosscol: what are your values you're passing in as the Original and Modified ?
[16:43:53] dudedudeman: DIR_NAMES = %w[Original Modified] (DIR_NAMES is the old directory_name)
[16:44:43] wookiehangover: has joined #ruby
[16:45:03] umgrosscol: dudedudeman: DIR_NAMES is an array in that statement.
[16:45:07] zeeraw: has joined #ruby
[16:46:02] dudedudeman: i want to create folders based on what names are in the array.
[16:46:09] umgrosscol: Oh I see... nvm. I thought you had a 2d array
[16:46:13] chinmay_dd: has joined #ruby
[16:46:36] diegoviola: has joined #ruby
[16:46:39] shock_one: has joined #ruby
[16:46:55] umgrosscol: dudedudeman: Updated.
[16:47:28] dfockler: how can I get IO.pipe to read out of a while loop?
[16:47:29] umgrosscol: You don't have an array of arrays. Just an array with values ["Original", "Modified"]
[16:47:56] umgrosscol: dfockler: How do you read from an IO object within a loop?
[16:48:19] umgrosscol: dfockler: Or are you trying to use a while loop to generate the contents an IO object is reading?
[16:48:30] dfockler: just output it
[16:49:20] dfockler: puts rd.read
[16:49:21] umgrosscol: IO.pipe shoud give you [read_io, write_io]
[16:49:31] dfockler: yeah that's what rd is
[16:49:34] leat2: has joined #ruby
[16:49:38] umgrosscol: So you want the first element that IO.pipe returns. That's your reading end.
[16:49:43] eam: dfockler: buf += rd.read
[16:49:50] eam: puts buf
[16:50:10] eam: you're slurping the stream into a variable, then printing it all at once right?
[16:50:23] umgrosscol: dfockler: Looks like a fine lop to me. It's not going to end even when you close the pipe, so that might be an issue.
[16:50:28] dfockler: no sorry I'm actually outputting it as soon as it's read
[16:50:31] SuMo_D: has joined #ruby
[16:50:43] eam: dfockler: oh, well what you have is fine then, what kind of problems are you seeing?
[16:51:24] dfockler: I'm forking a process to do the reading and then using STDIN to write to it, but the read loop isn't outputting anything
[16:51:44] eam: is the subprocess outputting anything?
[16:51:52] Alayde: has joined #ruby
[16:51:57] busterarm: has joined #ruby
[16:51:57] umgrosscol: If you're not specifiying how much you want to read, read is going to block until you hit EOF
[16:52:04] dudedudeman: umgrosscol: that works great. i guess now what i'm trying to do is get the code to stop/raise() if those folders in that array already exist
[16:52:41] banister: eam "hello".chars.sample
[16:52:48] umgrosscol: dudedudeman: It just won't do anything if the directories exist. You want to stop the function execution or the whole program?
[16:52:59] dudedudeman: whole program
[16:53:02] umgrosscol: dudedudeman: You can just print or return in an else statement.
[16:53:07] dfockler: umgrosscol: so on each write I need to do EOF so the read won't block?
[16:53:15] dudedudeman: because there's more down south of where that code lives that writes files to those folders if they exist
[16:53:17] umgrosscol: dudedudeman: Seems like a poor design choice.
[16:53:29] dudedudeman: a lot of my programming is poor design choice lol
[16:53:30] Jackneill: has joined #ruby
[16:53:36] umgrosscol: dfockler: read without specifying how many bytes waits for EOF
[16:53:40] eam: banister: aha, but that's just split "" right? I want to avoid the temp array
[16:53:48] eam: (still, much nicer syntax)
[16:53:54] dfockler: umgrosscol: oh ok, I'll try that thanks
[16:54:10] umgrosscol: I think ^D is EOF if you're typing to stdin
[16:54:20] eam: dfockler: if the subprocess doesn't output anything then read blocks forever
[16:54:33] eam: dfockler: if you want your while loop to, say, have a timeout, you can use IO.select
[16:54:37] umgrosscol: eam: If read doesn't encounter EOF it blocks forever.
[16:54:48] eam: umgrosscol: well, not entirely
[16:55:13] kies^: has joined #ruby
[16:55:14] umgrosscol: eam: I guess you could break the pipe, and that might cause it to return.
[16:55:31] Ilyas_: has joined #ruby
[16:56:17] devbug: has joined #ruby
[16:56:44] eam: umgrosscol: I guess I should say yeah ruby's #read probably does block forever to eof, I'm thinking of the underlying read which returns when the buffer is filled
[16:56:47] dfockler: Yeah I had to close the write end or else the read would just block
[16:58:39] joelataylor: has joined #ruby
[16:59:01] umgrosscol: eam: Not sure how ruby handles that. JRuby would let you read until you ran out of memory.
[16:59:20] umgrosscol: eam: Which is pretty much what I'd want to happen.
[16:59:53] Eindoofus: has joined #ruby
[17:00:06] umgrosscol: dfockler: You might want readline?
[17:00:12] dudedudeman: umgrosscol and others: while maybe not the greatest approach to it, this does do what i initially wanted: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/c29a3e1a007e9765344a
[17:01:54] eam: umgrosscol: ruby and jruby do the same thing, they both hide the multiple read() calls behind an abstraction
[17:02:07] Eindoofus: is it really true that nearly all programmers are fine being socially isolated? having intermmediate programming skills i find myself being a bit of anomoly that i get very lonely very quickly
[17:02:09] eam: reading data from a socket always occurs in fixed-buffer bits
[17:02:23] chills42: has joined #ruby
[17:02:27] Soda: has joined #ruby
[17:02:28] Antiarc: eindoofus: why do you think we hang out on IRC ?:)
[17:02:29] eam: eindoofus: no, not true at all
[17:02:54] Eindoofus: have you found any outlet beside IRC to fulfill that need?
[17:03:01] umgrosscol: eindoofus: All people of type X are the same.
[17:03:25] umgrosscol: eindoofus: Are you of type X? then you must conform to the set of attributes X'
[17:03:49] umgrosscol: eindoofus: If you don't, you're not X. Simple as type inference. Just reflect on that a bit.
[17:04:02] Eindoofus: lets not turn my question into a computer program. it's a bit more subjective than that
[17:04:27] Antiarc: Not at all. You're literally stereotyping. :P
[17:04:38] umgrosscol: eindoofus: Sounds like a social science question. They have some pretty interesting ways of answering those sorts of questions.
[17:04:38] Eindoofus: would say lonliness is more important than most of the variables you can throw into X
[17:04:43] wallerdev: has joined #ruby
[17:04:48] leafybasil: has joined #ruby
[17:05:05] umgrosscol: eindoofus: Especially if you were asking about prevalence or predictors of behavior.
[17:05:06] Eindoofus: umgrosscol, are social scientist programmers? oh no, stereotyping again
[17:05:20] umgrosscol: eindoofus: I don't see why they couldn't be?
[17:05:25] prestorium: has joined #ruby
[17:05:43] paulcsmith: has joined #ruby
[17:06:01] craysiii: just because you adhere to an interface doesn't mean you're the same type :)
[17:06:05] Eindoofus: true, but your missing the point. puting on my social scientist hat i would say that there is a lower frequency of them than programmers in an irc chat
[17:06:08] Scriptonaut: I get lonely, I would not want to live alone
[17:06:15] umgrosscol: craysiii: Shhh... i don't think he got the reflection joke.
[17:07:02] umgrosscol: eindoofus: Interesting supposition. How would you go about assessing the validity of it, or the conditions for which the statement were true?
[17:07:05] mikecmpbll: has joined #ruby
[17:07:18] dudedudeman: many big words here
[17:07:34] dfockler: HOLD IT! OBJECTION!
[17:07:39] paulcsmith: has joined #ruby
[17:08:15] ItSANgo: has joined #ruby
[17:09:24] thiagovsk: has joined #ruby
[17:11:04] dfockler: sweet I got it working! readline did the trick :)
[17:11:13] shevy: you are a clever person!
[17:11:14] RegulationD: has joined #ruby
[17:12:54] Xeago: has joined #ruby
[17:14:53] djbkd: has joined #ruby
[17:14:57] quimrstorres: has joined #ruby
[17:15:00] vikaton: has joined #ruby
[17:15:07] dangerousdave: has joined #ruby
[17:15:09] dudedudeman: thank you everyone for your help. i've learned a lot in the past morning and evening
[17:15:58] tubulife-: has joined #ruby
[17:17:06] shevy: time for a beer?
[17:17:31] jackjackdripper: has joined #ruby
[17:17:36] MyMind: has joined #ruby
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[17:51:29] GBrawl: has joined #ruby
[17:54:36] dudedudeman: it's always fun to try and attempt to understand where people get their nicks from
[17:54:45] blackmesa: has joined #ruby
[17:54:58] craysiii: where is yours from
[17:55:09] pipework: dudedudeman: Some nicks are the product of an evolution through multiple nicks over time.
[17:55:21] matp: has joined #ruby
[17:55:28] pipework: craysiii: A 2-second attention span, probably.
[17:55:29] dudedudeman: craysiii: see, that's exactly where my fun originates. i have no idea. i make up stories about my nick in my head all the time
[17:57:56] chinmay_dd: has left #ruby: ("See ya!")
[17:58:05] craysiii: ive gone thru probably 6-7 handles in my life, each very different from the last
[17:58:05] wmoxam: pipework originally came from "Pip, get back to work!"
[17:58:21] yebyen: has joined #ruby
[17:58:37] fantazo: has joined #ruby
[17:58:39] dudedudeman: but what does the 'e' mean!?
[17:58:46] craysiii: i think he does a lot of |'ing
[17:59:45] workmad3: ACTION wonders what stories people make up about my handle
[18:00:04] yebyen: does anyone know what a modern implementation of CGI server looks like? maybe wrong question...
[18:00:06] dudedudeman: well, how many iterations of workmad are there? at least 3?
[18:00:17] workmad3: dudedudeman: afaik, none :P
[18:00:22] yebyen: in other words, if i'm trying to spin up a directory full of scripts with CGI interface
[18:00:23] workmad3: well... 1... me :)
[18:00:26] wmoxam: workmad3: it's obvious
[18:00:35] wmoxam: you got really mad at work 3 times
[18:00:36] yebyen: can it be done without apache or nginx
[18:00:41] yebyen: some middleware or thin server
[18:00:47] jottr: has joined #ruby
[18:01:03] wmoxam: yebyen: fcgi
[18:01:03] sdrew: has joined #ruby
[18:01:06] ruby-lang148: has joined #ruby
[18:01:39] GBrawl: has joined #ruby
[18:01:43] zendrix: has joined #ruby
[18:01:58] workmad3: wmoxam: hehe :)
[18:02:01] yebyen: is there a good guide to that?
[18:02:24] workmad3: cgi makes me :(
[18:02:30] dudedudeman: i'm trying to see if Puma would work for this
[18:02:31] wmoxam: yebyen: http://serverfault.com/questions/106067/how-do-i-setup-apache-with-fastcgi-and-ruby
[18:03:05] ruby-lang148: Hi all! So I've been attempting to teach myself the beautiful language of Ruby, but I'm afraid the learning is going a lot slower than I had intended. My goal is to get to a point where I can pass the coding challenges by App Academy. Can anyone help?
[18:03:05] craysiii: he doesn't want to use apache though?
[18:03:42] yebyen: i found a nice article (from 2015 even)
[18:03:49] yebyen: where the only special config you do to apache is set ScriptAlias
[18:03:53] yebyen: maybe that is what i really want
[18:03:55] hobodave: has joined #ruby
[18:04:15] yebyen: but, i figured there was a way to do something like that without apache
[18:04:39] yebyen: rackup config.ru, and bam
[18:04:46] yebyen: your directory is live on port 4000
[18:04:49] craysiii: ruby-lang148 if you have a specific question, you should ask it
[18:04:57] dudedudeman: i do that with puma, yebyen
[18:05:05] yebyen: dudedudeman: you do, cool
[18:05:09] dudedudeman: http://puma.io/
[18:05:29] dudedudeman: it only runs rack apps, so i'm not sure if that's something you're using or not
[18:05:52] yebyen: we have rack apps
[18:06:00] yebyen: but the directory of scripts i'm looking at is not currently one
[18:06:20] yebyen: they are just CGI scripts (request comes on stdin, response goes via stdout)
[18:06:42] yebyen: called like http://server.host/scriptdir/script.rb
[18:06:46] d5sx43: has joined #ruby
[18:07:55] yebyen: a keyboard... how quaint
[18:08:02] dudedudeman: a wild shevy appears and cgis all the things!
[18:09:04] Rinzlit: has joined #ruby
[18:09:32] yebyen: so, i guess i need the rackfile that makes routes from '/' a closure over the scripts in pwd?
[18:10:06] allomov: has joined #ruby
[18:10:13] yebyen: rackfile / config.ru
[18:10:17] yebyen: are those called rackfiles
[18:10:53] paulcsmith: has joined #ruby
[18:11:35] havenwood: yebyen: i'd call the config.ru a rackup config file
[18:12:10] havenwood: ru (rackup)
[18:12:18] patrickanth0ny: has joined #ruby
[18:14:00] SOLDIERz: has joined #ruby
[18:14:32] havenwood: yebyen: You can do routes in pure Rack but it's nicer to use a lovely Rack adapter like Roda: http://roda.jeremyevans.net/
[18:14:38] willywos: has joined #ruby
[18:15:21] havenwood: yebyen: Roda is just a routing tree on top of Rack but has a variety of high-quality plugins to extend capabilities as needed.
[18:15:45] sarkyniin: has joined #ruby
[18:16:27] havenwood: https://github.com/jeremyevans/roda/tree/master/lib/roda/plugins
[18:17:41] devbug: I'm building an API client and want to use method chaining to make it super nice to use, but I have one hangup: I need to pass around my client object. What's the idomatic/best way to do this? I can set an instance variable on all my representations of resources, but that seems icky
[18:17:55] dfockler: and it's from jeremy evens so you know the docs are going to be on point
[18:18:12] yebyen: is the path plugin what i'm looking for?
[18:18:16] yebyen: kind of seems like it so far
[18:18:25] havenwood: dfockler: No doubt! And zero outstanding issues on the Githubs.
[18:18:32] havenwood: Monthly release, like clockwork.
[18:18:38] havenwood: Outstanding code quality.
[18:18:52] havenwood: Impeccable!
[18:18:53] d5sx43: has joined #ruby
[18:18:54] elia: has joined #ruby
[18:18:54] Xeago: has joined #ruby
[18:18:58] busterarm: has joined #ruby
[18:19:13] pkrueger: has joined #ruby
[18:20:05] shadoi: has joined #ruby
[18:20:19] havenwood: yebyen: Yeah, the path plugin might be just right for your case.
[18:20:51] havenwood: (reading the backlog)
[18:21:38] lkba: has joined #ruby
[18:22:02] havenwood: yebyen: There's a #roda channel too if you have questions.
[18:22:07] shadoi1: has joined #ruby
[18:22:12] yebyen: i'm not sure path plugin is what i need
[18:22:23] yebyen: but i couldn't exactly understand what it's for just from reading the source either
[18:22:47] shadoi2: has joined #ruby
[18:22:52] Rubie: has joined #ruby
[18:23:17] Yiota: has joined #ruby
[18:23:53] yebyen: maybe it's multi_run
[18:24:07] nalley: has joined #ruby
[18:24:36] yebyen: i'll ask in #roda
[18:27:19] DLSteve: has joined #ruby
[18:27:49] jackjackdripper: has joined #ruby
[18:28:56] freerobby: has joined #ruby
[18:29:15] tennis: has joined #ruby
[18:29:39] devbug: has left #ruby: ("http://quassel-irc.org - Chat comfortably. Anywhere.")
[18:30:23] jerius: has joined #ruby
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[18:35:35] acke: has joined #ruby
[18:37:21] silkfox: has joined #ruby
[18:37:52] Trynemjoel: has joined #ruby
[18:39:49] shevy: huh... matz uses when / then style https://github.com/mruby/mruby/commit/156dd27f88bec8cbf115618050928b40b8720e9d
[18:40:36] iamninja: has joined #ruby
[18:40:42] craysiii: is there an advantage to it vs just when?
[18:40:58] Mendenhall: has joined #ruby
[18:41:51] mistermocha: has joined #ruby
[18:42:03] jaycee: has joined #ruby
[18:43:26] yb_drowe: has joined #ruby
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[18:46:35] sarkyniin: has joined #ruby
[18:46:47] freerobby: has joined #ruby
[18:47:57] bricker: shevy: is that commit supposed to be relevant to your comment?
[18:48:01] bricker: Maybe I missed some context
[18:49:42] shevy: nah, just surprised that matz uses when/then style, like apeiros
[18:50:16] ivanskie: has joined #ruby
[18:51:22] havenwood: craysiii: you don't have to use a newline after a when
[18:51:27] benlovell: has joined #ruby
[18:51:48] PhantomSpank: has joined #ruby
[18:51:56] whiteline: has joined #ruby
[18:52:51] TheHodge: has joined #ruby
[18:52:59] ivanskie: anyone heard of ruby-escper?
[18:53:12] ivanskie: i'm trying to print to a receipt printer (thermal printer)
[18:53:30] Xeago: has joined #ruby
[18:53:32] ivanskie: haven't seen any other gems yet..
[18:55:18] marr: has joined #ruby
[18:55:37] safeforge: has joined #ruby
[18:56:26] casadei_: has joined #ruby
[18:56:57] jhack: has joined #ruby
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[19:02:22] bluOxigen: has joined #ruby
[19:03:04] towski_: has joined #ruby
[19:03:13] shadoi1: has joined #ruby
[19:04:13] Synthead: is there a way I can use symbols instead of strings when using inifile?
[19:04:24] Trynemjoel: has joined #ruby
[19:04:28] kirun: has joined #ruby
[19:05:02] ivanskie_: has joined #ruby
[19:06:16] dfockler_: has joined #ruby
[19:06:17] ivanskie_: has anyone been printing to a thermal printer?
[19:07:37] mjuszczak: has joined #ruby
[19:07:52] christiandsg: has joined #ruby
[19:09:20] ivanskie_: trying to search for how to actually print, from ruby is going to drive me insane.
[19:09:22] hobodave: has joined #ruby
[19:09:38] workmad3: has joined #ruby
[19:10:37] devdazed: has joined #ruby
[19:10:38] snophey: has joined #ruby
[19:10:56] jonee: has joined #ruby
[19:11:07] bmcginty: ivanskie_: majorly new ruby user here, be warned. do you have a printer model name or something of the sort?
[19:11:12] natbo: has joined #ruby
[19:11:34] ivanskie_: this is not ruby on rails im talking about.
[19:11:41] wasamasa: why not let the operating system handle that?
[19:11:53] craysiii: ivanskie have you read the official docs for ruby-escper
[19:12:09] ivanskie_: im writing a pure ruby program... which will collect data from serial port.. and print it to a thermal receipt printer.
[19:12:21] ivanskie_: where are the official docs for escper?
[19:12:38] ivanskie_: other than the readme.md file
[19:13:32] ivanskie_: this is what i have and get https://gist.github.com/i5okie/6d76cddf785c783d1523
[19:13:33] craysiii: apparently those are the docs, but anyway none of the examples work for you?
[19:13:43] snophey: has left #ruby: ()
[19:14:02] ryez: has joined #ruby
[19:14:05] symm-: has joined #ruby
[19:14:09] ivanskie_: for some reason its expecting a tcpsocket by default.. or something...
[19:14:27] ivanskie_: even though the example shows the serial port or usb
[19:16:57] ivanskie_: same happens in pry/irb
[19:17:53] craysiii: i think it's just testing if its an ip address first and logging the result
[19:18:11] ivanskie_: it doesn't actually open the printer tho
[19:18:12] craysiii: the line i think you should be worried about is the next one, regarding the uninitialized constant
[19:18:14] ivanskie_: so i can't print to it
[19:18:49] kadoppe: has joined #ruby
[19:19:23] n008f4g_: has joined #ruby
[19:19:55] Trynemjoel: has joined #ruby
[19:20:33] ivanskie: has joined #ruby
[19:21:02] bmcginty: ivanskie: try setting mode to something besides "local"? let me read the source a bit more.
[19:21:48] craysiii: https://github.com/michaelfranzl/ruby-escper/blob/master/lib/escper/printer.rb#L179
[19:22:00] craysiii: maybe serialport needs to be fully qualified, or however you would say it in ruby.
[19:22:06] ascarter: has joined #ruby
[19:22:21] yqt: has joined #ruby
[19:22:36] failshell: has joined #ruby
[19:23:13] lkba_: has joined #ruby
[19:23:14] ivanskie: looks like it should go to else.. and say "[open] Mode is #{ @mode }. Not trying to open printer as TCPSocket."
[19:23:21] ivanskie: instead it fails..
[19:24:40] philn_: can anyone tell me how can i get a session variable array (say I want to size of it, all a listing of the whole thing, not just one element of the array)
[19:24:40] craysiii: you put local though, so it passes the if and fails at the IP regex
[19:25:10] ivanskie: i think ur right
[19:25:28] craysiii: but thats not an error, its just a debug statement
[19:25:28] philn_: i can add and revieve elements fom the array individually
[19:25:56] arooni-mobile: has joined #ruby
[19:26:10] shinnya: has joined #ruby
[19:26:11] ivanskie: yep looks like it indeed fails at e.inspect
[19:26:28] craysiii: we need to find out why it's not finding SerialPort.
[19:26:37] rbowlby: has joined #ruby
[19:26:52] Ilyas_: has joined #ruby
[19:26:53] craysiii: find that out and you find out your answer. i am a ruby noob still so i don't know how much further i can delve without leading you in the wrong direction
[19:28:01] ivanskie: hm.. i wonder if my ruby is too new
[19:28:03] freerobby: has joined #ruby
[19:28:04] bmcginty: ivanskie: just making sure, you're on what, linux? mac?
[19:28:13] ivanskie: osx yosemite
[19:28:43] jhack: has joined #ruby
[19:28:52] ivanskie: this will ultimately somehow either endup on windows 8.1 machine or on it in linux vm..
[19:29:35] craysiii: by chance do you have ruby-serialport gem?
[19:29:37] platosha: has joined #ruby
[19:31:15] ivanskie: i'm trying to write a cheat... we have QuickCheck 800 which is a barcode verifier.. costs stupid money. looks like its 1990s.. and has a proprietary printer setup.. which is also priced at stupid. however its serial output is nicely formatted for a receipt printer.. so the goal is to write a program which will collect data from serial, and at first.. just print it to our receipt printer. then i'll re-format the data eventually..
[19:31:27] ivanskie: uhm no i don't but i didn't see it being a requirement.
[19:31:35] DoubleMalt: has joined #ruby
[19:31:54] craysiii: i didnt either but I also dont see a reference to it in the project, and I don't know where SerialPort is coming from
[19:32:09] cloaked1: has joined #ruby
[19:32:19] ivanskie: looks like that didn't help
[19:32:43] ivanskie: yes it did.
[19:33:16] ivanskie: yes and no. no more error. and it says its happy.
[19:33:30] craysiii: whats the no then?
[19:33:31] ivanskie: but i didn't get anything printed out on the printer. so this is something else i need to work on
[19:33:45] ivanskie: i'll have to play around in irb/pry see whats there
[19:34:46] craysiii: im going to raise an issue on the github page and recommend that ruby-serialport be added to the list of requirements. they might assume that someone dealing with a serial printer would already have it or something
[19:35:12] dubkoidragon: has joined #ruby
[19:37:56] Xeago: has joined #ruby
[19:39:40] craysiii: you're welcome
[19:41:32] yizr: has joined #ruby
[19:42:10] Frem: has joined #ruby
[19:42:14] myztic: has joined #ruby
[19:42:22] myztic: https://www.quora.com/Is-Ruby-dying
[19:42:39] dfockler: has joined #ruby
[19:43:14] ivanskie: now i need to create my own codepages.yml file and make sure all characters and codes match my printer
[19:44:29] shevy: myztic do you like cats
[19:45:40] ivanskie: its not the codes this time.. not yet anyway.. just put the printer into hexdump mode.. it would print anything and everything computer is sending to it.
[19:45:42] ivanskie: and nothing.
[19:45:51] omegamike: has joined #ruby
[19:45:55] ivanskie: so app says written text.. but nothing is at the printer end yet..
[19:46:11] ivanskie: too bad i forgot visualbasic lol
[19:46:13] s2013: has joined #ruby
[19:46:40] ivanskie: and don't even want to bother with it. otherwise i think i'd start writing an app there
[19:46:58] craysiii: why not c#?
[19:47:26] ivanskie: bah i'd have to learn thast
[19:47:39] SCHAAP137: has joined #ruby
[19:47:40] craysiii: pretty similar to VB.net
[19:48:27] jottr: has joined #ruby
[19:48:48] myztic: shevy: yes
[19:48:55] mistermocha: has joined #ruby
[19:49:15] cbz: has joined #ruby
[19:49:23] crdpink: has joined #ruby
[19:49:31] livcd: has joined #ruby
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[19:50:11] Rubie: has joined #ruby
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[20:12:41] RickHull: has joined #ruby
[20:12:56] RickHull: having trouble with erb / erubis: https://gist.github.com/rickhull/7c656d995b4994fdb7a4
[20:13:15] user1138: has joined #ruby
[20:14:22] cbz: has joined #ruby
[20:15:09] Scriptonaut: hey guys, I wrote my own (well, mostly copied) a rake db:create task. It is giving me the error, PG::ConnectionBad: FATAL: database "my_user_name" does not exist. This is what happens when I do rake db:create. I'm not sure why it's trying to use my username. Anyone know what's going on? I included the database.yml file too: https://gist.github.com/robins35/5dfc68a77b1970ee9c2e
[20:15:10] mister_solo: has joined #ruby
[20:16:01] MaryRose: has joined #ruby
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[20:22:28] nalley: has joined #ruby
[20:23:41] platzhirsch: has joined #ruby
[20:23:53] MaryRose: what is a Ruby Katana
[20:26:45] craysiii: an environment, according to https://github.com/ankane/katana
[20:26:47] leafybasil: has joined #ruby
[20:27:57] shadoi: has joined #ruby
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[20:33:02] cndiv: has joined #ruby
[20:33:15] Rubie: has joined #ruby
[20:34:13] Antiarc: Alternately, a Japanese sword made out of semiprecious gemstone
[20:34:29] cndiv: Out of the ordinary question. I'm learning, and want to write myself a little program to take notes on what I'm eating, when I woke up, what exercises I did, what pills I've taken, where I was, etc. (I'm in a rebuilding mode in my life.) Has anyone seen something like this before?
[20:35:16] freerobby: has joined #ruby
[20:35:26] mozzarella: spreadsheet program? text editor? lol
[20:35:34] Lucky_: has joined #ruby
[20:35:40] mollymorphic: has joined #ruby
[20:35:47] lupine: cndiv, I store my weight in an sqlite database every day, via ruby
[20:36:05] cndiv: mozzarella: Like that, but with more reminders. It's 4pm, it's time to take pills ABC, as it's tuesday.
[20:36:07] rideh: has joined #ruby
[20:36:12] cabreraM516: has joined #ruby
[20:36:17] lupine: anyway, there's a pile of stuff like this (look at quantitative self), but nothing really does it well
[20:36:18] Mendenhall: has joined #ruby
[20:36:55] lupine: working out what to track and how to present it is really the hard part
[20:37:01] cndiv: lupine: That's a great place to start, thank you.
[20:37:12] lupine: fitday is a website that does this kind of thing. I can't really recommend it
[20:37:18] lupine: and they're closed source, obs
[20:37:19] jenrzzz: has joined #ruby
[20:37:23] aryaching: has joined #ruby
[20:38:17] shevy: lupine are you on weight watch :)
[20:38:24] xkickflip: has joined #ruby
[20:38:41] cndiv: lupine: You seem to know a decent amount, is there a term for this sort of project?
[20:39:04] jhass: Scriptonaut: you don't specify a DB to connect to, so postgres defaults to your users default DB which is the one with the same name as the user
[20:39:07] lupine: qself is really the thing
[20:39:20] stef204: has joined #ruby
[20:39:27] lupine: shevy, i've been tracking my weight on and off since 2012
[20:39:31] lupine: the data are really quite pretty
[20:39:50] jhass: Scriptonaut: template1 would be a good candidate to connect to
[20:40:12] poguez_: has joined #ruby
[20:40:14] iamninja: has joined #ruby
[20:40:28] MissionCritical: has joined #ruby
[20:40:30] lupine: I'm pretty consistently somewhere between normal and overweight by BMI standards
[20:41:34] DEA7TH: has joined #ruby
[20:41:34] bronson: has joined #ruby
[20:42:53] saadq: has joined #ruby
[20:43:02] shevy: hmm would it make sense if Range would have a .sample method?
[20:43:36] Ox0dea: shevy: No, that's what Random.rand is for.
[20:43:37] lupine: cndiv, my script, btw: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/57af48ac306dcdf55dba
[20:43:38] jhass: cndiv: not ruby related at all, but there's habbitrpg which tries to do such stuff with gamification
[20:43:42] Scriptonaut: ah, thanks jhass that was it
[20:43:45] lupine: it's really minimal stuff
[20:44:36] rideh: has joined #ruby
[20:44:37] swgillespie: has joined #ruby
[20:44:45] Scriptonaut: I dunno if this is the best place to ask, but when I run: ActiveRecord::Base.connection.drop_database @config[:database]
[20:44:58] senayar: has joined #ruby
[20:45:01] Scriptonaut: I get PG::ObjectInUse: Error: cannot drop the currently open database
[20:45:03] cndiv: lupine: That's great, thank you. I'm just daydreaming.
[20:45:17] cndiv: jhass: I'll take a look at that as well, thanks
[20:45:20] allomov: has joined #ruby
[20:45:23] jhass: Scriptonaut: well again, connect to a different well-known DB
[20:45:40] Scriptonaut: jhass: what do you mean? I'm connecting to a database, I checked it exists
[20:45:48] lupine: it's very nice when you can look back at years of datas
[20:45:54] shevy: Ox0dea hmmm Random.rand works with a range?
[20:45:58] jhass: Scriptonaut: you did read the error message?
[20:46:05] Ox0dea: >> rand(10..42)
[20:46:06] ruboto: Ox0dea # => 20 (https://eval.in/405142)
[20:46:10] Scriptonaut: ya, cannot drop the currently open database
[20:46:19] jhass: what's unclear about it?
[20:46:20] wallerdev: has joined #ruby
[20:46:29] cabreraM516: has joined #ruby
[20:46:30] Scriptonaut: I'm not connected to it
[20:46:33] phutchins: has joined #ruby
[20:46:36] Scriptonaut: I'm not quite sure what's an open database
[20:46:38] jhass: the error message says otherwise
[20:46:45] jhass: the one you're connected to
[20:46:52] Scriptonaut: so why would the solution be to connect to an entirely different db?
[20:47:00] Scriptonaut: wouldn't it be to find what's connecting to it?
[20:47:05] Scriptonaut: maybe zombie connections
[20:47:20] Ox0dea: DON'T DEAD OPEN INSIDE
[20:47:24] jhass: yes, note DB here means template1, rubybot etc, not postgresql server
[20:47:50] Scriptonaut: ya. I'm connecting to rubybot
[20:47:58] jhass: and then try to drop it
[20:48:03] nitenq: has joined #ruby
[20:48:13] Hanmac: has joined #ruby
[20:48:54] cornerma1: has joined #ruby
[20:49:13] benlieb: has joined #ruby
[20:51:15] tejasmanohar: has joined #ruby
[20:51:49] Scriptonaut: there doesn't appear to be any open connections, at least one's that are from me
[20:51:55] Scriptonaut: ps aux | grep ruby returns nothing
[20:52:01] mistermocha: has joined #ruby
[20:52:29] blackmesa: has joined #ruby
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[20:57:50] JeramyRR: has joined #ruby
[20:58:14] Scriptonaut: I did: SELECT * FROM pg_stat_activity, there is no connection to my db
[20:58:25] workmad3: has joined #ruby
[20:58:25] Soda: has joined #ruby
[20:58:47] prefixed: why is net-ssh's exec() method so heavy?
[20:58:56] jhass: Scriptonaut: so which DB do you connect to to drop it?
[20:59:08] aryaching: has joined #ruby
[20:59:32] Scriptonaut: jhass, ahh, that could be it
[20:59:38] Scriptonaut: I connect to it
[20:59:45] ItSANgo: has joined #ruby
[20:59:52] jhass: yeah, which the error message (and me, 3 times) is telling you
[21:00:03] Scriptonaut: actually no I don't
[21:00:11] dfockler: has joined #ruby
[21:00:35] Scriptonaut: Yes, I'm aware that it's reporting that something is connected to it, but I'm not connecting to it in the rake task, it's a single line, all it does is: ActiveRecord::Base.connection.drop_database @config[:database]
[21:01:03] jhass: and .connection is connection to what...
[21:01:21] Scriptonaut: so how do you drop it then?
[21:01:30] Scriptonaut: that's what the activerecord docs say to do
[21:01:42] jhass: as said already, you connect to another DB, eg template1 again
[21:01:52] Scriptonaut: that's what you meant, alright
[21:02:58] benlovell: has joined #ruby
[21:04:29] Papierkorb: has joined #ruby
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[21:13:02] antlong: has joined #ruby
[21:13:21] antlong: hello, can anyone point me towards a way of collecting perf metrics inside irb?
[21:13:56] linuxboytoo: has joined #ruby
[21:14:05] postmodern: has joined #ruby
[21:14:06] jenrzzz: has joined #ruby
[21:14:17] r33th4x0r: antlong: go take a hike. this is a gemstone channel
[21:14:40] antlong: sadly i dont know enough about ruby to know what that means
[21:15:07] r33th4x0r: I have my own rock question: I've seen cut rubies at a rock show, and they are about $300 each. Is it worth buying a few?
[21:15:18] FernandoBasso: has joined #ruby
[21:15:22] r33th4x0r: Also like cut quartz is $150 each
[21:15:30] r33th4x0r: they are about 2-3 cm in diameter
[21:15:40] r33th4x0r: Reh heh heh
[21:15:56] r33th4x0r: would've been a groups are developing.
[21:15:58] r33th4x0r: Last of brucesht, boyer coyer and that at stake thing day
[21:15:59] r33th4x0r: The worst the sucks ten reader i guess.
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[21:16:05] r33th4x0r: Last of the Rams to the Lost of the butthole
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[21:16:11] ruboto: fflush, apeiros, seanstickle, banisterfiend, Mon_Ouie, zzak, Radar, Havenn, jhass, sevenseacat, miah, workmad3, Coraline, drbrain, zenspider, slyphon, rubyhacker1, Aria, ljarvis
[21:16:11] r33th4x0r: There all is good. When I cover made. It is college football game. Nothings events from Mexico. We do notch, and Latinos what foot ball is one nothing on election or long Saturday an accurate picture this than rears.
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[21:16:19] jhass: !kick r33th4x0r Please use https://gist.github.com
[21:16:19] helpa: jhass: No.
[21:16:19] ruboto: ruboto kicked r33th4x0r: use https://gist.github.com
[21:16:19] ruboto: -o ruboto
[21:16:20] r33th4x0r: has joined #ruby
[21:16:21] r33th4x0r: Nothing? it increase thing day
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[21:16:27] mhf: has joined #ruby
[21:16:28] r33th4x0r: does it increase the cat blight hand, pour left hand distration
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[21:16:34] r33th4x0r: Stop lawyyer and fingers
[21:16:34] jhass: !ban r33th4x0r !T 1d flood
[21:16:35] ChanServ: +b r33th4x0r!*@*
[21:16:35] ChanServ: ChanServ kicked r33th4x0r: flood
[21:16:49] craysiii: i dont even understand
[21:16:52] apeiros: that one again
[21:16:56] jhass: thanks for notifying
[21:17:03] apeiros: yepp, thanks demophoon
[21:17:09] Antiarc: It's amazing that IRC is almost 30 years old and people still think that's funny.
[21:17:17] Igorshp: has joined #ruby
[21:17:45] apeiros: I honestly have no idea how damaged one's brain must be to do this.
[21:17:53] fullofcaffeine: has joined #ruby
[21:17:54] Xeago: has joined #ruby
[21:18:01] omegamike: has joined #ruby
[21:18:18] craysiii: seems like schizophrenic ramblings
[21:18:35] jhass: prolly markov chain
[21:18:52] Antiarc: I was gonna guess marvok chain
[21:19:47] ght: Question: I have a ActiveSupport::TimeZone object that takes a user's time zone and allows me to pull the current day, month, hour, etc via the .now method.
[21:20:03] ght: For example, timezone.now.hour currently returns 17, because their timezone is set to Eastern.
[21:20:12] rideh: has joined #ruby
[21:20:23] ght: My question is, I need to be able to accurately subtract 24 hours, which with a Date object is easy.
[21:20:38] ght: Obviously, with a date object, you wouldn't subtract hours, but you'd subtract days, months, etc.
[21:20:46] Antiarc: Welcome to the horrific world of timezones! :D
[21:21:02] ght: hah, well, it works fine normally, with .now.hour, .now.minute, etc.
[21:21:10] Antiarc: ActiveSupport::TimeWithZone may do what you want?
[21:21:11] danzilio: has joined #ruby
[21:21:20] ght: That's aall working properly, I simply need to be able to subtract 24 hours as I do with subtracting days ona Date object.
[21:21:29] Scriptonaut: anyone know why ActiveRecord::Base.connection.create_database config[:database], options would tell me: PG::ConnectionBad: FATAL: database "rubybot" does not exist
[21:21:35] ght: 17:19 < ght> Question: I have a ActiveSupport::TimeZone object that takes a user's time
[21:21:38] Scriptonaut: of course it doesn't exist, I'm trying to create it
[21:21:42] Antiarc: you said TimeZone, not TimeWithZone!
[21:21:42] ght: Anyone familiar with this type of behavior?
[21:21:44] Antiarc: Different classes!
[21:21:50] ght: oh, TimeWithZone, hmm.
[21:21:51] jhass: ght: http://api.rubyonrails.org/classes/ActiveSupport/TimeWithZone.html#method-i-2D ?
[21:22:00] shevy: would you guys convert this hash http://pastie.org/10310459 into the new hash notation syntax?
[21:22:08] jhass: ?guys shevy
[21:22:08] Antiarc: TimeWithZone should behave like a Time object, except it's TZ-aware
[21:22:08] ruboto: shevy, we're not all guys - while you probably don't meant to be exclusive, not everybody feels that way. Maybe consider using "folks", "y'all" or "everyone" instead?
[21:22:09] craysiii: yes. timezones are ridiculous. yesterday i wrote a script to count up from an arbitrary unix time and display H%M%S, it kept jumping minutes apart, even though I was only adding 1.
[21:22:18] ght: ahh, brilliant Antiarc, thank you.
[21:22:32] jhass: Scriptonaut: because you're trying to connect to it again?
[21:22:33] Trynemjoel: has joined #ruby
[21:22:42] platzhirsch: has left #ruby: ()
[21:23:16] rideh: has joined #ruby
[21:23:21] Scriptonaut: jhass: I'm doing this: ActiveRecord::Base.establish_connection config.merge(:database => nil)
[21:23:38] jhass: and what's the user?
[21:23:44] ght: I could also take the .now.year, .now.month, .now.day, etc, from a standard timezone and create a DateTime object with it, yes?
[21:23:55] jhass: not rubybot?
[21:24:00] aphprentice: has joined #ruby
[21:24:07] ght: Here's a supplemental question: if you have a DateTime object, is it possible to subtract X amount of hours?
[21:24:08] wmoxam: Scriptonaut: you might want :database => 'postgres'
[21:24:09] Scriptonaut: rubybot isn't passed to that thing
[21:24:18] Scriptonaut: hrm, I'll try that
[21:24:18] wmoxam: (guessing here)
[21:24:23] Antiarc: your_time - 2.hours should do it
[21:24:32] _blizzy_: has joined #ruby
[21:24:34] ght: Antiarc: Perfect, thank you sir.
[21:24:45] r33thax0r: has joined #ruby
[21:24:45] ChanServ: +b *!*@host22.137.druknet.bt
[21:24:45] ChanServ: ChanServ kicked r33thax0r: flood
[21:24:51] alfajor: has joined #ruby
[21:24:58] ght: Oh look, a reet hax0r.
[21:25:07] Scriptonaut: hrm that seemed to work
[21:25:08] Scriptonaut: thanks wmoxam
[21:25:14] wmoxam: Scriptonaut: :D
[21:25:22] jhass: ght: btw in general #RubyOnRails might have a greater expertise on AS
[21:25:25] prefixed: has anyone in here used net-ssh's channels?
[21:25:30] ruboto: Just ask your question, if anyone has or can, they will respond.
[21:25:58] Scriptonaut: what should be used for things like this, template1 or postgres?
[21:26:02] Scriptonaut: I've been using template1
[21:26:11] Antiarc: prefixed: Maybe check out sshkit and capistrano - that's going to be one of the more popular use cases for that kind of thing
[21:26:23] Antiarc: Should be some good examples in there
[21:26:26] jhass: I'd go for template0 or template1, more guaranteed to exist
[21:26:44] Scriptonaut: ah, sounds good
[21:27:23] omegamike: has joined #ruby
[21:28:07] antlong: so is there something like iostat, or vmstat built in to ruby?
[21:30:06] tennis: has joined #ruby
[21:32:10] The_Phoenix: has joined #ruby
[21:32:26] _blizzy_: has joined #ruby
[21:32:31] jamon_: has joined #ruby
[21:32:37] drbrain: there are monitoring APIs in ruby, but no tools like iostat or vmstat built-in
[21:33:11] antlong: what should i do, if i want to record what the current cpu utilization is for the machie, of anything interesting like that?
[21:35:06] lxsameer: has joined #ruby
[21:35:33] acrux2003: has joined #ruby
[21:37:21] crdpink2: has joined #ruby
[21:37:24] jpfuentes2: has joined #ruby
[21:37:29] gaboesquivel: has joined #ruby
[21:39:54] blackmesa: has joined #ruby
[21:40:17] Papierkorb: antlong: You mean you want to acquire that information? If so, use platform specific APIs (Or maybe there's a gem for that?). For linux, it boils down to parsing /proc/ files
[21:40:45] Papierkorb: That's how tools like top do their work
[21:41:01] Papierkorb: On windows, there's WINAPI for that, and on Mac I-have-no-idea
[21:41:02] antlong: sorry, i've never used ruby before. i'm trying to figure out how to print some data about the state of the system, current cpu utilization, how much ram is used, etc.
[21:41:17] Papierkorb: antlong: platform?
[21:41:19] antlong: we are using heroku, but i can't easily install a gem, so i'm looking for something in pure ruby
[21:41:29] EminenceHC: has joined #ruby
[21:41:44] user1138_: has joined #ruby
[21:42:21] Papierkorb: antlong: for RAM, parse /proc/meminfo
[21:42:24] dfockler: if I'm using chruby is it possible that C extensions aren't getting rebuilt when I change ruby versions and install gems?
[21:42:43] Papierkorb: antlong: Yes, that's the official way to do it. No, there's no other API for it from Linux.
[21:42:51] crdpink: has joined #ruby
[21:44:22] fullofcaffeine: has joined #ruby
[21:44:27] roolo: has joined #ruby
[21:44:50] antlong: thanks, i think i found where t o start
[21:44:52] eggoez: has joined #ruby
[21:45:00] Radar: Sorry I wasn't up earlier folks :)
[21:45:21] Papierkorb: antlong: require 'csv' CSV.read('/proc/meminfo', col_sep: ':').map{|pair| pair.last.strip!; pair}.to_h
[21:45:58] antlong: this is a good start, thank you
[21:46:14] antlong: it was a little surprising, i spent 20 minutes googling and didn't find anything
[21:46:50] r_rios: has joined #ruby
[21:46:53] antlong: my use case here is to capture and store performance data while im executing some tests
[21:47:03] Scriptonaut: does anyone know where the db/schema.rb comes from?
[21:47:17] Scriptonaut: it seems like this doesn't come from activerecord::migrator.migrate
[21:47:25] Scriptonaut: I figured it would be generated
[21:47:30] Scriptonaut: is that a rails only thing?
[21:47:51] Papierkorb: antlong: for CPU load, you have to read /proc/stat. figure out which column is which again (I forgot), and then read these values every x seconds to know what the CPU load was in that timeframe
[21:48:42] antlong: am i going about this the right way? is there anything often recommended to capturing web perf stats
[21:48:45] Papierkorb: antlong: google for these file paths. You should find plenty information on them
[21:49:18] r_rios: Hello. I installed Ruby on Windows through RubyInstaller, but open is not working for https links. Here's the error: http://pastebin.com/dK3Tcxqa
[21:49:19] ruboto: r_rios, we in #ruby do not like pastebin.com, I reposted your paste to gist for you: https://gist.github.com/0d72fb30a6954221a046
[21:49:19] ruboto: pastebin.com loads slowly for most, has ads which are distracting and has terrible formatting.
[21:49:43] Papierkorb: antlong: is it a rails app? if so, you may have more luck in #RubyOnRails
[21:50:00] r_rios: Hello. I installed Ruby on Windows through RubyInstaller, but open is not working for https links. Here's the error: https://gist.github.com/0d72fb30a6954221a046
[21:50:02] antlong: Papierkorb it is, but im looking to capture perf data through irb
[21:50:15] gusrub: has joined #ruby
[21:50:41] r_rios: I'm trying to run a plain Ruby script, so this is not being cause by some weird framework trick
[21:50:45] jottr: has joined #ruby
[21:52:08] Papierkorb: antlong: Depends on what kind of information you need. You can of course capture the RAM and CPU load of the rails process(es) from the outside. For more finegrained information, you can have a look at the logs (they show time spent in rendering views and in the database). For the latter, you may like the rack-mini-profiler gem as drop-in solution
[21:52:41] antlong: i'll check and see if new relic will give me what i need through the cli
[21:52:46] Azure: has joined #ruby
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[22:30:51] ght: Question: Is there a way to chain together if conditionals as such: if a == "test1" || a == "test2" || a == "test3"
[22:30:58] sypheren: has joined #ruby
[22:31:12] ght: Is there any way to bridge those to say if a == "test1" or "test2" or "test3" so the code doesn't look so ghetto?
[22:31:24] jhass: one common pattern is if %w(test1 test2 test3).include? a
[22:31:47] ght: wow, interesting syntax, ok.
[22:31:53] johnMcLain: has joined #ruby
[22:31:59] ght: Thank you jhass.
[22:32:06] mjuszczak: has joined #ruby
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[22:33:19] ght: jhass: if one of the conditions has a space, do you simply encase it in double quotes?
[22:33:31] Pisuke: has joined #ruby
[22:33:33] jhass: you simply use a regular array literal
[22:33:33] ght: as in, if %w(test1 "extra test" test3)
[22:33:46] jhass: ["test1", "extra test", "test3"]
[22:33:53] johnMcLain_: has joined #ruby
[22:34:07] ght: gotcha, so if %w["test1", "extra test", "test3"].include? a
[22:34:17] polpak: without the %w
[22:34:27] johnMcLain: has joined #ruby
[22:34:31] icebourg: has joined #ruby
[22:34:31] ght: ahh, so: if ["test1", "extra text", "test3"].include? a
[22:34:43] polpak: ght: the important thing here is that you want to use the .include? method of the Array class.
[22:34:44] workmad3: ght: %w is a special ruby token for 'whitespace separated array'
[22:34:46] ght: Perfect, thank you.
[22:34:57] ght: workmad3: Got it, thank you.
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[22:49:50] dudedudeman: %w is awesome
[22:50:00] swgillespie: has joined #ruby
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[22:53:38] nofxx: dudedudeman, there's lots of variations also: %i for symbols, %x for execute ... really, a lot
[22:53:46] myztic: has joined #ruby
[22:54:48] dudedudeman: i need to learn more about %x
[22:54:55] fullofcaffeine: has joined #ruby
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[22:56:29] bricker: dudedudeman: there's not much else to learn
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[23:15:41] shevy: the dudedudeman discovers the joy of %
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[23:33:01] RickHull: I asked about this earlier. Not sure if anyone responded: https://gist.github.com/rickhull/7c656d995b4994fdb7a4
[23:33:18] RickHull: it looks like Erubis is unable to fill in template vars
[23:33:45] stantonnet: has joined #ruby
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[23:38:18] RickHull: which is kind of like rake being unable to execute tasks ;)
[23:38:22] felixrsmith: has joined #ruby
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[23:44:28] RickHull: can anyone confirm the behavior at least?
[23:46:46] benlovell: has joined #ruby
[23:46:56] jhass: RickHull: you access an instance variable but you pass a local variable
[23:47:48] RickHull: maybe because of rails, i always saw erb operating on @ivars
[23:47:56] RickHull: and i thought that was a necessary thing
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