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#ruby - 04 August 2015

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[00:26:14] shevy: damn it... googling for ruby can bring in a Jazz singer
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[00:28:35] Ox0dea: shevy: Don't fight it.
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[00:30:35] BraddPitt: Anyone using Atom?
[00:30:39] BraddPitt: It's actually pretty nice
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[00:32:44] Ox0dea: BraddPitt: Does it still die on "large" files?
[00:32:54] BraddPitt: >2mb I think so
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[00:34:51] havenwood: BraddPitt: works on my machine
[00:35:01] BraddPitt: ah, guess they did solve it
[00:35:06] Ox0dea: Yay, ropes!
[00:35:07] BraddPitt: I haven't tried opening anything large yet
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[00:38:07] havenwood: BraddPitt: yeah, definitely works
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[00:39:00] Ox0dea: havenwood: When does it start to choke?
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[00:40:45] havenwood: Ox0dea: trying a gig
[00:41:07] havenwood: Ox0dea: crash
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[00:48:38] havenwood: Ox0dea: 100MB no prob
[00:48:54] Ox0dea: Hey, gals! Which of these syntaxes "surprises" you the least? https://gist.github.com/0x0dea/56c15612fd2c44ac96bc
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[00:49:37] Ox0dea: havenwood: Vim jumps to the exact middle of a 4GB file in a little under a second. ^_^
[00:49:52] Ox0dea: I think ropes are objective the best data structure for text editors.
[00:49:57] Ox0dea: I can't say whether Atom is using them or not.
[00:50:03] Ox0dea: *objectively
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[00:50:22] shevy: all of them are horrid
[00:50:26] Ox0dea: You stop that.
[00:50:34] Ox0dea: Which is the "least horrid"?
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[00:50:59] ModernMan: Does anybody know of a good ruby syntax checker plugin for vim? Years ago there were ones for python like pyflakes.
[00:51:08] ModernMan: They would show you the errors in the editor
[00:51:10] shevy: it's better to put the horridness on one line rather than spread it out
[00:51:16] Ox0dea: ModernMan: Syntastic does Ruby.
[00:51:33] ModernMan: Ox0dea: is it good?
[00:51:34] Ox0dea: shevy: But those could be blocks of arbitrary complexity?
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[00:51:43] shevy: what even is .-->
[00:51:44] Ox0dea: ModernMan: I don't use it. Syntax errors are for nublings.
[00:51:51] shevy: is that the method - and a lambda is passed?
[00:51:57] Ox0dea: Yes, that's right.
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[00:52:13] Ox0dea: Boolean subtraction is silly, so why not commandeer the operator for something useful?
[00:52:19] saddad: ModernMan: syntastic is nice and it conforms asthetically with most other plugins
[00:52:56] ModernMan: saddad: I really just want to catch white space and stuff. is there anything better?
[00:53:07] Ox0dea: ModernMan: As in trailing whitespace?
[00:53:13] Ox0dea: Or bad indentation?
[00:53:44] havenwood: ModernMan: Tried RuboCop?
[00:53:56] ModernMan: Ox0dea: trainly for sure but indentation would be a nice to have. Even to catch tabs after = signs instead of spaces
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[00:54:13] Ox0dea: ModernMan: Why on earth do you think you need a plugin for such things?
[00:54:35] Ox0dea: `autocmd BufWritePre * %s/\s\+$//e` to trim trailing whitespace on save.
[00:54:39] Ox0dea: gg=G to indent.
[00:54:46] ModernMan: havenwood: I have but it's manual rather than showing the errors in the editor unless I am misunderstanding syntastic
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[00:55:44] ModernMan: Ox0dea: idk what gg=G is, I know what G is, as in go to end of file
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[00:55:52] Ox0dea: gg=G indents the whole file.
[00:56:09] Ox0dea: `set expandtab smarttab shiftwidth=2 tabstop=2` to use the conventional indentation preferences.
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[00:56:23] ModernMan: so I type that in :
[00:56:29] Ox0dea: Put it in your vimrc?
[00:56:43] Ox0dea: No, it's normal mode command.
[00:57:17] ModernMan: I have been using this autocmd FileType ruby setlocal tabstop=2 softtabstop=2
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[00:57:43] Ox0dea: That'll still let tabs in; you should use `expandtab` and `smarttab`.
[00:58:03] Ox0dea: And that outside of any autocommands.
[00:58:06] Ox0dea: Tabs are evil.
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[00:59:17] ModernMan: Ox0dea: I have it like this set tabstop=4 set expandtab set shiftwidth=4 set softtabstop=4
[00:59:21] ModernMan: I do a lot of python too
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[01:00:57] Antiarc: .:set sw=2 ts=2 et <-- my standard Ruby setup
[01:02:39] Ox0dea: Antiarc: Por que no `sta`?
[01:03:26] Antiarc: because it's not muscle-memoried. But I should start including it!
[01:03:43] Antiarc: (I just end up jamming that into any vim session on servers I work on remotely where I haven't set up a vimrc)
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[01:06:34] ModernMan: Ox0dea: smarttabs are a plugin right?
[01:06:41] ModernMan: I have this now autocmd FileType ruby setlocal tabstop=2 softtabstop=2 shiftwidth=2
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[01:09:35] ModernMan: actually autocmd FileType ruby setlocal expandtab tabstop=2 softtabstop=2 shiftwidth=2
[01:10:04] Ox0dea: ModernMan: No, smarttab is a setting.
[01:10:21] Ox0dea: If I may say so, you're way too plugin-happy for having just started learning Vim.
[01:11:18] ModernMan: Ox0dea: I've been using vim for about 10 years...
[01:11:26] ModernMan: This page said it was a plugin http://vim.wikia.com/wiki/Indent_with_tabs,_align_with_spaces
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[01:11:46] Ox0dea: You've been using Vim for 10 years and don't know how to use :help?
[01:11:59] ModernMan: I tend to not bother
[01:12:09] Ox0dea: Maybe start bothering.
[01:12:17] shevy: I gave up on vim a long time ago
[01:12:37] shevy: actually, I still use it for quick local edits when I need something better than nano
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[01:37:09] drbrain: ah, there it is
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[01:37:27] drbrain: yeah, I'll drive
[01:37:36] drbrain: I lived just around the corner from there
[01:37:58] drbrain: are you ready?
[01:38:25] drbrain: crap, this is not the right window
[01:38:30] notfowl: We arent ready
[01:39:06] notfowl: drbrain where we going?
[01:39:19] drbrain: well, I'm going to an impromptu BBQ
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[01:41:28] sevenseacat: free BBQ at drbrain's house!
[01:41:39] shevy: I'll come!!!
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[01:42:07] drbrain: it's not at my house, and my BBQ doesn't get delivered until tomorrow
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[01:42:54] eam: did someone say bbq
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[01:43:42] roo7: hey guys, does anyone know a way that i can print the index of an item in an array while in a block?
[01:43:50] roo7: array = ['first', 'second', 'third', 'fourth']
[01:43:50] roo7: array.each do |item|
[01:43:50] roo7: puts item.index
[01:44:12] havenwood: roo7: each_with_index do |item, index|
[01:44:31] roo7: awesome, thank you havenwood
[01:44:47] havenwood: roo7: no prob, you're welcome
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[01:48:46] Ox0dea: `size.times` > `each_index`?
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[01:50:30] havenwood: Ox0dea: Yeah, I'd say #each_index instead of #each_with_index if `index` is really all you want.
[01:50:42] Ox0dea: Sure, but that's not exactly what I was asking about.
[01:51:31] Ox0dea: I suppose #each_index is to be preferred over #size + #times, if only because fewer method calls.
[01:51:40] havenwood: Ox0dea: aye
[01:51:53] Ox0dea: ACTION benchmarks it anyway.
[01:52:33] mozzarella: I use size.times if I??don't need the indexes
[01:53:01] mozzarella: I wouldn't optimize for speed, that's just not what ruby is for
[01:53:28] Ox0dea: ??Por que no los dos?
[01:54:03] havenwood: mozzarella: if you didn't need the indexes, each instead of size.times
[01:54:25] havenwood: #each, #each_index, #each_with_index
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[01:54:32] mozzarella: and if I don't need the items???
[01:54:43] havenwood: mozzarella: just do nothing :P
[01:54:51] havenwood: mozzarella: a blank line
[01:55:43] mozzarella: not sure what you mean
[01:55:49] havenwood: mozzarella: `each` without a block instead of `size.times` without a block
[01:56:28] mozzarella: if I need to do something for size times and I??don't need to access the objects, I will use .size.times
[01:56:43] havenwood: mozzarella: ahh
[01:56:44] havenwood: mozzarella: gotcha
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[01:57:13] Ox0dea: mozzarella: Still, #each without a block argument is equivalent in that case.
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[01:57:26] havenwood: mozzarella: ^ just a method less
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[01:59:15] Ox0dea: #each_index is reliably (but, of course, negligibly) slower.
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[02:01:19] havenwood: Ox0dea: Slower than `size.times`? I'm surprised.
[02:01:28] havenwood: Ox0dea: With a block arg?
[02:01:54] Ox0dea: havenwood: Oui.
[02:02:27] Ox0dea: I used benchmark/ips, of course, but here's a demonstration with raw elapsed time:
[02:02:28] Ox0dea: >> foo = [0] * 4200; ts = []; s = Time.now; foo.each_index { |i| i }; ts << Time.now - s; s = Time.now; foo.size.times { |i| i }; ts + [Time.now - s]
[02:02:31] ruboto: Ox0dea # => [0.000639327, 0.000824984] (https://eval.in/411473)
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[02:03:03] Ox0dea: Worked on My Machine???
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[02:03:52] jackjackdripper: I'm getting no such file or directory when I call ruby from an app. I tested it in a bash script and the I see the same issue. Permissions are ok and the ruby $PATH is not a symlink
[02:04:18] Ox0dea: jackjackdripper: Would you mind elaborating on "call ruby from an app"?
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[02:05:15] jackjackdripper: so my test was I created a bash script calling /usr/bin/ruby /script/file/path
[02:05:56] jackjackdripper: i'm getting /usr/bin/ruby: No such file or directory --
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[02:06:22] Ox0dea: Clearly not.
[02:06:57] Ox0dea: Computers cannot lie.
[02:07:01] jackjackdripper: file /usr/bin/ruby
[02:07:10] jackjackdripper: output /usr/bin/ruby: ELF 64-bit LSB executable, x86-64, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.6.18, stripped
[02:07:14] Ox0dea: jackjackdripper: It's the /script/filepath that doesn't exist.
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[02:08:58] jackjackdripper: thanks for the direction indeed file can not see the script even if it is there
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[02:11:31] Ox0dea: jackjackdripper: You mean you can run `stat /script/file/path` and not get an error, but `/usr/bin/ruby /script/file/path` errors? I doubt that very much.
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[02:16:23] havenwood: Ox0dea: JRuby 9k can settle things for us:
[02:16:25] havenwood: size.times 304.000 i/100ms
[02:16:26] havenwood: each_index 304.000 i/100ms
[02:16:29] jackjackdripper: Ox0dea no it fails on both. dos2unix seem to have fixed it. file was just given to me to test he might have his dev environment in win
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[02:17:29] Ox0dea: jackjackdripper: Erm... huh? You used `dos2unix` on the filename?
[02:17:29] havenwood: about 50% faster than my CRuby, which are within margin-of-error either way
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[02:18:10] Ox0dea: havenwood: Aye, it's negligible no matter how you slice it, but I rarely reach for #each_index and I couldn't say why.
[02:18:27] eam: Ox0dea: sounds like he had an unprintable character in his script
[02:18:34] havenwood: Ox0dea: yeah, good point
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[02:18:51] Ox0dea: eam: I don't see how that'd lead to ENOENT?
[02:19:16] eam: when the script looks like /usr/bin/ruby<unprintable non-whitespace>
[02:19:29] eam: kinda common issue
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[02:19:56] eam: I see it happen a lot when copying/pasting from various encodings, webpages -> editor, etc
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[02:21:30] eam: echo -e "\r/usr/bin/ruby /tmp/script.rb" | sh
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[02:25:40] ModernMan: Does anybody know how to get Rubocop to ignore empty methods with parentheses at the end? We have to put them and it rather sucks that it complains. I looked at the default.yml they provide but didn't see it
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[02:41:36] Ox0dea: ModernMan: You should be able to use `Style/FucksGiven: 0`.
[02:41:56] ModernMan: what do ya mean
[02:42:06] ModernMan: This is http://www.rubydoc.info/gems/rubocop/RuboCop/Cop/Style/MethodCallParentheses
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[02:42:11] ModernMan: But idk what to pass to it
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[02:45:58] ModernMan: https://github.com/bbatsov/rubocop/blob/af91d722e0/lib/rubocop/cop/style/method_call_parentheses.rb
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[02:47:15] Ox0dea: ModernMan: You're going against a well-established and perfectly logical convention; that you're finding this painful is a feature.
[02:47:35] ModernMan: It destroys readability
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[03:01:18] Inside: what do you all recommend for writing simple gui toolkits in ruby?
[03:02:07] Ox0dea: Inside: JavaScript.
[03:02:18] Inside: I don't mean toolkits
[03:02:23] Inside: I mean 'simple guis' herpderp
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[03:02:41] Ox0dea: I was being completely serious.
[03:02:47] Inside: I don't get it
[03:02:49] |\|370: has joined #ruby
[03:02:56] Inside: I meant windows desktop gui applications
[03:03:33] Inside: I'm writing a simple program which sits on a computer at work and then when it detects a new row in the database it prints a label
[03:03:48] Inside: needs to have an interface so that people can go and re-print a label in case the printer crapped out or something
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[03:04:37] Ox0dea: Inside: Well, if doing it with the world's simplest Rack app doesn't take your fancy, Ruby ships with Tk.
[03:05:02] Inside: Ox0dea: the thing is that it automatically prints the label
[03:05:40] Inside: unless you can give me an idea of how a rackapp would work in this case?
[03:06:00] Inside: (I'm.. thoroughly not a developer)
[03:06:13] sdwrage: has joined #ruby
[03:06:28] Inside: I'm essentially just doing system('foxit.exe /t "label.pdf" "DYMO LabelWriter 450" ') at the moment ;)
[03:07:38] Ox0dea: Inside: And what're you currently doing when that returns nil?
[03:07:50] Inside: absolutely jack nothing
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[03:09:26] Ox0dea: Well, you could write the result to a "status file" and poll it with JavaScript, then present a button that requests '/go_again' or some such.
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[03:10:08] Inside: I see what you mean now, yes
[03:10:28] texasmade: has joined #ruby
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[03:10:51] Ox0dea: It's not great, but it'd probably suffice for something as simple as what you've said you need.
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[03:13:53] Inside: so why rack?
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[03:14:08] Ox0dea: It doesn't get any simpler without becoming painful.
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[03:14:36] pontiki: who needs more the netcat?
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[03:15:10] Inside: I mean all I really need is to.. serv up a single static html file and then listen to a get/post/etc that prompts the system call to print a label
[03:15:22] Ox0dea: Inside: Aye, that's what Rack'll give you.
[03:15:27] Inside: well, I guess the server can just sit there in the background polling the database constantly
[03:15:45] rehat: hi, new to ruby. I want to do a do while loop and I don't know what the preferred way of doing this. Should I use begin end while condition or just a loop do end and break out of the loop?
[03:16:14] Ox0dea: rehat: That's essentially a stylistic choice.
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[03:16:31] rehat: ok cool thanks
[03:17:23] Ox0dea: rehat: The former is a "true" do-while, but the meat is at the bottom, which isn't so great.
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[03:49:38] Radar: Does anyone know of a Nanoc 4 + Sass guide that I could follow to get started with it?
[03:51:11] Kyuujitsu: has joined #ruby
[03:56:47] icebourg: has joined #ruby
[03:56:49] Kyuujitsu: has joined #ruby
[03:58:56] sevenseacat: running into a weird problem with reform - somehow it's getting nils when trying to validate nested data
[03:59:50] Radar: are you using populate_if_empty?
[04:00:09] sevenseacat: putting together a gist now - this task is turning into a headacle
[04:00:46] Ox0dea: sevenseacat: Was that an intentional portmanteau of "headache" and "debacle"?
[04:01:05] sevenseacat: no, but that works
[04:02:24] Kyuujitsu: has joined #ruby
[04:02:44] GriffinHeart: has joined #ruby
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[04:02:50] Mia: has joined #ruby
[04:03:03] sevenseacat: https://gist.github.com/sevenseacat/18f33725438f5525d94e I don't know enough about reform to know whats going on
[04:03:29] sevenseacat: didnt even notice I posted in the wrong channel. lol
[04:03:44] Radar: We will forgive you.
[04:04:16] Ox0dea: Anyone familiar with 7 Little Words?
[04:04:26] sargas_: has joined #ruby
[04:05:55] sevenseacat: reform has a really nice api, but when it goes wrong, debugging it is near-on impossible
[04:06:09] rickmasta: has joined #ruby
[04:06:14] CloCkWeRX: has joined #ruby
[04:06:19] pontiki: i'm familiar with the 7 words you can't say on television
[04:06:35] Channel6: has joined #ruby
[04:07:14] sevenseacat: ACTION rips out reform
[04:07:26] Kyuujitsu: has joined #ruby
[04:07:59] pontiki: i used reform in one project, then decided it didn't give me anything i could do myself
[04:08:11] Ox0dea: pontiki: SPFCCMT.
[04:08:39] tubuliferous_: has joined #ruby
[04:09:00] Ox0dea: I'm entertaining the notion that it'd be feasible to solve most 7 Little Words puzzles without bothering about the actual clues.
[04:11:38] c0dedead: has joined #ruby
[04:12:22] c0dedead: How can I make an options request with net/http?
[04:12:41] Ox0dea: c0dedead: How do you mean?
[04:13:05] Kyuujitsu: has joined #ruby
[04:16:30] c0dedead: I want to determine which http methods a resource will respond to.
[04:16:46] s2013: has joined #ruby
[04:18:07] Kyuujitsu: has joined #ruby
[04:18:41] theery: has joined #ruby
[04:18:59] Ox0dea: >> require 'net/http'; Net::HTTP::Options # c0dedead
[04:19:00] ruboto: Ox0dea # => Net::HTTP::Options (https://eval.in/411535)
[04:19:08] devoldmx_: has joined #ruby
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[04:26:35] Ox0dea: c0dedead: Net::HTTP.new('example.com').options('/')['Allow']
[04:27:59] qiukun: has joined #ruby
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[04:55:24] c0dedead: http://pastebin.com/RuizgURM works for some but not all.
[04:55:25] ruboto: c0dedead, we in #ruby do not like pastebin.com, I reposted your paste to gist for you: https://gist.github.com/91fba727adc26574b45e
[04:55:25] ruboto: pastebin.com loads slowly for most, has ads which are distracting and has terrible formatting.
[04:56:02] duncannz: has joined #ruby
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[06:27:55] aceRacer: hi all. I have a quesrtion. its more of an implementation based question
[06:29:18] Ox0dea: aceRacer: Fire away.
[06:29:36] h4ckurate: has joined #ruby
[06:29:59] Ox0dea: Preparation is key.
[06:31:49] aceRacer: Presently in the rails application the database part is being handled by ActiveRecord. But then not everything would be done using a mysql database. like messaging. I would like to save them to mysql as well as redis, so redis will be like a middle tier database :P with maybe 20 recent messages per user. Now the thing is, previously I had wrapped the redis-rb library in a module with...
[06:31:50] aceRacer: ...methods like fetch, create, remove but the problem was I was using zset all the time, but for this feature I need a list. but I don't want to write the same methods again
[06:32:09] pawnbox: has joined #ruby
[06:32:17] bnagy: ?rails aceRacer
[06:32:17] ruboto: aceRacer, Please join #RubyOnRails for Rails questions. You need to be identified with NickServ, see /msg NickServ HELP
[06:32:23] Kyuujitsu: has joined #ruby
[06:32:54] pipework: Luckily your OS probably has copy and paste functionality!
[06:32:58] pipework: dem clipboards.
[06:33:21] apeiros: great, my AD throttles my requests??? every 3rd request takes 20s???
[06:33:45] pipework: ACTION imagines all the funny things "AD" could mean
[06:34:20] mistym-: has joined #ruby
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[06:36:00] apeiros: pipework: in IT context, most often activedirectory
[06:37:10] krz: has joined #ruby
[06:37:24] kwd: has joined #ruby
[06:37:25] apeiros: funny, activedirectory isn't a rails thing :D
[06:37:55] pawnbox: has joined #ruby
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[06:56:32] ruboto: I'm the channel bot, linker of the rules, adept of the facts, wielder of the banhammer.
[06:57:27] Oog: has joined #ruby
[06:57:40] minmax: ?who's ruboto
[06:57:40] ruboto: I don't know anything about who
[06:58:15] GriffinHeart: has joined #ruby
[06:58:35] ruboto: apeiros is nobody
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[07:23:54] baweaver: Ox0dea: you on?
[07:24:43] Ox0dea: baweaver: I was just about to step out for a few. Whatcha got?
[07:24:55] baweaver: Curious where in the world you found ?c
[07:25:25] Ox0dea: I don't recall its ever being terribly uncommon?
[07:26:13] baweaver: trying to find where it's defined / hiding at.
[07:26:23] baweaver: more of a curiosity really.
[07:26:23] Ox0dea: baweaver: In parse.y?
[07:27:14] Kyuujitsu: has joined #ruby
[07:27:31] workmad3: has joined #ruby
[07:27:32] cschneid: has joined #ruby
[07:28:04] baweaver: ruby source reminds me what a C newbie I am
[07:28:16] Ox0dea: baweaver: It's handled with a few other things in parse_qmark(): https://github.com/ruby/ruby/blob/trunk/parse.y#L7389
[07:28:35] Ox0dea: What's strange is I'm reasonably certain I remember exactly when and where I first encountered the syntax.
[07:29:04] Ox0dea: It was the same instance wherein I learned of Hash#invert.
[07:29:08] baweaver: I'd never seen it until I ran into that one case in your non-an programs
[07:29:36] Ox0dea: I'm sure it's significantly more common in older code.
[07:29:37] qiukun: has joined #ruby
[07:31:08] nhhagen: has joined #ruby
[07:31:44] Ox0dea: I learned of Hash#invert and ?c in the same video of a Japanese fellow showing off his brainfuck interpreter. The vagaries I'm able to recall are as yet insufficient to help me find the damned thing again. :/
[07:32:05] Ox0dea: Christ, that must've been eight-ish years ago.
[07:32:34] Ox0dea: ACTION steps out.
[07:32:43] baweaver: Not a problem
[07:32:52] baweaver: grepping through all the ruby gems I have installed to find it
[07:34:07] bnagy: I used to use it all the time in 1.8
[07:34:12] bnagy: and ~never since :)
[07:34:39] baweaver: I don't intend to use it either
[07:34:55] baweaver: just knowing what and why it is was driving me up a bit of a wall
[07:37:05] marr: has joined #ruby
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[07:40:42] alveric__: has joined #ruby
[07:41:15] Ox0dea: I'm of the opinion that characters should be distinct from strings, but I suppose that's just the C talking.
[07:41:18] devoldmx: has joined #ruby
[07:41:37] Ox0dea: It's not of much consequence given that Ruby cleverly handles strings of length less than 23.
[07:41:59] lsmola: has joined #ruby
[07:42:28] eladmeidar: has joined #ruby
[07:42:32] pipework: Ox0dea: at least we have support for unicode and both IO and String has support for #chars, but yeah it's not a datatype.
[07:42:50] Kyuujitsu: has joined #ruby
[07:43:16] schaerli: has joined #ruby
[07:43:54] Ox0dea: >> '%c' % 'ab' # pipework: Except sometimes sorta.
[07:43:58] ruboto: Ox0dea, I'm terribly sorry, I could not evaluate your code because of an error: Curl::Err::ConnectionFailedError:Couldn't connect to server
[07:44:21] omfgtora: has joined #ruby
[07:44:23] pipework: Ox0dea: I don't know what that's supposed to do, sorry. :(
[07:44:29] Ox0dea: >> '%c' % 'ab'
[07:44:31] ruboto: Ox0dea # => %c requires a character (ArgumentError) ...check link for more (https://eval.in/411632)
[07:45:23] tubuliferous_: has joined #ruby
[07:45:41] Ox0dea: >> '' << 97 # Also this.
[07:46:04] Ox0dea: apeiros: ruboto is on the fritz.
[07:47:23] yh: has joined #ruby
[07:47:48] ruboto: Ox0dea, I'm terribly sorry, I could not evaluate your code because of an error: Curl::Err::ConnectionFailedError:Couldn't connect to server
[07:49:34] senayar: has joined #ruby
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[07:52:59] MrButh: teach me your ways you magical ruby developers you! teach me!
[07:53:28] workmad3: has joined #ruby
[07:53:45] adaedra: Only the bravest ones can be taught the holy ways
[07:54:01] anisha: has joined #ruby
[07:54:36] keeguon: has joined #ruby
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[07:55:56] MrButh: I commeth from a far away land of the Processor of Hypertext known to the common folk as PHP, where must my browser travel to gain the riches of your knowledge in Ruby and Ruby on Rails?
[07:56:14] bougyman: #rubyonrails
[07:56:31] Tempesta: has joined #ruby
[07:56:35] adaedra: MrButh: http://ruby-community.com/pages/links
[07:57:47] Kyuujitsu: has joined #ruby
[07:58:06] Ox0dea: MrButh: On a largely unrelated note, I think you might enjoy this: http://thecodelesscode.com/
[07:58:29] Ox0dea: Slightly more relevantly, I'm finally in the damned ChangeLog: https://github.com/ruby/ruby/blob/033e093/ChangeLog#L7
[07:58:48] sevenseacat: Ox0dea: you're famous!
[07:59:17] lxsameer_: has joined #ruby
[07:59:39] Ox0dea: Being in there for the tests feels a little cheap on account of having found and suggested the fix(es) for the bug, but I'll take it.
[07:59:59] adaedra: It's a good start
[08:00:19] Ox0dea: adaedra: I've got four outstanding proposals that I stand vehemently behind, but they've all died. :/
[08:00:27] lxsameer: has joined #ruby
[08:00:36] Ox0dea: C'est la mort.
[08:00:47] MrButh: oh my holy gosh, I am getting advice from a famous Ruby'er! Thanks dude!
[08:01:29] Ox0dea: I pretty much run into a use case for #grep-like #any? and #all? on a daily basis, and then I 0x5adface.
[08:02:08] adaedra: Looks like you need some 0xC0FEE
[08:02:39] omegamike: has joined #ruby
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[08:11:01] MrButh: cool read Ox0dea, thanks
[08:11:42] bruno-: has joined #ruby
[08:12:17] dented42: has joined #ruby
[08:12:43] Ox0dea: MrButh: Sure thing. I thought you might enjoy the style, if nothing else.
[08:12:49] Ox0dea: Zen and all that.
[08:12:54] railswebdev: has joined #ruby
[08:13:57] joonty: has joined #ruby
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[08:17:16] MrButh: does anyone here work as a Ruby developer somewhere?
[08:18:30] sevenseacat: most of us likely do.
[08:18:31] pipework: quite a lot of us do
[08:19:53] MrButh: awesome, if I was to be interested in being a Ruby developer, at what point in my online training should I start looking for work? Like what tasks will I need to know how to accomplish or something?
[08:20:03] bayed: has joined #ruby
[08:20:46] sevenseacat: MrButh: well you said you come from PHP, take your answer to the same question for PHP, and str_replace Ruby for PHP in it
[08:21:31] MrButh: lol, nice.
[08:21:42] yh: has joined #ruby
[08:21:46] sevenseacat: (I would have said gsub, but, yknow, dont know ruby yet)
[08:22:00] |\|370: has joined #ruby
[08:22:22] Kyuujitsu: has joined #ruby
[08:23:01] MrButh: is anyone working on something in their company or outside that I can contribute to?
[08:23:13] pipework: MrButh: github.com
[08:24:56] Ox0dea: MrButh: How many new moons have hitherto illuminated your path to Ruby enlightenment?
[08:26:21] jonee: has joined #ruby
[08:26:36] helpa-bot: has joined #ruby
[08:27:58] pawnbox: Hey guys! Could you tell me something about rubyspec project? What exactly it is?
[08:28:37] helpa-bot: has joined #ruby
[08:30:38] helpa-bot: has joined #ruby
[08:31:45] pawnbox: Is it currently maintained?
[08:31:54] pkh: has joined #ruby
[08:32:14] pipework: pawnbox: Have you attempted to look it up for yourself?
[08:32:40] helpa-bot: has joined #ruby
[08:33:07] pkh: has joined #ruby
[08:33:29] pawnbox: So i was reading the blog posted on the site and guy said he's ending the project
[08:33:39] khebbie: has joined #ruby
[08:34:13] Ox0dea: has joined #ruby
[08:34:17] senayar: has joined #ruby
[08:34:20] pipework: And did you google it?
[08:34:23] Royalb15: has joined #ruby
[08:34:25] Lildirt: has joined #ruby
[08:34:41] helpa-bot: has joined #ruby
[08:34:48] sevenseacat: i mean, information on the internet is never out of date, is it
[08:35:19] pipework: nice netsplit
[08:35:53] quimrstorres: has joined #ruby
[08:35:57] Ox0dea: https://robustirc.net/
[08:36:26] yh: has joined #ruby
[08:36:41] helpa: has joined #ruby
[08:36:53] pipework: So I'm trading freenode's splits for handling availability on my lonesome?
[08:37:25] Kyuujitsu: has joined #ruby
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[08:40:06] apeiros: Ox0dea: seems it had a thread overload
[08:40:33] tanath: has left #ruby: ()
[08:40:34] apeiros: ACTION crosses fingers for less drama this week
[08:40:44] apeiros: working on the update
[08:41:06] senayar: has joined #ruby
[08:41:14] ruboto: I don't know anything about drama
[08:42:29] Kyuujitsu: has joined #ruby
[08:42:41] Ox0dea: rbx>> RUBY_ENGINE
[08:42:57] wookiehangover: has joined #ruby
[08:43:12] yorickpeterse: Ox0dea: eval.in only supports cruby
[08:43:27] Ox0dea: apeiros: I trust you're not interested in interfacing with another evaluator?
[08:44:23] yorickpeterse: pawnbox: there's a fork of RubySpec at github.com/ruby/rubyspec
[08:44:37] yorickpeterse: The original one is no longer maintained
[08:44:47] adaedra: Good bye Ox0dea
[08:44:57] Ox0dea: has joined #ruby
[08:45:28] Ox0dea: Hello, adaedra.
[08:45:38] Ox0dea: Linux 4.1.4 doesn't like me. :(
[08:46:03] adaedra: Ah, I'm still at 4.1.3
[08:46:27] Ox0dea: I suppose it could be systemd 224, but I'd rather it wasn't.
[08:46:27] yh: has joined #ruby
[08:46:59] yorickpeterse: every time I upgrade something breaks so I'm waiting it out to mature a bit
[08:47:11] Ox0dea: Sage advice, to be sure.
[08:47:21] Rinzlit2: has joined #ruby
[08:47:47] jonee: has joined #ruby
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[08:50:41] nimf: has joined #ruby
[08:51:38] tbuehlmann: is there a more idiomatic way to write the following? /(#{Regexp.escape(some_string)})/i
[08:53:10] yorickpeterse: Not more idiomatic per se
[08:53:15] ndrei: has joined #ruby
[08:53:21] yorickpeterse: but you can write Regexp.new(Regexp.escape(some_string), Regexp::IGNORECASE)
[08:53:25] jhass: don't need the capture group, just check the entire match
[08:53:25] bougyman: Regexp.new(Regexp.escape("food"), 'i')
[08:53:25] yorickpeterse: but that's not really any better
[08:53:29] bougyman: dunno that's idiomatic.
[08:53:38] bougyman: just different and more verbose.
[08:53:45] Oog: has joined #ruby
[08:54:05] bougyman: and doesn't have your captures, though if your capturing the whole regexp captures are kinda pointless.
[08:54:11] apfeluser: has joined #ruby
[08:54:13] Mendenhall: has joined #ruby
[08:54:19] Ox0dea: Unless you prefer to say $1 instead of $~.
[08:54:30] nik0: has joined #ruby
[08:54:33] jhass: I prefer none of both
[08:54:37] michael_mbp: has joined #ruby
[08:54:46] jhass: tbuehlmann: depending on your usecase for constructing that thing in the first place there might be alternatives
[08:55:26] Ox0dea: jhass: You wanted "neither", I suspect.
[08:55:39] tbuehlmann: jhass, I'm sure there is
[08:55:58] withnale____: has joined #ruby
[08:55:59] Zai00: has joined #ruby
[08:56:05] nolic: has joined #ruby
[08:56:21] gregf_: or prolly %r{food}i
[08:56:34] tbuehlmann: writing a highlight method that simply highlights certain strings in a string
[08:56:36] Cambridge: has joined #ruby
[08:56:55] tbuehlmann: having this right now: input.to_s.gsub(/(#{Regexp.escape(highlight)})/i, '<strong class="highlight">%s</strong>' % '\1')
[08:57:04] Ox0dea: tbuehlmann: Zalgo is coming for you.
[08:57:07] Ox0dea: The <center> cannot hold.
[08:57:26] scorp007: has joined #ruby
[08:57:42] Violentr: has joined #ruby
[08:57:58] jhass: mmh, I wish there would be a case ignore version for .gsub(String) { }
[08:58:07] jhass: *ignoring
[08:58:09] Ox0dea: heftig: Why the hard dependency on LLVM 3.5?
[08:58:32] Trynemjoel: has joined #ruby
[08:59:06] scorp007: In the C API, does rb_rescue get called only after any in-script rescue blocks are checked? I.e. is it the outer-most handler, or inner most?
[08:59:27] scorp007: I think I'm seeing it get called before the script handler gets a chance.
[09:00:04] scorp007: I called rb_rescue2 with the top-level exception class to implement an "unhandled exception filter" in my embedding
[09:00:19] bougyman: rescues are called from the most specific to the least, innermost to outermost when equal specificity.
[09:00:24] soc42: has joined #ruby
[09:00:58] scorp007: bougyman: that's what I'd guess, but it seems like the script isn't getting a chance to run? Here's what's happening:
[09:01:06] RegulationD: has joined #ruby
[09:01:17] bougyman: which exception is it?
[09:01:23] bougyman: some aren't handled by a bare rescue.
[09:01:33] bougyman: like files not existing and certain other io ones.
[09:01:36] scorp007: debug.rb has a require 'readline' in a rescue block. They filter for LoadError. I don't have readline on my system, so a LoadError is raised
[09:01:40] Ox0dea: Also SyntaxError.
[09:01:44] tbuehlmann: thanks for the input
[09:01:46] scorp007: but debug.rb handles it by itself
[09:01:56] unshadow: has joined #ruby
[09:02:00] scorp007: problem is, before debug.rb gets a chance to handle it, I get called.
[09:02:05] scorp007: which I don't want to be
[09:02:18] bougyman: is this a threading thing?
[09:02:28] scorp007: I want debug.rb to handle it -- not propagate it up to me
[09:02:33] scorp007: no threading
[09:02:35] scorp007: I don't think
[09:02:41] bougyman: so what's in rescue LoadError's block?
[09:03:01] scorp007: a graceful fallback (debug.rb is part of the standard lib)
[09:03:16] scorp007: they hand-roll their own readline if the native module isn't available
[09:03:56] scorp007: My entire script runs under one big rescue, catching all exceptions:
[09:03:56] scorp007: rb_rescue2((RESCUECB)runScriptGuarded, rb_str_new2(narrowArgv[0]), (RESCUECB)topLevelExceptionHandler, Qnil, rb_eException, 0 /* sentinel */);
[09:04:02] Trynemjoel: has joined #ruby
[09:04:11] Ox0dea: Well, there's your problem. :P
[09:04:12] scorp007: I'm trying to only handle exceptions that scripts did not handle
[09:04:22] scorp007: to prevent the app from crashing.
[09:04:47] scorp007: Ox0dea: is that wrong?
[09:04:55] Ox0dea: scorp007: It's just really heavy-handed.
[09:05:02] scorp007: is there a better way?
[09:05:24] Ox0dea: charliesome demonstrates how to survive even segfaults in this talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBdqCYKWISU
[09:05:40] chouhoulis: has joined #ruby
[09:05:45] yh: has joined #ruby
[09:06:18] Ox0dea: Yay, FrozenCore! Boo, nobu (for gimping it to death in 2.1+).
[09:06:40] bougyman: trying to make a script or program which never fails is sisyphusian.
[09:07:05] bougyman: making a program fail fast and recover cleanly is at least accomplishable in a lifetime.
[09:07:21] scorp007: bougyman: That's exactly what I'm trying to do: recover cleanly.
[09:07:30] scorp007: if I don't have a top level handler, I will segfault
[09:07:34] bougyman: from a kill -9 ?
[09:07:41] Ox0dea: bougyman: systemd manages.
[09:07:43] bougyman: because you can't control that (nor hard powerdown)
[09:07:53] scorp007: not from a kill, from any old exception a script raises.
[09:08:01] scorp007: is that not clear?
[09:08:02] bougyman: Ox0dea: it really doesn't. their bugzilla is full of hard, bad fail.
[09:08:19] Ox0dea: bougyman: Sure, but `sudo kill -9 1` doesn't do anything.
[09:08:36] bougyman: ah, I get what you meant now.
[09:08:41] scorp007: my question is, with a rescue block like that, should I expect to be called *even if* a script handles the exception?
[09:09:01] bougyman: scorp007: nope, only if it doesn't.
[09:09:05] scorp007: that's what I thought.
[09:09:14] bougyman: the first matching exception block wins, unless it re-raises.
[09:09:14] scorp007: but not what I got. Let me try a simpler example.
[09:09:15] Ox0dea: Ruby essentially maintains an exception stack.
[09:09:20] bougyman: I mean, it wins, but it can re-raise.
[09:09:26] bougyman: moving it along the stack.
[09:09:28] pawnbox: has joined #ruby
[09:11:06] scorp007: ok, that's interesting. It worked as expected on a trivial example. I wonder why debug.rb is different.
[09:11:20] sinkensabe: has joined #ruby
[09:11:37] TvL2386: has joined #ruby
[09:11:53] scorp007: ok, something else is amiss here. That isn't the issue.
[09:14:22] schaerli: has joined #ruby
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[09:15:29] sinkensabe: has joined #ruby
[09:16:03] GriffinHeart: has joined #ruby
[09:16:54] Ox0dea: ACTION ponders the feasibility of executing $thing with `rlwrap` iff necessary.
[09:17:02] Ox0dea: I expect it'd have to be a kernel module.
[09:17:33] Trynemjoel: has joined #ruby
[09:18:25] scorp007: is there a C API to redefine a method on an object?
[09:20:14] Ox0dea: scorp007: Does rb_define_method() not do redefinition?
[09:20:22] scorp007: I wasan't sure.
[09:20:26] Ox0dea: I bet it does.
[09:20:29] scorp007: if it does, great!
[09:23:33] Trynemjoel: has joined #ruby
[09:23:42] yorickpeterse: 130 files changed, 3074 insertions(+), 2089 deletions(-)
[09:23:44] yorickpeterse: lol rails 4 migration
[09:24:00] yorickpeterse: and that's just one app out of...
[09:24:15] yorickpeterse: and it's not done yet either
[09:24:29] adaedra: Sounds like lots of funs
[09:24:55] yorickpeterse: this app also uses some stone age version of Angular
[09:25:09] adaedra: such upgrade
[09:25:36] yorickpeterse: oh it already shits itself in staging after logging in
[09:25:42] GriffinHeart: has joined #ruby
[09:25:58] yorickpeterse: "Moped::Errors::ConnectionFailure: Could not connect to a primary node for replica set" lol what
[09:26:51] yorickpeterse: oh yeah of course, it still connects to an old database we nuked centuries ago
[09:32:13] charliesome: has joined #ruby
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[10:17:07] yorickpeterse: Geez, how many assets/ directories can there be in a Rails app
[10:17:16] yorickpeterse: app/assets, lib/assets (wtf?), vendor/assets, etc
[10:17:38] Coldblackice: has joined #ruby
[10:17:57] Iskarlar: has joined #ruby
[10:20:22] rickmasta: has joined #ruby
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[10:25:07] safeforge: has joined #ruby
[10:27:16] Kyuujitsu: has joined #ruby
[10:30:48] Ox0dea: yorickpeterse: If you're using an ext filesystem, tune2fs will tell you how many inodes are free and thus capable of holding another assets directory.
[10:30:50] c0m0: has joined #ruby
[10:32:17] Kyuujitsu: has joined #ruby
[10:32:21] Ox0dea: s/holding/pointing to/, I suppose, and I'm sure there exist similar tools for other filesystems.
[10:33:14] OrbitalKitten: has joined #ruby
[10:34:31] pawnbox: has joined #ruby
[10:35:21] izabera: has joined #ruby
[10:35:49] yh: has joined #ruby
[10:36:05] izabera: hi guys, i have a problem with a program written in ruby and i know that this is not the right place but i'd appreciate a pointer in the right direction
[10:36:29] izabera: i tried installing rhc for openshift and i get this error /usr/lib/ruby/2.2.0/rubygems/dependency.rb:315:in `to_specs': Could not find 'highline' (~> 1.6.11) - did find: [highline-1.7.2] (Gem::LoadError)
[10:37:59] chthon: has joined #ruby
[10:39:02] quimrstorres: has joined #ruby
[10:41:44] pontiki: izabera: probably something missing from the program's specification. if you're not a ruby programmer, you might get better advice directly from the program's authors
[10:42:42] nolic: has joined #ruby
[10:43:06] Oog: has joined #ruby
[10:43:08] rubytor: has joined #ruby
[10:43:40] izabera: the program's author is red hat...
[10:44:29] shevy: can you publish the source? if you have access to .gemspec you can rebuild the gem with a different specification too
[10:45:19] izabera: https://github.com/openshift/rhc the source is this
[10:45:59] pontiki: submit your problem here: https://github.com/openshift/rhc/issues after looking through to see if someone already has
[10:46:15] shevy: ok the .gemspec is there https://github.com/openshift/rhc/blob/master/rhc.gemspec
[10:46:26] dc: has joined #ruby
[10:46:31] shevy: you could change the line at: s.add_runtime_dependency 'highline', '~> 1.6.11'
[10:46:31] izabera: it may very well be my fault for not installing it correctly
[10:47:02] izabera: the error message does look weird tho
[10:47:03] pontiki: maybe this: https://github.com/openshift/rhc/issues/673
[10:47:13] shevy: highline is at: https://rubygems.org/gems/highline
[10:47:21] [k-: has joined #ruby
[10:47:32] pontiki: it's not a highline issue
[10:47:43] adaedra: it may just be that highline is not installed in the required version by the gem
[10:47:53] shevy: the highline version 1.6.11 is at https://rubygems.org/gems/highline/versions/1.6.11
[10:47:54] Phoop: has joined #ruby
[10:48:04] unshadow_: has joined #ruby
[10:48:29] pontiki: https://github.com/openshift/rhc/issues/684 also
[10:48:32] shevy: the URL is https://rubygems.org/downloads/highline-1.6.11.gem so you could install it; I don't understand the error message though because that .gem is available
[10:48:39] Trynemjoel: has joined #ruby
[10:48:51] pontiki: i must be lagged
[10:48:53] ndrei: has joined #ruby
[10:49:59] apfeluser: has joined #ruby
[10:50:08] adaedra: looks like the problem is at loading, not installing
[10:50:40] izabera: should i downgrade it?
[10:50:55] adaedra: izabera: did you run `bundle install` before running it?
[10:51:34] izabera: no i didn't
[10:52:00] adaedra: how did you install it?
[10:52:01] omegamike: has joined #ruby
[10:52:05] shevy: try to downgrade anyway, you can re-upgrade lateron
[10:52:06] izabera: via yaourt
[10:52:12] adaedra: aaah, yaourt
[10:52:55] adaedra: izabera: remove the package and get it though gems: gem install rhc
[10:53:04] unshadow: has joined #ruby
[10:53:10] gheegh: has joined #ruby
[10:53:17] adaedra: this should bring the right dependencies at the same time
[10:53:31] izabera: it worked :o
[10:53:42] Ox0dea: yaourt is the Ubuntu of AUR helpers. :P
[10:53:54] adaedra: the AUR package is broken
[10:54:11] adaedra: there's even a fixed one, but since it's a gem, it's better to get it like that
[10:54:28] _blizzy_: has joined #ruby
[10:54:49] izabera: thanks guys for guiding me
[10:54:54] adaedra: This is discussed in the AUR package page
[10:55:00] rodfersou: has joined #ruby
[10:55:05] tsunamie: hi There, I ahve this little snippet of code
[10:55:05] tsunamie: http://hastebin.com/welohujapo.rb
[10:55:31] chills42: has joined #ruby
[10:55:44] tsunamie: can someone help me, I do't know how to added the entry I parse out of the file into the Master template I define above under the array of packages
[10:55:44] adaedra: you may want to save result of JSON.parse in a variable
[10:55:50] Ox0dea: [k-: grep 0x0dea trunk/ChangeLog && echo Yay!
[10:56:31] atomical: has joined #ruby
[10:56:59] shevy: yoghurt install ruby
[10:57:06] tsunamie: adaedra, http://hastebin.com/joyelonizi.rb sorry I did that was an older version sorry
[10:57:37] Ox0dea: shevy: We just say `-S`.
[10:57:49] adaedra: Why are you using JSON.parse to parse a ruby hash l. 6 ?
[10:58:23] adaedra: That shouldn't even work
[10:58:27] Ox0dea: It doesn't.
[10:58:40] Ox0dea: This code is being run in the asker's head.
[10:59:46] Ox0dea: tsunamie: Are you executing this program?
[10:59:48] tsunamie: I am a noob at ruby
[10:59:54] tsunamie: trying to it fails
[11:00:02] schaerli: has joined #ruby
[11:00:22] adaedra: your code is not even running, did you try it
[11:00:43] Iskarlar: has joined #ruby
[11:01:03] astrobunny: has joined #ruby
[11:01:10] Trynemjoel: has joined #ruby
[11:01:14] tsunamie: /usr/share/gems/gems/json-1.8.2/lib/json/common.rb:155:in `initialize': no implicit conversion of Hash into String (TypeError)
[11:01:14] tsunamie: from /usr/share/gems/gems/json-1.8.2/lib/json/common.rb:155:in `new'
[11:01:14] tsunamie: from /usr/share/gems/gems/json-1.8.2/lib/json/common.rb:155:in `parse'
[11:01:14] tsunamie: from splice.rb:6:in `<main>'
[11:01:39] Ox0dea: tsunamie: JSON.parse expects a string of JSON, not a Hash.
[11:01:46] senayar: has joined #ruby
[11:01:50] tsunamie: Ox0dea, adaedra I am trying to follow online examples
[11:01:58] Ox0dea: tsunamie: No, you're mashing keys. :(
[11:01:59] _blizzy_: has joined #ruby
[11:02:09] adaedra: There should be a copy-paste license
[11:02:30] Xoro: has joined #ruby
[11:02:39] apfeluser: has joined #ruby
[11:02:42] tsunamie: mashing keys?
[11:03:10] pawnbox: has joined #ruby
[11:03:20] adaedra: if your goal is to learn ruby, there are great resources for that, that are all better than copy/pasting random resources
[11:03:31] shevy: why do people use this? SomeError = Class.new(StandardError)
[11:03:39] tsunamie: trying to learn how to manipulate json
[11:03:46] Ox0dea: shevy: To avoid newlines and/or semicolons, I'd imagine.
[11:03:49] Ox0dea: Those're my reasons, anyhow.
[11:03:52] [k-: https://bugs.ruby-lang.org/issues/11409#change-53653
[11:03:56] Ox0dea: [k-: Yeah!
[11:04:04] Ox0dea: > Neither of these is a proper fix
[11:04:11] Ox0dea: > turns out to be the proper fix
[11:04:24] skade: has joined #ruby
[11:04:47] tsunamie: can no one help me or amd I just that far gone?
[11:04:55] Ox0dea: I just figured it'd have to be much more involved than swapping a Qnil for a Qfalse.
[11:05:23] shevy: tsunamie try to pass a String?
[11:05:40] Ox0dea: tsunamie: Which resource(s) are you using to learn Ruby?
[11:06:48] tsunamie: http://www.gotealeaf.com/books/ruby/read/files and https://hackhands.com/ruby-read-json-file-hash/
[11:07:47] pawnbox: has joined #ruby
[11:07:59] shevy: where in the example do they use a hash?
[11:08:01] adaedra: tsunamie: before parsing JSON files, you should have basic knowledge of ruby itself ??? do you have that
[11:08:50] adaedra: adapting samples from the internet from random google searches on a language you don't know will create more problems that it will solve
[11:10:11] Ox0dea: tsunamie: I trust you're familiar with this adage: "You must learn to crawl before you can run."
[11:10:18] shevy: he did not even follow the tutorial
[11:10:29] Ox0dea: tsunamie: You know the expression, yes?
[11:10:44] [k-: this was how i learnt ruby and javascript
[11:10:48] [k-: amazing right
[11:10:54] shevy: and look at the code you write [k- !
[11:11:00] shevy: you even surpassed Ox0dea
[11:11:10] Zort0n: has joined #ruby
[11:11:11] shevy: leaving the old master in the dust
[11:11:41] Ox0dea: I object only on the grounds that obfuscation was never my goal.
[11:12:03] CustosLimen: has joined #ruby
[11:12:05] shevy: Oxfuscation
[11:12:08] [k-: i still cant into non-alphanum
[11:12:47] Ox0dea: Non-alphanumeric code is perhaps definitionally obfuscated, but I did those for the challenge more than for the sake of confusion.
[11:13:26] bruno-: has joined #ruby
[11:14:05] platzhirsch: has joined #ruby
[11:14:11] Trynemjoel: has joined #ruby
[11:14:13] dionysus69: has joined #ruby
[11:14:49] PhantomSpank: has joined #ruby
[11:15:00] Aeyrix: Fuck code obfuscators
[11:15:03] [k-: in a few months, i wouldnt be able to read them!
[11:15:12] Aeyrix: Looking at you, IonCube
[11:15:27] Ox0dea: Aeyrix: Capstone much?
[11:15:43] [k-: they arent really obfuscated, so easily undone
[11:16:10] norc: has joined #ruby
[11:16:26] Ox0dea: Oh, a PHP thing.
[11:16:37] norc: Given %w(a b c), what is the shortest way to transform this into %w(a b c A B C) ?
[11:17:08] Ox0dea: Aeyrix: Given your background, I thought it might be a thing for making disassembly harder.
[11:17:25] Ox0dea: norc: Do you have it in a variable?
[11:17:31] [k-: map { |a| [a, a.upcase] }.flatten
[11:17:45] adaedra: won't be in the right order, [k-
[11:17:47] Aeyrix: Ox0dea: Ion is supposed to make code reversing hard(er)
[11:17:48] [k-: sort it too!
[11:18:00] Ox0dea: tap { |a| a << a.upcase }
[11:18:09] Aeyrix: I just kind of captured the opcodes though so
[11:18:15] Ox0dea: Erm, missed a #map there.
[11:18:15] norc: Ox0dea: That is even shorter! :)
[11:18:26] norc: Yeah I get the idea
[11:18:28] Ox0dea: norc: That should be a.map(&:upcase).
[11:18:30] [k-: how dare you ignore my response!
[11:18:51] pawnbox: has joined #ruby
[11:18:54] Ox0dea: norc: I expect you want the whole alphabet, no?
[11:18:54] norc: [k-: I would offer you a cookie, but I already ate them.
[11:19:05] nofxx: has joined #ruby
[11:19:08] [k-: ?cookie k
[11:19:08] ruboto: k, here's your cookie: ????
[11:19:11] norc: Ox0dea: No, its strings in my case, I just shortened it
[11:19:16] [k-: nomnomnom
[11:19:16] Aeyrix: Nice meme
[11:19:23] codecop: has joined #ruby
[11:19:25] codecop_: has joined #ruby
[11:19:41] adaedra: Ox0dea: miss a flatten too
[11:20:00] [k-: adaedra, you are confused!
[11:20:09] Ox0dea: No, he's right...
[11:20:17] Ox0dea: I should've used #concat, not #<<.
[11:20:32] Ox0dea: This language a shit.
[11:20:35] [k-: ACTION slowly parses
[11:20:44] [k-: oh map returns an array
[11:21:00] duderonomy: For the newbs, can somebody rewrite what just happened with the tap command?
[11:21:10] duderonomy: tap method. rather
[11:21:22] apeiros: duderonomy: foo.tap { ??? } always returns foo
[11:21:26] Ox0dea: duderonomy: #tap yields and returns the receiver in one fell swoop.
[11:21:31] [k-: &ri Object#tap
[11:21:31] `derpy: http://www.rubydoc.info/stdlib/core/Object#tap-instance_method
[11:21:38] Aeyrix: Tap is awesome tbh
[11:21:44] tubuliferous_: has joined #ruby
[11:21:49] Ox0dea: It's the most elegant Ruby method, in my estimation.
[11:21:59] [k-: i hardly use it
[11:22:10] adaedra: I use it time to time, it can be very handy
[11:22:16] [k-: time to get it in my system!
[11:22:21] [k-: and libobf
[11:22:28] Ox0dea: [k-: You need to learn a Lisp.
[11:22:31] sarkyniin: has joined #ruby
[11:22:32] norc: [k-: Actually, yours is definitely shorter, since Ox0deas variant still needs to be flattened.
[11:22:39] Aeyrix: [k- gonna get fired for global find / replace with tap
[11:22:41] norc: I dont regret eating the cookies though.
[11:22:45] Ox0dea: norc: Are you about to pit [k- against me in golf?
[11:22:46] adaedra: [k-: but his gives you the wrong order.
[11:23:12] [k-: norc, instead of << use concat
[11:23:19] khebbie: has joined #ruby
[11:23:24] [k-: adaedra: wrong target
[11:23:41] adaedra: [k-: right, fix it now
[11:23:46] [k-: too hungry? lunch is in 40 min!
[11:24:12] adaedra: you won't come lunch with me
[11:24:15] duderonomy: do some of you know capybara; or should I ask over in Rails?
[11:24:30] norc: Ox0dea: The answer depends on whether you can bribe me with a cookie.
[11:24:40] Kalov: has joined #ruby
[11:24:43] [k-: ?cookie norc
[11:24:43] ruboto: norc, here's your cookie: ????
[11:24:55] khebbie: has joined #ruby
[11:24:59] adaedra: norc: ???? ???? ???? ???? ????
[11:25:14] norc: Oh oh the cookies. :)
[11:25:39] [k-: you stole that from ruboto!
[11:26:00] adaedra: no, it comes from my cookie stash
[11:26:22] dgutierrez1287: has joined #ruby
[11:26:40] [k-: really? :o
[11:32:22] pawnbox: has joined #ruby
[11:32:50] qiukun: has joined #ruby
[11:33:52] ascarter: has joined #ruby
[11:34:21] [k-: a + a.map &:upcase
[11:34:41] sepp2k: has joined #ruby
[11:35:33] adaedra: that requires it to be in a variable
[11:35:54] [k-: a.reduce(a) { |b, c| b << c.upcase }
[11:36:17] [k-: this method does it inplace! be careful!
[11:37:33] [k-: adaedra: tap is a method call!, assignment is not
[11:38:08] [k-: so it is more expensive to call tap than just having a variable
[11:38:21] [k-: the more you know \o/
[11:39:11] workmad3: adaedra: milliseconds count!.
[11:39:15] shevy: adaedra always wants to know more
[11:39:21] workmad3: hmm... where did I put that sarcasm emoji?
[11:39:32] [k-: ????????????
[11:39:51] adaedra: It's weird, I have emojis on my Linux terminal
[11:40:03] ndrei: has joined #ruby
[11:40:35] wasamasa: but are they colored?
[11:40:38] [k-: Ox0dea: which has more syntax, haskell or Ruby
[11:40:43] wasamasa: adaedra: well then
[11:40:48] adaedra: And, at 9pt, they're pretty unreadable
[11:41:14] centrx: has joined #ruby
[11:41:20] adaedra: but it's still better than squares with little numbers in it
[11:42:34] ldnunes: has joined #ruby
[11:42:43] abyss: has joined #ruby
[11:42:46] devoldmx: has joined #ruby
[11:42:51] [k-: ??????????????????
[11:43:09] adaedra: rectangle*
[11:43:16] minotep: has joined #ruby
[11:43:22] [k-: ????????????????????????????????????????????????
[11:43:25] Ox0dea: [k-: I think Haskell's permitting any symbolic operators makes it seem like it has way more syntax than it really does.
[11:43:43] [k-: but the answer please!
[11:44:11] [k-: your face
[11:44:17] shevy: beautiful!
[11:44:28] [k-: yeah haskell is beautiful
[11:44:36] shevy: haskell is insanity
[11:44:46] shevy: well captured into a monad
[11:44:51] shevy: and a massive ghci!
[11:44:56] ruboto: this seems to be off-topic. Please move your discussion to #ruby-offtopic, to keep this channel free for Ruby related problems. Thanks!
[11:45:02] [k-: come shevy!
[11:45:08] shevy: you started it!
[11:45:17] shevy: and baguette
[11:45:29] adaedra: running out of arguments are we?
[11:45:41] shevy: only out of baguettes
[11:45:41] [k-: yeah, come
[11:45:46] adaedra: ???and???? is such a beautiful thing
[11:46:02] [k-: DeBot is dead, you can whois to check!
[11:46:04] adaedra: and you're still not in offtopic
[11:46:12] [k-: you neednt be afraid anymore!
[11:46:16] shevy: you are playing unicode hangman
[11:46:24] adaedra: you have an ignore list shevy
[11:46:32] [k-: just whois DeBot
[11:46:40] adaedra: then get a real client
[11:46:59] adaedra: Then you have an ignore list!
[11:46:59] shevy: it connects me to irc and allows me to type wild wisdom
[11:47:05] howdoi: has joined #ruby
[11:47:09] [k-: join us already! DeBot is dead!
[11:47:10] blueOxigen: has joined #ruby
[11:47:15] aryaching: has joined #ruby
[11:47:20] shevy: he'll be back
[11:47:32] [k-: he has been dead for hours now
[11:47:48] bnizzle: anyone able/willing to give me a hand with HTTP Post via httparty?
[11:47:56] ruboto: Don't ask to ask. Just ask your question, and if anybody can help, they will likely try to do so.
[11:48:26] [k-: i like how i can type an entire sentence using ?ask
[11:48:45] bnizzle: im trying to auth to Eve's Crest system https://developers.eveonline.com/resource/single-sign-on
[11:48:45] bnizzle: i can get the first code via the redirect
[11:48:46] bnizzle: then when i go to authenticate it i keep getting an invlaid header error
[11:48:46] bnizzle: if im using httparty this should be correct?
[11:48:46] bnizzle: @verify = HTTParty.post('https://login.eveonline.com/oauth/token',
[11:48:46] bnizzle: :body => { "grant_type" => "authorization_code&code=#{params[:code]}"},
[11:48:46] bnizzle: :headers => { "Authorization" => "Basic #{ basic_code }"})
[11:48:46] bnizzle: or have i screwed up somewhere?
[11:48:49] benlovell: has joined #ruby
[11:48:59] shevy: [k- haha but bnizzle can type more than you can in a second :)
[11:49:14] [k-: he asked the question yesterday
[11:49:39] Ox0dea: bnizzle: You'll probably need to pass along the cookies that came back with the response.
[11:49:40] bnizzle: as far as i can tell it looks right
[11:49:55] [k-: Ox0dea you havent answered!
[11:50:04] Ox0dea: bnizzle: HTTParty does have a mechanism for automagically handling that, I believe.
[11:50:13] Ox0dea: [k-: https://www.haskell.org/onlinereport/syntax-iso.html vs https://gist.github.com/0x0dea/abe1d1b6c77702d3f8fb
[11:51:01] [k-: ruby has more syntax!
[11:51:10] lordkryss: has joined #ruby
[11:51:29] [k-: obviously the wtf says everything
[11:51:42] Ox0dea: I don't know how best to quantify these disparate formats, but the victor(?) is indeed quite plain.
[11:51:51] nettoweb: has joined #ruby
[11:52:22] centrx: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVq4_HhBK8Y
[11:52:42] [k-: Victor?
[11:52:51] Ox0dea: NewTube is sexy.
[11:53:32] quimrstorres: has joined #ruby
[11:53:44] Trynemjoel: has joined #ruby
[11:54:20] izabera: stupid question: why would i want or need to learn ruby?
[11:54:36] [k-: what kind of response do you want?
[11:54:41] Phoop: has joined #ruby
[11:54:46] izabera: i'm just chatting
[11:54:58] izabera: people here have been nice before
[11:54:58] MrButh: ruby developers get paid better than others
[11:55:04] MrButh: I believe it's one of the top
[11:55:05] [k-: humans aren't good with broad scope
[11:55:25] izabera: ok better pay is a good point
[11:55:45] izabera: let me narrow the scope: i'm a programmer and i'm good at c
[11:55:50] izabera: and c like languages
[11:56:10] MrButh: but hey, real question... so I installed the latest ruby and ruby-dev and yet when I try to gem install rails it fails with a "failed to build gem native extension." error
[11:56:22] izabera: all i'm reading on the web is "ruby is good as a first language"
[11:56:43] [k-: dynamicnism allows you to do metaprogramming easily and abstracts(?) the chore of repeating things
[11:56:58] [k-: duck typing allows you to hide implementatiom
[11:57:04] [k-: details
[11:57:33] [k-: you don't need an ide for Ruby
[11:57:40] schaerli_: has joined #ruby
[11:57:59] [k-: you can use Ruby for quick prototyping
[11:58:44] [k-: expressiveness reduces pain of imperativeness
[11:58:57] izabera: you're good
[11:59:00] eggoez: has joined #ruby
[11:59:11] sarkyniin: has joined #ruby
[11:59:15] [k-: if you wouldn't mind, join me in haskell land!
[11:59:29] sameerynho: has joined #ruby
[11:59:55] izabera: haskell is an alien language that i'm physically unable to learn
[12:00:29] [k-: you have to give it a few tries
[12:00:38] shevy: way to waste time!
[12:00:57] [k-: i did too, and it becomes clearer each time
[12:01:15] shevy: no problem
[12:01:22] shevy: ruby can be clear on the first try
[12:02:21] [k-: ruby idioms like 5.times {} are incredibly expressive and it abstracts away the loop
[12:02:53] centrx: izabera, Ruby is the best language ever, that's why
[12:02:55] MrButh: is it possible to run Ruby on a server with Apache2 which is already hosting about 7 php sites?
[12:03:12] omegamike: has joined #ruby
[12:03:21] shevy: MrButh you can always run ruby in .cgi variant
[12:03:47] izabera: centrx: why is it the best language ever? :P
[12:04:24] centrx: izabera, Expressive power and programmer happiness
[12:04:24] MrButh: so I would just add another apache config for it?
[12:04:27] opalraava: has joined #ruby
[12:04:39] Ox0dea: izabera: I trust you're familiar with FizzBuzz?
[12:05:00] [k-: i wonder what Ox0dea is going to do
[12:05:10] izabera: Ox0dea: sure
[12:05:16] [k-: Ruby is a fun language to play in
[12:05:17] centrx: Stand back
[12:05:24] yorickpeterse: Ruby is fizzbuzzscale
[12:05:26] [k-: you have many ways to do things
[12:05:27] Ox0dea: I'm not gonna do it.
[12:05:30] shevy: MrButh http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2245634/setting-up-ruby-cgi-in-apache
[12:05:44] Trynemjoel: has joined #ruby
[12:05:47] yorickpeterse: I fizzbuz, you fizzbuzz, fizzbuzz, they're fizzbuzzing
[12:05:48] [k-: even without alpha numeric you can code in ruby!
[12:05:49] bnizzle: will this "Content-Type" => "application/x-www-form-urlencoded"
[12:05:54] wmoxam: izabera: what kinds of software do you write in C?
[12:06:10] bnizzle: render as Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
[12:06:15] Zackio: has joined #ruby
[12:06:18] Ox0dea: izabera: What does "C-like" mean?
[12:06:34] Zai00: has joined #ruby
[12:06:40] carlosoliveira: has joined #ruby
[12:06:46] yqt: has joined #ruby
[12:06:49] Ox0dea: For that matter, what does "good at C" even mean?
[12:07:08] [k-_: has joined #ruby
[12:07:17] izabera: it means that functions are called with funcname(parameters,here)
[12:07:25] yorickpeterse: bnizzle: probably, have you tried it?
[12:07:33] izabera: it means that scoping is static, brackets work like in c etc...
[12:07:38] Ox0dea: izabera: What is the value of `2["spooky" + 4u]` and why?
[12:07:40] yorickpeterse: "scoping is static"?
[12:07:47] [k-: Ox0dea: which is a better paradigm (w/o considering state/mutability): functional or imperative
[12:07:55] Ox0dea: Functional, of course.
[12:07:56] izabera: yes, c uses static scoping
[12:08:01] bnizzle: i dont know how to debug what httparty is setting as the headers and in what format
[12:08:05] yorickpeterse: ...there's no such thing as "static scoping"
[12:08:10] izabera: yes there is
[12:08:11] Ox0dea: bnizzle: Monitor your network traffic?
[12:08:16] yorickpeterse: There's static _typing_
[12:08:21] yorickpeterse: which has nothing to do with scopes
[12:08:22] izabera: you're confused
[12:08:25] Ox0dea: yorickpeterse: Static scoping is a thing.
[12:08:29] xnr: has joined #ruby
[12:08:34] izabera: static scoping is the opposite of dynamic scoping
[12:08:42] yorickpeterse: oh, you mean lexical scoping?
[12:08:44] [k-: yay! look, haskell is better as Ox0dea indirectly said it!
[12:08:56] Ox0dea: [k-: I think Ruby is pretty "functional", for the record.
[12:09:02] yorickpeterse: And func(foo, bar) has _nothing_ to do with C
[12:09:06] [k-: not functional enough!
[12:09:15] [k-: we dont even have external map!
[12:09:20] yorickpeterse: The way brackets behave, or any other syntax element, is also not really related
[12:09:48] Ox0dea: [k-: Come again?
[12:09:51] [k-_: C-like: derived from C?
[12:10:06] izabera: c-like == doesn't make my eyes hurt when i read it
[12:10:21] Ox0dea: This guy.
[12:10:24] dkakoti: has joined #ruby
[12:10:24] Blaguvest: has joined #ruby
[12:10:37] [k-_: Ox0dea: Kernel#map(array) { |element| ... } maybe
[12:10:40] Ox0dea: > mfw syntax matters
[12:10:42] [k-_: but we dont have that!
[12:10:59] [k-_: syntax does matter! haskell does it bettuurrrr
[12:11:06] yorickpeterse: [k-_: stop taking acid already
[12:11:24] [k-_: should i take alkalis then?
[12:11:49] [k-_: should i into Basic even
[12:12:06] tvw: has joined #ruby
[12:12:40] yorickpeterse: See, the acid is already messing with your ability to write
[12:13:09] [k-: i am below H+ in the reactivity series
[12:13:19] izabera: Ox0dea: "spooky"[2] + 4u
[12:13:32] Zackio: has joined #ruby
[12:13:34] Ox0dea: izabera: Not quite.
[12:14:01] izabera: mh annoying
[12:14:28] Ox0dea: It'd be ("spooky" + 4u)[2], for which the behavior is to be defined by the implementation.
[12:14:44] [k-_: such precedence
[12:14:45] izabera: yeah ok well
[12:14:50] izabera: nobody programs that way
[12:14:58] [k-_: :info (+) gives you the fixity!
[12:15:23] Ox0dea: [k-_: LOLCODE > Basic, by the way.
[12:15:32] Iskarlar: has joined #ruby
[12:17:09] Takumo: Hi all, silly quiestion. how do I create a time from a string in this format? "1980-09-17T10:50:50+0000" I tried Time.new buw
[12:17:12] Takumo: >> Time.new "1980-09-17T10:50:50+0000"
[12:18:08] [k-_: >> require "Date"; Date.parse "1980-09-17T10:50:50+0000"
[12:18:10] yorickpeterse: Takumo: Time.parse
[12:18:10] sunslide: has joined #ruby
[12:18:17] yorickpeterse: &ri Time.parse
[12:18:17] `derpy: http://www.rubydoc.info/stdlib/time/Time#parse-class_method
[12:18:31] [k-_: ruboto is where?
[12:18:34] [k-_: where is ruboto?
[12:18:36] apeiros: don't use parse. parse is bad.
[12:18:41] [k-_: oh no did apeiros already did it?
[12:18:51] [k-_: you did it didnt you
[12:18:59] yorickpeterse: apeiros: Time.parse is fine
[12:19:11] apeiros: [k-_: I did what?
[12:19:19] apeiros: but yeah, no idea what happened with ruboto
[12:19:20] Takumo: yeah, where is ruboto?
[12:19:25] [k-_: you took ruboto away!
[12:19:26] apeiros: yorickpeterse: no. use strptime.
[12:19:41] apeiros: you use parse if you have no clue about the format and don't care if it gets it wrong.
[12:19:47] yorickpeterse: apeiros: that only works if you know the format beforehand, or at least can guarantee it
[12:19:58] apeiros: and with iso8601 dates, you use iso8601
[12:20:07] Ox0dea: Inconceivable.
[12:20:09] Askilada: has joined #ruby
[12:20:10] apeiros: yorickpeterse: if you don't know the format, you probably do something wrong.
[12:20:25] apeiros: and Takumo gave a format
[12:20:30] sunslide: hi guys, this is something fairly simple I can't seem to get straight.. I have some strings with wildcards ('*' throughout the string) and trying to compare it with another string.. not exactly regular expressions and I'm not sure how to use it with the /string/ syntax of Regexp.. anyone? it's pretty much says that "*Hello*World*" should match "yey Hello w00t World" to put simply
[12:20:36] Takumo: indeed, I'm expecting only ISO8601
[12:21:05] leafybasil: has joined #ruby
[12:21:08] shevy: long live ISO!
[12:21:09] jonee: has joined #ruby
[12:21:25] apeiros: though, seems ruby doesn't like +0000, wants +00:00???
[12:21:54] [k-_: /^#{str.gsub /*/, ".*?"}$/
[12:22:05] [k-_: look how good i am in regexp!
[12:22:11] nhhagen: has joined #ruby
[12:22:29] Ox0dea: [k-_: target of repeat operator is not specified: /*/
[12:22:43] Ox0dea: Look how shit you are at regex. :P
[12:22:46] yorickpeterse: ???( >???<)???
[12:22:46] minotep: has joined #ruby
[12:23:11] [k-_: /^#{str.gsub /\*/, ".*?"}$/
[12:23:20] [k-_: tada! magnifique!
[12:23:32] Ox0dea: [k-_: Isn't `.*?` redundant?
[12:23:34] baroquebobcat: has joined #ruby
[12:23:57] [k-_: it will backtrack a lot otherwise
[12:24:10] wpp: has joined #ruby
[12:24:10] Ox0dea: But pathological regexen are best regexen.
[12:24:25] centrx: Your boxen have dysentary
[12:24:32] Ox0dea: Needed more cowbell.
[12:24:33] sunslide: so "yey Hello World yey" =~ /^#{"*Hello*World*".gsub /\*/, ".*?"}$/ ?
[12:24:42] sunslide: or is it the other way around?
[12:24:48] Ox0dea: sunslide: Either will do.
[12:24:51] Ox0dea: Ruby loves you.
[12:25:00] sunslide: getting 0 :(
[12:25:01] centrx: All hail Ruby
[12:25:03] [k-_: .match if you want captures
[12:25:09] Ox0dea: sunslide: That means it matched at the first character.
[12:25:11] sunslide: no captures just 0/1
[12:25:19] centrx: sunslide, 0 is true
[12:25:33] [k-_: -1 is false
[12:25:38] Ox0dea: [k-_: Stahp.
[12:25:42] Ox0dea: This is not #javascript.
[12:25:43] centrx: confusing
[12:25:51] jtdoncas: has joined #ruby
[12:25:52] centrx: Ruby forgive him
[12:25:55] sunslide: confusing indeed
[12:26:03] [k-_: in javascript, 0 is false
[12:26:06] Ox0dea: sunslide: It doesn't actually return -1 on a failure to match.
[12:26:11] Ox0dea: It'll return nil.
[12:26:12] centrx: In Javascript, all is false!
[12:26:19] [k-_: SUCH TYPE MISMATCH!
[12:27:00] Ox0dea: String#=~ returns the index at which the first match occurred, or nil in the case of no matches.
[12:27:03] Ox0dea: It makes plenty of sense.
[12:27:28] sunslide: yes it does
[12:27:31] sunslide: thank you all!
[12:27:44] jhass: alright, opinion poll: do you prefer "foo #{bar 'baz'}" or "foo #{bar "baz"}"
[12:27:46] [k-_: do you want captures?
[12:28:13] Ox0dea: jhass: The former is obviously easier for a human being to quickly parse.
[12:28:15] [k-_: jhass: error, unexpected baz
[12:28:17] sunslide: hmm nope the index is good enough
[12:28:39] jhass: [k-_: nope, method call to bar, passing the string "baz"
[12:29:07] [k-_: i meant the """"
[12:29:17] jhass: [k-_: it's valid, try it
[12:29:21] Ox0dea: [k-_: You're lost without ruboto, mate. :P
[12:29:34] [k-_: ruby can do what now?
[12:29:38] Ox0dea: All the things.
[12:29:58] [k-_: i know %q((((())))) works
[12:30:03] [k-_: but """""""" too?
[12:30:08] Ox0dea: There are only two or three constructs you can't interpolate; it's beautiful madness.
[12:30:16] Ox0dea: "foo" "bar" is concatenation.
[12:30:20] dimasg: has joined #ruby
[12:30:38] michael_mbp: has joined #ruby
[12:30:40] [k-_: but "foo" baz "}" isnt!
[12:30:59] jhass: [k-_: it's "foo #{"baz"}"
[12:31:10] Ox0dea: [k-_: You still haven't installed SL4A, have you?
[12:31:21] [k-_: what is that?
[12:31:27] Ox0dea: Scripting Layer 4 Android.
[12:31:29] Ox0dea: Ruby on your phone.
[12:31:31] Ox0dea: You need it. :P
[12:31:38] [k-_: it's so big and fat
[12:31:40] [k-_: ruby is fat
[12:31:50] Ox0dea: >> Time.now.year
[12:31:52] [k-_: ghc is fatter tho, i think
[12:31:54] abreu: has joined #ruby
[12:32:24] jhass: apeiros: I know you're in the prefer " camp like me, what about inside interpolation ^ ?
[12:33:13] apeiros: jhass: still "
[12:33:24] apeiros: jhass: though when strings get noisy, I tend to use %{}
[12:33:32] apeiros: ok, still no ruboto
[12:33:38] apeiros: bad ruboto, bad. no botsnack.
[12:33:44] [k-_: irb(main):001:0> bar = ->_ { _ }
[12:33:44] [k-_: irb(main):002:0> "foo #{bar "baz"}"
[12:33:44] [k-_: irb(main):003:0> "foo #{bar.call "baz"}"
[12:33:44] [k-_: => "foo baz"
[12:33:47] [k-_: :OOOOOOOO
[12:33:54] Ox0dea: [k-_: "Fatter" is a kindness there.
[12:33:56] Ox0dea: ~ $ for pkg in ruby ghc; do pacman -Qql $pkg | xargs stat -c '%s' | paste -sd + | bc; done
[12:33:59] Ox0dea: 943818984
[12:34:07] Ox0dea: Like, holy shit.
[12:34:32] [k-_: haskell platform?
[12:34:37] [k-_: or bare minimum
[12:34:42] ruboto: has joined #ruby
[12:35:00] Ox0dea: [k-_: That's almost a gig.
[12:35:01] jhass: I'm kinda split, I do think using ' is easier to read there, but it does violate the prefer " rule
[12:35:06] livathinos: has joined #ruby
[12:35:15] Ox0dea: jhass: I'm phoning the authorities.
[12:35:29] [k-_: jhass: english uses "quote 'in a quote'"
[12:35:31] jhass: the rule is self set, I'm the authority :P
[12:35:49] Ox0dea: [k-_: And British English flips them.
[12:35:54] Ox0dea: Yay, standardization!
[12:35:55] apeiros: I wonder what killed ruboto. log says nothing :-/
[12:35:56] nettoweb: has joined #ruby
[12:35:56] Ox0dea: !xkcd 927
[12:36:05] apeiros: more and more reason to switch.
[12:36:19] jhass: ?botsnack
[12:36:19] ruboto: nomnomnomnom
[12:36:32] Ox0dea: >> class<<self;undef to_s end;def method_missing m,*a,&b;a.shift.send m,*a,&b end; join(reverse(to_a(map(chars(to_s(123)), &:succ))))
[12:36:32] shevy: you guys really added very useful commands to ruboto
[12:36:33] ruboto: Ox0dea # => "432" (https://eval.in/411799)
[12:36:39] Ox0dea: [k-_: You asked for top-level functions.
[12:37:31] [k-_: HumanParserError LineTooLongError
[12:38:33] bodgix: has joined #ruby
[12:38:53] [k-_: what is the join part for?
[12:39:28] [k-_: well till the end of the line
[12:39:49] ElShafei: has joined #ruby
[12:42:18] rideh: has joined #ruby
[12:42:35] ElShafei: Is there any good reference to show how to design and implement Mobile Back-end using RoR ?
[12:42:35] [k-_: oh, it's the example!
[12:42:48] jhass: ?rails ElShafei
[12:42:49] ruboto: ElShafei, Please join #RubyOnRails for Rails questions. You need to be identified with NickServ, see /msg NickServ HELP
[12:43:04] ElShafei: Thank You :-)
[12:44:05] Ox0dea: [k-_: Would you prefer being able to write native Ruby like that?
[12:44:13] Toska: has joined #ruby
[12:44:27] TaxtacalJackl: has joined #ruby
[12:44:54] rafaelabreu: has joined #ruby
[12:45:16] [k-_: too bad ruby isn't equiped for composing!
[12:45:20] [k-_: map(["a"]) { |_| "b" }
[12:45:20] [k-_: (irb):2:in `method_missing': stack level too deep (SystemStackError)
[12:45:25] [k-_: it doesnt work :(
[12:45:27] tkuchiki: has joined #ruby
[12:45:41] Toska: Does anyone know if it's possible to use the Dir[] syntax to get only directories and files with a proper extension? I am trying Dir[File.join('somepath', '**/*')] and would like to return only directories or files ending in .md or .txt
[12:46:26] [k-_: Dir["*.md"]?
[12:46:44] [k-_: im not sure how glob patterns work though
[12:46:48] Toska: That would get me only md files
[12:46:53] Toska: It's something like:
[12:47:26] Toska: Dir['/path/**/*.{md,txt}'] but this only gets me the files, not subdirectories
[12:47:34] sdwrage: has joined #ruby
[12:47:34] nolic: has joined #ruby
[12:47:43] Cambridge: has joined #ruby
[12:48:12] [k-_: directories and (files with proper extension)?
[12:48:35] Ox0dea: Toska: That should do it.
[12:48:44] Toska: Hrm, let me take another look
[12:48:57] Toska: Perhaps I am missremembering what I had and put the correct syntax here!
[12:49:27] dimasg: has joined #ruby
[12:49:30] Ox0dea: [k-_: That map() works fine for me?
[12:49:33] Igorshp: has joined #ruby
[12:50:09] Ox0dea: [k-_: `_` is special in irb.
[12:50:35] [k-_: so it didnt work for you!
[12:50:36] eL_bAmba: has joined #ruby
[12:50:39] Ox0dea: But yeah, works fine in irb.
[12:50:42] Ox0dea: >> class<<self;undef to_s end;def method_missing m,*a,&b;a.shift.send m,*a,&b end; map(["a"]) { |_| "b" }
[12:50:43] ruboto: Ox0dea # => ["b"] (https://eval.in/411807)
[12:50:51] Ox0dea: I suspect you dun goofed.
[12:50:54] Toska: Ox0dea: Nope, still just get's me the md and txt files, no directories
[12:51:12] Toska: Oh well, I think I am approaching this problem wrong anyhow
[12:51:31] nhhagen: has joined #ruby
[12:51:33] Ox0dea: Toska: You're trying to match directories that have "extensions"?
[12:52:03] Toska: Ox0dea: No, get both directories AND files with those extentions.
[12:52:05] [k-_: https://gist.github.com/SkyBirdSoar/80f489e5bd2b2d84b01b
[12:52:07] Toska: extensions*
[12:52:18] cpruitt: has joined #ruby
[12:52:27] jimms: has joined #ruby
[12:52:28] Ox0dea: Toska: As in, you have directories whose names end with ".{md,txt}"?
[12:52:40] [k-_: terrible idea
[12:52:57] Toska: Ox0dea: No, i have regular named directories, and I also have files in them that have those extensions
[12:53:19] [k-_: wait why do i have => method missing at the back
[12:53:32] rafaelabreu: has left #ruby: ("Leaving")
[12:53:36] Ox0dea: [k-_: Because method definition returns the method name as a Symbol since forever.
[12:53:40] Ox0dea: >> def foo; end
[12:53:41] ruboto: Ox0dea # => :foo (https://eval.in/411808)
[12:54:20] [k-_: but it wasnt on a new line in the gist
[12:54:35] [k-_: i tried again, still didnt work
[12:55:15] Ox0dea: Toska: I think you must be misinterpreting your results.
[12:55:46] Toska: Ox0dea: Naw, it looks by the docs it's not possible.
[12:55:52] Toska: Ox0dea: Not in one call anyhow.
[12:55:58] Ox0dea: Toska: I'm doing it right now!
[12:56:04] [k-_: why doesnt it work :(
[12:56:14] [k-_: it worked for you and ruboto
[12:56:34] Toska: Ox0dea: And you are getting back something like this: ['a_directory', 'a_file_with.md']?
[12:56:59] Toska: Ox0dea: I am only getting back files named with .md, directories completely excluded
[12:57:03] [k-_: Ox0dea: if i dont do the map on a new line, it works
[12:57:23] Ox0dea: Toska: Ah, my apologies, I didn't realize it was your desire to do something so strange. :P
[12:57:44] Toska: Ox0dea: Haha, no worries.
[12:57:45] [k-_: if i do it on a separate line, it breaks
[12:57:52] [k-_: Ox0dea: can you confirm?
[12:57:58] Ox0dea: Toska: Are you certain you need the directories as well?
[12:58:29] malconis: has joined #ruby
[12:58:29] sunslide: OK, might be that it's not the trick for me :( any chance there are *wildcards* in ruby and not regexps?
[12:58:37] Ox0dea: [k-_: I'm sure it's somehow to do with defining a top-level #method_missing.
[12:58:52] sunslide: or a flag I could give Regexp to behave as a wildcard and not a full-scale regex?
[12:59:04] [k-_: Ox0dea: but you said it works for you!
[12:59:05] Toska: Ox0dea: Well, I am still trying to figure the best way to go about what I am doing, part of me says I should have directories, the other part says I can simplify this since I implicitely have the directories with the file names. But my task seems like it would be better suited having the directories act as a sort of container object.
[12:59:33] Ox0dea: [k-_: Because I did it all on one line.
[12:59:42] Guest50: has joined #ruby
[12:59:43] malconis: has joined #ruby
[12:59:48] [k-_: well then you did not confirm it then!
[12:59:59] Toska: Ox0dea: I am building a proxy into some files that are basically the site documentation, so the url matches the file name, but I want a navigation that matches the file structure.
[13:00:00] [k-_: how could you! ;-;
[13:00:10] nateberkopec: has joined #ruby
[13:00:35] Ox0dea: Toska: Seems reasonable enough, but the subdirectories are still available to you from the results of that glob.
[13:00:59] |\|370: has joined #ruby
[13:01:12] Ox0dea: Toska: dirs = glob_results.map(&File.method(:dirname)).uniq
[13:01:28] Toska: Ox0dea: For sure, and that's the way I think it's going to be best to approach it from. I have subclassed the Pathname class and created an obeject for each file, shouldn't be too hard to simplify this a bit.
[13:01:38] rafaelabreu: has joined #ruby
[13:01:41] tmtwd: has joined #ruby
[13:01:42] Toska: Ox0dea: Oh I hadn't even thought of doing it that way, smart! Thanks!
[13:01:50] Ox0dea: Happy to help.
[13:01:58] [k-_: such reflection
[13:01:59] SpecialBlue: has joined #ruby
[13:02:00] havenwood: has joined #ruby
[13:02:02] [k-_: much powerful
[13:02:04] Musashi007: has joined #ruby
[13:02:14] [k-_: izabera: ^
[13:02:34] izabera: looks like dogescript
[13:02:43] MrButh: ok, so I did "bin/rails server" but I don't see anything to show the server is running like node.js does. Is it suppose to have something?
[13:02:44] Ox0dea: Smells like a troll.
[13:03:00] adaedra: ?rails MrButh
[13:03:00] ruboto: MrButh, Please join #RubyOnRails for Rails questions. You need to be identified with NickServ, see /msg NickServ HELP
[13:03:00] [k-_: izabera: hmm?
[13:03:28] MrButh: I can't talk in rubyonrails though
[13:03:53] Ox0dea: ?rails MrButh
[13:03:54] ruboto: MrButh, Please join #RubyOnRails for Rails questions. You need to be identified with NickServ, see /msg NickServ HELP
[13:03:57] Ox0dea: Read the thing this time. :P
[13:04:23] adaedra: Ox0dea: too many words.
[13:04:27] sgambino: has joined #ruby
[13:04:32] [k-_: izabera: ruby is a reflective language
[13:04:33] Ox0dea: [k-_: izabera was commenting on your diction, not Method#to_proc.
[13:04:34] heftig: Ox0dea: hm? on rubinius?
[13:04:45] heftig: as opposed to?
[13:04:49] Ox0dea: The latest?
[13:05:11] heftig: llvm 3.6 removes the old JIT and only has MCJIT
[13:05:18] [k-_: MrButh: #rubyonrails ??? nickserv ??? auth ??? speak
[13:05:20] heftig: rubinius needs the old JIT
[13:05:27] Ox0dea: Thank you for clarifying.
[13:05:39] hashrocket: has joined #ruby
[13:05:45] dc: has joined #ruby
[13:05:50] Muhannad: has joined #ruby
[13:06:28] Ox0dea: izabera: Are you still considering attempting to learn this language?
[13:06:30] gagrio: has joined #ruby
[13:06:37] izabera: sure why not
[13:06:55] Ox0dea: Do you really want to know?
[13:06:57] Muhannad: has joined #ruby
[13:06:59] [k-_: the metaprogramming facilities far surpasses other c-like languages
[13:07:21] izabera: where do i start?
[13:07:30] Ox0dea: izabera: Here:
[13:07:33] Ox0dea: >> _=$$/$$;__=_-_;@_=_+_;$_=@_+_;$__=@_+$_;$-_=$__*$_;@__=''<<$-_*($__+$_)+@_;$___=''<<$-_*$__-$__<<$-_*($__+@_)<<@__<<@__;@___=''<<$-_*$__-$_*$_<<$-_*($__+$_)-$_<<@__<<@__;(___=->____{$.+=_;____<<($.%$-_==__ ?$___+@___:$.%$_==__ ?$___:$.%$__==__ ?@___:$.);$.<($__*@_)**@_?___[____]:____})[[]]
[13:07:34] ruboto: Ox0dea # => [1, 2, "Fizz", 4, "Buzz", "Fizz", 7, 8, "Fizz", "Buzz", 11, "Fizz", 13, 14, "FizzBuzz", 16, 17, "Fiz ...check link for more (https://eval.in/411811)
[13:07:46] Ox0dea: That's the simplest possible implementation of FizzBuzz in Ruby.
[13:07:58] Ox0dea: I advise you to run.
[13:08:29] [k-_: I knew you'd do it!
[13:08:37] Ox0dea: I feel dirty for having done so.
[13:08:48] Ox0dea: ACTION burns his logs.
[13:08:51] quimrstorres: has joined #ruby
[13:09:05] [k-_: you were dirty when you played with RubyVM and FrozenCore and stuff
[13:09:15] allcentury: has joined #ruby
[13:09:31] chipotle: has joined #ruby
[13:09:53] tubuliferous_: has joined #ruby
[13:09:54] bmurt: has joined #ruby
[13:09:57] f3ttX]: has joined #ruby
[13:09:58] adaedra: ACTION sets Ox0dea on fire
[13:09:58] weemsledeux: has joined #ruby
[13:11:04] Ox0dea: adaedra: Was this you? http://i.imgur.com/KdLhvc2.jpg
[13:11:37] adaedra: Ox0dea: no way I would write in Caps Lock.
[13:11:42] yh: has joined #ruby
[13:12:08] RegulationD: has joined #ruby
[13:12:35] f3ttX]: http://i.imgur.com/KdLhvc2.jpg
[13:13:19] jud: has joined #ruby
[13:13:19] jud: has joined #ruby
[13:13:31] adaedra: I've already seen that somewhere, but where?
[13:13:41] davedev24: has joined #ruby
[13:13:42] rideh: has joined #ruby
[13:14:05] gizmore: has joined #ruby
[13:14:16] Ox0dea: f3ttX]: Should this be construed as "admission by repetition"?
[13:14:25] Ox0dea: I can't fathom why else you'd repost the link so soon.
[13:14:45] rafaelabreu: has joined #ruby
[13:15:41] jpfuentes2: has joined #ruby
[13:15:50] adaedra: This is a test: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/7/73/Ruby_logo.svg/100px-Ruby_logo.svg.png
[13:16:26] [k-_: unidentified logo
[13:16:40] Ox0dea: f3ttX]: Where is (what's left of) the body?
[13:16:48] prestorium: has joined #ruby
[13:17:55] apfeluser: has joined #ruby
[13:18:27] Ox0dea: adaedra: I plucked it from a dump recently posted to /r/creepy, but I hadn't seen it before that.
[13:19:25] adaedra: Ox0dea: I was talking about f3ttX]'s link. It was a joke.
[13:20:07] chills42: has joined #ruby
[13:20:11] JoshL: has joined #ruby
[13:20:29] adaedra: Why would you rip someone in pieces
[13:20:42] adaedra: Why you can sell his body to scientists that will do it for you
[13:20:49] thiagovsk: has joined #ruby
[13:20:49] eL_bAmba: has joined #ruby
[13:21:20] ashleyhindle: Probably the process adaedra
[13:21:25] ashleyhindle: All the fun is in the process
[13:21:28] ashleyhindle: It's not all about money
[13:21:32] rickmasta: has joined #ruby
[13:21:38] blackmesa: has joined #ruby
[13:21:50] [k-_: it's not about the money money money
[13:22:03] apeiros: adaedra: only managers outsource. are you a manager?
[13:22:26] centrx: adaedra, Then get back to work!
[13:22:38] Ox0dea: And share your findings with the scientific community!
[13:22:44] sevenseacat: has joined #ruby
[13:22:44] leesharma: has joined #ruby
[13:22:49] adaedra: ACTION tears Ox0dea arm
[13:22:55] Ox0dea: We know how arms work.
[13:23:02] Ox0dea: Do the gray blob.
[13:23:19] dkakoti: Hi any cool project to work in ruby (beginner). I am learning ruby
[13:23:29] OrbitalKitten: has joined #ruby
[13:23:32] adaedra: github.com has plenty
[13:23:48] dkakoti: they are very complex.
[13:23:58] Ox0dea: dkakoti: https://openhatch.org/search/
[13:24:02] [k-_: that's why i dont look at other's ruby code!
[13:24:05] adaedra: not all of them
[13:24:10] Muhannad: has joined #ruby
[13:24:13] [k-_: s/r's/rs'
[13:24:15] havenwood: dkakoti: the easy pickings often get done quickly but if you read a lot of code you'll find stuff!
[13:24:18] shevy: @@colour = "colour"
[13:24:25] shevy: aaah the beauty of class variables
[13:24:31] rbennacer: has joined #ruby
[13:24:35] [k-_: look, haskell is only just behind ruby!
[13:24:51] dkakoti: @Ox0dea thanks lot
[13:24:52] Ox0dea: shevy: Module variables are slightly more defensible.
[13:25:12] benlovell: has joined #ruby
[13:25:12] shevy: this is the original code http://pastie.org/10329493 - it is funny in that the variable name in itself is written in UK english, but it may include the US english variant
[13:25:28] dkakoti: @havenwood u r rit.
[13:25:49] lannonbr: has joined #ruby
[13:25:50] adaedra: If you're about saving letters, you can drop the @ too
[13:25:55] havenwood: dkakoti: I'd suggest reviewing documentation to find examples that don't work to fix. Or places to improve. That's really helpful and gets you up to speed on the code while you're doing it.
[13:26:03] Ox0dea: dkakoti: u bout dat?
[13:26:17] havenwood: dkakoti: http://www.codetriage.com/#ruby-2639465251946235112
[13:26:18] shevy: at_exit { exit status.nil? ? 0 : status >> 8 }
[13:26:47] Ox0dea: That... does not do what that person thinks it does.
[13:26:52] Doow: has joined #ruby
[13:27:00] shevy: https://rubygems.org/gems/acoc/versions/0.7.1
[13:27:09] shevy: I liked what it does... but I can not work with this code
[13:27:24] Vile`: has joined #ruby
[13:27:25] Ox0dea: Kernel.exit doesn't prevent other exit handlers being run.
[13:27:43] nettoweb: has joined #ruby
[13:27:51] shevy: http://www.caliban.org/ruby/acoc.shtml
[13:27:57] dblessing: has joined #ruby
[13:28:19] [k-_: that is the same as if exit........
[13:28:35] kobain: has joined #ruby
[13:28:48] shevy: I see a lot of ruby code out there that I find unusable to adjust to the modern era :(
[13:29:06] shevy: like this one http://www.erikveen.dds.nl/rubywebdialogs/ - cool idea, but the code is just unusable
[13:30:02] Doow: has joined #ruby
[13:30:56] shevy: can't one of you update its code :)
[13:31:20] Ox0dea: > 1.8.2 worked fine.
[13:32:19] [k-_: cant you update it yourself?!
[13:32:30] [k-_: you are in this line of business, shevy!
[13:32:31] adaedra: you have to write code for that
[13:32:43] [k-_: lol, me write code
[13:32:55] hinbody: has joined #ruby
[13:32:58] shevy: [k-_ I tried to update it but it is confusing
[13:33:07] shevy: I can not even get it to install
[13:33:20] Ox0dea: shevy: You really ought to embrace JavaScript, bud. :(
[13:33:41] adaedra: ACTION hits Ox0dea with his own arm
[13:34:15] Ox0dea: You gals must be wearing blinders or something.
[13:34:53] Doow: has joined #ruby
[13:35:13] Guest50: has joined #ruby
[13:35:16] Ox0dea: adaedra: 142% of all new code is written in JavaScript.
[13:35:59] devdazed: has joined #ruby
[13:36:00] adaedra: Care level: ##############[ ]
[13:36:21] OrbitalKitten: has joined #ruby
[13:36:32] bodgix: has joined #ruby
[13:36:43] ccooke: Ox0dea: so what you're saying is, new code is 42% less efficient than old?
[13:37:02] Ox0dea: ccooke: No, the percentage is skewed by the plethora of languages which "transpile" to JavaScript.
[13:37:04] shevy: the browser is a huge target audience
[13:37:06] jeremy04: has joined #ruby
[13:37:19] ccooke: Ox0dea: heh
[13:37:23] [k-_: no one embraces functional in javascript
[13:37:43] Ox0dea: [k-_: Sounds like you need to be made aware of raganwald.
[13:37:46] yorickpeterse: You can't exactly do proper functional programming in Javascript
[13:37:47] adaedra: too many people embraces JavaScript
[13:37:53] Ox0dea: yorickpeterse: Bollocks.
[13:38:02] yorickpeterse: Too many things have side effects, prototype based programming is inheritly mutable
[13:38:11] havenwood: You can't exactly do proper programming in Javascript*
[13:38:20] Ox0dea: /part #parrots
[13:38:32] Ox0dea: Because they read it somewhere.
[13:38:44] bougyman: not that you would or should, but I see no reason why you can't.
[13:38:50] bougyman: especially with ES6
[13:39:00] yorickpeterse: You can write in a style that resembles functional programming, but you can't do it in the purist sense
[13:39:02] juanpaucar: has joined #ruby
[13:39:10] yorickpeterse: The same applies to Ruby, or really any other programming language
[13:39:30] centrx: other than Haskell you mean?
[13:39:37] bougyman: pony-lang begs to differ.
[13:39:38] adaedra: I like that the person who says "You should do JavaScript, look how many people does" says we are parrots.
[13:39:39] yorickpeterse: Haskell is a whole different package
[13:39:50] bougyman: and they have a mathematical proof to back up their claims...
[13:39:53] Renich: has joined #ruby
[13:39:57] yorickpeterse: bougyman: that's re to?
[13:40:00] yorickpeterse: Not sure if I'm following
[13:40:29] shevy: nobody follows javascript
[13:41:08] Ox0dea: adaedra: Being on an inevitable bandwagon into the future, for better or worse, is quite different from regurgitating falsified claims.
[13:42:10] [k-_: there is a book for functional in javascript
[13:42:35] Ox0dea: [k-_: Quirky Birds?
[13:42:48] [k-_: the new one
[13:42:51] [k-_: by dr boolean
[13:42:52] havenwood: [k-_: Clojurescript?
[13:42:52] yorickpeterse: I like the idea of Javascript being the C for the browsers. It's popular, just as broken and not likely to go away soon
[13:43:01] umgrosscol: has joined #ruby
[13:43:02] [k-_: a book, a book!
[13:43:11] yorickpeterse: but at least you can't have heartbleed in Javascript...I think?
[13:43:34] Ox0dea: yorickpeterse: "C for the browsers"?
[13:43:36] [k-_: https://github.com/DrBoolean/mostly-adequate-guide
[13:43:51] attamusc: has joined #ruby
[13:43:54] Ox0dea: http://combinators.info/
[13:44:01] adaedra: Ox0dea: so if I don't like JavaScript, it can only be because I read things saying I should not like it?
[13:44:02] silkfox: has joined #ruby
[13:44:22] Ox0dea: adaedra: Well, let's get right down to the thing; what don't you like about JavaScript?
[13:44:33] [k-_: YES, YES!
[13:44:37] djcp: has joined #ruby
[13:44:38] havenwood: Javascript has kidnapped us and the Stockholm syndrome is setting in...
[13:44:38] [k-_: ACTION bookmarks
[13:44:43] Ox0dea: [k-_: It's so good.
[13:45:22] Ox0dea: Reginald Braithwaite : JavaScript :: Tom Stuart : Ruby
[13:45:55] [k-_: Reginald Braithwaite to javascript :: tom stuart to ruby
[13:46:00] Ox0dea: Thanks, math guy.
[13:46:02] MatrixBridge: has joined #ruby
[13:46:09] [k-_: i dont understand the ::
[13:46:24] adaedra: Ox0dea: A messy and incomplete library, no proper support for hashes, and the fucked-up object system
[13:46:25] yorickpeterse: [k-_: it's for those too cool to just write English
[13:46:32] yorickpeterse: adaedra: EM6 has a Map
[13:46:35] Ox0dea: adaedra: Very insightful.
[13:46:41] yorickpeterse: and prototype OO is pefectly fine
[13:46:44] adaedra: We're far from here
[13:47:14] yorickpeterse: However, prior to ES6 there wasn't really a proper message passing system
[13:47:17] [k-_: Ox0dea: how many bookmarks do you have
[13:47:21] yorickpeterse: I _think_ ES6 now has a method_missing of sorts
[13:47:46] [k-_: yay, metaprogramming in ES6!
[13:48:52] jgpawletko: has joined #ruby
[13:48:53] Ox0dea: yorickpeterse: Firefox has had noSuchMethod() for ages.
[13:48:58] paulcsmith: has joined #ruby
[13:49:01] whippythellama: has joined #ruby
[13:49:05] yorickpeterse: Ox0dea: since when is Firefox the standard?
[13:49:09] yorickpeterse: oh right, it isn't
[13:49:24] [k-_: i was surprised that an impure function could be turned into a pure one easily
[13:49:33] havenwood: Elm or Clojurescript?
[13:49:35] Ox0dea: [k-_: It's all about hiding what you did.
[13:49:35] ebarrett: chrisseaton: here?
[13:49:41] [k-_: javascript
[13:49:56] [k-_: Ox0dea: elaborate?
[13:50:13] Ox0dea: Wrapping the impurities to expose a pure interface?
[13:50:25] jeremy04: has joined #ruby
[13:50:32] [k-_: SUCH CLEVER!
[13:50:38] adaedra: Ox0dea: but if I read you, we should just follow the crowd and do what is most popular?
[13:50:44] M-mistake: has joined #ruby
[13:50:45] M-prosodyContext: has joined #ruby
[13:50:48] Ox0dea: adaedra: Ad hominem means you lose.
[13:51:02] [k-_: that is why we should learn haskell!
[13:51:11] shevy: haskell is not used for real things
[13:51:25] Ox0dea: Haskell was used to send a burrito to the moon in a spacesuit.
[13:51:42] adaedra: Ox0dea: nonono, you misread, I react to "Being on an inevitable bandwagon into the future, for better or worse"
[13:51:47] havenwood: And that burrito was awarded a PhD.
[13:52:16] [k-_: haskell is used for real things
[13:52:17] tkuchiki: has joined #ruby
[13:52:20] Ox0dea: adaedra: If you don't realize that JavaScript is the dominant language with which software has begun to eat the world, I can only advise you to remove the blindfold, bud.
[13:52:22] ruboto: this seems to be off-topic. Please move your discussion to #ruby-offtopic, to keep this channel free for Ruby related problems. Thanks!
[13:52:28] yorickpeterse: yay I get to use it
[13:52:45] Ox0dea: That burrito's name? Moonad I.
[13:52:46] [k-_: facebook uses it to check for abusive messages
[13:52:58] surs: has joined #ruby
[13:53:04] surs: has joined #ruby
[13:53:50] casadei_: has joined #ruby
[13:53:55] shevy: facebook itself is massive abuse!
[13:53:58] adaedra: Ox0dea: I'm curious to see where you read I don't see that.
[13:54:19] [k-_: shevy: just like unusable ruby code!
[13:54:25] shevy: Ox0dea but javascript only won because javascript has the bigget possible market :(
[13:54:44] atmosx: [k-_: hoh do you know? :-P
[13:54:49] atmosx: s/hoh/how
[13:55:05] Ox0dea: shevy: Aye, we've been doomed to this fate from the start.
[13:55:05] [k-_: know what?
[13:55:13] atmosx: that fb uses haskell
[13:55:20] Ox0dea: shevy: Better to get to know this inevitable devil, no?
[13:55:22] shevy: the empire must strike back
[13:55:23] [k-_: they made a blog post?
[13:55:30] atmosx: [k-_: oh, I'll google it
[13:55:34] Ox0dea: shevy: We can't rebuild the past.
[13:55:37] shevy: the weak man adjusts to the world
[13:55:43] shevy: the strong man adjusts the world to himself
[13:56:00] [k-_: that's why the world hardly changes
[13:56:07] prefixed: has joined #ruby
[13:56:23] Ox0dea: shevy: A worthless platitude, I'm sure you realize.
[13:56:23] shevy: as you may have noticed [k-_
[13:56:33] yorickpeterse: Ox0dea: we might not be able to rebuild the past, but we can change the future
[13:56:35] shevy: Ox0dea did not write that javascript was used to fly to the moon - it was haskell :)))
[13:56:47] yorickpeterse: Whatever happend in the past is not an excuse for the general sorry state of scripting in the browsers
[13:56:50] krz: has joined #ruby
[13:56:53] Ox0dea: yorickpeterse: Gonna stop using a browser any time soon?
[13:56:57] yorickpeterse: That's not just limited to JS being poop, but also JS being the only language
[13:57:10] yorickpeterse: webassembly is pretty interesting
[13:57:12] yorickpeterse: might solve that problem
[13:57:17] [k-_: people are making apps in javascript, brackets, atom
[13:57:39] adaedra: Yeah, but it's not because some people are doing it that everyone has too
[13:57:53] adaedra: And it's not because lots of people use JavaScript that I have to like it
[13:58:07] adaedra: Dark future we have if we're doomed to only one language
[13:58:17] skyrocker: has joined #ruby
[13:58:24] skyrocker: has left #ruby: ()
[13:58:54] Ox0dea: adaedra: Why is that "dark"?
[13:58:56] shevy: well it may be easy to create a new programming language, but hard to create a good one
[13:59:12] Ox0dea: adaedra: Would it not be great if all of humanity were able to communicate with itself?
[13:59:20] chinmay_dd: has joined #ruby
[13:59:25] Ox0dea: > The Tower of Babel did nothing wrong.
[13:59:26] adaedra: Ox0dea: you can't please everyone with only one language.
[13:59:36] Ox0dea: adaedra: Communication is about pleasure?
[13:59:58] [k-_: adaedra: that is why no one likes math
[14:00:08] adaedra: Some people do, [k-_
[14:00:18] gard: has joined #ruby
[14:00:24] shevy: [k-_ haskell dudes love math
[14:00:31] [k-_: math! yay!
[14:00:44] yorickpeterse: omg dem curves
[14:00:53] decoponio: has joined #ruby
[14:00:57] yorickpeterse: Is that a parabole in your pants or are you just happy to see me?
[14:01:14] Ox0dea: Parabola + hyperbole = parabole?
[14:01:37] jeremy04_: has joined #ruby
[14:02:50] krandi: has joined #ruby
[14:03:48] scottschecter: has joined #ruby
[14:04:02] chrisseaton: ebarrett: hello
[14:04:53] gagrio: has joined #ruby
[14:05:05] Ox0dea: adaedra: I think you accidentally terminated our discussion prematurely.
[14:05:09] hal_9000: has joined #ruby
[14:05:45] adaedra: goto fail;
[14:05:47] spider-mario: has joined #ruby
[14:06:14] adaedra: Ox0dea: I respected yorickpeterse's break time
[14:07:10] Ox0dea: In that case, I trust you'll remember to clarify your position when he gets back.
[14:07:24] [k-_: such sin, much curve
[14:07:46] [k-_: sin2 x + cos2 x = 1!
[14:08:12] Ox0dea: Euler's identity is better.
[14:08:32] adaedra: Ox0dea: I have some work to do, and it's more suited for offtopic. Later maybe.
[14:09:12] Ox0dea: What a disappointingly abrupt change of heart, but okay.
[14:09:22] adaedra: Sorry for having things to do.
[14:09:30] danzilio: has joined #ruby
[14:10:14] [k-_: ultimately, functional is the best
[14:10:39] Ox0dea: [k-_: Church > Turing, you say?
[14:10:42] dorei: has joined #ruby
[14:11:05] [k-_: or something like that
[14:11:13] [k-_: i meant the paradigm
[14:11:17] [k-_: the paradigm!
[14:11:58] symm-: has joined #ruby
[14:11:58] danzilio: has joined #ruby
[14:12:45] ebarrett: am i right in thinking jruby wont work with the new graal repos?
[14:13:03] tenderlove: has joined #ruby
[14:13:11] ebarrett: chrisseaton: "This version of JRuby is built against Graal 0.7 b
[14:13:12] ebarrett: ut you are using it with version 0.9-dev - either update Graal or use with (-J)-original to disable Graal and ignore this error
[14:14:07] j_mcnally: has joined #ruby
[14:14:30] chrisseaton: Hmm I thought I disabled that message
[14:14:38] chrisseaton: What commit are you on?
[14:14:49] yorickpeterse: Ox0dea: errr parabola apparently
[14:15:11] yorickpeterse: dang it I keep ruining my jokes
[14:16:05] acovrig: has joined #ruby
[14:17:28] acovrig: I have an object (item.start.dateTime) that returns ???2006-04-20 11:00:00 -0400???; I would like to compare it to 3 vars (month, day, year); (is the item.start.dateTime the same as those 3 vars); what is the best way to do that?
[14:17:49] acovrig: I???m curently failing at `item.start.dateTime == DateTime.strptime("#{month} #{i}, #{@year}", "%B %d, %Y???)`
[14:20:29] [k-_: shevy: DeBot isn't back yet
[14:20:32] [k-_: JOIN US!
[14:20:35] chills42: has joined #ruby
[14:20:59] acovrig: it looks like I???m trying to compare a Time object with a DateTime object...
[14:21:09] Tempesta: has joined #ruby
[14:21:09] michael_mbp: has joined #ruby
[14:21:20] Ox0dea: acovrig: Should you actually be doing that?
[14:21:38] Ox0dea: acovrig: Is item.start.dateTime actually a String?
[14:22:12] acovrig: Ox0dea: no, item.start.dateTime.class => ???Time???
[14:22:36] dopie: has joined #ruby
[14:22:47] Ox0dea: acovrig: So DateTime doesn't actually factor in?
[14:23:00] apeiros: acovrig: your month variable contains the month as an english name?
[14:23:08] acovrig: apeiros: yes
[14:23:25] rjno: has joined #ruby
[14:23:31] acovrig: Ox0dea: I was using DateTime.strptime, I switched to Time.strptime and that comparison seems to be working
[14:23:32] apeiros: and all you need is an equality test?
[14:23:56] saddad: has joined #ruby
[14:24:03] apeiros: I think I'd actually go the other way and convert the datetime to a string. I think that's less effort.
[14:24:07] apeiros: but it'd be similar
[14:24:33] apeiros: don't think there's anything much better. either strftime on lhs, or strptime on rhs
[14:25:14] allcentury: has joined #ruby
[14:25:31] apeiros: you have the day as a string in a guaranteed format? i.e. always with leading zero or never with leading zero?
[14:26:21] doodleha_: has joined #ruby
[14:27:20] apeiros: yeah, about 3-4x faster going the other way (strftime and compare strings instead of strptime and compare times)
[14:27:30] theery: has joined #ruby
[14:28:05] kaleido: has joined #ruby
[14:29:44] jeremy04: has joined #ruby
[14:31:24] gaboesquivel: has joined #ruby
[14:31:38] rbennacer: has joined #ruby
[14:32:45] nzst: has joined #ruby
[14:33:01] ajafo: has joined #ruby
[14:34:44] ebarrett: chrisseaton: newest jruby
[14:34:55] ebarrett: just realised i asked in the wrong channel
[14:35:20] workmad3: has joined #ruby
[14:35:21] kies^: has joined #ruby
[14:36:17] d10n-work: has joined #ruby
[14:37:26] workmad3: has joined #ruby
[14:37:33] havenwood: yay Truffle mode!
[14:39:27] senayar: has joined #ruby
[14:40:09] michael_mbp: has joined #ruby
[14:40:51] workmad3: has joined #ruby
[14:41:39] freerobby: has joined #ruby
[14:42:38] andikr: has joined #ruby
[14:43:08] chills42: has joined #ruby
[14:43:11] mjuszczak: has joined #ruby
[14:43:28] jbw: has joined #ruby
[14:44:14] rbennacer: has joined #ruby
[14:46:07] melter: has joined #ruby
[14:46:16] msnyon: has joined #ruby
[14:47:44] chrisseaton: ebarrett: there's an option to disable that check as it is not needed at the moment
[14:47:56] senayar: has joined #ruby
[14:48:32] banister: has joined #ruby
[14:49:32] chills42: has joined #ruby
[14:49:42] chrisseaton: -Xtruffle.runtime.version_check=false
[14:49:42] arturmartins: has joined #ruby
[14:49:59] chinmay_dd: has joined #ruby
[14:50:19] atomical: has joined #ruby
[14:52:06] Renich: has joined #ruby
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[14:53:14] icebourg: has joined #ruby
[14:55:05] aryaching: has joined #ruby
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[14:58:02] tubuliferous_: has joined #ruby
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[15:01:11] paulcsmith: has joined #ruby
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[15:13:33] domgetter: has joined #ruby
[15:15:16] gwendall: has joined #ruby
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[15:18:38] leesharma: has joined #ruby
[15:19:39] _blank: has joined #ruby
[15:20:21] prefixed: why does File.stat().mode come back with 6 digits?
[15:21:19] domgetter: prefixed: http://ruby-doc.org/core-2.2.0/File/Stat.html#method-i-mode
[15:21:36] zcreative: has joined #ruby
[15:21:40] domgetter: those numbers represent the file ownership attributes
[15:22:06] prefixed: domgetter ok. when I run stat on the same host, i get 3 digits
[15:23:31] chouhoulis: has joined #ruby
[15:23:31] shadoi: has joined #ruby
[15:23:41] prefixed: has joined #ruby
[15:23:50] domgetter: prefixed: http://www.tutorialspoint.com/unix/unix-file-permission.htm
[15:24:46] omfgtora_: has joined #ruby
[15:25:25] Kully3xf: has joined #ruby
[15:25:27] prefixed: yeah? that shows 10 digits
[15:25:34] Kully3xf: has left #ruby: ()
[15:27:16] domgetter: >> File.stat(".").mode.to_s(8)
[15:27:17] ruboto: domgetter # => "40755" (https://eval.in/411913)
[15:27:43] prefixed: and that shows 5
[15:27:49] domgetter: the number that .mode gives back has to be converted to octal to understand what permissions there are
[15:27:51] prefixed: what are you trying to say
[15:28:15] prefixed: permissions = sprintf("%o", File.stat(path).mode)
[15:28:18] prefixed: gives me six digits
[15:28:50] centrx: prefixed, yeah I'm not sure what the first 3 are for, the last 3 are the user permissions
[15:28:55] domgetter: prefixed: I don't understand your question. Can you elaborate on what you're trying to understand?
[15:29:08] centrx: prefixed, I thought the first 3 might be the group permissions, but it might also be various special bits that can be set on a file, special options
[15:29:17] centrx: prefixed, 100 is not really a common group permission
[15:29:38] BTRE: has joined #ruby
[15:29:39] domgetter: are you trying to understand what the number means in general? Or what the particular numbers mean that you get back?
[15:29:46] kies^: has joined #ruby
[15:29:57] prefixed: i don't understand why there are six digits. i've never seen 6 digits before + it doesn't conform to any other permissions stylings i've ever seen
[15:30:30] centrx: prefixed, The stat(2) that the Ruby docs refer to is the C stat function, not the command-line stat command - http://linux.die.net/man/2/stat
[15:30:48] domgetter: prefixed: ah okay. 6 digits can happen for something like "100644" if it's just a normal file
[15:31:08] lannonbr: has joined #ruby
[15:31:53] domgetter: for example, git stores permission levels for saved files and keeps track of whether its a file, a directory, or an executable
[15:32:13] domgetter: and 100644 will be a non-executable file. the 100 means not executable
[15:33:52] _blank: has joined #ruby
[15:34:38] domgetter: oh nevermind, 100 doesn't mean that. its the 644 part that means its not executable
[15:34:51] adaedra: I prefer that
[15:35:04] adaedra: what does ls -l says about your file, domgetter ?
[15:35:13] prefixed: this is really annoying
[15:35:49] domgetter: adaedra: it says 'ls' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.
[15:35:59] safeforge: has joined #ruby
[15:36:04] domgetter: prefixed: what do you need the result of #mode for?
[15:36:10] adaedra: aaaaaaaaaah Windows.
[15:36:20] prefixed: I am doing some file diffing based on a certain file information
[15:36:22] domgetter: adaedra: :P
[15:36:25] countryHick: has joined #ruby
[15:36:27] djstorm: has joined #ruby
[15:36:38] adaedra: Who expects Windows to work like other systems?
[15:37:04] platzhirsch: Best way to check if [array_of_exceptions] includes the current exception e.cause?
[15:37:14] platzhirsch: [...].includes?(e.cause.class) looks wonky
[15:37:16] domgetter: prefixed: what is it about the 6 numbers you get back that is causing a problem?
[15:37:27] prefixed: linux stat comes back with 3 digits, while ruby stat comes back with 6
[15:37:41] j4cknewt: has joined #ruby
[15:37:49] prefixed: I suppose i could take just the last three digits, but that seems hacky
[15:37:54] domgetter: prefixed: what does sprintf("%o", File.stat(path).mode) return in your example?
[15:38:05] domgetter: You'll probably be okay with taking the last 3 digits
[15:38:20] prefixed: that's the problem
[15:38:29] domgetter: the 644 is the part you want.
[15:38:38] prefixed: i'd think so
[15:39:00] jhack: has joined #ruby
[15:39:10] adaedra: er, % 01000
[15:39:37] Igorshp: has joined #ruby
[15:41:25] domgetter: >> (0100644 % 01000).to_s(8)
[15:41:26] ruboto: domgetter # => "644" (https://eval.in/411914)
[15:42:09] myztic: has joined #ruby
[15:42:18] tkuchiki: has joined #ruby
[15:43:04] tsunamie: hi guys when I try to do a loop when opening files usig something like this packages.each do |key, value| file = File.read('$key/$key-$value.json') end it states that no such file or folder exists. I note that in the error the variables are in there and not the values
[15:43:14] tsunamie: how do I gte it to resolve the values?
[15:43:22] RandyT: has joined #ruby
[15:43:52] Rollabunna: has joined #ruby
[15:44:12] adaedra: read up on string interpolation
[15:44:37] tsunamie: adaedra, it's not a string it's a hash from a json
[15:45:12] adaedra: '$key/$key-$value.json' <= this is a string, and you are trying to do string interpolation.
[15:45:17] quimrstorres: has joined #ruby
[15:45:18] Rollabun_: has joined #ruby
[15:45:20] adaedra: but you're doing it wrong.
[15:45:21] prefixed: sprintf("%o", File.stat(path).mode).split(//).last(3).join("").to_s
[15:46:07] domgetter: prefixed: You can just do File.stat(path).mode.to_s(8)
[15:46:17] tsunamie: adaedra, so what is the right way of doing it. I keep asking and I keep getting told to learn Ruby. I really don't feel like this is helpful
[15:46:41] adaedra: no, indeed, learning ruby is not helpful to code in ruby, you're right.
[15:47:05] tsunamie: adaedra, you know what I mean
[15:47:16] ndrei: has joined #ruby
[15:47:20] domgetter: >> key = "app"; value = "model"; "#{key}/#{key}-#{value}.json"
[15:47:21] ruboto: domgetter # => "app/app-model.json" (https://eval.in/411916)
[15:47:44] Miphix: has joined #ruby
[15:48:01] domgetter: tsunamie: one way to to string interpolation is to have #{} inside double quotes, and putting whatever ruby code you want to execute inside the {}
[15:48:50] domgetter: so, "Hello, #{name}" will put "Hello, Bill" if name = "Bill". You can put any Ruby code in there though. >> "2 + 2 = #{2 + 2}"
[15:49:05] domgetter: >> "2 + 2 = #{2 + 2}"
[15:49:06] ruboto: domgetter # => "2 + 2 = 4" (https://eval.in/411917)
[15:49:06] speakingcode: has joined #ruby
[15:49:46] cball: has joined #ruby
[15:50:07] domgetter: and, of course, single quotes don't work
[15:50:18] domgetter: >> '2 + 2 = #{2 + 2}'
[15:50:19] ruboto: domgetter # => "2 + 2 = \#{2 + 2}" (https://eval.in/411919)
[15:52:02] RobertBirnie: has joined #ruby
[15:52:42] rehat: has joined #ruby
[15:52:59] jpfuentes2: has joined #ruby
[15:53:35] RobertBirnie: has joined #ruby
[15:54:21] OrbitalKitten: has joined #ruby
[15:54:51] dfockler: has joined #ruby
[15:55:08] TaxtacalJackl: has joined #ruby
[15:56:38] tsunamie: domgetter THANK YOU!
[15:56:49] mleung: has joined #ruby
[15:56:53] scpike: has joined #ruby
[15:57:51] chinmay_dd: has joined #ruby
[15:58:13] |\|IGGER: has joined #ruby
[15:58:31] |\|IGGER: you have a nice nick too BraddPitt
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[15:59:03] Xaitec: has joined #ruby
[15:59:25] havenwood: !ban |\|IGGER !T 1d Racism.
[15:59:26] ChanServ: +b |\|IGGER!*@*
[15:59:26] ChanServ: ChanServ kicked |\|IGGER: Racism.
[15:59:31] BraddPitt: there we go
[15:59:39] Aria: Thank you! Was just getting there.
[15:59:58] adaedra: You still get a cookie
[16:00:00] adaedra: ?cookie Aria
[16:00:00] ruboto: Aria, here's your cookie: ????
[16:00:07] Aria: Aw, thanks. I like cookies.
[16:00:27] prettiestPony11: has joined #ruby
[16:01:12] Igorshp: has joined #ruby
[16:02:04] MVPhelp_: has joined #ruby
[16:02:29] kallisti5: ayone have the time to review this pull request? https://github.com/ruby/ruby/pull/984 should be pretty simple. No change / impact to any platforms except Haiku.
[16:02:34] acovrig: has joined #ruby
[16:03:01] rippa: has joined #ruby
[16:03:42] hectortrope: has joined #ruby
[16:03:46] hectortrope: has joined #ruby
[16:04:57] bodgix: has left #ruby: ()
[16:05:06] towski_: has joined #ruby
[16:05:36] tsunamie: domgetter - omg I understand these examples THANK YOU!
[16:06:49] MrButh: has joined #ruby
[16:07:43] shevy: yay! so I can use ruby on haiku finally
[16:08:12] leafybasil: has joined #ruby
[16:08:18] kallisti5: shevy: well.. it crashes a lot
[16:08:22] kallisti5: but it builds (tm)
[16:08:36] kallisti5: something threading I think :-\
[16:09:17] Guest50: has joined #ruby
[16:11:40] gamename: has joined #ruby
[16:11:57] graydot: has joined #ruby
[16:12:13] kallisti5: https://www.haiku-os.org/
[16:12:46] kallisti5: think modern BeOS
[16:13:10] adaedra: With real Google development methods (Having a permanent "Beta" badge)
[16:13:10] ytti: TempleOS 4 lyfe
[16:13:19] kallisti5: adaedra: :-D
[16:13:42] adaedra: Long time I did not look what Haiku becomes
[16:13:49] kallisti5: we're alpha at the moment (10 years! woot!)
[16:13:53] kallisti5: almost beta
[16:14:15] OrbitalKitten: has joined #ruby
[16:14:16] kallisti5: ACTION is trying to fix that
[16:14:21] adaedra: maybe you'll be out before GNU/Hurd at this rate
[16:14:39] fractalis: has joined #ruby
[16:14:42] shevy: GNU Hurd will be ready next year, along with the Linux Desktop of the Year
[16:14:47] kallisti5: jeeze.. Enlightenment 17 beat us.
[16:14:56] kallisti5: that suprised me
[16:15:08] blandflakes: has joined #ruby
[16:16:17] theery: has joined #ruby
[16:16:45] solars: has joined #ruby
[16:17:28] ebarrett: chrisseaton: presumably not -J-original, as this disables graal
[16:17:49] railsraider: has joined #ruby
[16:18:14] chrisseaton: ebarrett: no, you just want -Xtruffle.runtime.version_check=false and -J-server
[16:18:33] ebarrett: sorry for all of these questions
[16:18:48] Alayde: has joined #ruby
[16:19:26] chrisseaton: ebarrett: I don't understand what is going on with this check - not sure how it's been running since 0.7 which was ages ago
[16:19:29] pdoherty: has joined #ruby
[16:19:51] ebarrett: chrisseaton: something in the graal restructure seems to have exposed it
[16:19:53] chrisseaton: ebarrett: actually I remember now - graal.version went away, so the check didn't do anyhting
[16:19:56] baroquebobcat: has joined #ruby
[16:20:03] yeticry: has joined #ruby
[16:20:27] ebarrett: chrisseaton: if you push a fix, let me know, as I will happily update and use it ;)
[16:20:41] ebarrett: otherwise I need the workaround in our benchmark runner
[16:21:08] leat: has joined #ruby
[16:21:22] ebarrett: the workaround does work though
[16:22:48] mdavid613: has joined #ruby
[16:22:49] zacstewart: has joined #ruby
[16:23:07] chrisseaton: ebarrett: I'm currently doing a refactoring which changes our base-class object, so my brain is a bit frazzled at the moment
[16:23:38] jbw: has joined #ruby
[16:23:53] ebarrett: i'm grateful for the workaround :)
[16:24:14] failshell: has joined #ruby
[16:24:19] jbw: has joined #ruby
[16:24:55] hyperdrive: has joined #ruby
[16:25:26] dgutierrez1287: has joined #ruby
[16:25:36] yeticry: has joined #ruby
[16:25:51] msnyon: has joined #ruby
[16:26:18] hahuang61: has joined #ruby
[16:26:32] dudedudeman: has joined #ruby
[16:26:34] Hanmac: has joined #ruby
[16:26:46] dudedudeman: has joined #ruby
[16:29:35] Philipp__: has joined #ruby
[16:30:34] paulcsmith_: has joined #ruby
[16:30:57] bricker: has joined #ruby
[16:31:09] blackmesa: has joined #ruby
[16:31:24] adaedra: hall??????
[16:31:38] rakm: has joined #ruby
[16:32:02] blaines: has joined #ruby
[16:32:24] shevy: yo dude dude man
[16:34:06] shevy: it's hot again in europe... 34?C
[16:34:28] adaedra: Speak for your part of Europe
[16:34:41] adaedra: It's 26??C here
[16:34:43] Toska: It's still rainy and cold in Ireland...
[16:34:45] dudedudeman: it's hot everywhere. global warming and all
[16:34:45] CorySimmons: has joined #ruby
[16:35:24] havenwood: require 'regexp-examples'; /h[aeiou]ll[aeiou]{3}/.examples
[16:35:41] pawnbox: has joined #ruby
[16:35:45] raz: has joined #ruby
[16:35:46] adaedra: this doesn't include hall??????!
[16:35:47] havenwood: mm, though last letter should be same repeated
[16:35:58] havenwood: also non-ASCII <- adaedra
[16:36:23] adaedra: I don't know in which ISO-8859 it is
[16:37:07] yalue: has joined #ruby
[16:37:11] raz: so, El Capitan is shipping with a broken Ruby (no gem installation possible). is any high profiler rubyist around to blog about it so apple possibly takes their foot outta their mouth before the official release?
[16:37:22] j4cknewt: has joined #ruby
[16:37:35] adaedra: what do you mean by "no gem installation possible"?
[16:37:38] mistym: raz: What's broken? Did you file a radar?
[16:37:41] NeverDie: has joined #ruby
[16:37:43] havenwood: raz: I haven't tried El Capitan yet. What happens when you: sudo gem install
[16:37:57] raz: adaedra: their new "rootless" security theater prevents even root from writing to /usr/bin
[16:38:05] raz: so "sudo gem install" bombs out
[16:38:08] raz: for gems that have executables
[16:38:09] adaedra: let me guess: it tries to install to /usr/bin and gets blocked by rootless
[16:38:11] mistym: Ahhh, right
[16:38:16] adaedra: aaaaaand ninja'd
[16:38:23] mistym: Did you file a radar?
[16:38:27] acovrig_: has joined #ruby
[16:38:43] dudedudeman: has joined #ruby
[16:38:43] raz: mistym: i typed a description of my problem into vim and saved it to /dev/null
[16:38:49] raz: that's about equivalent, right?
[16:38:50] havenwood: raz: They should switch to a --user-install default.
[16:38:53] adaedra: raz: curiosity, what does ruby -v says
[16:38:57] dudedudeman: has joined #ruby
[16:38:59] kallisti5: we've had rootless for some time in Haiku. We have a user-install to fix it
[16:39:24] raz: adaedra: i don't have el cap myself, i just got this filed as a bug against a gem of mine on github
[16:39:32] Rollabunna: has joined #ruby
[16:39:41] raz: adaedra: the user reproduced it with another gem as well, so...
[16:39:53] mistym: I'm in the dev beta program, I'll file a radar then
[16:39:57] raz: ACTION predicts a lot of gems will get similar bug reports after the release of el kap ;)
[16:40:00] adaedra: then do user-install in the meantime or use rbenv/chruby/rvm/whatever
[16:40:04] raz: mistym: thanks!
[16:40:23] raz: adaedra: yes that's what i told the user. it's still a problem if el cap gets released like this tho.
[16:40:38] last_staff: has joined #ruby
[16:40:46] raz: s/if/when/
[16:40:52] raz: hence someone like yehuda or so should blog about it
[16:40:54] adaedra: They would have to change system gem path
[16:41:12] dopie: has joined #ruby
[16:41:13] adaedra: Or "If you're a dev disable rootless lol"
[16:41:26] raz: well, most devs probably run on rbenv anyway
[16:41:29] fractalis: has joined #ruby
[16:41:48] raz: this is more for the poor sobs who believe the "gem install foo" lie that is still percolated on so many github READMEs ;)
[16:42:15] pengin: has joined #ruby
[16:42:24] workmad3: raz: does your github readme say to use `sudo gem install`? ;)
[16:42:54] fantazo: has joined #ruby
[16:43:02] raz: workmad3: no it doesn't.. if it wanted to be honest the install-section would have to span 3 pages
[16:43:20] k3asd`: has joined #ruby
[16:43:20] raz: try "gem install foo", haha, just kidding, try with sudo, but that will probably also not work
[16:43:34] r_baron: has joined #ruby
[16:43:52] voidnoid: has joined #ruby
[16:44:10] raz: followed by an elaborate excursion about ruby version managers, sandboxes, bundler, shell search paths and why so many kids love golang
[16:44:11] workmad3: raz: hehe :) you should write those 3 sections, stick it up on a blog somewhere and then campaign to have the README templates for gems replace 'how to install' sections with a link to the article...
[16:44:28] raz: workmad3: that's be just sad on so many levels :/
[16:44:39] adaedra: or about gem install --user-install
[16:44:54] raz: adaedra: why is that not the default?
[16:45:00] adaedra: Depends on the systems
[16:45:17] adaedra: echo 'gem: --user-install' | sudo tee -a /etc/gemrc
[16:45:23] raz: ACTION doesn't speaks japanese but has a hunch someone on these japanese mailing lists is a huge troll
[16:45:29] icebourg: has joined #ruby
[16:45:47] imfilp: has joined #ruby
[16:45:48] miah: planning on switching to a linux laptop before next osx release. that was the plan last time too, but my laptop from work is now old enough for something new =)
[16:45:54] chrisseaton: ebarrett: I've pushed a patch that just removes that check for now - it does weird things on both branches
[16:46:00] voidnoid: has left #ruby: ()
[16:46:02] shevy: raz lol how can you know there is a troll if you can not identify what he writes :)
[16:46:08] raz: adaedra: well, it should simply be the default. which everyone can conclude by thinking for all of 3 seconds about it.
[16:46:36] tubuliferous_: has joined #ruby
[16:46:39] raz: shevy: i can spot him by his influence on core decisions.. such as something like --user-install apparently existing but not being the default ;)
[16:46:46] raz: also: bundler
[16:47:13] raz: that can only be an elaborate prank, right?
[16:47:15] shevy: bundler came after gem
[16:47:44] shevy: from the rails corner
[16:47:48] raz: oh god, i'll just stop now ;)
[16:47:56] raz: just came here to report the el kap issue
[16:48:40] yfeldblum: has joined #ruby
[16:49:46] havenwood: raz: gem i -g
[16:50:20] aryaching: has joined #ruby
[16:51:09] havenwood: ACTION tries to resist the urge to install El Capitan
[16:51:35] tjohnson: has joined #ruby
[16:51:48] miah: install Mandrake linux for a similar result
[16:52:18] pawnbox: has joined #ruby
[16:53:03] raz: it's sad that scripting languages have been broken everywhere for so long that nobody even expects the distro version to work anymore
[16:53:11] shevy: that is to be expected
[16:53:18] shevy: debian eliminates mkmf by default for instance
[16:53:19] chenillen_: has joined #ruby
[16:53:35] raz: well i'd argue the languages should have long adapted by now
[16:53:54] shevy: adapted to what precisely? You can avoid distributions from crippling a language how?
[16:53:54] raz: i mean, ruby is a tiny bit better off than python.. but still a trainwreck by every metric
[16:54:04] isale-eko: has joined #ruby
[16:54:17] raz: shevy: by defaulting to installing to the home-directory, which should have been the default since the start anyway
[16:54:26] swgillespie: has joined #ruby
[16:54:30] shevy: nope, this would also break the debian way
[16:54:36] xfbs: has joined #ruby
[16:54:53] skade: has joined #ruby
[16:54:58] chrisseaton: ebarrett: a simpler way to use Graal is from graal-compiler just do ../jvmci/jdk1.8.0_51/product/bin/java
[16:56:30] swills: has joined #ruby
[16:57:24] havenwood: raz: Arch, Fedora, FreeBSD, etc etc have nice Ruby packages. Brightbox Ruby packages are the best bet on Ubuntu. OS X folk tend to Homebrew, Pkgsrc, Macports or Fink - all of which have Ruby packages.
[16:57:28] mdavid613: has joined #ruby
[16:57:41] wldcordeiro_: has joined #ruby
[16:57:52] rbennacer: has joined #ruby
[16:58:06] havenwood: raz: You pretty much have to wander into CentOS-land to find Ruby 1.8 these days. But they live in the ancient past so what do you expect?
[16:58:32] nhhagen: has joined #ruby
[16:59:14] raz: havenwood: i'd have to go on a really elaborate rant from here, so... i'll just go on the balcony instead and hope someone will poke apple before their release elcap ;)
[16:59:18] havenwood: raz: Luckily no Python 2/3-like divide in Ruby, and they aim to keep it that way.
[16:59:29] havenwood: raz: Yeah, that'd be nice!
[16:59:36] havenwood: raz: Fingers crossed.
[17:00:32] havenwood: Always nice to be able to install gems.
[17:01:51] BTRE: has joined #ruby
[17:02:13] mjuszczak: has joined #ruby
[17:02:45] pawnbox: has joined #ruby
[17:03:43] Loplin: has joined #ruby
[17:03:54] ascarter: has joined #ruby
[17:04:23] rideh: has joined #ruby
[17:04:53] snockerton: has joined #ruby
[17:04:55] havenwood: Is there another shortcut to pass the -X+T flag to irb if you don't have the env flag set or is there a better way?: ruby -X+T -S irb
[17:05:09] jbw: has joined #ruby
[17:05:58] havenwood: ^ that's easy enough but just curious
[17:06:05] snockerton: are there any unique ways to set a null value in ruby? trying to pass a key/value in rbvmomi and nil or "" are not working
[17:06:36] Criten: snockerton: nil should owrk
[17:06:41] ThatsNotJack: has joined #ruby
[17:06:47] ericwood: yeah, need an example
[17:06:57] yqt: has joined #ruby
[17:06:58] failshell: has joined #ruby
[17:07:05] gard: has joined #ruby
[17:07:48] mjuszczak: has joined #ruby
[17:08:19] paulcsmith__: has joined #ruby
[17:09:23] snockerton: https://gist.github.com/adampats/b7a1efc15c4035d6e4a9
[17:09:37] snockerton: line 9, need to set :deviceName to nil
[17:09:44] Igorshp: has joined #ruby
[17:09:58] ericwood: nil should work
[17:10:04] snockerton: could be a rbvmomi type issue
[17:10:12] quimrsto_: has joined #ruby
[17:10:15] ericwood: yeah seems more like an issue with that lib
[17:10:26] snockerton: when i set deviceName to nil, the response is that deviceName is missing...
[17:10:51] ericwood: definitely an issue with the lib then
[17:11:11] gambl0re: has joined #ruby
[17:11:20] j_mcnally: has joined #ruby
[17:11:21] jhack: has joined #ruby
[17:11:35] gard: has joined #ruby
[17:11:55] pengin_: has joined #ruby
[17:12:05] jbw: has joined #ruby
[17:12:21] snockerton: dang, only 9 ppl in that channel
[17:12:49] nzst: has joined #ruby
[17:13:10] |\|IGG3R: has joined #ruby
[17:13:36] |\|IGG3R: Why are ruby developers paid more than other developers?
[17:13:42] yeticry: has joined #ruby
[17:14:03] psye: has joined #ruby
[17:14:48] |\|IGG3R: Ruby on Rails engineers are paid more than others. The average salary for a Ruby on Rails developer is 125k whereas other developers are paid ~90k
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[17:15:27] havenwood: !mute |\|IGG3R
[17:15:28] ruboto: +q |\|IGG3R!*@*
[17:15:28] ruboto: -o ruboto
[17:15:33] wheresmyjetpack: has joined #ruby
[17:15:33] havenwood: lannonbr: thanks
[17:15:41] notfowl: Ohhh muted your truth speaking ass
[17:16:04] ruboto: Please join #RubyOnRails for Rails questions. You need to be identified with NickServ, see /msg NickServ HELP
[17:16:07] notfowl: Think twice before coming in here and exposing trade secrets
[17:16:29] MAQ: has joined #ruby
[17:16:58] Sou|cutter: lannonbr: thanks
[17:17:14] notfowl: You guys ok??
[17:17:20] notfowl: That was scary
[17:17:37] arup_r: has joined #ruby
[17:17:40] jamesaxl: has joined #ruby
[17:17:51] Jackneill: has joined #ruby
[17:18:03] notfowl: You made the bad man be quiet though. Im going to be ok
[17:18:52] blue_deref: has joined #ruby
[17:18:58] rideh^: has joined #ruby
[17:19:44] cornerma1: has joined #ruby
[17:21:45] sdwrage: has joined #ruby
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[17:26:38] Ltnt_Hawkeye: has joined #ruby
[17:27:58] podman: has joined #ruby
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[17:32:48] beef-wellington: has joined #ruby
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[17:33:39] tkuchiki: has joined #ruby
[17:33:48] Rollabunna: has joined #ruby
[17:34:22] thiagovsk: has joined #ruby
[17:36:17] sarmiena_: has joined #ruby
[17:37:25] Ltnt_Hawkeye: Anyone have a good rails tutorial?
[17:38:15] apeiros: ?rails Ltnt_Hawkeye
[17:38:15] ruboto: Ltnt_Hawkeye, Please join #RubyOnRails for Rails questions. You need to be identified with NickServ, see /msg NickServ HELP
[17:38:17] havenwood: Ltnt_Hawkeye: I think the docs on the rails site are good. You might also ask in the #RubyOnRails channel.
[17:39:21] vdamewood: has joined #ruby
[17:39:42] segfalt: has joined #ruby
[17:41:14] sarmiena_: so i ran into this segfault issue: https://bugs.ruby-lang.org/issues/9592
[17:41:29] chinmay_dd: has joined #ruby
[17:41:35] sarmiena_: ruby 2.1.1-p76 & openssl 1.0.1 March 2012
[17:41:50] sarmiena_: is this fix for this to update openssl? i can???t tell what the resolution is
[17:42:20] freerobby: has joined #ruby
[17:42:38] renanoronfle: hi all, has a easy way to return the same objects into 2 arrays?
[17:42:58] jhass: renanoronfle: elaborate please
[17:43:28] pengin: has joined #ruby
[17:43:57] renanoronfle: i have a = ["a", "b", "c" ] and b = ["b", "c" , "d"] i need return a new array with b and c
[17:44:13] Iskarlar: has joined #ruby
[17:44:14] renanoronfle: result ["b", "c"]
[17:44:18] jhass: >> a = ["a", "b", "c" ] and b = ["b", "c" , "d"]; a & b
[17:44:19] ruboto: jhass # => ["b", "c"] (https://eval.in/411980)
[17:44:31] wheresmyjetpack: i think im in love with ruby
[17:44:43] havenwood: sarmiena_: Why such an old OpenSSL? You should probably update OpenSSL and update to Ruby 2.1.6.
[17:45:25] renanoronfle: jhass, tks i not remember that :)
[17:46:04] skade: has joined #ruby
[17:46:17] sarmiena_: havenwood: actually i am on 2.1.6 ??? reading about ssl right now. i???m on ubuntu 12.04. going to upgrade openssl, but want to avoid the guessing game part of this issue. just trying to verify that th problem is with the version of openssl. or perhaps the bug still exists? i can???t seem to get info on it
[17:47:09] jatb: has joined #ruby
[17:47:28] havenwood: sarmiena_: You definitely need to update OpenSSL to a secure version. Then build Ruby against it. (Beware if you're using rbenv to build that you must update ruby-build because it ships its own OpenSSL instead of using your package manager's).
[17:48:49] sarmiena_: havenwood: ok. yeah right now this server is firewalled & does no inbound WAN access. also, i???m using RVM & figured it might be using some other package other than my distro???s.
[17:49:08] sarmiena_: any examples on how to make RVM use my distro???s openssl?
[17:49:13] havenwood: sarmiena_: Ah, RVM I was going to suggest Brightbox's packages for Ubuntu: https://www.brightbox.com/docs/ruby/ubuntu/
[17:49:32] havenwood: sarmiena_: rvm autolibs enable
[17:49:48] havenwood: sarmiena_: then reinstall Ruby
[17:49:55] havenwood: sarmiena_: update RVM first: rvm get master
[17:50:02] sarmiena_: ok. so if i do it this way, how would i check that it used the correct library?
[17:50:18] icebourg: has joined #ruby
[17:50:18] sarmiena_: also, this means i wouldn???t have to update openssl via ubuntu, right?
[17:50:20] havenwood: sarmiena_: ruby -ropenssl -e 'p OpenSSL::OPENSSL_VERSION'
[17:50:36] havenwood: sarmiena_: It will update OpenSSL on your behalf if you enable autolibs.
[17:50:45] sarmiena_: man i asked the right person! :)
[17:50:58] sarmiena_: ohhh hmmm. that means i???ll ahve to run rvm as root or something like that
[17:51:00] havenwood: sarmiena_: You could alternatively set it to: rvm autolibs read-fail
[17:51:06] havenwood: sarmiena_: Or: read-only
[17:51:20] havenwood: sarmiena_: v
[17:51:21] sarmiena_: ok so that would install local copy & use that instead?
[17:51:21] kirun: has joined #ruby
[17:51:22] havenwood: sarmiena_: https://rvm.io/rvm/autolibs
[17:51:23] avitzurel: has joined #ruby
[17:51:43] havenwood: sarmiena_: ^ shows the various autolibs options
[17:51:54] havenwood: sarmiena_: you can also check: rvm requirements
[17:52:03] sarmiena_: hm. it looks like if i use read-only it won???t install it
[17:52:08] sarmiena_: only use if available
[17:52:11] havenwood: sarmiena_: right
[17:52:41] havenwood: sarmiena_: No matter what, update OpenSSL. ;)
[17:52:42] sarmiena_: ruby -ropenssl -e 'p OpenSSL::OPENSSL_VERSION'
[17:52:43] sarmiena_: "OpenSSL 1.0.1 14 Mar 2012"
[17:52:55] avitzurel: has joined #ruby
[17:53:18] sarmiena_: to be redundant, you???re saying use autolibs to install openssl instead of having ubuntu do it
[17:53:30] sarmiena_: then rebuild the ruby
[17:53:43] sarmiena_: *the* ruby. similar to *the* google
[17:54:12] atmosx: has joined #ruby
[17:54:22] havenwood: sarmiena_: Well, I'd probably enable autolibs just to make sure you have the packages you need. Then ensure you are on the latest OpenSSL. And build the latest TINY version of Ruby 2.1 or Ruby 2.2.
[17:54:39] havenwood: sarmiena_: So Ruby 2.1.6 or 2.2.2.
[17:55:00] cpruitt: has joined #ruby
[17:55:14] pengin_: has joined #ruby
[17:55:30] ledestin: has joined #ruby
[17:55:50] havenwood: sarmiena_: Then restart all your services using OpenSSL - easiest way is to reboot.
[17:56:09] DLSteve: has joined #ruby
[17:56:15] sarmiena_: ack. been online for like 400 days haha
[17:56:18] rehat: has joined #ruby
[17:56:25] sarmiena_: i think the universe might implode if i reboot
[17:57:19] arturmartins: has joined #ruby
[17:57:23] towski_: has joined #ruby
[17:57:59] khebbie: has joined #ruby
[17:58:35] docmur_: has joined #ruby
[17:58:37] docmur_: I'm trying to install redmine on debian, I've trying to do the bundle install --without postgesql but I keeping getting
[17:58:41] docmur_: this error: Redmine requires Bndler 1.5.0 or higher (you're using 1.1.4 however when I run gem update bundler I get
[17:58:44] docmur_: nothing to updatre
[17:59:03] rakm: has joined #ruby
[18:00:11] pyon: has joined #ruby
[18:00:29] chinmay_dd: has joined #ruby
[18:00:33] reset: has joined #ruby
[18:01:14] yh: has joined #ruby
[18:01:35] Trynemjoel: has joined #ruby
[18:01:44] MAQ: has joined #ruby
[18:01:50] Sou|cutter: docmur_: could be the first bundler found in your PATH isn't the latest one
[18:02:52] Sou|cutter: `gem list | grep bundler` does this show a bundler >= 1.5.0 ?
[18:03:16] docmur_: oh wow I did have two installed, I would of thought upgrading it would of replaced the first one
[18:04:12] tkuchiki: has joined #ruby
[18:04:28] jackjackdripper: has joined #ruby
[18:05:00] shadoi: has joined #ruby
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[18:13:15] baweaver: has joined #ruby
[18:15:02] scorp007: does ruby have a fixnum that is 64 bit?
[18:15:53] Ox0dea: scorp007: Do you mean independent of the environment?
[18:16:08] chris2: perhaps on a 128-bit machine ;)
[18:16:30] quimrstorres: has joined #ruby
[18:16:58] scorp007: I mean on Win64, for example.
[18:17:07] scorp007: I can assume an environment.
[18:17:18] freerobby: has joined #ruby
[18:17:29] scorp007: I see things like FIX2INT, FIX2ULONG, but not FIX2ULONGLONG
[18:17:45] chris2: long is not 64 bit?
[18:17:56] scorp007: not on windows.
[18:18:03] scorp007: long remains the same on win32/64
[18:18:08] scorp007: long long is 64bit
[18:18:09] dopie: has joined #ruby
[18:18:11] Ox0dea: Utter madness.
[18:18:32] scorp007: does MRI have an FIX2ULONGLONG or something like that?
[18:18:40] chris2: llp64 madness
[18:18:44] centrx: has joined #ruby
[18:18:56] djbkd: has joined #ruby
[18:18:58] scorp007: aside from that, no workaround?
[18:19:36] scorp007: I see thigns like #if SIZEOF_OFF_T > SIZEOF_LONG && defined(HAVE_LONG_LONG)
[18:19:50] scorp007: so it does check for long long on the platform. Any way to get a fix to that?
[18:19:56] Ox0dea: scorp007: NUM2LL().
[18:19:57] scorp007: adaedra: not with strings.
[18:20:15] Ox0dea: scorp007: Yes, it checks for HAVE_LONG_LONG in several places.
[18:20:38] jbwiv: has joined #ruby
[18:20:48] scorp007: NUM2LL uses bignum for 64bit numbers?
[18:21:04] scorp007: I'd like to avoid bignum if I can, for 64bit.
[18:21:13] chris2: a value below 2**63 is fixnum
[18:21:18] Ox0dea: chris2: Wrong.
[18:21:24] chris2: modulo sign bit
[18:21:51] scorp007: they just get transparently converted at runtime between the two?
[18:22:12] Ox0dea: Fixnums are tagged pointers; you can't ask Ruby to squeeze a bit pattern into too small a space.
[18:22:22] graydot: has joined #ruby
[18:22:59] scorp007: ok then. NUM2ULL looks like what I'll use.
[18:23:10] scorp007: works for any numeric type
[18:23:36] Ox0dea: scorp007: You're aware that you might get Bignums, though?
[18:23:42] pengin: has joined #ruby
[18:23:45] scorp007: yes, aware, but not much I can do
[18:23:53] scorp007: perf isn't super critical here, just nice to have
[18:24:29] jackjackdripper: has joined #ruby
[18:24:45] Ox0dea: libgmp is pretty heavily optimized, for what that's worth.
[18:25:24] pietr0: has joined #ruby
[18:25:52] ascarter: has joined #ruby
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[18:40:21] rakm: has joined #ruby
[18:40:24] baweaver: has joined #ruby
[18:40:39] snockerton: i'm building a service which monitors a message queue. what's the best way to do a long-running process in ruby? i.e. a graceful infinite loop
[18:40:58] snockerton: is doing `while !stop? do` a bad way?
[18:41:31] skade: has joined #ruby
[18:41:50] mbeasley_: has joined #ruby
[18:41:51] centrx: snockerton, I would have a process that runs ever 1 minute or X seconds, using something like delayed_job
[18:42:19] centrx: snockerton, but while loop is fine
[18:42:29] centrx: snockerton, You want to make sure it handles exits gracefully, using signals
[18:42:35] Ox0dea: snockerton: What's the stop condition?
[18:42:38] snockerton: while loop works as long as ruby doesn't crash
[18:43:04] snockerton: Ox0dea: specific error handlers
[18:43:16] Ox0dea: begin; ...; rescue x; ...; rescue y; ...; end
[18:43:27] Antiarc: snockerton: You want either a sleep or a blocking socket read in there
[18:43:35] Antiarc: Otherwise you're just going to burn 100% CPU very efficiently
[18:43:35] snockerton: i'm looking at this:
[18:43:35] snockerton: https://github.com/beanstalkd/beaneater/blob/0d4000fb0b28540cf7770aa8cde8624e8ba02144/lib/beaneater/job/collection.rb
[18:44:02] Oka: has joined #ruby
[18:44:39] snockerton: def process! method
[18:45:16] snockerton: seems crappy, thinking about extending it or doing the long running process with an OS daemon
[18:45:23] khebbie: has joined #ruby
[18:45:32] Antiarc: https://github.com/beanstalkd/beaneater/blob/0d4000fb0b28540cf7770aa8cde8624e8ba02144/lib/beaneater/job/collection.rb#L112 - does that block somewhere waiting for a job?
[18:45:34] Antiarc: If so then it's fine
[18:46:29] robbyoconnor: has joined #ruby
[18:46:43] diegok: has joined #ruby
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[19:05:51] phutchins: hi, anyone seen "certificate verify failed" errors when trying to connect to a mongo host using the native mongo driver in jruby?
[19:06:25] phutchins: I've got one box from which everything seems to work just fine and another from which it gives me these errors... From my digging it seems that on the client side i do no thave the right CA file loaded for jruby maybe?
[19:07:03] phutchins: But it's not clear... From the mongo side I see these: ERROR: SSL: error:14094416:SSL routines:SSL3_READ_BYTES:sslv3 alert certificate unknown
[19:07:12] phutchins: which is not turning up a lot on google :(
[19:07:58] RegulationD: has joined #ruby
[19:08:07] miah: one of the more common ssl issues tends to be the hostname not resolving to the same thing as entered in the ssl certificate
[19:08:12] OrbitalKitten: has joined #ruby
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[19:27:32] shevy: issues issues issues
[19:28:29] rakm: has joined #ruby
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[19:39:50] Ox0dea: shevy: Issue trackers are not soapboxes.
[19:40:12] ericwood: the mozilla one always seems to be :P
[19:40:29] ericwood: when was the last time someone actually stood on a soap box to voice an opinion btw
[19:40:42] ericwood: I never see soap in boxes these days
[19:40:58] prestorium: has joined #ruby
[19:41:09] miah: dry detergent still comes in boxes, but they are not really strong enough to stand on
[19:41:27] ericwood: you'd need quite a few of those to voice an opinion effectively
[19:41:34] Ox0dea: miah: Aren't they? I'm sure I've stood on a detergent box at some point.
[19:41:36] ericwood: I'd rather stand on a milk crate tbh. or ladder
[19:42:00] acovrig: has joined #ruby
[19:42:08] miah: ericwood: +1
[19:42:34] miah: last time i stood on a soap box; it was full of soap and i was much younger
[19:42:45] miah: would not try again
[19:42:45] rideh: has joined #ruby
[19:43:00] Ox0dea: Dissenters will be scoured.
[19:43:25] [Butch]: has joined #ruby
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[19:59:04] shevy: so many build tools ... GNU autoconfigure, make, cmake, scons, waf ... the latter two in python. Nothing in ruby I guess
[19:59:56] blackmesa: has joined #ruby
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[20:07:48] Ox0dea: This guy.
[20:07:53] Ox0dea: adaedra: Still duper-bizzy?
[20:08:39] roolo: has joined #ruby
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[20:16:40] baweaver: chanserv has spoken! All hail chanserv
[20:16:43] jenrzzz: has joined #ruby
[20:17:14] shevy: die chanserv!
[20:17:29] imperator: ACTION makes some t-shirts, "I was there when chanserv spoke"
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[20:21:29] adaedra: Ox0dea: mmh?
[20:21:44] shinnya: has joined #ruby
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[20:39:03] hal_9000: imperator: greetings
[20:39:16] imperator: hal_9000, heya
[20:39:21] shinobi__: can i turn a block (has to be a block) into an object? like i = 1.times do |n| puts n end
[20:39:38] mjuszczak: has joined #ruby
[20:39:49] hal_9000: imperator: sent u email - no worries if you haven???t time
[20:40:08] Ox0dea: shinobi__: Blocks essentially *become* Procs when you use them in a method call.
[20:40:08] imperator: did you? don't see it yet
[20:40:22] mdavid613: has joined #ruby
[20:40:22] hal_9000: just an hour ago
[20:40:29] chouhoulis: has joined #ruby
[20:40:31] Ox0dea: >> def foo &block; block.class end; foo { this is a block } # shinobi__
[20:40:32] ruboto: Ox0dea # => Proc (https://eval.in/412010)
[20:41:46] myztic: has joined #ruby
[20:42:22] Ox0dea: shinobi__: Note well that a Proc is only created from a block if you explicitly refer to it rather than simply yielding to it.
[20:42:43] Igorshp: has joined #ruby
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[20:51:34] Neon: Let's say I have a file named foo.txt. Now I have a Ruby program running that has this file opened like f = File.open('foo.txt'). Another application on the system now deletes and recreates that file and I need Ruby to reopen the file, but how can I find out if the file has been recreated? My File object returns false on .closed? and always true for .eof? after the file recreation and after writing contents into the new file
[20:51:34] Neon: so it does neither complain about the old fd to not exist anymore nor does it automatically open the new file.
[20:51:51] gamename: has joined #ruby
[20:52:10] k3asd`: has joined #ruby
[20:52:35] rakm: has joined #ruby
[20:52:45] imperator: Neon, what platform?
[20:52:55] Neon: imperator, Debian Squeeze
[20:53:05] imperator: i think the inode would change
[20:53:22] cschneid_: has joined #ruby
[20:53:36] atmosx: Neon: that sounds awful, do you wanna elaborate a bit maybe we can find a better solution
[20:53:36] mdavid613: has joined #ruby
[20:53:49] imperator: yeah, personally i would lock the file
[20:53:56] amystephen: has joined #ruby
[20:54:10] atmosx: imperator: I'd create a copy :-/
[20:54:46] imperator: atmosx, what happens if the file is replaced before the copy finishes?
[20:54:54] Neon: Well, it's a logfile I want to watch and wait until the application that writes to it appends a line of a specific pattern. The problem is that the application automatically archives the logfile and creates a new one (on the same path) on day change.
[20:56:25] Neon: So it might happen that I start watching the logfile on day 1 and will never go on, because the application writes the wanted line on day 2 in the recreated file and the old one I've opened in Ruby will be eof forever.
[20:57:43] Neon: A case-specific solution for that would be a time check of course, but I couldn't believe that Ruby can't notice if a file has been deleted. I mean the file descriptor (OS-wise) should become invalid, shouldn't it?
[20:59:09] Antiarc: The file isn't fully deleted until all handles to it are closed, the FD is still valid, it's just not associated with that name anymore
[20:59:31] Antiarc: If you execute lsof after deleting the file but while ruby still has a handle to it, you'll see it show up as still open but marked as deleted
[20:59:52] Antiarc: (this is why you have to rotate logs after deleting files to reclaim the space used by them)
[21:00:03] atmosx: imperator: good question, well if that's even remotely plausible you should lock the file
[21:00:07] Antiarc: rather, you have to reopen any handles to those filenames
[21:00:47] systemd0wn: has joined #ruby
[21:01:00] Neon: I just noticed I could compare the modification timestamp of f.stat <-> File.stat(f.path)
[21:01:20] sarmiena_: has joined #ruby
[21:01:24] Rollabunna: has joined #ruby
[21:01:49] Neon: Or even the creation time, so I can statically buffer one for performance.
[21:02:02] atmosx: Neon: or use guard and run the script whenever the file changes
[21:02:25] davedev24: has joined #ruby
[21:02:39] Antiarc: that's a good point, something like rb-inotify should let you see when that happens
[21:02:41] Antiarc: then you could just reopen the file
[21:02:44] atmosx: Antiarc: so you don't have to actually lock the file, the sysetm does that for you
[21:03:48] Trynemjoel: has joined #ruby
[21:03:58] cnngimenez: has joined #ruby
[21:04:03] Neon: Antiarc, oh yeah, rb-inotify looks useful.
[21:04:07] solars: has joined #ruby
[21:04:18] Neon: I could also let it watch for changes so I don't have to use a loop with delay.
[21:05:00] Firzen: has joined #ruby
[21:05:02] Antiarc: then you could just reopen the file
[21:05:11] Antiarc: I hate when I alt-tab-up-enter into the wrong window
[21:05:28] Alayde: has joined #ruby
[21:06:19] Neon: Had a disconnect so I missed everything between my last message and me joining as Firzen.
[21:06:32] M-mistake: has joined #ruby
[21:06:49] Antiarc: All you missed was me fat-fingering a message :)
[21:07:06] shadoi: has joined #ruby
[21:08:06] Iskarlar: has joined #ruby
[21:08:24] crimson_penguin: has joined #ruby
[21:08:32] rbennacer: has joined #ruby
[21:09:02] bazbing81: has joined #ruby
[21:09:27] shadoi: has joined #ruby
[21:09:36] crimson_penguin: so I'm trying to use active record, and I've got something that mostly works, except it breaks when it automatically runs the count query before my real one, because I need a custom column from the select statement in my where statement
[21:09:42] crimson_penguin: is there any way around that?
[21:09:45] bazbing81: has left #ruby: ()
[21:11:25] user1138: has joined #ruby
[21:11:25] freedrull: has joined #ruby
[21:11:29] imperator: has left #ruby: ("Leaving")
[21:11:31] notfowl: !rails alert
[21:11:46] notfowl: Warning warning
[21:12:53] systemd0wn: has joined #ruby
[21:12:53] Jamo_: has joined #ruby
[21:12:59] freerobby: has joined #ruby
[21:13:02] Jarboe: has joined #ruby
[21:14:16] bradleyprice: has joined #ruby
[21:15:33] unsymbol: has joined #ruby
[21:15:55] jpfuentes2: has joined #ruby
[21:18:22] jhass: notfowl: if you don't want to be helpful, maybe just say nothing and only listen instead
[21:19:22] Ox0dea: "Speak only that you would improve the silence."
[21:20:00] jhass: crimson_penguin: you would be better in showing some code, though the folks over at #RubyOnRails naturally have more experience with AR related stuff
[21:22:16] Iskarlar: has joined #ruby
[21:22:30] scpike: has anyone done ETL with kiba (https://github.com/thbar/kiba) ?
[21:23:34] unsymbol: has joined #ruby
[21:23:58] crimson_penguin: jhass: thank you! I'll ask over there then
[21:24:13] Ox0dea: scpike: What's up?
[21:24:41] RobertBi_: has joined #ruby
[21:24:55] scpike: Ox0dea: just looking for any experienced thoughts. I've got a bunch of home-grown ruby scripts doing ETL that I might want to put some more structure around
[21:25:34] Ox0dea: scpike: I've enjoyed using it the few times that I have.
[21:25:36] quimrstorres: has joined #ruby
[21:25:48] diegoviola: has joined #ruby
[21:26:08] scpike: Ox0dea: thanks, I'll definitely check it out then!
[21:26:10] Ox0dea: scpike: You might find using it in conjunction with Transproc to be doubly pleasant.
[21:27:12] scpike: Ox0dea: woa, this looks mind-bending
[21:27:17] scpike: I have to do some reading
[21:27:36] dopie: has joined #ruby
[21:27:52] Ox0dea: Kiba + Transproc has temporarily broken my habit of using shell pipelines for data manipulation at least twice now.
[21:28:40] scpike: Ox0dea: `csvkit` has changed my life
[21:28:42] scpike: almost literally
[21:28:50] Ox0dea: I know that guy.
[21:28:58] baroquebobcat: has joined #ruby
[21:29:16] scpike: really awesome stuff
[21:29:17] Iskarlar: has joined #ruby
[21:29:21] Ox0dea: Pretty handy, to be sure.
[21:29:32] Ox0dea: I think I'm thinking of a different csvfoo, though.
[21:29:43] scpike: I'm thinking of http://csvkit.readthedocs.org
[21:29:53] millerti: has joined #ruby
[21:29:58] rakm: has joined #ruby
[21:30:01] wasamasa: ACTION is using csvfix
[21:30:21] scpike: Particularly csvcut, csvlook, csvsql
[21:30:34] ascarter: has joined #ruby
[21:31:03] mjuszczak: has joined #ruby
[21:31:12] gamename: has joined #ruby
[21:31:32] Ox0dea: wasamasa: That's the one!
[21:31:34] juanpaucar: has joined #ruby
[21:31:42] Ox0dea: Butterworth is such a fantastic surname.
[21:31:57] wasamasa: Ox0dea: it's very messy, but useful
[21:32:06] wasamasa: Ox0dea: you can tell it's been written by a windows guy
[21:32:41] jackjackdripper: has joined #ruby
[21:32:42] graydot: has joined #ruby
[21:33:35] Ox0dea: ~ $ history | grep -c jq
[21:33:51] Ox0dea: I think this is probably a good thing.
[21:33:54] deepu: has joined #ruby
[21:34:42] Ox0dea: And hey, there's no `yq` yet according to `pkgfile`!
[21:34:51] wasamasa: ACTION rolls eyes
[21:34:57] shevy: I have an at_exit() call in some required .rb file
[21:35:20] Missphoenix: has joined #ruby
[21:35:38] ellisTAA: has joined #ruby
[21:35:45] FernandoBasso: has joined #ruby
[21:36:16] Ox0dea: Well done?
[21:37:15] woobywooby: has joined #ruby
[21:37:37] woobywooby: anyone know how to pass a ruby variable in to C inside of ruby code?
[21:37:49] fullofcaffeine: has joined #ruby
[21:38:07] woobywooby: trying to use a c library ruby so using `` but don't know how to pass a ruby variable in tehre
[21:38:21] railswebdev: has joined #ruby
[21:38:48] FernandoBasso: has joined #ruby
[21:39:01] Ox0dea: woobywooby: What's using `` got to do with C here?
[21:39:30] woobywooby: im under the impression tick marks will allow me to run c in rails
[21:39:34] benlovell: has joined #ruby
[21:39:43] Iskarlar: has joined #ruby
[21:39:45] Ox0dea: woobywooby: Backticks execute system(3).
[21:40:06] woobywooby: is there a way i can put a ruby variable in there?
[21:40:18] Contigi: has joined #ruby
[21:40:22] Ox0dea: woobywooby: Yes, you can use interpolation just like in a String.
[21:40:34] baweaver: has joined #ruby
[21:40:37] notfowl: jhass if you cant help me dont say anything to me. Reported to freenode
[21:40:55] woobywooby: ox0dea you mean like #{@variable}?
[21:41:00] notfowl: Im going to post about you on my tumblr
[21:41:04] notfowl: has left #ruby: ("AndroIRC - Android IRC Client ( http://www.androirc.com )")
[21:41:09] woobywooby: or the regular + @variable
[21:41:34] Ox0dea: woobywooby: The former.
[21:41:42] Ox0dea: The latter is concatenation.
[21:41:47] Musashi007: has joined #ruby
[21:42:01] Ox0dea: woobywooby: `foo --bar #@var`
[21:42:05] apeiros: oh, so sad, no !kick notfowl. already left.
[21:42:12] woobywooby: hmmm thats sensual
[21:42:34] coffeina: has joined #ruby
[21:42:54] Ox0dea: >> begin; eval "`"; rescue SyntaxError => e; e end
[21:42:55] ruboto: Ox0dea # => #<SyntaxError: (eval):1: unterminated string meets end of file> (https://eval.in/412023)
[21:43:04] Ox0dea: woobywooby: Just to demonstrate that Ruby treats `` more or less like a string.
[21:43:34] nofxx: has joined #ruby
[21:43:53] coffeina: hi everyone
[21:44:50] RobertBirnie: has joined #ruby
[21:45:02] coffeina: could you please recommend me some good tutorials for lerning ruby ?
[21:45:04] shevy: is there a way to undo an at_exit registered somewhere else?
[21:45:27] Ox0dea: shevy: Not from Ruby, and I couldn't figure out how to do it from C, but I'd imagine the latter is feasible.
[21:45:40] shevy: I guess it must be registered somewhere
[21:46:31] apeiros: coffeina: http://ruby-community.com/pages/links - please tell if you come across other valuable resources
[21:46:45] solars: has joined #ruby
[21:46:47] Ox0dea: shevy: It's managed by FrozenCore, which has been made almost completely inacessible. :(
[21:46:50] Ox0dea: >> Symbol.all_symbols.grep(/postexe/)
[21:46:51] ruboto: Ox0dea # => [:"core#set_postexe"] (https://eval.in/412025)
[21:47:03] shevy: Ox0dea FrozenCore?
[21:47:16] shevy: you use words unknown to me
[21:47:20] Ox0dea: https://github.com/charliesome/frozen_core
[21:47:46] Ox0dea: Definitely worth a watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBdqCYKWISU
[21:49:48] xfbs: has joined #ruby
[21:49:54] Ox0dea: coffeina: https://youtu.be/GlKL_EpnSp8?t=28
[21:50:09] leesharma: has joined #ruby
[21:51:42] xfbs: has joined #ruby
[21:52:20] dgutierrez1287: has joined #ruby
[21:52:36] quimrstorres: has joined #ruby
[21:53:25] jackjackdripper: has joined #ruby
[21:53:43] rickmasta: has joined #ruby
[21:54:10] woobywooby: lots joining
[21:54:45] radens: When my program runs I get extraneous output on stdout. It's not being printed with puts. Could it have gotten there?
[21:55:12] FooMunki: has joined #ruby
[21:55:20] paulcsmith___: has joined #ruby
[21:55:40] Rollabunna: has joined #ruby
[21:55:55] Ox0dea: radens: What sort of output?
[21:56:35] radens: printing to stdout, Ox0dea
[21:56:39] ruby-lang858: has joined #ruby
[21:56:46] radens: It says 'true'
[21:56:50] Ox0dea: radens: What is being printed?
[21:57:01] Ox0dea: radens: Are you on Windows?
[21:57:10] radens: noooo. I am not
[21:57:21] leafybasil: has joined #ruby
[21:57:23] Ox0dea: radens: Run `ruby thing.rb > /dev/null` and confirm that you still see output.
[21:57:42] radens: Yep, it's on stdout. I ran that.
[21:57:51] ruby-lang573: has joined #ruby
[21:57:55] Ox0dea: radens: Well, there are all sorts of ways to print to stdout.
[21:58:22] radens: If you were debugging, what would you use?
[21:58:31] Ox0dea: Kernel.p.
[21:59:15] Ox0dea: It's hardly ever written like that, of course.
[21:59:55] Ox0dea: There's #p, #print, #puts, #sprintf, #write, #<<, and I'm probably missing a few.
[21:59:57] radens: Oh wait, you mean just "p 'stuff'
[22:00:27] radens: that's inconvenient. I'll work my way through that list
[22:00:39] mjuszczak: has joined #ruby
[22:00:42] jgpawletko: has joined #ruby
[22:00:51] gaboesquivel: has joined #ruby
[22:01:02] Ox0dea: Grepping for /\s*p.*[<>=]=/ wouldn't be an unreasonable starting point.
[22:01:59] decoponio: has joined #ruby
[22:04:07] apeiros: you can always stub $stdout
[22:04:32] radens: Ah. Make it record the backtrace or something?
[22:05:04] apeiros: or just make it yell when true is an arg
[22:05:16] apeiros: well, anything which returns "true" on .to_s
[22:05:44] radens: Yeah. So I'm not a ruby veteran, what's the best way to go about that?
[22:07:10] ascarter: has joined #ruby
[22:07:23] Ox0dea: radens: Post code?
[22:07:36] apeiros: dunno. class Detector; def initialize; @stdout = $stdout; $stdout = self; @intermediate = StringIO.new; end; def method_missing(*args); @intermediate.send(*args); YIELL if @intermediate.string =~ /true/; @intermediate.clear; @stdout.send(*args); end
[22:07:47] apeiros: maybe something like ^
[22:07:50] radens: Well I can link you to the repo. If I knew where it was happening I would fix it.
[22:07:53] hashrocket: has joined #ruby
[22:08:05] apeiros: radens: also divide and conquer is always a good strategy
[22:08:20] apeiros: narrow down where it can happen by strategically placing putses
[22:08:54] radens: actually... I just found what is evaluating to true. Now to figure out where it's being printed.
[22:08:58] ishahnaz: has joined #ruby
[22:09:16] Ox0dea: shevy: Did you end up redefining #at_exit?
[22:09:32] kyoshero: has joined #ruby
[22:10:09] djbkd: has joined #ruby
[22:10:56] Ox0dea: >> at_exit {}; ObjectSpace.each_object(Array).select { |a| a.size > 0 && a.all? { |o| Proc === o } } # :'(
[22:10:57] ruboto: Ox0dea # => [] (https://eval.in/412032)
[22:11:14] Kyuujitsu: has joined #ruby
[22:11:15] shevy: nah, that instance was in code that I adopted from someone else, in cgi-exceptions. since I could change the code, I simply added a disabler component for now
[22:11:48] tubuliferous_: has joined #ruby
[22:11:50] shevy: life is too short to fix bugs written by other people!
[22:13:34] shevy: that talk from charliesome is interesting
[22:13:39] Ox0dea: It's great.
[22:13:43] radens: Oh... this may be a bug in puppet.
[22:13:58] shevy: $fcore.send(:"core#set_variable_alias", :$c, :$a)
[22:14:01] Ox0dea: Alas, MRI uses two internal linked lists called end_procs and ephemeral_end_procs, but they're not exposed to extensions. :/
[22:14:06] countryHick: has joined #ruby
[22:14:34] Ox0dea: The only possible recourse would be to muck about in the process's memory to find the lists, but that's insane.
[22:15:08] claptor: has joined #ruby
[22:15:58] Ox0dea: shevy: I like the bit where he demonstrates hooking Hash literal creation.
[22:16:38] Kyuujitsu: has joined #ruby
[22:16:53] banister: Ox0dea can u link to charliesome's talk?
[22:17:05] bruno-: has joined #ruby
[22:17:08] Ox0dea: Definitely worth a watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBdqCYKWISU
[22:17:15] cvtsx: has joined #ruby
[22:17:45] troyready: has joined #ruby
[22:18:15] Ox0dea: banister: After you've finished, we should brainstorm how to make it "useful" again in 2.1+.
[22:18:16] stardiviner: has joined #ruby
[22:20:59] xfbs: has joined #ruby
[22:21:33] Kyuujitsu: has joined #ruby
[22:23:28] Ox0dea: banister: Here's how I get hold of FrozenCore in 2.3: https://gist.github.com/0x0dea/3e9d600768251e28ec3e
[22:24:13] Ox0dea: MRI says "nothing there, bro", but it was lying.
[22:25:26] charliesome: has joined #ruby
[22:26:27] musl: has joined #ruby
[22:27:13] Kyuujitsu: has joined #ruby
[22:27:17] hashrocket: has joined #ruby
[22:27:27] banister: Ox0dea cool
[22:27:36] ledestin: has joined #ruby
[22:28:12] baroquebobcat: has joined #ruby
[22:28:30] pengin: has joined #ruby
[22:28:56] Ox0dea: banister: You'll note charliesome had to go through all sorts of machinations to get anything to stick, and I haven't figured out how to port the magic to >2.1 yet. :/
[22:29:17] Ox0dea: Nakada-san has gone to considerable effort to make FrozenCore *really* internal.
[22:30:35] edenc: has joined #ruby
[22:30:45] banister: Ox0dea ruby i < 1.9.3 was much cooler
[22:30:50] Ox0dea: Confirmed.
[22:30:55] banister: i wrote a bunch of neat little tricks that i dont think are possible anymore
[22:31:17] Ox0dea: banister: I trust you remember evil-ruby?
[22:31:43] banister: https://github.com/banister/remix https://github.com/banister/free https://github.com/banister/gen_eval
[22:31:49] banister: Ox0dea yeah, but i preferred to use C
[22:31:57] jackjackdripper: has joined #ruby
[22:32:34] Kyuujitsu: has joined #ruby
[22:33:00] allcentury: has joined #ruby
[22:33:07] banister: Ox0dea https://github.com/banister/object2module was cute too
[22:33:23] symm-: quick question, was ARGV deprecated in >2.0?
[22:33:25] banister: oh, https://github.com/banister/include_complete
[22:36:39] xcesariox: has joined #ruby
[22:36:45] zenspider: symm-: no? why?
[22:36:53] symm-: by mistake
[22:36:59] symm-: my mistake
[22:37:21] symm-: somehow I fuxed up and the command line arguments are not getting passed to the script
[22:37:45] xfbs_: has joined #ruby
[22:38:10] zenspider: that's ... special.
[22:39:15] xfbs: has joined #ruby
[22:39:24] symm-: I installed 2.1.6 alongside 1.9.3, enabled "associate .rb files with this installation"... then uninstalled 1.9.3
[22:39:28] Ox0dea: banister: Any immediate insights into arbitrarily reorganizing and/or injecting into an ancestor chain?
[22:39:33] davedev24: has joined #ruby
[22:39:38] skade: has joined #ruby
[22:39:41] symm-: maybe uninstallin 1.9.3 nuked the .rb association
[22:39:45] banister: Ox0dea that's what remix does
[22:39:52] tenderlove: has joined #ruby
[22:40:08] Ox0dea: banister: I opened all your links and was just about to start looking into them.
[22:40:29] banister: remix says it's just about modules, but it actually works with any object in the ancestor chain
[22:40:40] abara: has joined #ruby
[22:40:41] banister: but it's ruby 1.9.2 of course
[22:40:57] banister: but with a bit of prodding it might still work in ruby > 2.0 i guess
[22:41:10] abara: hey folks, how can i append/add the fulltraceback on the 500 pages in rails?
[22:41:23] gambl0re: has joined #ruby
[22:41:38] Ox0dea: abara: $!.backtrace
[22:41:38] Igorshp: has joined #ruby
[22:42:01] abara: Ox0dea: directly on the template?
[22:42:05] Ox0dea: Somewhere. :P
[22:42:23] ruboto: Please join #RubyOnRails for Rails questions. You need to be identified with NickServ, see /msg NickServ HELP
[22:42:30] mjuszczak: has joined #ruby
[22:42:40] Radar: abara: Seems like a bad idea to show the backtrace on the 050 page
[22:42:46] Kyuujitsu: has joined #ruby
[22:42:49] Radar: Typically you'd log it to an external service like Rollbar
[22:43:00] abara: Radar: only for dev env :)
[22:43:17] Radar: abara: It should be there automatically in dev env.
[22:43:33] symm-: so I have a script that does `p ARGV[0]`
[22:43:37] abara: Radar: yeah, but i don't why it's not
[22:43:44] symm-: if I run it as `ruby test.rb hello` it prints hello
[22:43:47] Radar: abara: screenshot of what you see please
[22:43:47] abara: Radar: could i be missing some config entry?
[22:43:50] symm-: if I run it as `test.rb hello` it prints nil
[22:43:58] Radar: abara: also, please step into my office over in #rubyonrails
[22:44:19] abara: Ox0dea: i will try your snippet! thanks :)
[22:44:55] rakm: has joined #ruby
[22:46:43] symm-: fixed by messing with registry.
[22:46:58] BTRE: has joined #ruby
[22:47:03] weemsledeux: has joined #ruby
[22:47:47] Kyuujitsu: has joined #ruby
[22:47:57] Pupeno: has joined #ruby
[22:48:14] Ropeney: has joined #ruby
[22:48:53] slawrence00: has joined #ruby
[22:49:26] tuelz: has joined #ruby
[22:49:57] Rollabunna: has joined #ruby
[22:50:32] juanpaucar: has joined #ruby
[22:51:06] symm-: was it something I said? o_o
[22:51:09] KillerFox: has joined #ruby
[22:51:14] Muhannad: has joined #ruby
[22:51:44] pkh: has joined #ruby
[22:52:29] malconis: has joined #ruby
[22:54:28] texasmade: has joined #ruby
[22:54:32] banister: has joined #ruby
[22:56:48] frg133: has joined #ruby
[22:56:56] jamesaxl|2: has joined #ruby
[22:57:07] skade: has joined #ruby
[22:57:26] Kyuujitsu: has joined #ruby
[22:57:38] s00pcan: has joined #ruby
[22:58:05] swgillespie: has joined #ruby
[23:01:04] zenspider: symm-: consider yourself encouraged to switch to an OS that actually supports and encourages development.
[23:01:23] Ox0dea: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_burn_centers_in_the_United_States
[23:01:55] zenspider: less a burn and more "It Gets Better" for devs
[23:02:13] Ox0dea: symm-: Sage advice notwithstanding, what exactly did you muck with in the registry to "fix" command line arguments?
[23:02:18] symm-: one of these days.
[23:02:38] symm-: "D:\Tools\Ruby21\bin\ruby.exe" "%1" %*
[23:02:54] symm-: it should be this ^ but was this:
[23:02:56] hahuang61: has joined #ruby
[23:02:56] symm-: "D:\Tools\Ruby21\bin\ruby.exe" "%1"
[23:03:06] symm-: so args werent being passed along
[23:03:07] Ox0dea: Lovely. :P
[23:03:22] shevy: windows makes my heart warm and fuzzy
[23:03:31] baweaver: I developed Ruby on Windows for a few years
[23:03:40] shevy: building dams?
[23:03:41] baweaver: I still wake up at night in cold sweat
[23:03:50] baweaver: Never again
[23:04:46] Ox0dea: baweaver: I spent a solid twenty minutes trying various keywords (and even some hiragana) on b.hatena.ne.jp, but I couldn't find the video. :(
[23:04:49] jtdoncas: has joined #ruby
[23:05:09] baweaver: Ah not a problem, I was just wondering where it came from more than anything
[23:05:27] darix: https://twitter.com/BoingBoing/status/628617833614868482
[23:05:54] Ox0dea: darix: What do you have to hide?
[23:06:10] juanpaucar: has joined #ruby
[23:06:26] ereslibre: has joined #ruby
[23:06:34] darix: Ox0dea: that's that the people in countries like china and iran also say.
[23:07:23] Kyuujitsu: has joined #ruby
[23:08:03] dopie: has joined #ruby
[23:08:41] Azure: has joined #ruby
[23:08:53] Musashi007: has joined #ruby
[23:10:08] lncdslnc: has joined #ruby
[23:10:20] pawz: has joined #ruby
[23:11:22] baweaver: Probably best to keep that to #ruby-offtopic
[23:11:31] baweaver: Politics don't go over too well.
[23:11:58] michaeldeol: has joined #ruby
[23:13:02] Azure|dc: has joined #ruby
[23:13:30] fullofcaffeine: has joined #ruby
[23:15:01] ragingcake: has joined #ruby
[23:17:12] Kyuujitsu: has joined #ruby
[23:19:48] symm-: Ox0dea: looking for a japanese video?
[23:20:18] shevy: support the freedom for beavers bill!
[23:22:53] Kyuujitsu: has joined #ruby
[23:24:40] woobywooby: does anyone know of a problem where a string adds a %0A after it when used?
[23:24:53] Radar: woobywooby: Steps to reproduce please.
[23:25:42] wheresmyjetpack: has joined #ruby
[23:26:23] jackjackdripper: has joined #ruby
[23:26:47] mjuszczak: has joined #ruby
[23:26:55] al2o3-cr: %0A is a newline
[23:27:00] iateadonut: has joined #ruby
[23:27:19] Ox0dea: >> "\n".chr == 0x0a
[23:27:20] ruboto: Ox0dea # => false (https://eval.in/412043)
[23:27:24] Ox0dea: >> "\n".ord == 0x0a # Derp.
[23:27:25] ruboto: Ox0dea # => true (https://eval.in/412044)
[23:27:52] dorei: >> "\n".chr
[23:27:53] ruboto: dorei # => "\n" (https://eval.in/412045)
[23:27:55] Kyuujitsu: has joined #ruby
[23:28:09] mjuszczak: has joined #ruby
[23:29:29] fractalis: has joined #ruby
[23:29:37] luckyme: has joined #ruby
[23:30:43] mdavid613: has joined #ruby
[23:31:00] skade: has joined #ruby
[23:32:51] Unicorn|: has joined #ruby
[23:33:33] nzst: has joined #ruby
[23:33:58] Ox0dea: baweaver: "Where it came from" in the ancestral sense?
[23:34:20] Unicorn|: Hi, what can I do to make ruby look for a keypress, (like when someone presses G) and then activate that code?
[23:34:28] Ox0dea: Unicorn|: require 'io/console'
[23:34:35] Ox0dea: Which gives you STDIN.getch.
[23:34:56] Ox0dea: zenspider: I believe you've misinterpreter the asker's question.
[23:35:00] Unicorn|: and what does io/console do?
[23:35:05] Ox0dea: Unicorn|: It gives you console IO.
[23:35:11] zenspider: entirely possible
[23:35:30] Ox0dea: Unicorn|: You want to receive input without the user having to press Enter, yes?
[23:35:54] jackjackdripper: has joined #ruby
[23:35:56] zenspider: getc requires a newline on osx? huh. I'm misremembering what it should do
[23:36:02] zenspider: ruby -rio/console -e 'p $stdin.getch' works tho
[23:36:04] Unicorn|: Well, I want to have a loop running until the user presses Enter
[23:36:15] zenspider: Unicorn|: why?
[23:36:19] eam: getc doesn't require newline -- but it will only detect the input character in the terminal and will not do key up/down events
[23:36:33] zenspider: eam: my terminal disagrees with you
[23:36:40] myztic: has joined #ruby
[23:36:57] eam: zenspider: oh you're right, was thinking of getch (whatever changes the terminal discipline)
[23:37:07] Unicorn|: So when my program ends, it doesn't automatically quite without letting the user see the output
[23:37:10] eam: cooked input = newline
[23:37:15] zenspider: it takes any amount of input, but only returns the first char. buffering?
[23:37:40] zenspider: Unicorn|: windows? either run your code in cmd directly instead of double-clicking, or put a `gets` at the end
[23:37:48] zenspider: you don't need to do anything complicated
[23:37:54] Kyuujitsu: has joined #ruby
[23:37:55] Ox0dea: #getc reads one character once it has been made available, which is typically after a newline, an EOF, or an explicit flush.
[23:38:54] Unicorn|: Oh, thanks zenspider
[23:39:33] Unicorn|: Is there documentation on collecting kepresses for future reference?
[23:39:46] eam: Ox0dea: what's "flush" in the context of cooked terminal input?
[23:39:52] benlovell: has joined #ruby
[23:39:59] Ox0dea: Unicorn|: "Collecting keypresses" and "collecting input" are different things; you should clarify what you mean.
[23:40:04] eam: ruby isn't doing the buffering in that case, the kernel is
[23:40:21] Ox0dea: I'm not sure that's so.
[23:40:32] eam: Unicorn|: the thing about this area of interest is it's either dependent on the behavior of the terminal, or is operating system specific
[23:40:47] Unicorn|: I didn't say anything about input...
[23:40:49] eam: the best place to learn the details of interaction would be the lower level documentation
[23:40:56] omegamike: has joined #ruby
[23:41:14] Ox0dea: Unicorn|: "Input" happens whenever the user interacts with your program in some fashion.
[23:41:17] Iskarlar: has joined #ruby
[23:41:56] Unicorn|: How about this: When the user presses G, I want to program to display, 'you pressed G!'
[23:42:02] Unicorn|: How could I do that?
[23:42:03] Ox0dea: Unicorn|: Without them having pressed Enter, right?
[23:42:11] Ox0dea: Just G, nothing else?
[23:42:39] Unicorn|: What has to do with enter?
[23:42:43] Ox0dea: God dammit.
[23:42:47] Unicorn|: to run the .rb?
[23:43:02] Unicorn|: sorry... but I dont' understand
[23:43:02] Ox0dea: require 'io/console'; c = STDIN.getch; puts "You pressed #{c}!"
[23:43:12] Ox0dea: Unicorn|: Put that in a script and confirm it does what you're looking for.
[23:43:54] baroquebobcat: has joined #ruby
[23:43:57] blandflakes: has joined #ruby
[23:44:27] Rollabunna: has joined #ruby
[23:44:40] eam: Unicorn|: do you want to detect that the "g" key is currently depressed? Or do you want to detect that a "g" character was sent to the terminal?
[23:44:49] Ox0dea: eam: You're being unnecessarily confusing.
[23:45:07] shellie_: has left #ruby: ()
[23:45:10] eam: I don't think so, the two are pretty importantly different
[23:45:22] eam: like, is this a game? or just a terminal app?
[23:45:37] Ox0dea: Baby steps.
[23:45:41] scorp007: can I define a class type in an extension and make a single instance of it, but not allow scripters to instantiate it?
[23:45:43] poguez_: has joined #ruby
[23:45:48] centrx: has joined #ruby
[23:45:48] Unicorn|: Yes, it does that
[23:46:03] atomical: has joined #ruby
[23:46:40] bluOxigen: has joined #ruby
[23:46:41] scorp007: or rather, not an extension, but an embedding.
[23:47:02] Ox0dea: scorp007: How do you define an "embedding"?
[23:47:06] scorp007: I would like to expose a single module-level Foo object of the Foo class
[23:47:09] Ox0dea: Unicorn|: Was that the behavior you intended to achieve, then?
[23:47:16] scorp007: ruby.dll embedded into myapp.exe.
[23:47:40] Kyuujitsu: has joined #ruby
[23:48:16] Unicorn|: When my program ended, I wanted it to not close the console until the user pressed g
[23:48:17] scorp007: I think that rb_define_class* will make it scripter visible.
[23:48:50] scorp007: but I just want to allocate a class object, call rb_class_new_instance on it, but not publish the class visibly
[23:48:50] Ox0dea: scorp007: rb_mod_private_constant() should do.
[23:49:00] scorp007: oh, interesting. Let me see
[23:49:43] kjones_: has joined #ruby
[23:50:09] scorp007: is a class a constant?
[23:50:11] Ox0dea: scorp007: There's also the RBASIC_CLEAR_CLASS() macro which'll make it much less accessible.
[23:50:14] tuelz: has joined #ruby
[23:50:14] Ox0dea: scorp007: Usually.
[23:50:42] scorp007: that's under internal.h
[23:50:51] Ox0dea: Oh, right.
[23:51:08] Ox0dea: You'll have to settle for privatizing the constant, then. :/
[23:51:09] michael_mbp: has joined #ruby
[23:51:13] tanath: has joined #ruby
[23:51:15] kjones_: has joined #ruby
[23:52:26] scorp007: hmm, apparently private is not very strong at hiding things...
[23:52:38] Kyuujitsu: has joined #ruby
[23:52:47] Ox0dea: This is Ruby.
[23:52:48] scorp007: there's no way of allocating a class but not publishing it to the map of classes?
[23:53:00] scorp007: I guess the classes are all stored in some hash table?
[23:53:03] scorp007: keyed on their name?
[23:53:23] Ox0dea: No, not quite. Some classes don't have names.
[23:53:27] Ox0dea: >> (x = Class.new).name
[23:53:28] ruboto: Ox0dea # => nil (https://eval.in/412047)
[23:53:36] scorp007: that may be what I want...
[23:53:47] scorp007: x is a Object?
[23:53:48] Ox0dea: That's... troubling?
[23:54:02] scorp007: why? It's an anonymous class.
[23:54:16] skade: has joined #ruby
[23:54:28] Ox0dea: That doesn't make it completely inaccessible, though, which is what you seem to be after.
[23:54:30] scorp007: hmm, maybe I can just instantiate an Object, and define some singleton methods on it?
[23:54:34] Ox0dea: A fool's errand in this language, I might add.
[23:55:07] scorp007: that would allocate an anonymous class on my behalf (singleton class)
[23:55:14] scorp007: and point that object's class to it
[23:55:16] Unicorn|: Ok, so you left me thoroughly confused. Lets say this is a game. how can I make variable A increase by 1 when G is pressed? while 1 require 'io/console'; c = STDIN.getch; if c = 'G';A + 1 = A;end; end
[23:55:17] Unicorn|: And I know there is no end to the while loop
[23:55:38] Ox0dea: Unicorn|: You need to learn Ruby first.
[23:55:40] jpfuentes2: has joined #ruby
[23:55:49] zenspider: scorp007: what do you actually want to do at the 10k foot level?
[23:56:10] Ox0dea: > There are millions of thousand-story buildings.
[23:56:11] scorp007: zenspider: I'm building an object model in Ruby for my application.
[23:56:17] Yzguy: has joined #ruby
[23:56:17] zenspider: Unicorn|: learn the difference between = and == to start
[23:56:30] scorp007: zenspider: so that ruby can manipulate my application through classes, methods, etc.
[23:56:30] zenspider: scorp007: yes. that's called programming in an OO language
[23:56:45] leesharma: has joined #ruby
[23:57:05] zenspider: trying to make the CPU execute instructions to manipulate memory and calculate results
[23:57:31] zenspider: have fun with that. I was motivated to help. not so much now.
[23:57:38] Ox0dea: Hey, gals! How do I open some of the logic gates in my CPU?
[23:57:57] dfockler: You pick the lock
[23:58:05] baweaver: has joined #ruby
[23:58:19] Ox0dea: dfockler: I've only got these NAND and NOR keys; will they suffice?
[23:58:32] dfockler: You'll need an XNOR key
[23:58:42] al2o3-cr: has joined #ruby
[23:58:52] bmurt: has joined #ruby
[23:59:38] symm-: don't open all the gates or you will be overwhelmed with logic
[23:59:50] allcentury: has joined #ruby